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					  VOLUME 3
                                                                  VOLUME 3
  Volume                                                        AUGUST 2009

                            Magazine from
                    S P Jain Center of Management     SPark
                                                     Ignite Your Imagination
August 2009

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                                                    Gang @ SPark
                   Message from Dean
                Dr Michael Barnes,GMBA
              Dr Balakrishna Grandhi,EMBA           SI GAPORE
              Interview with Mr. ader Sabry
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                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
          Volume                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                                     Magazine from
                                             S P Jain Center of Management                     SPark
                                                                                              Ignite Your Imagination
        August 2009

                                          From the SPark desk
When one thinks of change, the thought is restricted to the way things are done and probably just a paradigm shift in
the “template form of doing business” which basically means, get a template that suits your style and you have your
business up and running. Easy it was, just change the template, and you have “changed the process”. But in times of
uncertainty change is not only important but can prove detrimental if not handled with utmost care. Change as a proc-
ess should not be imposed upon the people, rather it should include the people. Had it been any other times of uncer-
tainty the business managers of yesteryears and the current higher echelon breed of managers would have gone back
to the books and reflected upon John P Kotter’s “ 8 steps towards successful changes”.

But the new downturn and circumstances have been such that the books and the philosophies embellished in those
books would hardly come handy. Hence the “need for a change” in the way business is run, people are managed and a
complete change in the outlook towards business. Change- the only constant thing!!

The theme of this edition of SPark was centered around this universal truth. In the current scenario of economic re-
vival, one of the most widely discussed topics around the globe will be “Change Management”. And we saw some
overwhelming responses from the students of both GMBA and EMBA. The top three articles were selected and are
published in this issue. These articles were evaluated by our panel - Prof. Christopher Abraham, Dr. Balakrishna Gran-
dhi, Dr. Dawn Dekle, Prof. Veena Jadhav and Prof Mythili and the top three are published in the magazine. We would
like to thank the panel for their precious input and time. Apart from the top three competition articles, this volume
brings to you other business articles, a fair coverage of the events at Dubai, Singapore and Toronto, invaluable contri-
butions from the faculty and Alumni. SPark would like to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to be part
of this venture and make this edition a reality.

Also we would like to thank Dr. Michael Barnes, honourable Dean GMBA and Dr. Balakrishna Grandhi, honourable
Dean EMBA for their constant guidance and support. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Seetharaman, Dr. Rajiv Aserkar, Prof.
A.R.Rajagopalan, Prof. Yusuf Tambawala and Prof. Vinika Rao for lending us their support and help at all stages of this
journey. We can never forget the invaluable support from Mr. AVR Srinivas and Mr. Srinivas Phani in getting the teams
organized. We appreciate the support extended by Ms. Mini Menon on all alumni related resources. Our sincere
thanks to Prof. Veena Jadhav for her continuous support and mentorship. Last but not at all the least, each and every-
one who has contributed to SPark!!!

We, the gang @ SPark, had some real exciting time while working on this issue as in the previous one.

We treasure each and every moment of ‘SPark’ling!!!
Happy Reading!!!
Gang @ SPark

                                                                                                  VOLUME 3
                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                             MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN

Welcome to another edition of SPark! Despite the slowdown in the world economy there
has been no slowdown at S P Jain. On the contrary, there have been a number of highly
significant and positive development since the last publication:
Number one, under the able and dynamic team leadership of Dr. Debashis Sanyal our
                                                                                         DR. MICHAEL
GMBA and EMBA programs have been accredited by AMBA - the U.K. based Association of
AMBAs, one of the foremost international accreditors. We are now the only business GMBA
school of Indian origin to have the MBA accredited by AMBA and it is indeed a great
achievement and recognition of the quality of our students, our faculty, our curriculum,
our administrative policies and procedures, as well as our excellent facilities.

At the beginning of June, it was my great pleasure and privilege to be present and repre-
sent S P Jain on the inauguration of the first cohort of 40 GMBA students to attend the
Global Program at the Number One, Schulich School of Business in Toronto’s prestigious
York University. The students (whom I have dubbed the “Maple Leafs’) are following the
same basic curriculum as GMBA juniors in Dubai and Singapore, but with a Canadian
‘flavor’ and perspective taught by Schulich faculty in the North American style. Feedback
from the students has been excellent, and the things we can learn as students, faculty, and
administration will be invaluable for continuous improvement through direct exposure to
best practices at Schulich.

In addition, we have made a similar partnership with the Number One, Australian Gradu-
ate School of Management at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Students who
join the November ’09 batch will have the competitive opportunity to go to Australia for a
10-week term along the same academic lines as the Canada option for the April ‘09 batch.
Unofficially, I will refer to this future group as the ‘Koala Bears’!

These are all ways and means to build the S P Jain brand on a global basis by associating
with the “best in class” and learning from best practices. Needless to say, it also gives the
students who are fortunate enough to go on these intensive study programs, a unique,
memorable, and possibly life-changing experience.

Closer to home in Dubai and Singapore, we have been gearing up for a busy period of
ARPs & ALPs – which are again superb opportunities to associate closely at a senior level
with top companies – and at the same time ‘add value’ through the ability to apply your
GMBA tools and skills, and integrate your business knowledge in collaborative mode to
real live challenges and opportunities.

In Dubai and Singapore - and much further afield in some cases - S P Jain will be making a
global impact and striking a global SPark!

                                                                                                    VOLUME 3
                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009

                              MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN

Dear friends,

In turbulent times and unpredictable situations, one is required to take decisions in un-
foreseen contexts. It has to be done with logic, judgment and reasoning. This is an era
seeking corporate athletes who can exercise Contextual Leadership , executing leadership
                                                                                          DR. BALAKRISHNA
or taking charge in different contexts.
An athlete strives hard to stay ahead of competition. He stays not only physically fit but
also mentally strong and spiritually balanced. He possesses strength, stamina and an atti-
tude of positive thinking. A case in point is Roger Banister who ran one mile by breaking
the four minute barrier. Another is Lance Armstrong who is currently competing for his
eight medal in Tour de France.

Likewise in current uncertain times, an aspiring executive has to be fit and ready to handle
any context by visualizing the invisible through scenario mapping and analysis. He should
be agile and responsive to demonstrate his/her leadership commanding
the trust of both internal and external stakeholders.

At SPJCM, over a year, you have the privilege of interacting with one another, practitio-
ners and faculty members from across the globe, requiring you to solve real world prob-
lems, handle cases and understand cross-cultural/cross-functional differences and ap-

You have an array of contexts that need to be answered:

-Why has one failed or succeeded?

-How could one have done differently in different contexts?

-In case of success, was it by design or accident?

-How to ensure consistent high performance?

Wish you use all these opportunities well, connect the learning dots and become a good
corporate athlete exercising sound contextual leadership.

Good luck!

                                                                                                     VOLUME 3
                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009

                                            EXPERT SPEAK

                                                   Interview with Mr. Nader Sabry,
                                         Chief Strategist for Government of Dubai,
    Department of Economic Development and the former Global Chairman of the
                      Institute for Strategy and Complexity Management Forum.
                                               Interviewd by: Namit Nayak, Vinayak, Lokesh
Sir, it has been fascinating to see your profile.
You have played multiple roles as a strategist, au- To classify this Middle Eastern region is very difficult.
thor, venture capitalist, and also worked with gov- This region as a culture is very diversified so it will
ernment. How exciting has been the journey so far? really depend upon which part of the region you are
                                                         looking at. In general the region over the last decade
The nature of being a strategist is to                                   has woken up because of Dubai and
deal with multiple things. Nothing in Dubai government is a you will see a lot of people from
the world is that simple but yet at the very dynamic entity who around the world coming to Dubai. In
same time it has so much simplicity aims to operate like a addition a lot of people are diverting
with it and that is the beauty of deal-                                  away from this region so you will have
                                           private entity and this is
ing with so many different things. It’s                                  a lot of neighboring countries who are
been quite exciting because I have
                                           one of the most unique actually capturing a lot of the talent
been fortunate enough to experience Governments to work that was initially attracted to Dubai
historically the dot com era at that                                     and that developed in Dubai is now
time and boom time of Dubai. So I had the experi- helping the neighboring countries to help develop the
ence to see the ups and downs of some of the parts Dubai way. Dubai specifically is a very multinational
of the world and being at the epicenter gives you the region and there are 185 nationalities here and that
ability to learn and see many of the things that are in Middle East are very unique.
emerging rather than being end of the way of the epi-
center and being more of consumer rather than being How is the GCC (Gulf cooperation council) economy
a thought provoker to make things happen.                shaping up after recession? Do you see signs of eco-
                                                         nomic recovery in near future?
How different it has been working with government
and MNC’s?                                               Recovery is inevitable wherever you are with ups and
                                                                         downs. The good news is that we are
It is very different. More important The growth opportunity still in positive numbers where in other
thing to point out is that Dubai govern- lies in the private equity, parts, they are forecasting negative
ment is a very dynamic entity which venture capital start ups numbers. This signifies that we are still
aims to operate like a private entity which are innovation growing but not at the same rate as
and this is one of the most unique                                       before. If you see different predictions
Governments to work with. It doesn’t                                     from a lot of private bodies you will
mean that working in Dubai is working in a private see that a lot of them think that this region will
entity but what it means is, that it has the look and emerge from this recession quickly than a lot of other
feel of a private entity which gives you the flexibility places for a variety of reasons.
to be ambitious and think like a corporation of being
productive and at the same time government has a What are the challenges in developing capital mar-
big responsibility in looking out at your constituents. ket in a country like UAE?

Can you please share with us the corporate culture      It will have to be regulated but you have to look a bit
in Middle eastern region?                               deeper because in surface the most obvious answer is

                                                                                                     VOLUME 3
                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009

                                              EXPERT SPEAK

Interview Continued …

regulation and transparency but more strategic impli-     growth. These are mechanical perspectives in nature
cations of it that is when you need to drive for ven-     and unfortunately these methods don’t work in un-
ture capital, private equity and innovation that actu-    certainty and downturn. Now scenario planning
ally build innovative companies and which drive the       emerges because it helps you to be flexible as it gives
demand for capital market to actually encourage the       different imaginative possibility and that’s what is
companies to invest in because largely you will find      happening with experienced methods and to get out
very large companies or you will have family business     of some of the tools you have to look for one decent
going public. The growth opportunity lies in the pri-     point that comes from consulting firms. A lot of them
vate equity, venture capital start ups which is innova-   are scenario driven giving a clear indication that
tion driven.                                              there is complete uncertainty and these old methods
                                                          are unpredictable in this turbulent situation.
Which are the strategic areas the government
should focus on to recover from the economic In this time of economic turbulence, what different
slump?                                       should B School do to prepare students?

We will be revising our development                                  Its a tough question to answer as the
plan and obviously there will be some     What has happened dur- dust is just settling on what is happen-
sectors more robust than others for ing last few years is that ing. Some of the qualities that I will an-
example tourism has always been a the companies have gone ticipate or look in people are flexibility
champion sector in Dubai that’s why complacent in driving in nature and very innovative because
Dubai is very tourist friendly and productivity since when these are turbulent times and you need
hence works with business and so money is flowing one can to find solutions to some of the most
forth but that currently we will be re- forgive all kind of sins.    difficult problems. So if you are regi-
vising and relooking at, as with the                                 mented you will always see only one
current financial meltdown the things                                tunnel. And that will not help you or
have been reshuffled all over the place so it isn’t like whoever decide to employ you in future. You need to
before where you had historical data that you could be able to think more broadly and more innovatively
look at for predicting things. Things are so unpredict- and that’s why the companies and economic devel-
able at this point of time that one requires a lot of opment need to be very productive. What has hap-
tools, to find in different ways of looking at things to pened during last few years is that the companies
get the feel of what is next to come.                    have gone complacent in driving productivity since
                                                         when money is flowing one can forgive all kind of
The theme of our magazine is Managing Change. sins.
The next question to you is that how will you man-
age this change in the UAE development plan?

This is important from strategic point of    Some of the qualities
view. We have to look at pre crisis and      that I will anticipate or
post crisis from strategic level. In a pre   look in people during
crisis there are a lot of people who will    such downturns are flexi-
not do scenario planning, but rather will    bility in nature and being
look at very typical planning driven
strategies and will see the past data and
apply regression analysis to predict the

                                                                                                                    VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009

                                           COMPETITION SEGMENT

                MANAGING CHANGE: Comprehending the Inscrutable Need
In the cut throat competition, in the economic        2.The entities which adapt themselves to change
downturn, in bad times or the economic growth,        when the change actually occurs: They incorpo-
in the Bull Run or in great times, doesn’t it actu-   rate the thought in their entire organization that
ally make sense to understand the change and          change is inevitable and since it has finally come
equip oneself for the same? We already know           here better be an active participant or perish.
that in this dynamic world the only thing that        And for this the oppositions have to be faced           Gaurav Sharma
actually remains constant is change itself. So the    internally. The way they handle that opposition         PMM Dec08
age old wisdom actually inspires each and every       is the make or break situation for the company.         GMBA
entity of the world to be a student of change.        If they are able to cover up the suspicion, con-
Managing change actually is a configuration of        servatism and fear of the unknown then they are
all these factors. The plain fact that the fortune    on top of the situation otherwise they have the“It is not the
500 companies haven’t remained constant itself        friction. A perfect example is of the Swiss watch
                                                                                                     strongest of the
speaks about the need of managing change. And         industry which was complacent till they were   species that sur-
those companies who have actually flourished          forced to exit from the market. Then came their
                                                                                                     vives, nor the
during the turn of the centuries are the ones         savior Nicholas Hayek who managed the change
                                                                                                     most intelligent,
who were most receptive to change and who             in such a manner that the Swatch is now syno-
adapted themselves to the changing needs of           nym for watch. They managed the change under   but the one
the market or environment without diluting                                                           most responsive
                                                      his leadership for survival first and then growth.
their core values. Thus the three words which                                                        to change.”
aptly describe change are eternal, perpetual and      3.The entities which do not respond to change: -Charles Darwin
immortal. Thus the need for managing change           Firms cease to exist or just exist till a competitor
could not have been more substantiated.               buys them out or erases them from the market
Strategic Thought: Any Entity can actually be         when they are not willing to change. Their atti-
categorized in three dimensions of managing           tude toward change is so pessimistic that they          Three words
change (An Entity could be business entity, peo-      feel that everything must be according to their         which aptly de-
ple and thought as well)                              requirement. So they are liable to say “If the
                                                                                                              scribe change
                                                      shoe doesn’t fit you can’t expect us to change
                                                                                                              are eternal, per-
1.The entities which anticipate change in ad-         the foot” The father of Modern management
vance and adapt themselves to it: Any leading         Peter F Drucker said “Society, community, family        petual and im-
firm will always manage change by thinking in         are all conserving institutions. They try to main-      mortal.
advance, by being innovative and by equipping         tain stability, and to prevent, or at least to slow
itself with all the necessary requirements. They      down, change. But the organization of the post-
do not allow the environment to tell them what        capitalist society of organizations is a destabilize.
to do but rather they tell the environment what       Because its function is to put knowledge to work
and how to be done. This they do by managing          -- on tools, processes, and products; on work; on
                                                                                             So as long as
change in their organization well before time.        knowledge itself -- it must be organized for con-
                                                                                             you wish to
For this they have to face enough friction, they      stant change.”                         grow you have
actually make enemies with in the company but
                                                                                             to change and
then the leaders in those organization know that So as long as you wish to grow you have to
                                                                                             one should man-
the rebellion is not for the great things to come change and one should manage the change to
but for the path they will have to take for it. lead.                                        age the change
They have invested huge amount in their infra-                                               to lead.
structure for research and development for be-
ing the leaders. They are lead by Gandhian phi-
losophy of “We must be the change we wish to
see in the world”.

