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					Welcome to Google Talk
           • Google's approach to
           • This guide will
             introduce you to all the
             different ways you can
             use Google Talk
           Overview on what Gtalk has to offer:
1.   Instant messaging — Chat with all of your GTalk and Gmail
     contacts in real time.
2.   Free PC-to-PC voice chat — You can talk to anyone else for free
     who's online and has the Google Talk client.
3.   Send and receive voicemails— If the person you're calling isn't
     available, you can leave a voicemail.
4.   Unlimited file transfers — Send files to your contacts. There are
     no file size or bandwidth restrictions.
5.   Instant Messaging Archiving – Re-read old conversation
6.   Personalizing Your Gtalk – You can add your profile picture,
     customize your message or even change the theme of the chart
         1. Instant Messaging
   To send an Instant Message (IM),

• Log in to your GTalk (Use the
  Logon details provided to you by
      Instant Messaging (Contn)
   • Select a Google talk contact and
   double click the username.

 • A new Instant Message window
 addressed to your contact will appear.
 Type in your message in the text field at
 the bottom of the IM Window and press
 Enter on your keyboard.

Your message will be delivered to the intended recipient from your contacts.
                 2.         PC-to-PC Talk
 If you have a lot to talk about with your
 GTalk contact you can use the Google Talk
 call feature. How?

 • Open an active Google Talk window by
 double clicking a contact from your
 contact list.

• Click the Call button to begin your
voice chat.

• Once the Google talk contact answers,
you can begin speaking.
After you have completed your Google Talk voice call, click "End Call" to
terminate the connection.
            3. GTalk Voice mail
To send a voice mail:
• Ensure your microphone is connected.

• Open an active Google talk instant
messaging window and click „send voice
mail „ button.

• You will receive an automatic
  prompt requesting you to
  record your message when
  you hear a “beep” sound.
• Once you hear the “beep”,
  leave your Google Talk
  voicemail. NB: you can record
  up to 10 minutes of audio with
  Google Talk voicemail.

   Once you are finished recording, click "End Call."
                   4. File sharing
 To share files with Google Talk:
• Open an active Instant Messaging
  (IM) window by double clicking your
  GTalk contact and select the Send file
• If you don‟t see the send file option,
click the drop down arrow at the top
right hand side of the active window
and select send file.
 • A window will appear prompting
 you to select the file you would like to
 share with your Google Talk contact.
 Select the file by browsing through
 your PC or attached drives, then
 press "Open."
               File sharing (contn)
  • The file you selected to transfer to
  your Google Talk contact will appear
  on the screen immediately.

  • Your contact can click Accept
    to download the file to their
    hard drive, or Decline to reject
    the transfer.

Google Talk transfer file will not work while your contact is offline.
   5. Instant Messaging Archiving
If you need to re-read an old conversation
from Google Talk:
 • Open an active chat window and
   Select the arrow button on the top,
   right-hand corner of the window.
   Then, select "View Past Chats.“

•Your Google talk chat logs will launch in a separate web browser window
where you can browse through the complete history of your chat
conversations with a particular Google Talk contact.
 Adding a profile Picture

• Sign in to Google Talk and Click the
image next to your name.

• Select one of the provided pictures, or
click more pictures to upload an image
from another location.

• Your picture will appear immediately, and
your colleagues will be able to see it next to
your name and status message in their
Friends lists.
    Customizing your message
• From the status drop-down menu,
  select Custom message, and enter
  the text you'd like your friends to see
  about your availability status.
      Changing the theme of chat
If you would like to use a different
appearance of your chat window;

• Click settings at the top of your
contact lists window.

• Highlight Appearance, and
select a theme from the drop-down
menu under Chat Theme.

            Thanks for USING gTalk