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					Publications Books Light in the Dark Room: Photography and Loss. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, November 2004, 230 pp. ISBN: 0816644845; 978-0816644841 Second Skins: The Body Narratives of Transsexuality. New York: Columbia University Press, 1998. 267 pp. ISBN: 0-231-10934-2; 0-231-10935-0 Editor, American Fiction of the 1990s. Routledge, 2008. 249 pp. ISBN: 0415435676 Co-editor with Laura Doan. Palatable Poison: Critical Perspectives on The Well of Loneliness. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. 418 pp. ISBN: 0231118740; 231118759

Articles and Chapters Memoir ‘The Baghdadi Jew and His Chinese Mistress’ (Translated into Hungarian, ‘A bagdadi zsidó és kínai szeretője’), Magyar Lettre Internationale, 64, 50-61, 2007. ‘My Grandfather’s Voice: Jewish Immigrants from Baghdad to Bombay.’ Life Writing.4.1 (2007): 103-110. Adapted as ‘Baghdad Bombay Britain: Jewish Immigrants from Iraq to India.’ Eds. Krishna Sen and Tapati Gupta. Colonial and Post Colonial Perspectives. Dasgupta and Co: Calcutta, 2007. 272-282 ‘Babylon Baghdad Bombay.’ Moving Worlds 5.2 (2006): 32-50 Adapted as ‘Babylon, Baghdad, Britain,’ Chelsea Synagogue Newsletter, Passover 5766 (2006) Issue pp. 5-9 ‘Sim Koh-Wei, My Jewish Grandmother.’ Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. 28.1 (2005): 130-137 On Photography ‘Buddha Barthes: What Barthes Saw in Photography.’ Literature and Theology 18.2 (2004): 197-208. Reprinted in Photography and Literature. Ed. David Cunningham, Andrew Fisher, and Sas Mays. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2005. 145-59 ‘Testimonies of Light: Nan Goldin: Devil's Playground.’ Women: A Cultural Review 13.1 (2002). 339-351. ‘Ph/Autography and the Art of Life: Gillian Wearing’s Ethical Realism.’ The Cyborg Experiments in the Media Age. Ed. Joanna Zylinska. London: Continuum, 2002. 193-213. ‘The Art of Ph/Autography: LaGrace Looks Back.’ Introduction to Del LaGrace, Sublime Mutations, Photographer’s Retrospective. Stuttgart: Konkursbuch Verlag, 2000. 6-11. ‘A Palinode on Photography and the Transsexual Real,’ a/b: Autobiography Studies 14.1 (1999): 51-70. Reprinted in Extremities. Ed. Nancy K. Miller and Jason Tougaw. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2002. 238-259. Webcast/ Website Collective project: On Skin/Race Autobiography ‘Updike, Race, and the Postcolonial Project.’ Cambridge Companion to John Updike. Ed. Stacey Olster (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2006 ). pp. 76-90 ‘The Thick-Skinned Art of John Updike: ‘From the Journal of a Leper.’’ Yearbook of

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Rev. of Changing Sex: Transsexualism, Technology and the Idea of Gender, by Bernice Hausman and Blending Genders: Social Aspects of Cross-Dressing and Sex-Changing, ed. Richard Ekins and Dave King. Journal of Gender Studies 6.1 (July 1997): 200-202.

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