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                           COMPETITION SEGMENT

                                         1st RUNNER UP
                                       MANAGING CHANGE
In today’s dynamic world where everything is         systems. Team members were assigned differ-
so unpredictable and uncertain, change is the        ent roles as per their competency. People of
only buzzword and the key to survival. Change        high caliber were given more responsibility. The
is intricately woven in our life and the same        systems were highly organized which led to high
applies for any organization. As budding man-        performance of the members. Project was given
agers of tomorrow we need to handle change           top priority as the deployment of the new sys-      Siddhartha Ran-
aptly to convert it into our advantage. For any      tem was very crucial for company’s future suc-      jan Batacharya
change, organization needs to focus on two           cess. Moreover with the kind of money invested      SMM Apr 09
crucial factors as follows :                         in the project, it was monitored directly by the    GMBA
− Importance to the processes and systems            senior management.
undergoing change. A deep clarity on where           The shared values of corporate culture and
the organization is heading and what change is       work ethics of Bharti is one of the best in India   “It is not the
required is essential.                               and it is ranked among the top companies in         strongest of the
− Equal importance should be given to the            this respect. With appreciable style, senior man-   species that sur-
workforce involved in those processes. Under-        agement anchored the project all through to         vives, nor the
standing the impact of change on the staff is        convince the staff the needs and benefits of the    most intelligent,
critical.                                            new system. They understood involvement of          but the one
A healthy balance of both the factors is the key     employees was a critical success factor. This       most responsive
to a successful change management.                   ensured that staffs were prepared to accept the
                                                                                                         to change.”
At present, with earned knowledge of manage-         changes although the new system would bring a
ment fundamentals I stand to relate the overall      change in the way employees used to work. Em-
                                                                                                         -Charles Darwin
change management in which I participated as         ployees got convinced that the change is not
a software professional, as my assignment in         only for the good of the organization but also
past. I was lucky enough to be part of Bharti                                                      As budding
                                                     for them. Regular training during the whole pe-
Airtel’s (India’s no 1 mobile operator) conver-      riod of implementation, to enhance skill, gavemanagers of to-
gent billing solution project.                                                                     morrow we
                                                                         the employees a comfort feel
Sharing with you the way I in-                                           about the new system.     need to handle
terpret it today.                                                                                  change aptly to
McKinsey’s 7S model for                                                Today after eight years no- convert it into
change management is my pick                                           body can deny that the move our advantage.
as it perfectly fits in my exam-                                        made by this telecom behe-
ple. It focuses on interdepend-                                         moth, having pan India pres-
encies of seven areas which                                             ence in all 23 telecom circles
                                                                                                         For any change,
when blended in the right fashion can lead to        with over 100 million subscribers, was perfect at   organization
successful change management.                        that time. The strategy and execution of this       needs to focus
                                                     change management, balancing process and            on two crucial
To set the context, in 2001, Bharti Airtel had       employee is worth proofing McKinsey’s 7S            factors as fol-
presence in seven telecom circles of India.          model as a real time case study. The key obser-     lows :
Business was operational with decentralized          vation from the retrospection of this model is      − Importance to
billing systems in all the circles with different    that each of seven areas is interrelated to each    the processes
capabilities. As the telecom market was open-        other and a slight change in one will have im-      and systems un-
ing up, they realized that there was tremen-         pact on others. While each carries equal chance     dergoing change
dous opportunity to expand in the market. It         of failure a greater importance to areas related
called for a change management.                      to employees enhances the probability of a
They opted for centralized billing system cater-     change management project to succeed.
ing to all the circles. Strategy was to move                                                             the impact of
ahead with implementation of a new central-                                                              change on the
ized billing solution replacing all the old legacy                                                       staff is critical.

                                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                              COMPETITION SEGMENT

                                            2nd RUNNER UP
                                          MANAGING CHANGE
In words of Francois de la Rochefoucauld, “The only       intentions and training do not work, acquired skills
thing constant in life is Change”. Change is embed-       needs to be practiced. Interactive simulations, case
ded in each facet of life. Those who learn to manage      studies, role plays are good techniques. Certificates
it effectively get flourished and rewarded. Increased     can be awarded for recognizing and rewarding skills.
profitability, discovering and establishing in new mar-   Fuel for Change Engine – Ideas and Energy
ket, acquiring competitive advantage, passion for         Just as a vehicle is incomplete without an engine,
being market leader etc. are among the top change         successful and sustained change requires transfor-        Vishal Mittal
catalysts. In a nutshell, effective Change Manage-        mation duo of ideas and energy. It is a common mis-       ITM Dec 08
ment is basically a change in mindset. The top man-       take to think that great idea generators have extraor-    GMBA
agement is always concerned about two issues. First       dinary talent or one requires management guru’s
is to introduce a live vision for change and embed-       training. Change demands breaking of existing rivalry
ding it in everyone’s life. Second comprises constant     and innovative encouragement. Infant ideas cannot
replenishment of the flow of propelling ideas and         be slaughtered by hierarchical structure, red tape or
driving energy.                                           business silos. The following types of idea are respon-
Setting a Vision for Change                               sible for organizational rebirth.                         Effective Change
Successful change requires crystal clear understand-      Reason to change: Successful transformation de-           Management is
ing of organization’s capabilities, readiness to adapt,   mands thorough understanding of motive behind the         basically a
well defined aspirations, effective change leaders        suggested change by each stakeholder. Change lead-
and a rigorous but disciplined change procedure. As a     ers are required to elucidate the reason and convince
                                                                                                                    change in mind-
solution to first concern, an effective change man-       their team for the dreamed outcome. Change Items:         set.
agement can be obtained by adopting following four        Comprehensive study and phased plan should be
steps                                                     ready for identified functions, product line, market
•Convincing Tale: One should have a solid reason to       line, obsolete operations, new market opportunities
change and its associated benefits. Change leader         etc. A diverse team often helps in accurate items
need to convince team that desired change will have       identification.
                                                                                                                    The top man-
positive influence on individual, customer, society,      Change Agent: Change leaders must discover strate-        agement is al-
shareholders and involved team. One should be al-         gic roles which can act as change agents. These peo-      ways concerned
lowed to feel and adopt the change by practicing it.      ple will act as the catalyst for destined transforma-     about two is-
Constructive approach based on discovery (what best       tion. “Embed the change in organization’s veins” is       sues.
we have), dreaming (where are we heading) and des-        the motto.
tiny (ultimate destination) forms the key to success.     Change Path: Brainstorming session of change agents
•Leading by Example: The top management should            will reveal and evolve ideas for comprehensive path.       First is to intro-
give live examples as change followers. This gives a      The decided path will guide the whole transforma-         duce a live vi-
positive signal to the organization and replicates the    tion process. Optimum energy levels during the            sion for change
successful implementation. Change leaders should          whole process play a significant role.                    and embedding
not be considered as “the change” themselves but          Any transformation cannot be dived into after inspi-
the change effect needs implementation at personal        ration speech of management. Negative energy of
                                                                                                                    it everyone’s
level. Surveys, feedback, conversations etc prove to      resistance, skepticism etc. demands consideration         life.
be useful.                                                during early phases. Proper channelization of energy
•Periodic Reinforcement: It provides regular updates      requires actively steering change, implanting it in       Second com-
in the procedures, policies, incentives and systems as    daily life, constantly upgrading individual and organ-    prises constant
per the new implemented change. These steps help          izational competencies. In the recent turbulent time,
in adoption of the changes in the daily life and in-      change management has attracted increased atten-
crease their acquaintances. Policies like proportion-     tion. It is not only the study of change process but      of the flow of
ate rewards to “change champions”, measurement            the enhanced awareness of how human mind deci-            propelling ideas
of “change effect” on customers, employees etc. help      phers its environment and decides to act. The afore-      and driving en-
in reinforcement.                                         said steps surely form a roadmap for successful and       ergy.
•Competence Enhancement: One should be                    sustainable change.
equipped with new skills for successful change imple-
mentation. If new ways gets embedded in the
thought process, beliefs and feelings of the employ-
ees then change gets visible in their behavior. Mere

                                                                                                                    VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009

                                                   NEWS @ SPJCM

                     SPJCM bags coveted AMBA Accreditation
SPJCM added another feather to its cap on the 27th of May, 2009 when its Deputy Dean, Dr. Deba-
shis Sanyal, attended the ‘Deans’ and Directors’ Conference’ in Montreal to receive AMBA accredita-
tion award for S P Jain Center of Management. AMBA (The Association of MBAs) is an international
impartial authority on international post-graduate business education, which accredits programs
that meet certain stipulated quality standards. SPJCM now joins the family of the 158 elite business
programs from B-Schools in 72 countries across the globe, catapulting the school’s programs to in-
ternational credibility and status.
The award emphasizes the fact that the institute and its unique global MBA program exceeded in all
the parameters like processes, curriculum, duration, exam formats, faculty qualification and experi-
ence, Deans’ background and qualification, student qualification, infrastructure, global positioning,
student and faculty feedback systems, industry interaction and corporate relations. It also reinstates
the institute’s credibility and quality which SPJCM believes would help to strengthen its foothold in
Singapore where it has been for just about 3 years. The Alumni can also take pride from the fact they
also believed and helped to lay the stepping stones of the institute that is now a world class place to
seek knowledge. SPJCM stands to gain access to a network of over 9,000 MBA students and gradu-
ates, accredited business schools, and MBA employers globally through a soon-to-be-launched
online alumni portal by AMBA.
The scope of learning, projects and exposure would widen like never before. The accreditation also Dr. Sanyal receiving the
opens doors for possibilities of exchange programs with the best international schools in business.      Certificate at AMBA Mont-
In 2004, Mr. Nitish Jain’s novel concept of taking one of India’s foremost Business Schools – S P Jain, real Conference, May'09
Mumbai, to the international arena took life in the form of S.P. Jain Center of management (SPJCM),
in the prestigious ‘Knowledge Village’ in Dubai. With a vision to fulfill his dream of taking the knowl-
edge and excellence of Indian academia to the world Mr. Nitish Jain in 2006 established SPJCM’s
second international campus in Singapore.
Within 5 years of its inception, the SPJCM brand has gained significant momentum and has made a
mark in the global B-school arena. In a Brand Perception Audit conducted by AC Nielsen, SPJCM
scored the highest on Opinion Index among all institutions of higher learning operating in the UAE. It
has also been granted the status of Institution of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education, Gov-
ernment of Singapore, making SPJCM one of a very select few to be granted this exclusive accredita-

                         S.P Jain wins SCATA Award - Dubai

   S.P Jain Center of Management won the prestigious Supply Chain and
   Transportation Award 2009 in the ‘Training and Education Provider of
   the year’ category for the Middle East Region. There was a keen com-
   petition for the SCATA award between S.P Jain and the other nominees
   like the Emirates Aviation College, GAC Academy, Gulf University of Sci-
                                                                                             Prof Rajiv Aserkar receiving
   ence & Technology (GUST) Kuwait, and University of Bolton, Ras Al                         SCATA Award
   Khaimah in the final round.

   This award brings recognition to S P Jain all over the Middle East and
   offers numerous opportunities for the GMBA students specializing in
   Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management and also for the Execu-
   tive MBA program students.

                                                                                              SCATA Award winners 2009

                                                                                                                                  VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                                                          NEWS @ SPJCM

              AGSM and S P Jain Center of Management Join Hands
AGSM of Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales Sydney and S P Jain
Center of Management with campuses in India, Dubai and Singapore have entered into col-
laboration agreement for global education. AGSM is Australia’s top ranked B-School and S P
Jain was ranked #1 in the UAE by an **A C Nielsen survey and was recently accredited by the
Association of MBA’s (AMBA).

The formal agreement was signed by Mr. Nitish Jain, President SPJCM and Dr. Murali
Chandrasekhar Director of AGSM’s MBA program on 23 rd June 2009 in Singapore campus of
SPJCM in presence of Mr Doug Chester Australian High commissioner in Singapore. The
event was attended by distinguished guests and alumni of AGSM and SPJCM.               Mr Doug Chester, Austra-
                                                                                                                     lian High Commissioner to
                                                                                                                     Singapore addressing the
Mr. Doug Chester, Australian High Commissioner, speaking on the occasion appreciated the
efforts of both the partners in providing opportunities for students to enhance their learning
in different country environments. While Australia has emerged as a major center of learn-
ing for international students, this partnership provides similar opportunities for Australian
students to learn diverse cultural and business environments of Asia.

Mr Nitish Jain, President, S P Jain observed on this occasion “In today’s competitive world,
businesses have no choice but to go global. Be it for markets, cost reduction, money or
knowledge one must find global solutions. This calls for a new breed of manager capable and
comfortable of working in a global economy. This cannot really be taught in a classroom and
is best learned experientially. Our collaboration with AGSM is yet another milestone to real-
ize our vision of nurturing Global Leaders” Says Prof. Murali Chandrashekaran, “This alliance
has been built on mutual trust between two leading business schools which in turn will add From L to R:
                                                                                              Prof. S. Rajagopalan,
tremendous values to students of both institutions.
                                                                                                                     Mr Nitish Jain, Prof. Mu-
                                                                                                                     rali Chandrashekaran
It also allows AGSM to increase their foot prints in Asia at Singapore, Mumbai and Dubai.                            (AGSM) & Ms Karen Di
This alliance now gives S P Jain’s students the unique ability to spend a term in Sydney and                         Francisco(AGSM)
be taught by our top professors and do industry immersions project in Sydney. These global
experiences would add significantly to their understanding of managing in a global econ-

This tie up also provides AGSM opportunity to send their students to S P Jain’s campuses in
Singapore, Mumbai and possibly Dubai to learn how business is done in Asia. Prof.Sundaram
Rajagopalan, Dean of Executive Education at S P Jain, points out “Our Vision Business Asia
program is a very focused program intended to expose AGSM’s students to the business
practices, challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and legal environment of doing business in many
of Asia’s fast growing countries. Interaction with business practioners coupled with industry
visits is an integral part of this program.”

Earlier S P Jain had made a similar tie up with York University’s Schulich School of Business, Mr. Nitish Jain and Prof.
Toronto ranked #1 in Canada by the Economist and S P Jain’s students thus have the oppor- Chandrasekaran exchang-
tunity of studying in Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai and Toronto making its Global MBA ing agreements
program truly global.

*S PJain claimbased on research conducted byNielsenUAE, fieldwork dates→12thMay – 15th June 2008, sample size→100,
population details →HRManagers/Recruitment in-charge of leading corporate organisations

                                                                                                                          VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2009

                                                    FACULTY SPEAK

                                 Inventory Optimization as a tool for
                               Reducing Costs in a Downturn Economy
The positive aspect of the current recessionary busi-     classic rock-in-the-water scenario, when econ-
ness environment is that it actually provides a great     omy was booming, companies were sailing
opportunity for companies to re-look at their met-        smooth even with the inefficiencies in the sys-
rics, KPIs and strategies itself and re-align the same    tem. When the water dried up, the rocks or the
to the common goal. This phase should not be              inefficiencies started surfacing.
looked upon as a tough period as companies need to
wade through before better times comes; on the            Now, the companies are dealing with huge stor-
contrary, companies should actively be on the inno-       age and obsolescence costs on top of the
vative front to evaluate and implement new strate-        amount of capital stuck as inventory. To success-      Dr. Rajiv Aserkar
gies which creates sustainable competitive advan-         fully identify and eliminate excess inventory, it is
tage, differentiating the company from the rest in        imperative to have cross-department efforts
                                                                                                                 Professor, GLSCM
the industry. At the same time, it has become im-         with a holistic view to set feasible inventory lev-
perative for companies to cut down cost.                  els.

Aiming for the overall cost optimization, companies       Companies are now looking at Lean and TPS in
need to look at both reducing operational expenses        their supply chain; and this is a great step for-
and also minimizing the capital stuck in the system       ward, but the exercise will not deliver results
irrespective of the industry. Freeing up working capi-    overnight, it is a continuous exercise or Kaizen
tal from areas where the cash is held up is critical.     where small but quantifiable improvements are
This is one specific area that companies need to look     made every day or week. One result stemming
at. Inventory optimization is extremely powerful as it    from these exercises is that process time will
is a generator of capital as much as how sales is a       shorten and stock levels required to achieve a
generator of capital.                                     set service level at each node comes down dras-        Krishnan R
                                                          tically. Now, companies need to look at forward        Academic Manager ,
Inventory basically refers to the various types of        looking inventory management tools and
goods held at different stages of the supply chain, be    dashboards instead of the backward looking
it raw material, WIP or finished goods which form         ones. Hence, emphasis of techniques like inven-
the portion of the business asset that will be ready      tory turns and average days to sell inventory
for sale at some point. The basic premise of holding      should be minimized and focus should be on             Companies should
inventory are three fold, one is to offset the time lag   tools that will reflect the future demand and          actively be on the
in the supply chain – the lead time factor from sup-      supply. An increasing number of companies are
                                                                                                                 innovative front to
plier to user at every stage, second is to account for    now looking at models like JIT or Just-In-Time in
the uncertainty in the movement of goods and the          Inventory management, VMI or Vendor-                   evaluate and imple-
fluctuations in the demand and supply, and the third      Managed-Inventory and CMI or Customer-                 ment new strategies
is to achieve economies of scale during the procure-      Managed-Inventory, leveraging on the expert            which creates sus-
ment and logistics of the goods along the supply          knowledge and better quantifiable results that a       tainable competitive
chain. According to the nature and node where in-         third party can offer, hitherto unknown and not
                                                                                                                 advantage, differen-
ventory is maintained, management accounts and            possessed by the organization. Companies which
classifies inventory as cycle stock, de-coupling stock,   realize that Inventory Optimization is not an op-      tiating the company
pipeline stock, anticipation stock and safety stock. In   erational exercise but a strategic one and have a      from the rest in the
a booming economy, the head where capital goes            clear focus on re-looking and re-aligning their        industry.
into unnoticed is Inventory Stock Cover. Excess in-       strategies to take advantage of this opportune
ventory was build at so many undesired nodes in the       crossroad, will emerge as winners and successful
Supply Chain that nobody even questioned the need         leaders of tomorrow.
for the same, and slowly but steadily, redundancy
crept into the supply chain.

