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     GALDERMA, the L’Oréal/Nestlé joint venture in dermatology,
     ended 2001 with sales of € 584 million, up by 11.3%.
     All the strategic brands showed good performances.

                                                                                                             Metrogel®, for rosacea,
                                                                                                             launched in Germany.

     Notable events                                                   Activity and developments in 2001
        June 2001: a meeting of international experts on acne         Since its foundation in 1981, GALDERMA has endeavoured to
        treatments was held in Paris. The conference focussed         provide dermatologists and their patients with products that
        on the use of topical retinoids outside their current niche   effectively treat skin disorders and improve their quality of
        application. The findings will be published in 2002 in a      life. Its dermatological research and development programme
        supplement to one of the main dermatological journals,        is entirely devoted to dermatology and is the largest of its
        and are expected to further strengthen the position of        kind in the world. GALDERMA’s approach enables it to meet the
        Differin compared to other treatments available for
                                                                      needs of its partner dermatologists in the sixty countries in
        dermatologists.                                               which its products are actively marketed.
        July 2001: launch in the United States of Clindagel™,         The key event in the United States this year was the launch
        an innovative water-based gel formulation of clindamycin      of a new topical acne treatment, Clindagel™, an innovative
        for acne treatment.                                           formulation of the antibiotic clindamycin.
        September 2001: launch in Germany of Metrogel®,
                                                                      Differin®, a topical acne treatment that accounts for over
        a topical metronidazole-based treatment for rosacea.
                                                                      27% of GALDERMA sales, is now the most prescribed treatment

     Consolidated sales by geographic zone

     € millions                                             2000              2001         % of 2001 sales          Growth 2001/2000

     Western Europe                                          99.4             109.0                18.7%                         9.6%
     North America                                          337.9             386.1                66.1%                       14.3%
     Rest of the World                                       87.8              89.2                15.3%                         1.6%
     Total                                                  525.1             584.3                 100%                       11.3%


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                                 ) DERMATOLOGY details
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                                                                                            L’Oréal Annual Report 2001

Differin®, topical anti-acne,
                                                                                                        new anti-acne treatment,
launched in Russia and Poland.
                                                                                                        launched in the United States.

for light to moderate acne. New launches took place in
Russia, Poland and India.

Three years after its acquisition and relaunch, Locéryl® varnish
– an antifungal treatment for nail mycosis – achieved high
growth. There was also a strong performance from the
Rozex/Metro® treatment for rosacea, which was launched in
Germany, the largest market in Europe.
                                                                   Outlook for 2002
Silkis , a new topical vitamin D treatment for psoriasis, was
                                                                   In 2002, GALDERMA will make a major move into a new and
launched in Finland following its initial launches in 2000, and    important area of dermatology: pigmentation problems and
was granted regulatory approval in several new European            other skin disorders caused or made worse by chronic and
countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Portugal.          repeated exposure to the sun.
GALDERMA acquired Solage™, a new product to treat pigmented        Solage™, a treatment for pigmented spots caused by
spots caused by exposure to the sun, developed by BRISTOL-         exposure to the sun, acquired from BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB,
MYERS SQUIBB. Solage™, a tretinoin/mequinol solution, has          will be launched in Canada and the United States at the
been granted approval in the United States and Canada, and         end of the year.
a registration application has been made in Europe. At the
end of the year, a licence agreement was concluded with            Tri-Luma™, a pigmentation remover used to treat melas-
PHOTOCURE for rights throughout the world except                   ma, for which GALDERMA acquired worldwide rights from
Scandinavia for Metvix , a new treatment for actinic keratosis
                           ®                                       HILL PHARMACEUTICALS, was granted its first registration in
and squamous-cell carcinoma.                                       the United States in January 2002, and will be launched in
In 2001, GALDERMA also continued to broaden its geographical
coverage by opening new subsidiaries in Poland, Singapore,         Finally, GALDERMA has signed a licence agreement with
Taiwan and Perú.                                                   PHOTOCURE, a specialist in photodynamic therapy, for Metvix®, a
                                                                   new product used to treat actinic keratosis and squamous-cell
                                                                   carcinoma, the most severe disorders caused by chronic
                                                                   exposure to the sun.


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