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									                                New Books – August 2008
                                Sorted by Author’s Name

Title                                             Author
Adult Fiction:
Afraid of the Dark                                Anders, Donna
Walla Walla Suite                                 Argula, Anne
Smoke Screen                                      Brown, Sandra
Sister's Hope, A                                  Brunstetter, Wanda
America, America                                  Canin, Ethan
Dangerous Protector, The                          Chapman, Janet
Variation On a Theme                              Delinsky, Barbara
Tea Rose, The                                     Donnelly, Jennifer
Full Tilt                                         Evanovich, Janet
Stripped                                          Freeman, Brian
Night Heat                                        Graham, Heather
Second Heaven                                     Guest, Judith
Night Work                                        Hamilton, Steve
Over the Edge                                     Kellerman, Jonathan
When the Bough Breaks                             Kellerman, Jonathan
Time to Embrace, A                                Kingsbury, Karen
Three Mrs. Parkers, The                           Medlicott, Joan
Texas Sunrise                                     Michaels, Fern
Barrens, The                                      Oates, Joyce Carol
Unlucky In Law                                    O'Shaughnessy, Perri
Night Fever                                       Palmer, Diana
Dangerous Games                                   Prescott, Michael
Object Lessons                                    Quindlen, Anna
Devil Bones                                       Reichs, Kathy
Interpretation of Murder, The                     Rubenfeld, Jed
First Two Novels, The : Everywhere That Mary Went
     and Final Appeal                             Scottoline, Lisa
Traitor's Kiss                                    Seymour, Gerald
Unlikely Spy, The                                 Silva, Daniel
Together                                          Sullivan, Tom
Dead Time                                         White, Stephen

Cat Who Had 14 Tales, The                        Braun, Lilian Jackson
Loves Music, Loves to Dance                      Clark, Mary Higgins
Wrong Rite, The                                  Craig, Alisa
Jerusalem Inn                                    Grimes, Martha
Set Sail for Murder                              Hart, Carolyn
Listening Women                                  Hillerman, Tony
Skinwalkers                                      Hillerman, Tony
Cover Her Face                                   James, P.D.
Mind To Murder, A                                James, P.D.
Skull Beneath the Skin, The                      James, P.D.
Unsuitable Job For a Woman, An                  James, P.D.
Exit Wounds                                     Jance, J.A.
Injustice For All                               Jance, J.A.
Web of Evil                                     Jance, J.A.
Deadlock                                        Paretsky, Sara
Indemnity Only                                  Paretsky, Sara
Bluegate Fields                                 Perry, Anne
Death in the Devil's Acre                       Perry, Anne
Face of a Stranger, The                         Perry, Anne
Borrower of the Night                           Peters, Elizabeth
Curse of the Pharoahs, The                      Peters, Elizabeth
Legend in Green Velvet                          Peters, Elizabeth
Lion in the Valley                              Peters, Elizabeth
Seventh Sinner, The                             Peters, Elizabeth

Large Print:
Scarlet Feather                                 Binchy, Maeve
Smoke Screen                                    Brown, Sandra
Foreign Body                                    Cook, Robin
Fearless Fourteen                               Evanovich, Janet
Say Goodbye                                     Gardner, Lisa
Rough Justice                                   Higgins, Jack
Silent Thunder                                  Johansen, Iris
Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, The                  Pattillo, Beth
Kiss, The                                       Steel, Danielle
Rogue                                           Steel, Danielle
Art of Racing in the Rain, The                  Stein, Garth

Adult Non-Fiction:
American Series of Popular Biographies: Maine
Livestrong: Resources for Cancer Survivors      Armstrong, Lance
Maine Book, The                                 Dunnack, Henry E.
Maine Resources, Attractions & Its People: A
    History                                     Coe, B. Harrie
Maine: A History/Centennial Edition             Hatch, Louis Clinton
Our First Century                               Devens, R.M.
Women Who Raised Me, The                        Rowell, Victoria

Juvenile Fiction:
Digby and Kate 1-2-3                            Baker, Barbara
Wallace's Lists                                 Bottner, Barbara
Our Library                                     Bunting, Eve
Crickwing                                       Cannon, Janell
I Am Too Absolutely Small for School            Child, Lauren
Lost and Found                                  Clements, Andrew
Boxes for Katje                                 Fleming, Candace
Iris and Walter                                 Guest, Elissa Haden
Stick Kid                               Holwitz, Peter
Jubela                                  Kessler, Cristin
Lionel's Birthday                       Krensky, Stephen
Reminder, The                           Michaels, Rune
Moses Sees a Play                       Millman, Isaac
Jeremy's Muffler                        Nielsen, Laura
Dumb Bunny                              Park, Barbara
Welcome, Brown Bird                     Sylvada, Peter
New Pig in Town                         Wheeler, Lisa

Juvenile Nonfiction:
Beach Patrol, The                       O'Brien, John

Books On CD
Woodrow Wilson                          Auchincloss, Louis
Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener   Beaton, M.C.
Skeleton in the Closet, The             Beaton, M.C.
Wuthering Heights                       Bronte, Emily
Da Vinci Code, The                      Brown, Dan
Emperor of Ocean Park, The              Carter, Stephen L.
Jackdaws                                Follett, Ken
Flashman and the Tiger                  Fraser, George Macdonald
Sun Also Rises, The                     Hemingway, Ernest
Dead North                              Henry, Sue
Vengeance                               Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Year in Provence, A                     Mayle, Peter
Don't Look Back                         Quick, Amanda
Villa, The                              Roberts, Nora
Flashfire                               Stark, Richard

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