And this premise of Inventory Optimization holds
true irrespective of whether the company is in
Manufacturing or Apparel or Consumer Packaged
Goods (CPG) or Retail or Chemical industry. Like the

                                                                                                               VOLUME 3
                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

                                               FACULTY SPEAK

                       In search of the Great Emancipator Leader
How can your organisation develop more collaborative and process approaches to leadership?
What obstacles are standing in the way of your organisation adopting more value-based reward
systems, and can they be overcome? Who in your organisation practices leadership through in-
fluence, and how can you harness that energy and optimise it for even more success? SP Jain’s
Dean of Leadership, Dawn Dekle, considers the changing nature of leadership in the financial
                                                                                                        Dr.Dawn Dekle,
The call for a new approach to leadership is the      Developing economy leaders more experienced       Dean of Leader-
salt and pepper of every article written about        at change                                         ship at SPJCM
the global financial crisis. In fact, nothing less    According to Boyden, the elite global executive
than a paradigm shift in leadership is underway       search firm, companies are now in search of
during these difficulties, Like never before, lead-   candidates for leadership positions who have      For further reading:
ers will need new skills to be effective in han-      already had experience going through a massive
dling the complex boundary-spanning chal-             change programme. But leaders with this kind of   Darrell Rigby, Win-
lenges. Although financial tycoons like Bernie        experience are rare in developed economies. On    ning in Turbulence:
Madoff made headlines and caused a decline in         the other hand, business leaders from emerging    Memo to the CEO.
the reputation of the financial industry, it is im-   markets, such as Brazil, have learned hard eco-   Harvard Business
portant to remember that the majority of finan-       nomic lessons - they lead through change rou-     School Press, 2009.
cial leaders acted ethically and responsibly. In      tinely. Matching these leaders from emerging      [Bain Consultant
                                                                                                        downturn strategist
fact, C-level turnover has actually declined 15%      markets who are experienced in economic
                                                                                                        Darrell Rigby out-
since the global financial crisis began; compa-       downturns with the call for leadership needed
                                                                                                        lines an action plan
nies are generally satisfied with their current       to handle systemic risk management is the chal-   for making the most
leadership. These leaders do not make the             lenge going forward.                              of opportunities
headlines, however; and the story that has not                                                          during a crisis]
been written is how leadership is the differenti-     Times are tough and people are worried; there
ator between the best and worst performing            is a worldwide lack of confidence in the econ-    Ram Charan,
financial institutions.                               omy and obtaining credit has become nearly        Leadership in
                                                      impossible. Further, The World Bank has issued    the Era of Eco
The best knowledge and problem-solving skills a statement that protectionist sentiments are             nomic Uncer
in the world cannot compensate for poor lead- on the rise. General Electric lost the triple-A
                                                                                                        McGraw Hill
ership. Leaders of companies that have weath-
                                                          Boom Leadership Bust Leadership               Publishers,
ered this financial crisis well are those who have                                                      2008.
taken the initiative to create an environment             Behaviours          Behaviours
                                                                                                        [business phenom
that redraws boundaries and identifies opportu-           Increase revenues Reduce costs
                                                                                                        Ram Charan focuses
nities that are bred by the crisis. One of these          Maximise profits    Conserve re-              on cash flow and
standout leaders is James L Dimon, Chairman                                   sources                   Cash generation
and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Even prior to the              Execute expan-      Manage day-to-            And Monitoring
crisis, Dimon cut costs at JPM, including hand-           sion strategies     day activities            Daily fluctuations as
phones for executives, which in the short term,                                                         A through-put
                                                                                                        strategy for the
drew criticism as micromanaging and obsessing credit rating which it proudly held for decades.
                                                                                                        financial crisis]
over small details but in the mid-term has now The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times re-
come to make perfect sense. These small port daily about the latest retrenchments and
changes, when added together, made JPM cost reductions in the global financial services
leaner and ready to shift quickly when the finan- industry. These indicators are clear evidence
cial crisis hit while JPM’s rivals fell victim to the that financial leaders are adopting more and
bust. Dimon’s previous experience – including more behaviours associated with a bust leader-
successfully merging Bank One with JPMorgan ship style.
Chase in 2004 - gave him the confidence and
knowhow for him to engineer the acquisition of During the current crisis, every time news of a
Bear Stearns when it needed a buyer.                  big multinational goes bankrupt, much of the

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                             FACULTY SPEAK

              In search of the Great Emancipator Leader continued …                                       Robert Bruner &
                                                                                                          Sean Carr, The
media calls for a change in leadership; linking      ship. In fact, this paradigm shift in leadership     Panic of 1907: Les-
the failure to the behaviours of the boom lead-      was already underway before the current chal-        sons Learned from
ers and the only way out is to replace these         lenges. A 2007 survey conducted by the Center        the Market’s Per-
leaders. However, historically speaking, it is un-   for Creative Leadership (Andre Martin, “What’s       fect Storm. Wiley
necessary or even undesirable to change lead-        Next? The 2007 Changing Nature of Leadership         Publishers, 2009.
                                                                                                          [Academics Bruner
ers when the economy moves from boom to              Survey,” A CCL Research White Paper,
                                                                                                          & Carr makes the
bubble to bust, as a company stands the best indicates that for leaders to be
                                                                                                          case that the panic
chance to survive and thrive when it is managed      effective in the future, they must adopt a more      of 1907 gave us the
by individuals who are most familiar with the        collaborative style to work across boundaries, be    FDIC and Federal
company. What is necessary, though, is that          skilled at change leadership, build effective        Reserve, and JP
leadership behaviours be adapted to ride the         teams and develop others, and find ways to           Morgan saved Wall
economic wave. The ideal leader is one who           have influence without authority. All of these       Street’s banks in a
could adopt a proactive stance and be able to        skills are even more necessary now. Further, CCL     similar fashion as
identify an inflating bubble and react to it be-     identified some shifting trends, such as the         James Dimon is
fore it bursts.                                      mindset shift from viewing leadership as a posi-     doing now]
                                                     tion to viewing leadership as a process, a shift
Leadership intuition                                 from focusing on profit to focusing on improve-
Dimon is a good example of a leader that seems       ment, defining power not in terms of position
uniquely talented in his ability to predict the      but in terms of knowledge, and a reward struc-    Nassim Nicholas
bust, and had prepared JPM to manoeuvre              ture that is less about individual performance    Taleb, The Black
quickly, gained consensus of the board of direc-     and more about the success and development of     Swan: The Impact
tors, and positioned JPM to acquire Bear             others.                                           of the Highly Im-
Stearns. Largely due to his leadership and in                                                          probable. Random
spite of the downturn, JPM reported a 2008 Q4        Checklist for leaders                             House Publishers,
profit of US$700 million and a 2009 Q1 profit of                                                       2007. [Taleb out-
US$2.1 billion. Further, despite the fact that       To lead through times of significant turmoil, fi- lines how random-
                                                                                                       ness and improb-
many of the Madoff investment schemes origi-         nancial industry leaders should:
                                                                                                       ability have huge
nally had JPM as a sponsor, Dimon cut JPM ex-        Establish deeper partnerships with business       impacts, and advo-
posure to Madoff within the months and impor-        Schools: Some of the best thinking on capability cates government
tantly before the scheme fell apart. As a result,    building and leadership development is being      to own the banks]
JPM did not suffer any losses due to the Bernie      conceived at the top business schools around
Madoff ponzi investment scandal. Although JPM        the world. Adaptability, velocity, resilience and
invented credit default swaps (CDS) in 1997 and      ambdexterity are some of the hot topics. Com-
remains by far the largest holder of CDS, the        panies that adopt a culture of performance
forward-looking Dimon disentangled the bank’s        around leadership development that includes
                                                                                                          Joseph Daniel
positions and rebalanced its risks in problematic    the vanguard in academic thinking have been
                                                                                                          McCool, Deciding
CDS so that it was ahead of the curve on expo-       able to attract and retain talent, and this ap-
                                                                                                          Who Leads. Davies-
sure to the losses incurred by CDS. Dimon also       proach is reflected on the balance sheet as a        Black Publishing,
demonstrated leadership and took ownership           good investment. By forming a closer collabora-      2008.
when he was the only American banking leader         tion with business schools, it will allow the bank   [Headhunting guru
to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos          or financial institution to better reinforce and     McCool describes
in February 2009. At a press conference, he ac-      sustain the lessons and new habits learned in on     the leadership
cepted some blame, but also pointed a finger at      going leadership training which can then trans       needed for the next
regulators, “... some really stupid things were      form a culture of individual reward to a culture     generation of tal-
done by American banks and by American in-           of performance based on rewarding collabora-         ent]
vestment banks... to policy makers I say, where      tive efforts and developing others.
were they?”
         James Dimon is just one high-profile        Balance the “3 Es” (Employees, Earnings, Earth):
example of good, prescient and adaptive leader-      The next generation of leaders will be more

                                                                                                               VOLUME 3
                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

             In search of the Great Emancipator Leader continued …

 interested in the harmony between valuing          value management best practices.
employees and stewarding the earth and less
interested in earnings. The 3 Es will become the    Embrace compliance activities: Without a doubt,
new definition of shareholder value in a            financial institutions can expect more rigorous
company. Therefore leadership must ensure           government regulations and oversight than ex-
vision and mission statements coincide with this    isted prior to the global financial crisis. Leaders
aim.                                                should prepare their organisations now to sup
Drive business value: The status quo of deliver-    port policymakers, and partner with them in
ing projects on time and on budget will not be      drafting the compliance structures. Managing
enough anymore. Financial institutions must         this relationship will become a new leadership
 focus on value. In order to survive and succeed,   skill that an organisation cannot afford to over
there must be a shift from return on in-            look.
vestment to return on value, through adopting

The article is a reprint from Wealth & Financial Times.


                                                                                                          Arun GK
                                                                                                          ITM Dec 08

                                                                                                                                  VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                                                                 FACULTY SPEAK

                                                           PLATFORM BAZAAR
Yahoo plans to launch a mail application Plat-                          in the “winner-take-all” dynamic that is com-
form. The number of iPhone applications devel-                          mon on the internet these days.
oped for the iPhone mobile application platform                         Let’s now look at a few internet platform mod-
crosses 10,000. Mozilla served their 1 billionth                        els that exist today. The models differ basically
add-on download for their browser extension                             on the location where the developer’s code is
platform. Just in the last one month, we have                           executed and the complexity of programmabil-
witnessed some amazing developments in the                              ity.
internet and mobile economies. More and more
companies are converting their products into                            The Google APIs Model
“platforms” for third party developers to build                         This is the most common form of internet plat-
                                                                                                                            Mr. Rajiv Jayra-
applications on and more and more application                           form.
                                                                                                                            man is the foun-
developers are using the opportunity to build                           Highlights:
                                                                                                                            der and CEO of
fascinating applications on the “platforms” to                          • Developer’s code resides and gets executed
                                                                                                                            KNOLSKAPE Solu-
reach millions of users.                                                in his / her server
                                                                        • Easiest model to program from the devel-
                                                                                                                            a Singapore based
All this sounds great. But do we really under-                          oper’s point of view
                                                                                                                            educational soft-
stand what “internet / mobile platforms” are?                           • Developer’s application is not part of the
                                                                                                                            ware company.
To me, trying to talk about “internet / mobile                          platform user experience Suppose I want to
                                                                                                                            An INSEAD
platforms” is like nailing a jelly on the wall. The                     build a dashboard, like the one on Google Ana-
                                                                                                                            MBA,         Rajiv
term platform conjures up myriads of, often in-                         lytics, I can use the Google Visualization Web
                                                                                                                            worked in the grid
compatible, ideas in our heads. The problem                             Services APIs to create graphs and charts for
                                                                                                                            computing team
arises primarily from the fact that this term is                        my application. In this case, my code resides
                                                                                                                            at Oracle USA.
heavily overloaded. It is somewhat akin to say-                         on my server; I simply call the APIs and expect
                                                                                                                            He is currently
ing “Prego” in Italian, a word that is used to                          data in return. Other examples: E-bay, Flickr
                                                                                                                            leveraging      the
mean many different things in many different                            Benefits for platform companies
                                                                                                                            power of internet
contexts. Another factor that adds to the confu-                        •      Hook developers to your APIs and make
                                                                                                                            computing to de-
sion is the fact that the whole realm of Web                            them part of your subsystem
                                                                                                                            velop products for
computing is evolving at such a rapid pace that                         • Leverage on the innovations that are built
                                                                                                                            the      education
it is often difficult to keep up with the latest in                     on top of the APIs Benefits for application de-
the internet industry. Marc Andreessen’s blog                           velopers
on internet platforms is a must read for anyone                         • Avoid re-inventing the wheel
who is even remotely interested in the under-                           • Access to tried and tested technical tools
standing the different kinds of internet / mobile
platforms                                                               The Firefox “plug-in” model
( h t t p : / / b l o g . pm a r c a . co m / 2 0 0 7 / 0 9 / t h e -   In this model, third party application develop-
threekinds.html). In this post, I will use his                          ers enrich the user experience of the platform
framework to further explore the implications of                        users by extending the functionality of the
using different platform models.                                        platform. Firefox and Face book are shining
                                                                        examples of this model.
Let’s start by first defining what a platform is. A                     Highlights
"platform" is a system that is programmable and                         • The third party developer’s code resides and
hence, can be customized by third party devel-                          gets executed outside the platform.
opers for mutual economic benefit. Why are                              • The application, however, becomes part of
companies vying hard to establish themselves as                         platform user experience.
internet platforms? To build an ecosystem                               • Scalability is an issue that the application
around their technology and feed a positive                             developer has to deal with. Benefits for the
feedback loop. Why is this important? The com-                          platform company
pany that has the biggest ecosystem finally wins                        • Third party applications enrich user experi-

                                                                                                            VOLUME 3
                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

                                              FACULTY SPEAK

                                  PLATFORM BAZAAR CONTINUED …
ence                                                 executing arbitrary third party application code.
• Cater to the needs of wide audience at a very      Benefits for the platform company
low cost and in very short time.                     • Utilize spare capacity to allow developers
Benefits for application developers                  build applications on your system.
• Application developers have the opportunity        • Leverage the meta-information that is avail-
to build a viable business. They instantly get       able to you through the apps that run on your
access to millions of users through the platform.    system for ads.
The cost of scalability and availability, however,   • Assume the cost of scalability and availability,
are borne by the developer.                          so that user experience is not compromised
• VCs have setup funds for such application          Benefits for the app developer
developing companies. Kleiner Perkins’ iFund is      • Application developers needn’t assume the
a fund created for iPhone applications. Face-        cost of scalability and availability.
book, along with Accel Partners and Founders         In my view, platform economics is here to stay.
Fund have created a fund for facebook applica-       In a flat world, product companies need to stay
tion developers.                                     ahead of the innovation game and one way of
The Salesforce model                                 doing that is by crowd-sourcing. CTOs, business
In this model, the application developer builds      manager and developers need to take this
an application, uploads the application to the       model seriously.
platform and runs it online. For instance, Sales-
force lets its users upload applications to its      Product companies need to think about how to
platform to extend and customize Sales force         collaborate with third party application devel-
features. Other prominent examples in this           opers to keep their offering fresh and innova-
model are Google Applications, Second Life, and      tive.
Amazon EC2.
                                                     Application developers can now tap into funds
Highlights                                           that are available for developing applications
• In this model, the third party application actu-   for platforms. There has been no better oppor-
ally resides and runs inside the platform.           tunity to reach millions of users without the
• The platform company assumes the risk of           cost of acquiring customers

                                  CHANGE : A LEARNING PROCESS

“Sometimes change is associated with learning, and sometimes it isn't. If learning occurs, how-Dr. Michael Wade
ever, it must be captured somehow by the organization. The most common way for this to occur isis the Associate
                                                                                               Professor of Op-
for the learning to reside in the heads of the people involved in the change. The problem is that
memories fade and people move on, so that the learning may not by very durable. We have seen   erations
                                                                                               Management and
this problem recently in the global recession, where firms made mistakes and failed to learn from
them.                                                                                          Information
                                                                                               Systems at the
Information systems are an imperfect vehicle to capture learning (they are great with data and Schulich School
information, but not so good with knowledge). However, they have the advantage of being ex- of Business,
tremely durable, so that firms who take the time to set up systems to capture knowledge and York University,
learning tend to avoid falling into same traps down the road as those who don't.”              Toronto.

