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					  Bathroom Mold Prevention And Cleaning Tips
   (NAPSA)—“Yuck. That’s gross.
There are black spots in the
shower again!”
   It’s not unusual to find black
spots on tile, shower curtains, ceil-
ings and other bathroom surfaces.
Those ugly spots are most likely
mold and mildew, which grow best
in places where there’s high
humidity and excessive moisture,
like bathrooms.
   Cleaning may remove it, but
the trick to controlling mold and
mildew is to stop it before it
                                        Mold Patrol—The right type of
starts. Here are some tips to keep
                                        paint can guard against mold and
mold and mildew at bay from the
                                        mildew for up to five years.
prevention experts at Zinsser:
   • Keep airflow constant.             routine. It’s an easy, effective way
Consider installing an exhaust fan      to clean and remove mold and
or ceiling fan or replacing solid       mildew stains and soap scum
doors with louvered ones to             buildup on tile, grout, fiberglass,
improve ventilation. They can           vinyl, plastic and more.
increase airflow and significantly         • Protect bathroom sur-
impede the growth of mold and           faces. Use a product like JOMAX
mildew. If installing a fan isn’t in    Mold & Mildew Shield to protect
your budget, leave your bathroom        bathroom surfaces from future
window slightly open when you           mold and mildew growth. It cre-
shower to help airflow.                 ates an invisible protective barrier
   • Eliminate moisture. Stag-          on tile, grout, paint, vinyl, plastic,
nant water produces moisture in         fabrics and other surfaces to pre-
the air and creates an ideal envi-      vent mold and mildew growth for
ronment for the growth of mold          up to three months. JOMAX Mold
and mildew. Limit excessive mois-       & Mildew Shield is ideal for use
ture by using a fan or dehumidi-        around bath and shower stalls, on
fier and by wiping down shower          bathroom walls, countertops, or
walls after each use.                   on fabric or plastic shower cur-
   • Clean infected areas.              tains. It can also be sprayed on
Clean bathroom surfaces with a          the inside of cabinets or other
cleaner specifically formulated to      storage areas that are susceptible
remove mold and mildew stains,          to mold growth.
such as JOMAX Mold & Mildew                Plan on redecorating? Consider
Stain Remover. The fast-acting          using Perma-White Mold &
bleach formula cleans and               Mildew-Proof Interior Paint. It’s
removes tough stains from walls,        guaranteed to prevent the growth
ceilings and other surfaces. Use it     of mold and mildew for five years.
around sinks, baths and shower          For more helpful mold and mildew
stalls during your weekly cleaning      solutions, visit

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