Aldo (books) by jennbrink


									Aldo (books)                                     Hurwitz, Johanna
Amelia Earhart: Challenging the Skies            Sloate, Susan
Amelia Earhart: Courage in the Sky               Kerby, Mona
Amelia Earhart: Flying for Adventure             Wade, Mary Dodson
Animals Do the Strangest Things                  Hornblow, Leonora
Anne Frank                                       Epstein, Rachel
Awake and Dreaming                               Person, Kit
Back To The Day Lincoln Was Shot!                Gormley, Beatrice
Back To The Titanic!                             Gormley, Beatrice
Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad     Edwards, Pamela Duncan
Bats: The Amazing Upside-Downers                 Perry, Phyllis
Beethoven Lives Upstairs                         Nichol, Barbara
Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder, The         Strickland, Brad
Ben and Me                                       Lawson, Robert
Boomtowns of the West                            Kalman, Bobbie
Borrowers, The                                   Norton, Mary
Boy Called Slow, A                               Bruchac, Joseph
Boys Against Girls                               Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Boys Start the War and the Girls Get Even, The   Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Boys Will, A                                     Haugaard, Erik Christian
Bridge to Terabithia                             Paterson, Katherine
Broccoli Tapes, The                              Slepian, Jan
Caleb's Choice                                   Wisler, G. Clifton
Calico Captive                                   Speare, Elizabeth George
Cartoonist, The                                  Byars, Betsy
Case of Capital Intrigue, The                    Keene, Carolyn
Case of the Captured Queen                       Keene, Carolyn
Case of the Dangerous Solution, The              Keene, Carolyn
Case of the Floating Crime, The                  Keene, Carolyn
Case of the Twin Teddy Bears, The                Keene, Carolyn
Cat!                                             Kroll, Virginia L.
Change The Locks                                 French, Simon
Chester Cricket's New Home                       Selden, George
Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride                       Selden, George
Children of the Longhouse                           Bruchac, Joseph
Cold and Hot Winter                                 Hurwitz, Johanna
Colin Powell: Straight to the Top                   Blue, Rose & Naden, Corinne J.
Cowboy Trade, The                                   Rounds, Glen
Cricket in Times Square, The                        Selden, George
Cry of the Crow, The                                George, Jean Craighead
Disappearing Acts                                   Byars, Betsy
Dollhouse Murders, The                              Wright, Betty
Don't Split the Pole: Tales of Down-Home Folk Wi    Tate, Eleanora E.
Eagle Song                                          Bruchac, Joseph
Earthquake!: A Story of Old San Francisco           Kudlinski, Kathleen V.
Eat Up, Gemma                                       Hayes, Sarah
Eenie, Meamie, Murphy, NO!                          McKenna, Colleen
Eleanor                                             Cooney, Barbara
Eureka! It's an Airplane                            Bendick, Jeanne
Experiments with Heat                               Walter, Oleksy
Experiments with Magnets                            Challand, Helen
Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail            Kudlinski, Kathleen V.
Facts and Fun About the Presidents                  Sullivan, George
Family Tree                                         Ayres, Katherine
Felita                                              Mohr, Nicholasa
Fifth Grade: Here Comes Trouble                     McKenna, Colleen
Fig Pudding                                         McKenna, Colleen
Figure in the Shadows, The                          Bellairs, John
Finding Buck McHenry                                Slote, Alfred
Fish Do the Strangest Things                        Hornblow, Leonora
Flying Flea, Callie, and Me, The                    Wallace, Carol & Bill
Friendship and the Gold Cadillac, The               Taylor, Mildred
Friendship, The                                     Taylor, Mildred
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwei   Konigsburg, E.L.
Future-Telling Lady and Other Stories, The          Berry, James
Gentle Annie: The true Story of the ...Nurse        Shura, Mary Frances
Georgia O'Keefe                                     Turner, Robyn Montana
Ghostmobile, The                                    Tapp, Kathy Kennedy
Gift-Giver, The                                     Hansen, Joyce
Glory Girl, The                                     Byars, Betsy
Gold Cadillac, The                                  Taylor, Mildred
Gold Dust Letters, The                              Lisle, Janet Taylor
Good Master, The                                    Seredy, Kate
Good-Bye My Wishing Star                            Grove, Vicki
Grand Escape, The                                   Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Great Dimpole Oak, The                              Lisle, Janet Taylor
Great Expectations                                  Dickens, Charles:Bullseye
Great Gilly Hopkins, The                            Paterson, Katherine
Guinea Pigs                                         Hansen, Elvig
Harry and Chicken                                   Sheldon, Dyan
Harry On Vacation                                   Sheldon, Dyan
Harry the Explorer                                  Sheldon, Dyan
Hey World, Here I Am!                               Little, Jean
Hiroshima                                           Yep, Laurence
Home for the Howl-idays                             Regan, Dian Curtis
House in the Snow, The                              Engh, M.J.