                                                                                                                  VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                                                 VISITING WISDOM

                                             Managing Shock
“Oh my god I’m pregnant!” screams the 2 year           the depression state as fast as possible is the only
MBA girl. Does she scream with horror? Or does         way to recover, whilst others would say that
she scream with delight? Regardless of the emo-        those that go through the depression phase too
tion, the situation is a “shock” to her (and her       fast are only fooling themselves as they haven’t
male companion!). The guy and the gal may have         really felt the depression and therefore the Hope
similar or opposite emotions. But what is for sure     phase will only be short-lived.
is that they WILL react to this “changing” situa-      Some companies faced with a crisis do nothing.         Sanjay Sethi
tion. Birth, death, competition, scandal, reces-       They are either paralysed by the unknown or in
sion, advertising, natural disasters, – all of these   denial or believe that by “sitting tight” with the     The    Interna-
have at least one thing in common - they create        status quo will serve them better while others         tional Investor
change and force individuals to react and to man-      scramble to just “do something”.                       Dubai / Gen-
age the situation.                                     Unless your head has been in the sand, you will
                                                                                                              eral Manager /
Many have faced or will face these situations and      note that we are facing a troubling economic
many more. But shock and change is not always          situation. Some of you are about to graduate in
                                                                                                              CEO - Loyalty,
related to “bad news”. There are plenty of good        the coming months and looking to enter the             Payment &
situations as well – an unexpected visit from a        workforce. The situation is improving although         Security Group
friend, a phone call from family, winning the lot-     still challenging. How are you going to handle it?
tery, getting an award at school, a surprise gift,     What have you done or what will you do to get
meeting a famous                                                                  that job? Just sitting
person and so on.                                                                 there and “hoping” is a
What defines these                                                                good start, but without
situations is how one                                                             action, your chances of
handles the situation.                                                            success are limited. It’s
                                                                                                              It’s not so im-
Some examples; you                                                                great to see that many
thought you did great                                                             of the youngsters today     portant how
in your exam and                                                                  are optimistic about the    fast you move
scored 95%, but you                                                               future. This youthful       from one to
get your mark and it’s                                                            exuberance and “can-        the       other
46%. How do you re-                                                               do” attitude starts to      (although be-
act? What do you do?                                                              wane as people get          ing depressed
You’re about to board a plane for a very impor-        older. The trick is to ensure that you continue        while    every-
tant meeting – a job interview. But the flight is      with your optimism throughout your personal            thing else is
cancelled and there is no other way to get to the      and professional lives in whatever situation           pretty optimis-
interview. What do you do? Your sister has just        you’re faced with. Everyone will go through chal-      tic may un-
found out she has breast cancer – How do you           lenging times – this is guaranteed. How you deal
                                                                                                              cover      more
react? A company you work for has been the             with the situation to get yourself out of the nega-
market leader for 10 years with a loyal customer       tive state and into the more optimistic scenario
                                                                                                              serious issues)
following but all of a sudden a new company has        will be important. It’s not so important how fast      but that you
come out with a newer product and your cus-            you move from one to the other (although being         do transition.
tomers are deserting you. How do you respond?          depressed while everything else is pretty optimis-
Whether in personal or professional circum-            tic may uncover more serious issues) but that
stances, there are different phases that we all go     you do transition.
through when dealing with situations.                  Good luck in your personal and professional
Faced with the same challenging situation, each        situations. Always remember in every situation –
person (or company) will go through the phases         what would you do? How would you react?
at their own pace. Some will experience the Fear       Where are you on the different stages curve?
to Depression phase much faster than others and        And how will you move from one phase to the
feel Hope quickly. Others will take longer. Which      other?
is right? Some would argue that getting out of

                                                                                                            VOLUME 3
                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

                                                SOFT SKILLS

                              Avoid These Interview Bloopers
                                                                                                        Dhannya VS
With fewer and fewer interview opportunities available in the market, it’s essential to make the best
possible first impression.
Talking too much: Over talkative candidates are always abhorred. Taking too long to answer            Manager
direct questions gives the impression that the candidate just cant get to the point                   GMBA

Show up late or early: Many job seekers don’t realize, however that showing up too early often
creates a poor first impression as well. Arriving more than 10 minutes early for an interview is a      Talk positive
dead getaway that the job seeker has too much time on his or her hands. Always arrive on time ,
                                                                                                        about your
but never more than 10 minutes early.
                                                                                                        former em-
Talking negatively about current or past employers / managers: No matter how reasonable your            ployers.
complaints, you will come out the loser if you show that you disrespect your boss because the inter
viewer will assume that you would similarly trash him or her. When faced with the challenge of talk-
ing about former employers, make sure you are prepared with a positive spin on your experiences.

Not enough /too much eye contact: Either situation can create a negative effect. Avoid eye
contact and you will seem shifty, untruthful, or disinterested; offer too much eye contact, and
you will wear the interviewer out. If you some times have trouble eye contact balance, work
this issue out ahead of time in an interview practice session with a friend.

Not preparing for the interview: Nothing communicates disinterest more, like a candidate who has-
n’t bothered to do pre- interview research. On the flip side , the quickest way to do a good impress-
sion is to demonstrate your interest with a few well thought out questions that reflect your knowl-
edge of their organization.

Verbal ticks: Avoid using fillers in speech. Practice well before an interview through role plays.
Just as a strong resume wings you an opportunity to interview, strong interview skills will win you
consideration for the job. You will have made yourself a better candidate by avoiding these pit

                                                                                                            VOLUME 3
                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

                                               VIEW POINT

                                         State of Fear
Every person in the world has a natural fear for    states that the number of frosty days will come
one thing or the other. Some fear ghosts, some      down. But the whole of Europe is experiencing
fear darkness, some even fear cockroaches,          highest number of frosty days for the last 18
while some fear all of these. Only one thing        years. Fishy, isn't it?
among humans is common-Fear. This basic in-
stinct of human being is being capitalised by the   When the temperature data for two places,         Gopal Ratnam
governments and the media. At any given point       New York and Albany, which are just 100 KM        ITM Apr 09
of time, either the government or the media         apart, the data shows that the average tempera-   GMBA
keeps the people under tremendous pressure          ture of New York rose by 7 degrees in the last
or fear.                                            150 years while the average temperature of Al-
                                                    bany decreased by one degree over the same        To make things
To start with, try to answer these two questions.   period. As the name suggests, shouldn't global    worse, methane
What is the inflation data for the week ending      warming be 'Global'. Then, why this discrepancy   is 21 times de-
this Friday? What is the price of crude oil per     within 100 km? Could the high concrete struc-     structive when
barrel as of today? These two issues are publi-     tures that came up in New York, also known as     compared       to
cised as much as possible by the media in the       urbanisation, be the reason? Well, thats some-    CO2. Yet, no one
recent past. Isn't it the duty of media to inform   thing to think about. Isn't it?
                                                                                                      publicises it.
people when good things happen as much as
they publicised the bad things? 'Oil on the boil'   The whole concept of instilling the fear about
was the caption when the price of oil went up to    global warming only started after the Second
147 dollars per barrel. Now, oil is on the cool.    World War. But the world is getting warmed up
Who bothers? The same applies to the inflation      for the last 150 years, for some reason. So, why
data as well.                                       wasn't global warming publicised then? Well,
                                                    the media is busy instilling fear among the peo- All the time, the
Let us look at a few examples over the last one ple due the first and second world wars.             media's duty is
hundred years. We all know that global warming                                                       only to keep the
is a potential threat to the world in the coming Ayn Rand, one of the great visionaries, pre- people            in a
years. For some reason the world is heating up dicted that the media will become so powerful 'State of fear'.
for the last 150 years. It could well be due to the in the book 'The fountainhead' which was writ-
green house effect, which is the major factor for ten in the early 1920s. All the time, the media's
global warming. The amount of CO2 that is duty is only to keep the people in a 'State of
emitted due to human activity is increasing. No fear'.
question about that. But the amount of CO2 in
the environment is still less than half a percent.

But, the weight of all termites existing in the
world is more than the weight of all human be-
ings in the world. Termites excrete methane.
Methane is a green house gas which contributes
for global warming. To make things worse,
methane is 21 times destructive when com-
pared to CO2. Yet, no one publicises it.

According to global warming theory, the upper
atmosphere should get heated up first before
the Earth's surface. But, the current phenome-
non does not prove any increase in upper at-
mospheric temperature. Global warming also

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                               VIEW POINT

                                Will the USD Dominance continue?
Why move away?                                       to follow suit, in spite of their past dollar
2009 has been rough on ‘American gold’ as            ‘hoarding’ strategies, (owned three fourths of
some of the world’s future economies (the BRIC)      total world dollar reserves).
call for transition of the vehicle currency status   If not Dollar, then what?
of USD to a more stable currency or a basket of
currencies (like the SDR). A depression in the
‘supply side/ real economics’ of the US is pre-                                                            Neha Baid
dicted to suffer, for the first time in history                                                            Finance Apr 09
growth of potential output is predicted to fall to                                                         GMBA
2.35% from a range of 3% - 3.5%, natural rate of
unemployment is predicted to increase 6% from
4.75%, growth of labour force has reduced to
0.6% from 1.1% due to ageing population, cush-
ioning provided by increased government. ex-          Dollar alternatives are limited and it is neces-
penditure and doles crowding out of private in-      sary to evaluate their effectiveness to be able to
vestment (and thus innovation) as the govern-        determine the sustainability of dollar domi-
ment deficit/GDP ratio increases (the 30% in-        nance:
crease in the deficit/GDP ratio is predicted to      Narrow ‘Backward bend’change of the global
increase risk free interest rate by 1% in 2009)      monetary system as the world readopts the
higher regulation in the financial sector pre-       pound sterling as its reserve currency. However,
dicted to hinder increments in innovation.           given UK’s relatively weak economic strength
Scarred fundamentals have undercut US’s credi-       (wherein the economy is plagued with the same
bility (and credit rating) and thus question the     problems as the US but with higher intensity),
stability of a world economy which uses the Dol-     such a shift seems unreasonable. Moreover,
lar as its reserve/vehicle currency.                 over the years GBP has lost its credibility as a
                                                     reserve currency wherein the world holds a rela-
                                                     tively small proportion (a mere 4% compared to
                                                     the 65% of USD) of its reserves in GBP

                                                     Broad ‘Backward bend’ change wherein the Euro
                                                     replaces the USD. Given Euro’s current ‘runners
                                                     up position’ (26% share of world reserves); it will
                                                     impose lower conversion costs on the world
                                                     economy and thus would be preferred as an
Is the world moving away?                             However, if the world does re-adopt Europe as
China, the most forthcoming critic of Dollar, had    its centre of commerce (backward bend, but
one third of the total world dollar reserves         broad as it’s not the UK) it will have to cope with
stashed in its vault, and now, is gradually reduc-   the challenges of a common currency. This has
ing the dollar exposure of its sovereign wealth      become an increasingly significant cause of con-
fund. Other emerging economies are expected          cern given EU’s past of ‘disunity’, ‘eastwards’
                                                     expansion (in 2004 and 2007 including 27 coun-
                                                     tries) and consideration of emerging economies
                                                     for membership (e.g. Turkey, Croatia and former
                                                     Yugoslav). These factors coupled with the high
                                                     impact of the recession on the German econ-
                                                     omy (highest weight age in the Euro) have re-
                                                     duced the credibility and the confidence in the

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                                       VIEW POINT

sustainability of the Euro.                         rights and quality considerations).
Another important case to consider would be                                                             Reference :
the potential UK membership into the EMU            The kinked change would result in the world
(European Monetary Union). This will surely         adopting IMF’s SDR (Special Drawing Rights)
increase Euro’s candidature strength, but           as the reserve currency. SDRs, introduced in
given the intensity of impact of the Great Re-      the 1980’s, have been unsuccessful in gaining       external/np/sta/
cession on these countries and their respon-        a significant share of the world reserves, till     cofer/eng/
sive protectionist policies, this phenomenon        date.                                               index.htm
seems highly unlikely. Thus it wouldn’t be          Moreover, its very nature (basket of curren-
wrong to say that although Euro competes            cies) makes it a highly complex and potentially
with the Dollar, it is still highly unlikely to     unstable system. It also poses the problems of
takeover USD.                                       loss of national sovereignty of the member
                                                    countries, centralisation of world monetary         www.economist.c
The discontinuous jumpstart change would in-        policy and the fact that USD dominates the          om/
volve the world economy to jump to a totally        basket makes a shift to SDR pointless. Even if      businessfinance/
new currency – Yuan – as its reserve currency.      the weight age assigned to USD is reduced, US       displayStory.cfm?
China is claimed to be the engine of growth         the major ‘financier’ of IMF will continue to       story_id=1352724
for the world and would thus seem to be a           exert power on the institution.                     2
‘natural’ progression.                              Clearly, there seems to be no solution to the
However, this seems doubtful given the coun-        ‘dollar trap’ in the current scenario or for the
try’s relative economic scenario. It might be       coming couple of decades. However, a con-
growing at consistently high rates but still has    scious move to diversify the world reserves
a long way to go in order to be able to com-        would involve a gradual and well planned
pete with US; in terms of its economy GDP per       strategy implemented across the globe - a
capita $3180 (104th in the world) compared to       rare possibility given the current global politi-
$46800 in the US; international trade (74% of       cal landscape. Thus it might be correct to say
total US international trade); conservative and     that Dollar remains the ‘safe vehicle’ of the
opaque regulatory environment; infrastruc-          world.
ture; fixed exchange rate system and even
political stability (the recent civil unrest) and
image of the country (with respect to human


                                                                                                        Siddharth Vish-
                                                                                                        HRM Dec 08

                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                             The Speaking Tree

                                    The redefining curve
Life is nothing but redefining its own curve. The   have much? No.. we don’t. Every second lost is
problem to answer is; is it normal when you see     like losing a year of execution of that plan or
your life getting traced on a graph paper and       hope or a dream. But then it will happen and we
then realizing that the shape has no uniformity     would have no control over it, perhaps its one
except the continuous spikes which can be inter-    distance of a roadmap where we will like to be
preted as nothing but irrational mode of living     guided by learnings of the path. Do we look like
or may be some highly optimistic interpretation     a jerk while learning this way, which I presume is Lokesh Mudgal
as "an average human behavior in its entirety"?     crude and hard form, or are we able to feed our ITM Dec 08
But to admit, it has its own gains and moments      hunger for a better good? If jerk is same as a GMBA
of self inspection. But then do we really need to   fool and hunger is as it is, I am reminded of con-
get traced through all this life trajectory that    vocation speech by Steve Jobs where he said to
seems to be made up of a lot of WHAT IFs be-        all business graduating people about "Stay hun-
fore seeking the righteous self in us? Some         gry and stay foolish", and this way who knows
would easily argue it as the churning before the    we may find the meaning of our life and perhaps
best can come out, but it may turn out to be        the best curve for many to follow.
time consuming and indeed a lot of time. Do we
                                                    Author’s blog address:


                                     Brand Equity Quiz

Q1: Which international organization got its name because, when it was first started, its mem-
bers would meet in turn in each other’s home?
Q2: Which International brand was founded by Adrian Dasley, Larry Hillblom and Robery Lynn?
Q3: The famous symbol of Four Linked Rings is the logo of Audi. What is the significance of these
rings linked together                                                                                 Jaejo George
Q4: A lot of the traditional 20th century sales theory and training was influenced by the 1937        PMM Dec 08
book ‘How to win friends and Influence People’; Who wrote it?                                         GMBA
Q5: Which Indian conglomerate’s logo is designed by Wolf Olins and it reflects the 'Fluid Mo-
Q6: What was the first item sold in an auction on
Q7: “The idea of using the flamboyant third movement from Mozart's 25th Symphony in G mi-
nor, written when Mozart was only 17 years old, came from Suresh Mullick who was O&M's
creative head in 1986 when ___'s first TV campaign was being planned." Fill up the blank.
Q8: Who in 2006 became the first brand ambassador of Mysore Sandal Soap?
Q9: Changes in which particular accounting norm, dealing with changes in foreign exchange
rates, has helped Indian companies report better profit figures for last year?
Q10: Whose instant coffee product is Via?
Q11: Entrepreneur Florian Kaps is trying to bring back which invention in the field of photogra-
phy, now redundant, in the Dutch town of Enschede?
Q12: He is said to have 500 Rolls- Royces in his collection and said to have a Boeing 747-400 with
gold-plated furniture. Who's he?
Q13: 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' is the base line of which technology major's latest ad campaign?
Q14: Who In bargaining terms what do we mean by ‘cherry picking’(the question not very clear)
Q15: By what name is the fictional character Don Diego de la Vega better known as?

