acne nodules treatment by weightlossin


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                                          Botox Injections
   Med­Aesthetic                          An FDA approved therapeutic muscle­
                                                                                        Results You Can See
                                          relaxing agent that removes wrinkled
    Treatments                            skin which allows for a smooth and
                                                                                         And Feel For Life
                                          natural facial appearance.
Contour Threads
A safe and minimally invasive proce­
dure that uses barbed threads placed
under the skin of the brow, face, cheek
and neck surfaces to lift sagging skin,
eliminate creases, folds and wrinkles.
                                          An elective treatment to remove fat de­
                                          posits on the body including, love han­
                                          dles, eye­pads, stomach, arms and thighs;
                                          Provides a more shapely look.

                                                                                         Eliott Romero, M.D.
Meso­Therapy                              Photo Dynamic Acne Treatment
Provides a permanent reduction of cel­    By using a chemical called ALA, and ac­          Medical Director
lulite. A highly effective means for      tivating it with a laser light, this treat­
body sculpting love handles, fat pads     ment destroys inflamed acne cysts.
on back and hips and other problem ar­                                                  999 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 220
eas.                                                                                         Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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                                           Hair Removal
   Cosmetic Laser                          The laser removes (80­90%) hair perma­
                                           nently in a safe, painless and quick fash­
    Treatments                             ion, for all areas of the body.

An FDA approved laser to permanently
treat and remove fine lines, wrinkles,
sun­damaged spots, depressed acne
scars, and melasma (dark brown patchy                                                      Dr. Romero earned his M.D. from the Uni­
                                           Foto­Facial                                    versity of California, San Francisco in 1981.
rash). Results after 3­5 treatments.       Treatment that removes pigmented lesions,      In 1983, he finished his family practice resi­
                                           brown circles/spots (sun damaged), and         dency at USC/LA medical center. In 2004,
                                           blue, red, or purple veins under the skin       he completed his cosmetic externship with
                                           (vascular lesions), spider veins, and          Adrian de la Torre, M.D. at the Neu Image
                                           Rosacea (Diffused redness of the face).          Laser Center located in Dana Point, CA.
                                                                                          As Medical Director, Dr. Romero performs or
                                           Lip/Skin Fillers                               directly supervises all advanced med­aesthetic
                                           Using a variety of fillers including, colla­      and cosmetic laser treatments so you can
Thermage                                   gen, restylane, captique, juviderm, and ra­            achieve the best results possible.
An incision­free procedure that uses a     diesse, lips can be augmented and nasal
radio frequency device that tightens       labia folds can be filled. Facial wrinkles           Professional Memberships:
and gently lifts skin by stimulating the   can be softened.                                  American Academy of Family Practice
                                                                                          American Society Laser Medicine & Surgery
facial collagen to smooth out wrinkles
                                           Age Spot Removal                               International Society Cosmetic Laser Surgery
and renew facial contours. There is no
patient down (recovery) time.              Sun damaged spots on the face, hands,             Skin Care Products Offered:
                                           legs, and arms can be removed permanently                        *  Obagi
                                           using the Fraxel or other laser devices.                     * Skin Medica
                                                                                                  * Only Yours Acne Skin Line
                                           Other Treatments Include:                        *    Glo Minerals (anti­oxidant) makeup
                                           Sclerotherapy, Laser spider vein removal,
                                           micro laser/chemical peels.                  
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