House with a Clock in its Walls, The                Bellairs, John
I Am the Ice Worm                                   Easley, Mary Ann
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien                           Coville, Bruce
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson         Lord, Bette Bao
Insects Do the Strangest Things                     Hornblow, Leonora
It's Not Easy Being George                          Smith, Janice Lee
Jackie Robinson and the Breaking of the Color Bar   Shorto, Russell
Journey                                             MacLachlan, Patricia
Journey                                             MacLachlan, Patricia
Journey Home, The                                   Holland, Isabelle
Journey to Jo'burg                                  Naidoo, Beverly
Kid Power                                           Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Koko's Kitten                                       Patterson, Francine
Lamp from the Warlock's Tomb, The                  Bellairs, John
Letter, the Witch, and the Ring, The               Bellairs, John
Letters from Rifka                                 Besse, Karen
Lewis & Clark: Explorers of the American West      Kroll, Steven
Lily's Crossing                                    Giff Patricia / Dell
Little House on the Prairie                        Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little Town on the Prairie                         Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Love Me, Love My Broccoli                          Peters, Julie Anne
Man From The Sky                                   Avi
Man Who Kept His Heart in a Bucket, The            Levitin, Sonia
Mansion in the Mist, The                           Bellairs, John
Martin Luther King Day                             Lowery, Linda
Mary McLeod Bethune-Voice of Black Hope            Meltzer. Milton
Matilda                                            Dahl ,Roald
Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid                     Myers, Walter Dean
Mississippi Bridge                                 Taylor, Mildred
Misty of Chincoteague                              Henry, Marguerite
Monster of the Year                                Coville, Bruce
More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitutio   Maestro, Betsy & Giulio
Morning Girl                                       Dorris, Michael
Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents           Sullivan, George
My Life in Dog Years                               Paulsen, Gary
My Sister Annie                                    Dodds, Bill
My Teacher Flunked the Planet                      Coville, Bruce
My Teacher Fried My Brains                         Coville, Bruce
My Teacher Glows in the Dark                       Coville, Bruce
My Teacher Is an Alien                             Coville, Bruce
Night Swimmers, The                                Byars, Betsy
Night Without Stars, A                             Howe, James
Off and Running                                    Soto, Gary
Old Meadow, The                                    Selden, George
On My Honor                                        Bauer, Marion Dane
On the Way Home                                    Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Once on this Island                              Whelan, Gloria
One Giant Leap                                   Fraser, Mary Ann
One-Eyed Cat                                     Fox, Paula
Orphan of Ellis Island, The                      Woodruff, Elvira
Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille      Freedman, Russell
Owls in the Family                               Mowat, Farley
Phoebe the Spy                                   Griffin, Judith Berry
Picture Book of Harriet Tubman                   Adler, David
Pinballs. The                                    Byars Betsy
Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Goes Up in Space      McArthur, Nancy
Poppy                                            Avi
Poppy and Rye                                    Avi
Pow Wow Summer                                   Rendon, Marcie R.
Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers                 Paulsen, Gary
Rain Forest Secrets                              Dorros, Arthur
Rairarubia                                       Adams, W. Royce
Red Means Good Fortune: ...San Fran China Town   Goldin, Barbara Diamond
Remembering Box, The                             Clifford, Eth
Reptiles Do the Strangest Things                 Hornblow, Leonora
Rescuers, The                                    Sharp, Margery
River Ran Wild, A                                Cherry, Lynne
Rough-Faced Girl, The                            Martin, Rafe
Samuel's Choice                                  Berleth, Richard
Searching For Laura Ingalls Wilder               Lasky, Kathryn
Seedfalks                                        Fleischman, Paul
Seventh Grade Weirdo                             Wardlaw, Lee
Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School          Sachar, Louis
Sideways Stories from Wayside School             Sachar, Louis
Sister Sister Homegirl on the Range              Quin-Harkin, Janet
Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You                  DeClements, Barthe
Sixth Grade Secrets                              Sachar, Louis
Smartest Man in Ireland, The                     Hunter, Mollie
Smoky the Cow Horse                              James, Will
Song of the Trees                                 Taylor, Mildred
Spirit Quest                                      Sharpe,Susan
Star Fisher, The                                  Yep, Laurence
Story of Harriet Tubman, The: Conductor of the    McMullan, Kate
Story of Muhammad Ali: Heavyweight Champion       Denenberg, Barry
Story of the White House, The                     Waters, Kate
Sugaring Season (Making Maple Syrup)              Burns, Diane
Sugaring Time                                     Lasky, Kathryn
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt                 Hopkinson, Deborah
Taking Care of Terrific                           Lowry, Lois
Taking Sides                                      Soto, Gary
Tales from the Homeplace: Adventures of a Texas   Burandt, H. and Dale, S.
                                                  Ringold, E,Freeman,
Talking to Faith Ringgold
This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall         Korman, Gordon
Thunder At Gettysburg                             Gauch, Patricia Lee
Time Benders                                      Paulsen, Gary
Time for Andrew                                   Hahn, Mary
Too Soon to Say Goodbye                           Kent, Deborah
Travels with Rainie Marie                         Martin, Patricia
Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn, The               Bellairs, John
Treasury of Pirate Stories, A                     Bradman, Tony
Trouble River                                     Byars, Betsy
True Confessions                                  Tashjian, Janet
Tucket's Gold                                     Paulsen, Gary
Tucket's Ride                                     Paulsen, Gary
Twinkie Squad, The                                Korman, Gordon
Two Tickets to Freedom: The True Story of Ellen   Freedman, Florence
US and Uncle Fraud                                Lowry, Lois
Van Gogh Cafe, The                                Rylant, Cynthia
Voyage of the Frog, The                           Paulsen, Gary
War Dog Heroes: True Stories of Dog Courage in    Sanderson, Jeannette
War With Grandpa, The                             Kimmel Smith, Robert
Wayside School is Falling Down                 Sachar, Louis
Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher   Fritz, Jean
Which Witch?                                   lbbotson, Eva
William Problem, The                           Baker, Barbara
Witch of Fourth Street, The                    Levoy, Myron
Yeh-Shen                                       Louie, Ai-Ling
Young Merlin Trilogy: Hobby                    Yolen, Jane
Young Merlin Trilogy: Merlin                   Yolen, Jane
Young Merlin Trilogy: Passenger                Yolen, Jane
Zucchini                                       Dana, Barbara

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