                                                                                                                     VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009

                                          STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART

                         Tata Jagriti Yatra: My first step towards Social
A journey that began as an experiment and that       Never did he ever Imagine in his wildest dreams
finished with an imprint in the pages of history,    that he’s got his life. He went on to ask Hamid, the
was the journey of a lifetime. From Kanyakumari      puller about his job and found out that he picked up
to New Delhi and from Jamshedpur to Tilonia,         the unclaimed bodies from across Delhi and carried        Arun Sharma
this Yatra sent the message across India that        them to the police crematorium. What he got as a
                                                                                                               IBWM Apr 09
Youth is the power of today and tomorrow. Not        salary was Rs. 20 and 2 yard piece of cloth for every
only did it bring people from as diverse back-       dead body that he brought. But Hamid went on to           GMBA
grounds as scientists to radio jockeys, from politi- tell Anshu that in winters, his business reached its
cians to automotive engineers, from cardiologists    peak and often, he was not able to handle the
                                                                                                               From     Kanyaku-
to social entrepreneurship, from students and        amount of work he had onhand. On asking his little
businessmen to social workers, together, it also     daughter’s opinion on her father’s (Hamid) work,
                                                                                                               mari to New Delhi
enthused their morales to an unprecedented           she said, “Mujhe thand lagti hai to main laash se         and from Jam-
high.                                                lipat kar so jaati hun kyunkilaash karvat nahi badalti.   shedpur to Tilo-
                                                     Ye mujhe tang nahi karti.” (When I feel cold, I wrap      nia, this Yatra
They knew that the Yatra has changed them as around the dead body because it doesn’t move. It                  sent the message
human beings, changed them as citizens and doesn’t disturb me.)                                                across India that
changed them as entrepreneurs. On one side                                                                     Youth     is  the
where R. Elango is working day in and day out in Such was the impact of this heartening experience             power of today
Chennai to develop a localized self-reliant econ- on Anshu that he left his job and went on to create          and tomorrow.
omy of villages, Ashu Gupta on other side is a bridge between the two shores of the river. He
struggling hard in Delhi to reach out to the poor- found it amazing that the city of Delhi that had all
est of the poor to cover their naked shivering the power of the nation was so helpless to serve its
bodies with clothes deemed to be useless. Even own people who came to it for filling up the empty
Dr.V in Pudduchery never retires to inspire the stomachs. The motivation took Anshu to the remot-
spirit of watching India from the eyes of all Indi- est parts of India only to learn that donating clothes
ans and Bunker Roy never pauses to provide the to a shivering farmer was not the solution to this
poor with the skill to earn food in the deserts of problem. The solution was to enable him to earn his
Rajasthan. Yatris found the story of Tata Steel to clothes. With this learning, he started many pro-
be as intriguing as the enthusiasm of Joe Madiath grams of building houses, schools, drainage, toilets
working with the tribes of Orrisa.                   and many more projects and made people to
                                                     proudly earn their clothes. Besides, his organization     Wet eyes bid a
Among the many inspiring stories that we heard works towards uplifting the health condition of                 final see-off to the
on our way and many real heroes that we met in women in their gynecological problems, especially
                                                                                                               Yatra with a
this 18 day journey, I share the story that has had during menses.
                                                                                                               promise to be the
the most impact on me. This is the story of Anshu
                                                                                                               Yatris forever, to
Gupta who runs his NGO called Goonj. Anshu This man never stops inspiring the youth to join him
Gupta- the name instills a feeling of respect and in the efforts to make the society more equitable at
                                                                                                               be the learners
gratitude towards him from the deepest of the the cost of “waste”. At 09:40 am on 11th Jan 2009                forever and to be
Heart. He’s not only a so-called “Social Worker” at Mumbai Central, when the train receded                     the agents of
or the founder of the NGO called ‘Goonj..’, but to its yard for the one last time, not to be seen              change. For ever.
he’s also a husband, a son and a father. He’s a again with the Yatra, tears trickled down the eyes of
common man just like any one of us but yet so the Yatris. Wet eyes bid a final see-off to the Yatra
special than any one of us. The story that he tells with a promise to be the Yatris forever, to be the
by himself is that of his journalism days when he learners forever and to be the agents of change. For
searched for a story to prove his credibility. This ever.
search of a story led him to meet a poor guy
dragging a trolley which bore a line in red paint
“Police ka laash dhonwaala.” (Deadbody carrier
for police). As intriguing as it might sound to you,
it did to Anshu and he thought he got his story.

                                                                                                        VOLUME 3
                                                                                                      AUGUST 2009


                                     Trek to Beas Kund
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but   body and the landscape getting better and bet-
it is the journey that matters, in the end.”        ter. For the last couple of thousand feet we had
-Ursula K. Le Guin                                  to actually prepare ourselves mentally and push
These words aptly describe what a journey           ourselves to take every step toward the summit,
means to me and one special journey that I hold     but once we reached there it all just seemed so
close to my heart is my trek to Beas Kund.          worthwhile. The summit was followed by a dash Sahil Arora
                                                    to the hostel at Solang. The descent was so ACFM Apr 09
This trek was actually a part of a month long       quick that I could actually feel the change in
mountaineering course. The first 9 days were        pressure in my ears and another kg of the now
spent undergoing a physically exhausting train-     57 kg frame vanishing into thin air. The next day,
ing within the institute campus at Manali. In       we were supposed to reach Bhakartaaj at
spite of having 3 full meals a day,my light 61 kg   10,800 feet and establish a camp there. This was
frame must have lost around 4 kg during this        going to be our abode for the next 12 days and
period. On 10th September, 2008 we set out for      our base camp for the final target of Shitidhar
the higher camp at Bhakartaaj. The next four        peak at approximately 17,000 feet. The trek
days were going to be some of the most cher-        from Solang to Bhakartaaj was no less strenuous
ished days of my life. It was a warm sunny day      than the one from Manali to Solang and yes, the
and the destination was Solang Nallah, 13 km        rucksack was still on my back. Bhakartaaj is sur-
from Manali. Ideally it should have been a fairly   rounded by snow clad peaks and serves as base
simple trek, but the reality involved a 15 kg ruck- camp for goat rearers from all over Himachal.
sack on our backs complete with an ice axe,         After 9 days of training, 3 days of trekking and
snow boots,a sleeping bag etc. The first half of    some 5 kg down, when I finally sat down to in-
the trek was on a relatively gradual mountain       trospect, I was hit by two contrasting thoughts.
path and did not really pose any problem. How-      On one hand my tired and lighter body was ask-
ever the gradient kept getting steeper and the      ing my mind why I was doing all this; on the
destination seemed to go farther and farther        other hand I was filled with the joy of doing
away. We finally reached in time for lunch and      what I always wanted to do and testing the lim-
what a well deserved lunch it was. The rest of      its of my will to the fullest.
the day was spent river crossing before finally
hitting the bed.                                    On 13th September it was time for us to explore
                                                    the area around our camp and that involved a
The next day was 9-11. I should have got the trek to Beas Kund (11,500 feet) too. The foot of
hint, but I didn’t. The day was reserved for a a glacier separated the area around Beas Kund
“practice trek” to Patalsu, a 14,500 feet peak and our camp. The trek cut through the tough
towering over Solang Nallah which is at 8,134 and ugly looking patch of moraines (glacial de-
feet. Believe me, nothing have I ever done could bris comprising rock and soil). To describe what
beat the experience of climbing more than 6,000 lay across the patch, I will let the picture along-
feet and back in one day. The tree line in this side to do the honour. So here I was standing
part of Himalaya is at around 11,000 feet and behind the camera with a full grown beard, an
snow line very close to the summit at around exhausted and 5 kg lighter body, a rejuvenated
14,500 feet and there is absolutely no source of mind and an extremely satisfied heart.
water beyond the tree line. That meant that this
extremely steep part of the trek had to be done
under the noon sun without much water to
drink. The 6,000 plus feet climb meant that we
could actually see the vegetation changing as we
gained height; we could feel the air becoming
lighter, the energy getting sucked out of the

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                      STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART
                            It was a cold winter night. I was trapped …
It was a cold winter night. I was trapped with       she blocked my watch with her hand. It was
the figment of my imagination which precluded        such a huge palm which blocked my further
all kind of earthly feelings and elevated me to a    imagination altogether. She was looking at me
state of eternal bliss and anguish.                  with her crimson eyes and I could hear the voice
Tracing back to the sunset point on a cold win-      of her eyes. Her eyes seemed the whole world
ter twilight zone, when I was standing in front of   to me and I was deeply immersed in her eyes
my cottage at Toronto, there was a soothing          leaving apart the reality of life.”
winter breeze that was constantly conveying a        That night, the fortune had chosen to take a
                                                                                                          Subrat Nanda
message of profound feeling that prevailed           twist. Every moment seemed like a timeless
throughout that winter night. The feeling was all    story of endless wait for love and my passions
about an imagination of love in a hilly area and     almost consumed my whole will to the brink of        Apr 09
the description of sunset in the wait for the        inner turmoil; desperate wait for love. A place      GMBA
lover and the love that existed was sacred and       surrounded by mountains, shrouded in mist and
eternal.                                             enveloped in beauty, it was mythical enough to
It appeared as an illusion as if she was still       bring out the poetic wisdom in me and I wrote
standing on that bridge. The tale of the past        the first love poem of my life. It was an expres-
seemed quite fresh in my memory; as if the           sion of my personal feeling towards philosophi-
sound had not died down yet and it was echoing       cal love; it was such an intensive feeling which
back and forth. Taking a look at the watch, I saw    pulled me into a whirlwind of desire, madness
the clock hand ticking very fast, but there was      and romance. In my anguish and a test of faith,
                                                                                                          You came like a
no sign of her coming back to this place. The        is revealed the power of unconditional love
                                                                                                          winter breeze
night seemed to have paused for quite long and       through several layers of turbulent emotions.
refusing to move ahead. It was already past mid      In that piece of paper, the fountain pen in my       and I didn’t real-
night.                                               hand wrote automatically..... “You came like a       ize    what     it
“There was a similar midnight when I was in a        winter breeze and I didn’t realize what it was ..”   was ..”
moving restaurant in Toronto in a hillside area.     It was a cold winter night and I was trapped with
We were two together; off late when I moved          a profound imagination tinged with a sense of
my eyes towards my watch to check the time,          reality.

                                When life went up in smoke
                             When life went up in smoke and dope,
                         Till I hit my death bed, I never did lose hope
                             I started smoking at the age of seven,
                             Felt as if I was at the gates of heaven.
                             Years passed by, I became a teenager
                      Smoke was my best pal, my only friend in a wager.
            Years kept passing by, I completed the journey from a teenager to man                         Siddarth
           Smoke was what I breathed, ate and slept, my only buddy and my only fan                        Duderia
                                  Late one night, I spurted blood                                         BM Dec 08
                    Thought that this was a stream, waiting was the flood                                 GMBA
                I was hospitalized, diagnosed with cancer, the dreaded disease
            My lungs had shriveled like a blown out balloon, life was about to cease
                              Life was my mistress, smoke my wife
                         I realized that I had made the wrong choice.
                         Smoke kills more than bullets, yet we smoke
                        At the balloon called life, we continue to poke
                             When life went up in smoke and dope.

                                                               VOLUME 3
                                                             AUGUST 2009


                 The Coffee Shop
                Downtown was a coffee shop,
             Like always the evening was a flop,
         The lazy Joe was not ready to move out,
But a strange voice from the heart changed his thought.
      For a change the wind had a different sound,
     And strangely the roads did not appear round,
                                                          Namit Nayak
               The sand had a different aroma,
Mystified Joe reached the coffee shop with a dilemma.     ITM Dec 08
             The coffee shop had a white glass,           GMBA
      The view on the other end was quite a class,
    Infusing all the energy, Joe reached the counter,
 Never before did he have such a beautiful encounter.
              The next hour was unforgettable,
     And the rise in the heart beat was irreparable,
      Till that day nothing like this was imaginable,
     A new world was formed which was incredible.
          Now visits to the coffee shop is in lush,
               And the laziness is out in a flash,
             Love has been revisited in a splash,
  Life is beautiful keeping silly moments in the trash.
                 The day is never the same,
             And the nights has only one name,
              Thinking of the coffee shop again,
      Bring in old memories which will never drain.


                                                          Arun GK
                                                          ITM Dec 08

                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                        STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART

                                          Loving Dubai
If you believe in a power greater than yourself,     shoes; Africans in bright national costume; Indi-
there is no escaping the realization that “God is    ans in saris of fresh pastel shades and patterns
great”. Sitting on my privileged balcony in Persia   of the rainbow; Australians, Brits, Germans,
complex, International City, Dubai I listen to one   Americans and Canadians, Iranians, Russians,
of the five daily calls to prayer, and I marvel at   Chinese, Japanese; men and women from the
the human spirit in all its complexity and dimen-    Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,
sions. No matter whether you are Hindu, Chris-       South Korea, Argentina , Ireland and Iceland. Dr. Michael
tian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim or even Agnostic,     From ‘chic’ to crass and cheap: every taste: new Barnes
there is an appreciation within you that you do      and old. This is the global village, rubbing shoul- Dean GMBA
not know everything. Each of us can and must         ders, laughing, smiling, chasing kids, holding
learn from each other. Within the human spirit       hands, tasting an ice cream, just gazing and
there is a latent understanding that in the end      drinking in the sheer variety of color, sound, and
we all share the same destiny.                       sight! Where else does this happen on a regular
No matter the complexion of your skin, the tex-
ture of your hair, the color of your eyes, the ac-   Every currency in the world being remitted
cent of your speech, the cut of your clothes, or     home from hard-won earnings to distant loved    We love; we suf-
the letters behind your name:                                                                        fer; we bleed;
                                                     ones. Every nation has its problems and its ineq-
we are all the same. We love; we suffer; we          uities. But this one welcomes all. Each one herewe     celebrate;
bleed; we celebrate; we grieve; we strive; we        is here for a good reason.                      we grieve; we
succeed; we fail; we learn.                                                                          strive; we suc-
That is life.                                      Otherwise you would be somewhere else. So ceed; we fail; we
                                                   let’s be deeply grateful for the opportunities we learn.
Global civil society is a distant and abstract no- have: For the miracle of water in the desert; for
                                                                                                     That is life.
tion. But it is not an unachievable goal or an un-   friendly hosts and neighbors; for safety and se-
realistic ideal: A state of being where your pass-   curity. Dubai is a very special place where peo-
port –while not irrelevant – is not the most im-     ple from every corner of the earth can come and
portant factor on the face of the planet.            try to make a difference as well as to advance
Where you are “from” is less important than          their own welfare and position in life. For this
who you really are, where you are, and where         we must give our deepest appreciation!
you are going: What you are doing to make this
world a better place.
Those who have never had the pleasure of visit-
ing Dubai can sneer at the apparent excesses of
a ‘bubble” economy.

But the reality is that Dubai is a shining example
and embodiment of vision, imagination, creative
energy, and determination to succeed in the
long run. Founded on a trader’s instinct to gen-
erate action and positive risk taking the whole
place rocks!

Visit the magnificent, outrageous Mall of the
Emirates on any Friday afternoon: the Emirati
men resplendent in gleaming white attire; the
women, graceful and elegant in immaculate
black robes over designer jeans and Prada

                                                                                                                 VOLUME 3
                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

                                           KNOW MY COUNTRY
                                            SOUTH AFRICA
Normally referred to as the rainbow nation in                                          history books
international circles or Mzantsi ( Xhosa word for                                      through     per-
“south”, South is home to 34m blacks, 6m                                               forming the first
whites, 5m coloured and 3 m Indians making it a                                        heart transplant
purely rainbow nation . All races are repre-                                           at       Groote
sented in government including the cabinet.                                            Schuur , Cape
South Africa has 11 official languages with Zulu,                                      town          in
Xhosa, Sotho, English and Afrikaans being the                                          1967.Pouplar
widely spoken languages. English and Afrikaans         tourist attractions include the Table Mountain,
are the two working languages with English the         Cape Wine Lands ,Robben islands, Cradle of          Mkhokeli Ncube
main language of business. The National anthem         Mankind, Drakensburg, Garden route , the Great      GLSCM Dec 08
“ nkosi sikelela iafrica " meaning god bless Af-       diamond Hole, Shaka Marine and Kruger na-           GMBA
rica” is sung in 4 languages because it incorpo-       tional Park Business South Africa ranked 25th in
rates the African, Afrikaans and English heritage      the world in terms of GDP (PPP) as of 2008.Even
making it difficult for some people like Jacques       though South Africa has one of the higher in-
Kallis to be able to sing it! The national animal is   come per capita in Africa, it suffers from large
the springbok and the national flower is the pro-      income gaps and a dual economy marking it as a      South       Africa
tea and thus, the cricket’s team name.                 developing country. South Africa has one of the     ranked 25th in
Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are the             highest rates of income inequality in the world.    the world in
three biggest cities although little known Preto-      The country has the word‘s largest reserves of      terms of GDP
ria is the capital city.                               platinum, gold, ferrochrome and diamonds. Re-       (PPP) as of 2008
                                                       sources have formed the back bone of the econ-
Heritage & Tourism                                     omy and the government is critical of their ac-
South Africa contains some of the oldest ar-           quisition and hence the opposition to the Anglo-
                           chaeological sites in       Xstrata deal underway. BAT, SASOL, SAB Miller,
                           the world. There are        MTN Anglo American, DeBeers, Old Mutual, In-
                           extensive fossil re-        vestec, Sasol are the some of the world leading
                           mains at the “cradle        companies with their roots in SA. Marius Klop-
                           of mankind" next to         pers (BHP), Mick Davis (Xstrata), Graham Mac-
                           Pretoria dating back        kay (SABMiller), Johan Rupert (BAT and
                           to thousands of             Richemont) are some of the leading CEOs born
                           years ago. Some of          and educated in South Africa.
                           the early settlers
were the Bantu-speaking people, who were iron          MBAs
using agriculturists and herdsmen, displacing          South have 17 registered Business with
and absorbing the original Khoisan (the click          Wits, Cape Town, Stellenbosch and GIBS
language speaking) speakers. Later they moved          the most prominent. Wits and Stellenbosch are
south leading to the growth of empires like the        AMBA and EQUIS accredited. Henley (UK) in the
Zulu Kingdom under Shaka and the Xhosa King-           only foreign business school operating in SA.
doms. Modern day SA is a product of a pro-             According to a study conducted by Markinor,
longed struggle against whites- first the Dutch,       60% 0f MBAs in SA are sponsored by their em-
then the English, and then the Afrikaners under        ployers. More than
apartheid. SA only gained its independence in          half of the people
April 1994 under the presidency of Nelson              studying an MBA
“Madiba’ Mandela who had earlier saved 27              have at least 8 years
years at Robben Islands. Vilakazi Street in            experience making
Soweto is the only street in the world that has        fresh MBAs a rare
brought up two Nobel laureates in Mandela and          phenomenon in SA.
Desmond Tutu. The country also got into the            About 35% were

                                                                                                               VOLUME 3
                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

                                        KNOW MY COUNTRY

                                           SOUTH AFRICA
qualified in sciences and engineering before         Lance “Zulu” Klusener and Alan Donald (cricket),
they began their MBA - a figure matched by           Lucas Hadebe and Benny McCarthy (soccer),
commerce and administration. The main reason         Francois Piennar and Brian Habana (rugby) and       South Africa will
most people pursue an MBA is business skills         Gary player, Ernie Elsie and Trevor Immelman
                                                                                                         be the host na-
enhancement, career progress, financial reward,      (golf), Ronald Schoeman and Neethling
and international mobility, change of career,        (swimming).
                                                                                                         tion for the 2010
networking and promotion. Usually most people        Popular homes of sports are the Wanderers           FIFA World Cup,
seek promotion within the same company since         and Newlands (cricket), FNB Soccer City and         which will be the
their MBA is usually sponsored                       Loftus Ruby stadiums. South Africa hosted and       first time the
by the employer. Thanks to SA's economic             won the 1995 Rugby World Cup on their first         tournament is
growth and the need for more management              attempt and again won the 2007 Rugby World          held in the Afri-
expertise, demand for MBAs is growing. The           Cup in France. South Africa was only allowed to     can continent.
schools have incorporated ethics, corporate          participate from 1995 at the end of Apartheid. It
governance, entrepreneurship, leadership and         followed the 1995 Rugby World Cup by hosting
even gender into their courses. One year full        the 1996 African Cup of Nations, with South Af-
time MBAs are only offered in two schools –          rica's Football Team, 'Bafana Bafana,' going on
Stellenbosch (MBA- Leadership) and GIBS              to win the tournament. It also hosted the
(MBA- Entrepreneurship) and both started very        2003 Cricket World Cup and the 2007 World
recently.                                            Twenty20 Championship. South Africa will be
Sports                                               the host nation for the 2010
The main sports in South Africa are soccer,          FIFAWorld Cup, which will be
cricket, rugby, boxing and tennis. Other sports      the first time the tournament is
with significant support are golf , swimming         held in the African continent.
, netball , basketball , surfing and skate boating
are popular among the youth. Famous sports
people include Kepler Wessels, Jacque Kallis,

                                   “I loved you….. I Did!!!”
                        I see your name written there and I know we belong
                            I know you don’t know but it is you who I long
                               I never thought life would bring me here
                                   But it has and I can’t take a stride
                       To move on and see a future, without you by my side.

                             We laughed we cried we chose we dared
                            We loved we lived and we cheered together
                                For every moment that we shared.                                         Harlene Kaur
                                  Your love meant so much to me                                          Batra
                                 I knew it wanted to make me see                                         WM Dec 08
                               That “us” together was meant to be.                                       GMBA

                                But I broke the love, crossed the line
                                    Left you there without a sign.
                                   You trusted me and I broke it so
                                 You had no choice but to let me go
                                 I wish that time could turn around
                             And I could change that shattering sound
                              That came from deep within your heart
                           For the pain I gave you when we broke apart.

                                                                                                                 VOLUME 3
                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

                                                 Alumni Corner

                        Musings of an enchanted traveler through Life                                       Shridhar Rao
                                                                                                            EMBA Batch5
Watching the so called “industry experts” and        thusiastically waiting for call in from viewers
economists ramble in the media at “what the          who would like to know how to start their sav-
problem is “with the economy has become a            ings for retirement or for their mortgage. Tell
part of my everyday entertainment.                   me; is it not a little late for these guys to have a   One of them
It used to be that I used to listen to them care-    savings advisory program. I would give my view-        said there is no
fully at one phase of my life and I used to think    ers only one advice, Save till you have your job.      future; there is
that it is the way for acquiring good judgment       Now days I have stopped asking any of my cus-          only today.
for investments. And hey! I was making money         tomer of the near future projects. One of them
on my portfolio.                                     said there is no future; there is only today. Look
Only thing I did not realize was that every other    this is Revelation; a true realization of a new era
harry was as successful (or unsuccessful) even       where we all live in the present. Remember self
when he did not get this Gnan!                       improvement experts told us a long time back
Now days the voices are accelerated and the          that live in the present; forget worrying about
complexity have increased with so much of bad        the future and the past. We have achieved that
news flooding the channels, we could have a          finally in the midst of all this Doom and Gloom.
swimming pool of misery going by what the ana-       In spite of the entire furor that goes in the finan-
lysts have to say. Our friends from USA do their     cial markets and the brokers holding their
pitching in the night with renewed vigor talking     heads, scratching chins etc, life goes on blissfully
about bonds and yields and stocks adding to the      in the streets. Two friends are having an after
cacophony of how the recovery is just about the      lunch smoke near my home; that too at 2pm
corner. Go short! Go Long! Short term, Long          and in the summer of July. But I did realize that
term etc I made mistakes twice getting my longs      the pace of life has thankfully slowed down
and shorts twisted I stopped after that. Now I       without 20 missed calls and 10 appointments
buy or sell and my broker is happy that I have       and immediate deliveries. Of course my portfo-
found my sanity. There is a lady on one of the       lio has a hole; but I have my present today and
popular financial channels of US who is as en-       my entertainers on TV to keep me engaged.

                                         Answers to Quizzarium

1. Rotary Club
2. DHL in 1969 Germany
3. Indicates the Union of four founder companies Audi, Horsh, DKW and Wanderer Automobile
Department to form the Auto Union AG in 1932
4. Dale Carnegie-1936
6. A broken laser pointer
7. Titan
8. MS Dhoni
9. AS11
10. Starbucks
11. Polaroid Instant photographs
12. Sultan of Brunei
13. Intel
14. It indicates that the seller shows the first lot as cherries and the buyer thinks the entire batch is
of that quality
15. Zorro

                                                                                                                      VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                    AUGUST 2009

                                                        Alumni Corner

               Confusion at work place: The incubator of tomorrow’s leader
This might sound as silver lining on the dark cloud,    take you, as belonging to “ the others”, and see in
but the fact of matter is, the more immature the        you and your objective as threat to measure his/
organization structure is the better exposure one       her performance. And so the execution managers
gets as a middle or lower manager level to under-       are put in a state of affairs same as cork shuttle in
stand the complexities and gain the invaluable          badminton match, from one court to other. Back
experience of learning and confronting the chal-        at the ground or actual execution level, the en-
lenges due to the squeeze from top management           gines which really drive the organization, there
on the vision on paper on one side to tuning and        would have been a total clout on objectives of the
changing the mindset to                                 organization, the visibility on what we need to do      Suman Mishra
the deepest root level on the other. The bridge         in coming 5 years, or the education on how my           April 2008
thus from board room discussion and Harvard             line of source code if delivered within this month,     GMBA
newsletters to reality, is thus the road sketched       would beat the competitor by getting few more
and travelled, in the journey to become leaders for     customers. This education and mind set change is
tomorrow.                                               the biggest of all confrontations. More so in Tech
What are the usual challenges that thus a middle        companies which might have the best brains, the
level manager would confront at a nascent organi-       Einstein’s of today, and so they would have the
zation? Many, but just to list some                     same love and passion for technology but quite
1.Outline along with his/her peers on what should       possibly, the limited knowledge on monetization
be the goal of the organization. This needs an acu-     part of it. Innovation is good but its better and
                                                                                                                Education and
men to analyze what is typically the financial          richer when aligned to business and this thus           mind set change
horsepower, the risk appetite, the forecasting of       needs to be driven by creating process, training,       is the biggest of
market condition, studying the games competitor         tracking each of the action items, persistently and     all    confronta-
would play, customer reaction and of course the         smartly. Toeing this thin line is a challenge.          tions.
top management drive.                                   The last but not the least is to, very simply put-
2.Achieving these goals would need resources and        “Measure”. Almost everything needs to be discov-
timelines but also need what would be the mission       ered and then measured. Measuring the produc-
of the organization. What route and philosophy          tivity, the stages of growth, the customers ac-
                                                                                                                Almost     every-
the organization would be probing.                      quired, the product sold, the profits earned, the       thing needs to
3.Once this is decided, the blue print of bridge is     markets captured, etc. This helps create mile-          be    discovered
ready. Executing this is a bigger challenge. What       stones and keeps us informed, and on track. Meas-       and then meas-
problems one could face at execution level?             uring helps us compare: to compare if we are bet-       ured.
Well you need top management support and poli-          ter by a change of pricing model, or a tweaking of
tics free work environment now that is something        process or introduction of new product. Measur-
which is unlikely. For any organization which is        ing helps us know ourselves and if we are better;
ready to take a plunge and emerge, will have lead-      then we could spread this news, brand about, to
ers some where a little ;some where plentiful ,who      the stakeholders, so that we realize that in spite of
want to piggyback on the umbrella of efforts; and       all odds and challenges, we are very much in the
bring their personal agendas before the organiza-       journey, thus instilling the drive and much needed
tion. This creates a conflict- a situation where or-    confidence at work place. So next time, if you have
ganization gets ruled in departments- which lead        a workplace where definition is still looking for a
to condition in which organization gets divided         definition; don’t lose heart for the confusion that
into segments of “us” versus “them”. This silo cul-     might be bleeding your motivation or the distorted
ture is cancerous and develops to “autophagy”.          broader philosophy weakening your efforts; for
Most of the time the top management drive thus          this is when, if you are persistent and patient, a
gets diluted because of these set of leaders, while     leader of tomorrow is being nurtured. A leader ,        Is your organi-
the execution managers are left suffocating for         who has known and dealt with issues around its
                                                                                                                zation suffering
support. A derivative of this condition is that mid-    organization’s “identity”, and thus is confident
dle level managers ultimately get converted or          that any other journey would be less than equal to      from split vi-
used as tools to do the in-fighting. So if you belong   the one he/she travelled some time back. r organi-      sion??
to Commercial team and are there to find the            zation suffering from split vision??
costing of projects, the Operation Manger might         ALUMNI CORNER

                                                                                                             VOLUME 3
                                                                                                           AUGUST 2009

                                                 Alumni Corner

                          A TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSO                                    Aishwarya
When you grow up loving someone so much ishly absorbed in complicated ways of life...and GMBA 2006
irrespective of the fact that you know him or      you start to take the people who taught you to
not, you really don’t care about                                    fight, for granted...YOU know
the fact that you don’t meet him                                    that THEY WILL BE THERE…
or chat with your childish
ways of life, you sort of believe                                    Anyway, one bright morning
that he knows you too...just as                                      when you suddenly realize that
much as you do. In school, in the                                    he will never sing again and
bus, in the playground, at                                           never dance like a dream, you
home...he is everywhere, every                                       figure...what were you do-         THE MAN IN THE
single moment of the day. Any-                                       ing??? Why did you stop col-       MIRROR IS NOT
thing which has his name or ini-                                     lecting the little pieces of in-   GUIDING ME
tials is a keeper. Your small                                        valuable memories? Why did         ANYMORE...but
drawer is overflowing with post-                                     you not continue being the         the THRILLER is
cards, paper clippings, wrappers,                                    child you were...? You realize     burning bright
album covers but you make space                                      that no matter how hard you        inside me like a
for each and                                                         try, how much money you earn       SUPERNOVA!!!
every little piece of diamond. Your parents hate  and how many times you hear his music, you’ll
his guts for making you so addicted, they try to  never have the chance to buy a concert ticket
stop you from going nuts, but you rebel. For the  for his show. You know that either you are a lit-
first time, you stand up for someone and          tle late in growing big and rich enough, or the
say...HEY, LEAVE ME ALONE…                        person who you grew up loving is GONE TOO
                                                  SOON...the only ticket you can now buy is a
The music blasts the walls of your room, and TRIBUTE... And when its the last chance you get
you do the Moonwalk or at least you think you to pay respect, you do whatever you can...and
are...                                            somehow its NOT ENOUGH…
Then you grow up and you realize that people
around you think you are crazy about a crazy THE MAN IN THE MIRROR IS NOT GUIDING ME
person, so you stop collecting those pictures and ANYMORE...but the THRILLER is burning bright
newspaper clippings that were more precious inside me like a SUPERNOVA!!! Just like MIL-
than Barbies, the posters come off the wall. Be- LIONS of other hearts around the world and in
ing a FAN is UNCOOL. You still sing                         this, I AM NOT ALONE...I WILL SHOUT, I
and dance like a crazy child, but you                       WILL SCREAM, I WILL CRY, I WILL
hide because people around you will                         SMILE EVEN WHEN MY HEART
judge you. You sing, dance, entertain                       ACHES...Stop me if you can...
in competitions and you are GOOD…                           ALUMNI CORNER
people applaud, they think you are a
born dancer...little do they know... ;)

Then you grow up some more and you
don’t have the time to yell and shout out to the
world that U R A FAN of a certain some- just don’t do it, its HUMAN NATURE.
It has nothing to do with him not making music
or being hidden somewhere; it’s about YOU be-
coming slightly more mature. You are striving to
compete with everyone coming your way, self-

                                                                                                         VOLUME 3
                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

                                               Alumni Corner

                                       13 Ramsay Street
I arrived at late noon, the carriage having          heard her, ‘Knock, knock, knock’. Three crashes
dropped me at the door of 13, Ramsay Street.         of the metal knocker. Three crisp raps which
The garden had been weeded carefully, and the        would have roused anyone, except the deaf. I
hedges cut prim. Two old, sepia frames hung on       got up and attended to the visitor.
the walls; a sea faring Admiral and a freckled
woman with monocles beamed down upon me.             Charlotte stood outside the door in her glisten-
The welcome from the Pinkertons too was              ing white robe. She was carrying her head in her
warm, and my lodgings were promptly ar-              right hand, the faint glow from the lantern’s Manish
ranged. It was clear that visitors were common,      wick fell on her startled face as she shrieked     Mahajan,
and those with deep pockets were forwarded           “Richard!”. Exasperated, I bellowed, “Charlotte, GMBA 2005
such warm welcomes. The mistaken house be-           I said 30 Ramsay Street not 13. And you take
longed to this blissful Darby and Joan. But they     your head off only at 10, Acacia Avenue. And
were deaf, and I was their guest for the night.      you hold it in your left hand not right. Can’t you
On the way, my fears had been confirmed by           follow simple instructions? Wish you had never
the talkative carriage driver. Charlotte had been    died. I had to skip my rounds at the Bingley and
visiting 13, Ramsay Street on random nights.         come all this way for this!
“She wears white, carries a lantern and always
knocks thrice on the door”, whispered the       Apologies rained. As usual. I dismissed her till
driver. Had his ponies been more docile, I couldfurther notice. Next morning, old woman
have known more. But those were obstinate       Pinkerton greeted me with an English breakfast
beasts, wanting to be whipped for submission.   in bed. In time, I bade farewell to them and
Maybe the animals had a sense in being recalci- found myself riding back on the same horse car-
trant. Maybe they did not want us to canter     riage. I felt bad for Charlotte. Clumsy in life,
along Charlotte’s tread.                        clumsier after life. I had my misgivings whether
                                                her spirit could ever be free. I looked at the
I spent most of what remained of that afternoon countryside, as these thoughts whizzed pass.
                                                                                                 The steeds were
watching the Pinkertons. In the garden, in the The steeds were restless as before, surely they
living room, in the kitchen they were on song, knew I was dead.
                                                                                                 restless as be-
everywhere. The silence in their ears meant                                                      fore, surely they
they never heard those knocks, a natural de-                                                     knew I was
fence to the maiden’s nightly hauntings. With                                                    dead.
dusk settling, old man Pinkerton got busy with
photographing fireflies. As evening approached,
my anxiety grew. Would Charlotte knock to-

Supper was served at 9:00. Roast beef and York-
shire pudding with beans, roast potatoes and
gravy. In an attempt to extend hospitality, the
radio was switched on. The frequency modula-
tion, though, was understandingly left for me.
For the umpteenth time that evening, I glanced
at the door. After the old couple had retired for
the night, I lighted my pipe and snuggled into
the rocking chair near the fireplace, waiting. The
strained howl of a distant hound wafted in
through the oriel windows.
It must have been well past midnight when I

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                                  ALUMINI CORNER

                    Tackling changing landscape of Cyber assaults                                         Rohit Sukhija
                                                                                                          GMBA 2007
Overview                                              than only from the perspective of a procedural
Dramatic increase in cyber security attacks by        activity.
hackers, worms and viruses have made busi-            Degree of Risk in various industries
nesses look for remedies to prevent themselves        Strategically, security assets’ value is based on
from not only financial but also reputational loss    industry type and keeping the same view, secu-
caused due to these breaches. In the search of        rity investment should be proportional to the
resources to manage their confidential informa-       importance or value of the information. Many
tion, companies start investing in structural and     industries might not invest heavily on their in-
intellectual assets to manage their information’s     formation security depending on the confiden-
security and find that the resources allocated        tial data and low risk, but many do have to. High
are never satisfactory. Hackers and external at-      risk is involved with industries like Aerospace
tacks apart, many a times dissatisfied employ-        and Defense as the information leak can be a
ees can hurt the company by stealing confiden-        national security threat. The industries’ list
tial information making the situation worse.          based on degree of risk due to information theft
Without understanding the long term repercus-         or juggling can be found in Figure 1.
sions, many organizations tend to hide breaches       Low Strategic remedies
occurring inside due to negative publicity that it    Information security has traditionally been the
attracts making the company lose on all busi-         considered the responsibility of IT departments
ness fronts. After all, who would like to accept      of various companies but changing landscape
loopholes in the system and lose its credibility?     has made it a far more important business and       Today, system
Talking on financial aspects, as per the research     technological issue. Many corporate houses are      penetration and
done by Computer Security Institute in the year       now adding strategic, tactical, and operational     financial fraud
2007, the average annual financial loss recorded      aegis to their technological measures they cur-     have      gained
by various companies was US $350,424 in 2007,         rently employ to protect corporate information      prowess     over
an increase of more than 100% over the previ-         by analyzing the intensity of the regulatory re-    traditional ways
ous year. Recent attacks on Pentagon, which is        quirements it faces. Technology implementation      of attacking like
considered to be the heart of US military, have       issues have become less important vis-à-vis         viruses      and
made them ban the usage of all external hard-         identification of the measures that should be       worms.
ware in their vast network and also make an           taken to build a bulwark. Today, many compa-
investment of more than 100 million dollars so        nies are moving towards the concept of a dedi-
that history is not repeated. Here, we are not        cated Security Operations Center (SOC) to pre-
even talking about the soft losses like reputation    vent them from information loss. Just like the
and confidence that will add to it when con-          concept of NOC (Network Operation Center)
verted to dollars.                                    took flight when the companies understood its
Changing Landscape                                    value, SOC is bound to gain importance with the
Today, system penetration and financial fraud         changing information security landscape.
have gained prowess over traditional ways of          So what is an SOC and what are its benefits?
attacking like viruses and worms. This clearly        SOC, as the name suggests, is the dedicated re-
points to the fact that anti-viruses, which form      source center that strategizes, plans, imple-
the largest part of information security invest-      ments and executes information security poli-
ment by any company and a market size of              cies and ways of strengthening security infra-
more than $4 billion, will not suffice the security   structure based on latest technological develop-
requirements anymore. As hackers become               ments. The center is responsible for asset
more and more aggressive, Chief Security Offi-        evaluation, data and risk analysis and record
cers (CSOs) and security managers need to be          keeping for the purpose of tackling any security
equipped with the latest security infrastructure      breaches and related issues evolving almost on
and conduct security audits diligently rather         a daily basis. An SOC makes Information security

                                                                                                              VOLUME 3
                                                                                                            AUGUST 2009

                                            ALUMINI CORNER

Service Level Agreement based and clear per-       similar to what happened to technology when it
formance matrices can be built to measure the      was not at all an agenda of discussion until re-     Information Se-
progress and in turn controlling security          cent years when it demonstrated its strategic        curity in India
breaches better through effective planning and     importance and made its way to the board             stands at a point
analysis. Many companies today help various        room. In a highly networked and digitalized          where the deci-
organizations set up an SOC using their exper-     world, it is extremely difficult for companies to    sion making has
tise and information security related consulting   neglect hackers as petty trespassers who can be
                                                                                                        not reached the
services.                                          kept away through merely technological means.
                                                                                                        top executives
The Road Ahead                                     Information Security is bound to reach the cen-
Today, Information Security in India stands at a   ter of the table of strategic reviews and planning   dashboard.
point where the decision making has not            from a long term perspective.
reached the top executives dashboard. This is

                                           HATS OFF

                                 GRADUATION DAY PICTURES
                                   DUBAI AND SINGAPORE
                                      GMBA, EMBA

                                                                                                                   VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                 AUGUST 2009

                                              Life @ Schulich, Toronto

Believe it or not, since the birth of Global MBA in Dubai and Singapore, students from both cam-
puses with the same intake have never ever met face to face. And this year finally that myth has
been broken. Life in Toronto lays a new platform from these two wonderful experiences to assem-
ble in a new place. It is just like a so called “MERGER” in corporate strategy. But again once we are
members of SPJCM, we can not vaporize the value and experience carefully crafted by
Activities         Study Hard – 50%           Study Hard – 20%                Study Hard – 30%
                   Play Hard – 30%            Play Hard – 50%                 Play Hard – 20%
                   Sleep Hard – 20%           Sleep Hard – 30%                Sleep Hard – 50%
8:00 AM            “Reading’s done,           “How is my download??           “Zzzzzz...” (Snooze, (at least 5
                   Assignment’s done,         Yes!! It’s done, let’s do       times)” “I don’t think I can
                   Let’s get ready and try    another episode and take a      come to class”
                   not to come late”          shower.”                        “I think I’ve catched a cold”
8:30 AM            “Can I have one            “Chalo let’s move and grab      “Should I go for a shower??”
                   Canadian Baggle            a coffee and we are ready
                   please with egg and        for the class”
                   sausage? And a small
                   coffee please...”
9:00 AM            “Good morning, sir!        Open laptop, go online,         Keep smiling, don’t let anyone
                   Actually I have a          update facebook and gtalk       knows I haven’t got any
                   question regarding         status – “In class (but still   shower, and “One large coffee
                   the last lecture”          available to chat)”             please..”
12:00 PM           “Excuse me, sir. What      Updating status (go for         LUNCH time!! Yes, yes, yes!!
                   do you think about         lunch)                          Popeyes, KFC, Indian flavor,
                   this and that and this                                     we are coming!!!
                   and that?”
1:00 PM            “So sleepy... But I        Back to chatting guys.          Wish I can skip the class
                   need to raise a point!!
                   For the sake of class
4:00 PM            “Guys, what about          “Yeah.. Gym time, baby...”      What should I do?? Gym,
                   the groupwork?                                             groupwork, shopping,
                   Should we meet right                                       assignment, or even sleep??
                   now?”                                                      (No surprise at all)
7:00 PM            “You do this, I do that,   “TRANSPORTER” @ IMAX            It’s time to hog... Guys, anyone
                   let’s meet again at        theater!! Or should i go for    wants to have Domino’s Pizza?
                   night or tomorrow          “New York”
                   morning for
10:00 PM           “Preparing                 The movie was                   Where is everybody?? I think
                   tomorrow’s class,          AWESOME!!! Should we            they already go to sleep,
                   Marketing                  book for the “Harry Potter”     Zzzzzzzzzzzz
                   Management done,           show??
                   Economics done, one
                   more to go and sleep,
                   hoaaammm what a
our alma mater. I found it very interesting to cluster how we survive in this North American envi-
ronment, given the value and experience, we had earlier in Dubai and Singapore. It is not clustered
by dudes or dudettes but by their own, once again, VALUE and EXPERIENCE. The clusters are study-
hard, play-hard, and sleep-hard. All in all, there is one thing that we miss here, and that is time. It
seems like we have a tremendous amount of great resources starting from library with 6 million
books in it, gym facilities with great sports equipments, downtown with all the excitements

                                                                                                                VOLUME 3
                                                                                                              AUGUST 2009

                                        Life @ Schulich, Toronto

(Wonderland – Amusement Park, Niagara Falls, CN Tower), and of course classes with wonderful
lectures and courses, however what we don’t have is the time to enjoy all these experiences to the
maximum level. Given that, we are thankful to be here, a great experience, and we can not wait to
share it with the world. Let’s keep the spirit up and let’s enjoy our moment, just like Thomas
Friedman has taught all of us, let’s enjoy our moment in this flat-world.

                                       The Toronto Experience

This year marks an exciting milestone for SP Jain Center of Management as 39 students from
across both Dubai and Singapore campuses have made their way to the Schulich School of Busi-
ness, York University in Toronto. These students are being taught by Schulich’s renowned profes-
sors and are also doing an industry study in Canada, which exposes them to the North American
business environment. The Schulich School of Business is ranked #1 in Canada and has a strong
reputation world over for its diverse and creative programs. Toronto is the cultural and financial
capital of Canada and is also known as the world’s most cosmopolitan city, making this unique 3           The opportunity
city model a truly global experience for the students. As we are 1 month into this unique collabora-      to learn from
tion between the two schools, we asked the students and Schulich faculty about their experience           the very best of
with the course so far and got a lot of enthusiastic response shared in return!                           professors , the
                                                                                                          warmth       and
“The Toronto leg of the GMBA has given me a window to discover how business and a cosmopoli-              hospitality
tan culture work together in a North American context. The opportunity to learn from the very             showcased by
best of professors , the warmth and hospitality showcased by the Schulich School of Business and          the      Schulich
Toronto’s incredible summer weather has truly been the experience of a lifetime.” - Vyas                  School of Busi-
Venugopalan (Marketing Management)
                                                                                                          ness and To-
                                                                                                          ronto’s incredi-
“Being at Schulich in summer has meant that we could not only experience the amazing cosmo-
politan nature of the professors but also the amazing festivals and events around the town. Having        ble      summer
professors from countries like Thailand, South Africa, Iran, United States and Canada, meant we           weather      has
have got an amazing treasure chest of experience to learn from. The campus with all its wild life         truly been the
and facilities too is quite amazing.”- Ashwin Unnikrishnan (Investment Banking and Wealth Man-            experience of a
agement)                                                                                                  lifetime

“Two things I really like about the campus are the Sports Club and Scott Library. There is nothing
better than a refreshing dip in the pool or a game at the courts, after a long day of class. As for the
Scott Library, 6 million books is a treat to any avid reader. I am looking forward to make to cover as
much as I can during my time here.”- Keerthi Prakash (IT Management)

“The time spent at the Schulich School of Business has been very helpful in understanding the
North-American method of teaching and about the economy as a whole. The style is very different
from what we have been subjected to in India and Dubai. The faculty is extremely professional and
the way they prepare and come for classes citing latest happenings in the field is really good. On
the whole, the experience has been superb and I highly recommend this option to future students
at the S.P. Jain Center of Management.” - Ananta Kanoria (Advanced Corporate Finance Manage-

In terms of the cross cultural SP Jain Center of Management – Schulich School of Business ex-
change programme, I love the energy and observe that there is a lot of willingness to participate,
its a support environment with highly effective groups. There is less cut throat competition and
more willingness to lend a helping hand.”- Dr. Patricia Bradshaw - Asoiate Professor of Organiza-

                                                                                                                 VOLUME 3
                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

                                              The Toronto Experience

tional Behaviour/Industrial Relations, Schulich School of Business “I thought that the course went really well. I had no
idea what to expect before the SP Jain students arrived. All I had been told was that they would be coming from Singa-
pore and Dubai, and that most of them were Indian. It was actually an interesting process putting together the course.
I teach a similar course at Schulich, but it is only 6 sessions long. I have been trying to expand it into a full term (12 ses-
sion) course for some time, so this was my opportunity to build the content, provide more depth to the material, and
include additional interactive elements. The extra time allowed me to move beyond just 'pushing content' to exploring
how that content is relevant in today's global environment.
However, I wasn't sure how the interactive and participatory environment that I had envisioned would work with the
students from SP Jain. It turns out that I needn't have worried. The extra elements that I inserted into the course, such
as a daily discussion of news items related to the course, buzz words, cases, discussions, debates, and so on, were well
received by the students. It turned out to be more fun than just lecturing! Overall, the SP Jain Students were a fun
group but also knew the meaning of hard work. We pushed them hard, and they delivered.”- Dr. Michael Wade, Asso-
ciate Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, Schulich School of Business“

                                                                                                                     VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009


                        1           2          3           4           5           6
                  7                                        8

                  9                            10

                  11    12                                       13                                            Grid: Framed by
                  15                                 16                                                        ITM Dec 08

                  18                                                   19          20

                  21                                       22

The Clues

7) Marco Van Basten messed up not to be present (6)
8) Mushy project lead without you, reportedly, redresses to carry white blood cells (6)
9) Friend and I spoke this ancient Buddhist language (4)                                                       Clues: Coined by
10) Naval officers endlessly adore reverse service level agreement (8)                                         Ramasubrama-
11) Mixed Ultra Terrestrial leads radio signals to financial account examiner (7)                              nian Sailapathi,
13) Icon’s puzzled descendant (5)                                                                              ITM Dec 08
15) Messed up lifeless garlic is a smoker’s delight (5)
16) Puzzled heads of National Environmental Council and goat of the same parentage (7)
18) Task to fill the messed up cavity with it (8)
19) Tussle within first when second head moves out (4)
21) What a tense you, reportedly, when confused, would do to procure a large catch of fish (3, 3)
22) Priestly utterance in flora cleaning (6)

1) Retreating graduate meets graduate to form pop music group (4)
2) Rearrange not facilities to carry out congratulatory functions (13)
3) Wheat buoy without you, reportedly, encourages the kid (7)
4) Charlie, Larry and I did our Masters first and our Bachelors next (!) to move up the corporate ladder (5)
5) Cameraman Reid was confused, but had a wild fancy for this country (8, 5)
6) Ouch! Till when am I gonna mix in order to relax?! (5, 3)
12) Break up and reset the stoic nut to get the amount per piece (4, 4)
14) Sacred bovine creature makes an expression of astonishment (4, 3)
17) Disorders within the group of patriots (5)
20) Decipher the clues and ____ the white spaces in the grid (4)

                                                                                                       VOLUME 3
                                                                                                     AUGUST 2009


                         2 Point Someone -What not to do in a MBA…

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to a particular B his comforter with the aid of a torch when eve-
school is purely incidental. If the sentiments of ryone else is blissfully asleep.
existing or budding MBAs have been hurt, I
frankly don’t care.                               5. Never do group work when you have others in
                                                  the group who will do it for you. If you dont
1. Never communicate something in two simple have any one in the group to do the work, still
words if it can be communicated with the aid of don't do it.
ten complicated jargons. For example, Stand up                                                    Srivats.C,
becomes ramp up, dating someone becomes                                                           IB Dec 08
drawing synergies by a cohesive strategy. I am 6. Class diversity is a myth, everybody is equally GMBA
sure you are getting the drift. Please check out stupid. to prac-
tice on your jargons.                             7. Never take quizzes casually, you mite end up
                                                  scoring above average.
2. Never sleep in the room when you can sleep
in the class.                                     8. Never think MBA is all about googling. It is
                                                  also about Turnitin.
3. Never put pictures in the PPT and make it in-
teresting and clear when you can put tons 9. Never bunk guest lectures. Ever.
teeny weeny words and make it boring and con-

4. Never ever believe the guy who says grades
doesn't matter. He is the guy who reads inside

                                      Crossword Answers
                     1           2         3          4           5          6
                     A           F         A          C           A          C
                7                                     8
                A    B      S    E    N    T          L     Y     M    P     H    S

                     B           L         T          I           E          I
                9                          10
                P    A      L    I         A     D    M     I     R    A     L    S

                                 C         B          B           I          L
                11   12                                     13
                A    U      D    I    T    O     R          S     C    I     O    N
                     N           T         Y          H           A          U
                15                               16
                C    I      G    A    R          C    O     G     N    A     T    E
                     T           T         R          L           D
                18                                                19         20
                A    C      T    I    V    I     T    Y           R    I     F    T

                     O           O         O          C           E          I
                21                                    22
                U    S      E    N    E    T          O     R     A    C     L    E

                     T           S         S          W           M          L

                                                                          VOLUME 3
                                                                        AUGUST 2009

                       STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART

                      Just Pure Feelings !!!

           In the clandestine night and silence of time,
       I waited for the moment; I longed my courage for...
        My heart whispered chants of the unspoken truth,
          "I knew its always more than a usual adore"...
                                                                     Lokesh Mudgal
            Never did those words feel oblivion to me,
                                                                     ITM Dec 08
          I had only pushed the things under surface...              GMBA
            I knew my world would whisk around her,
              If there was one, it would be her face...

          I knew, the heavens staring at me in delight,
                 As I looked like an itchy soul...
           I knew, the moment would come any soon,
                To speak my heart and say it all...

           All set in incertitude for her benign arrival,
   I knew talks would be tougher than climbing a mountain...
            Should I hold her hands, or close my eyes
     Ahh!! my heart was burning in the sweet anxious pain...

            I would tell her, what I hold in my heart,
      Yes I would say 'I love you' standing on my knee(s)...
        No rose would ever be sweeter than her smile,
           And none would love you as much as me...

                    "I want to feel your breath,
             I want to live these moments with you...
              I want to cherish your fragrance in me,
        I wish to touch your trembling lips, oh! Yes I do...

         Lets hold our hands, let me feel your softness,
             Let me hug you, and leave me never...
  Let me look in your eyes and wonder how beautiful they are,
            Lets walk together for now and forever...

               With ripples pounding in my heart,
And a sensation of you being in my arms, what more shall I wish...
              Under the blessings of heavenly sky,
               We shall love and we shall kiss....."

                                                                                                         VOLUME 3
                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

                                            SPJCM STUDENT CLUBS

The SPJCM Student Blog

The SPJCM student blog was launched in June as a PR Committee initiative. The vision behind this
blog is two pronged. Firstly to create a common space for SPJCM students, alumni and faculty to
share their thoughts on all matters that will matter to them. To give students the opportunity to
learn from more experienced alumni and faculty. Secondly to showcase the SPJCM talent, creativ-
ity and intellect to the outside world by having a common dashboard for all view. Students of our
institute have helped make this initiative a roaring success, with equal contributions ranging from
the field of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance as well as Logistics and Supply Chain. The
‘blogger’s club’ in coordination with the PR Committee handles all matters related to the student’s
blog and is actively involved in ensuring that the blog is maintained to the highest standards in
terms of quality of posts and student interest.

The link for the SPJCM Student’s blog is:


ClubIT! It’s a forum where people from the Information Technology Specialization as well as other
specializations at S P Jain Center of Management come together to interact, share and learn. It was
formed in 21st August 2008 in Dubai campus. They are the pioneers of all Clubs at SPJCM and can
proudly state that the innovative ideas which have come forward from our realms have inspired
and encouraged students to explore new frontiers. Some of the ClubIT initiatives were KnowIn-
FinITe, The Specialists, Quizzopolis, Quizzarium and Buzz.

SPJCM Marketing Club

Club Vision: “To stimulate a learning environment where we can help each other pursue their in-
terests in marketing.”
The marketing students of the December’08 and April’09 batch of SPJCM are proud to present the
Marketing Club. As the vision states, the aim of this club is to create a platform for knowledge
sharing, understanding latest marketing trends at the global front and to facilitate networking.
Formed due to the initiative taken by a few students from the April’08 batch and furthered due to
the support of the December’08 batch, this club now has over 75 members from the two batches
The Club was formally inaugurated on 22nd June 2008, where the vision, mission and the SOP of
the club was shared with all the students of Marketing present. We were also deeply honoured to
have amongst us Dr. Debashis Sanyal, Prof. A.V.R. Srinivas and Dr. Seetharaman who encouraged
us with their thought provoking words. In terms of activities a few things that are on the chart are
Discussing case studies, updates, marketing tools & models, Marketing practices in different coun-
tries, Domain-wise presentations per week, Book reviews, Sharing ARPs, Learning through simula-
tions and games, Starting a marketing newsletter, Inviting experts from the industry, inviting
alumni and EMBAs to share their experiences and knowledge with us, conducting one day market-
ing event which would include guest lectures, quizzes, case studies, workshops etc. There are
many more such interesting activities on the burner so be ready to hear more from “The Market-
ing Club.”!!

                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                          SPJCM STUDENT CLUBS

Leadership Club

The leadership club has been doing some stupendous work under the aegis of our academic man-
ager Mr. Thaneermalai. Some of the initiatives that were taken in the last 6 months include

1.Visiting Man Fatt Lam Home for the Aged a non-profit organization that began operating since
1996 and takes in needy elderly above 60 years old regardless of race and religion. The group en-
tertained the all the elders and spent some good time chatting with them.

2.Celebrating the success of Slumdog Millionaire, the leadership club also organized a private
screening of the movie. Some of the faculty members also joined along with the students to cele-
brate the success.

3.A trip to Pulau Ubin, a small island near Singapore was organized by the club. Around 60 stu-
dents participated in the event. After assembling in the island, the students rented bicycles and
went around the island. It was a very exciting and exasperating trip.

4.Trek at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The club also organized a half a day hike which saw partici-
pation from many students. It was a good break for all the students to unwind from the hectic
work schedule.

5. Another major event organized by the leadership club was the camp at East Coast Park. Mr
Thaneermalai entertained the students with some wonderful games. It was followed by sharing
some scary horror stories.

6.“Talking Heads” debating competition was a great event organized by the leadership club. The
debate was British parliamentary style. There was very good response from the students and all
the participants fought a very good battle of wits.

7.The club successfully conducted the 3rd Blood Donation Drive and as previously, the response
was excellent – 73 people registered and 58 units of blood were collected. This exceeds Red Cross’
target of 40 units for external drives. Students from EMBA and GMBA, Alumni and the Staff of
SPJCM participated in the drive.
The club continues to organize many events to unleash the leadership qualities among students.

The Finance Club
The Finance Club at SPJCM was formed on June 18th 2008 under the guidance of Prof. Arindam
Banerjee and leadership of Dharmesh Vora. It is a club formed by students to take up activities
related primarily to various aspects in the field of finance. The objective of the club is to leverage
on the experience of others and learn from each other. Also through the club, each person can
contribute towards the collective learning of the whole batch. The focus is to identify student
needs and foster out-of-class learning. The goal is to focus on contemporary issues and build
knowledge on it through various activities such as Group Discussions, Debates, Movie Screening
and Article Reviews etc. Also this is a platform through which we take initiatives to showcase our
talent in the corporate world.
Recently the Finance Club conducted a Corporate Panel Discussion on the topic of ‘Need for a Re-
serve Currency’ and a talk on Islamic Banking. In the coming month the club looks forward to or-
ganize seminars on Capital Markets and Private Equity .

                                                                                                            VOLUME 3
                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

                                             EVENTS @ SPJCM

                                                  HomeComing 09
SPJCM welcomed back its alumni at “Homecoming’09” on 15th May
2009. The event was attended by a crowd of over 300, which included
more than 100 alumni from all the batches of GMBA and EMBA. It was
held at the plush academic city campus. The event was organized by
the gang @ SPark and the PR committee under the guidance of Prof.
Christopher Abraham and Ms. Mini Menon. The event began with regis-
tration of the alumni, the current students gathered information re-
garding the current placing of the alumni in the industry, and these de-
tails would be updated in the alumni database of the institute. Mr.
Nitish Jain who flew in from Mumbai lit the inaugural lamp to spread
the light as a mark of welcome to the alumni. Dr. Michael Barnes, dean
GMBA, and Dr. Balakrishna Grandhi, dean EMBA, honored the audience
with their words of wisdom and the most appealing global strategy aspect and relevance of the courses offered at
SPJCM. From the nominations received, few selected alumni were recognized for their professional excellence in their
respective fields, which helped the SPJCM flag fly high.
The current students performed cultural events including a cross-country dance number, a Punjabi Bhangra and a clas-
sical dance performance. The long lost seniors joined the stage for a round of shake-a-leg spree. Just after the cultural
segment, all attendees marked their handprints on a big canvas. All the power-packed items made people nostalgic
about the fun time they had spent at the alma mater. The students interacted with the alumni to get the various ac-
counts of experience and expertise that the alumni had imbibed over years of work experience and the rich process of
transformation at SPJCM. The students gathered information that would help them with their field projects and the
armour that would help them combat the current crisis. Dinner was served to the alumni, which included a plethora of
Indian delicacies catering to the tastes of the highly outnumbered international students and the majorly Indian crowd.
DJ belted out a series of acoustic compositions that brought the good-old-days of college back to the alumni
who tango’ed away to glory till the middle of the night. A very good battle of wits.

                                                  Silver Lining 09
The Industry Interface Committee “IICom” as its better know within the SPJCM circle organized a symposium at the
Dubai campus on 17th May 2009. The event aptly christened, “Silver Lining- The way ahead” saw the who’s who of the
Industry making their presence felt among the young business managers ready to face the tough challenges posed by
the current global markets. The event showcased the Applied Research Projects carried out by the business students of
the One year full time GMBA program. Topics of the projects ranged from hospitality to FMCG and from BPO to new
business opportunities and covered the impact of recession and the way ahead. With an array of interesting and
thought provoking ideas proposed by the young managers in each of the presentations, the Industry judges found it to
be a tough call to adjudge the best in each of the specializations namely, Marketing, Human Resources and Logistics &
Supply Chain. The showcasing of projects was followed by a panel discussion on the “Way Ahead”. Industry experts
                                                and academicians from across the region spoke and expressed their
                                                views on how innovative strategies could help the industry recover
                                                from the downturn and make a comeback as soon as possible.
                                                On the whole, the event served as a platform for the industry and the
                                                academia to interact and share views on current business trends. The
                                                event concluded with a corporate lunch during which the business stu-
                                                dents of SPJCM had a chance of meeting Industry leaders and getting to
                                                network with corporate mentors. The spirit of the IICom, “Inspiring pro-
                                                gress, fostering synergy”, was very well communicated during this mega
                                                event and this initiative of the institute shall continue to work towards
                                                more of such corporate interactions that will give the young business
                                                managers greater visibility.

                                                                                                             VOLUME 3
                                                                                                           AUGUST 2009

                                             EVENTS @ SPJCM
                                SPectra: New Connections!
S P Jain Center of Management has been changing in a lot of ways. Some of them lead to funda-
mental different views/experiences, while some just add an extra something to the overall experi-
ence. Many of these new things are a result of continuous student involvement and enthusiastic
participation. This couldn’t have been better viewed than in SPectra – SPJCM’s first inter-school
                                                                                                  Rishi Dixit
For a college and a campus which has been a relatively new entrant in Singapore’s business-school ITM Dec 08
landscape, SPJCM is slowly but surely occupying space in the minds of students from different b- GMBA
schools. In the recent past there have been many social interactions with students of other b-
schools in different forums like MBA bash, guest talks in other schools etc. To further build upon
these initiatives and to build upon the SPJCM brand, it was imperative that we conducted an inter-
school event.
                                                                                                       First Inter-
With this idea in mind, SPectra was conceived by the Global MBA Dec-08 Singapore batch stu-
dents. The motive was also to kick-start an annual college-fest which everyone looks forward to –
                                                                                                    college fest
in the SPJCM student and alumni circles as well as students from across all the b-schools in Singa- hosted by SPJCM
pore. The event would also eventually be a showcase for the talented bunch of students that come

However, this was easier said than done. With the extra-rigorous curriculum and schedule all
round the clock and under a heavy load of assignments, project work et al, organizing a full blown
inter-school event proved to be a challenge. People had to be really motivated to carry this initia-
tive through. More importantly, there had to be support from the college in all related things.
Thankfully, SPJCM is a place which promotes inclusion and open-door policies with respect to ac-
cess to college authorities. The college authorities and administration not only supported the ini-
tiative but also made sure that it was a success by providing every possible concession to the stu-
dents organizing the event.

SPectra was planned as a half-day event in consultation with the other b-schools to evoke maxi-
mum participation. It included 3 events – “Who Gets the Bailout?”, which was a senate style set- Events:
ting with teams representing troubled compa-                                                     1. Who gets
nies asking the jury for bailout funds; a Corpo-                                                    the bail-
rate Panel Discussion on “Need for a Reserve                                                        out ?
Currency – Will the Dollar Survive” which in-                                                    2. Need for re-
volved esteemed panelists from the Singapore                                                        serve cur-
corporate world; and “Quizzopolis”, SPJCM’s                                                         rency—will
quizzing event.
                                                                                                          the dollar
The marketing efforts started off with the ini-
tial meetings to fix the event date. Although                                                          3. Quizzopolis
some schools like INSEAD and ESSEC were
closed due to mid-term holidays, others like
the NUS, SIM and SMU showed enthusiasm
and eventually participated in the event. What also helped draw the other b-school students were
the big prizes on stake – a total of SGD 1000 for “Who Gets the Bailout” and SGD 1500 for

“Who Gets the Bailout” saw around 10 teams from SPJCM compete for the 3 slots available for the

                                                                                                         VOLUME 3
                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

                                            EVENTS @ SPJCM

finals. 1 team each from NUS and SIM were the other 2 finalists. The companies represented in-
cluded GM, Lehmann Brothers, Fannie Mae, Ford Motors and CitiBank. A team of SPJCM compris-
ing Dec-08 batch students, representing Ford Motors, came first; while a team from NUS won the
second prize, representing Fannie Mae. The jury members included Mr. Andrew White, Associate
Professor of Law, SMU; Mr. Jorg Dietzel, Founder – Jorg Dietzel Brand Consultants; Dr. Ken Goek-
ing, leader of Accenture’s ASEAN Supply Chain practice; and our very own Ms. Vinika Rao, Profes-
sor of Strategy and GM, SPJCM.
The corporate panel discussion on “Need for a                                                      from National
Reserve Currency – Will the Dollar Survive”                                                        University of
 saw eminent panelists in the form of Mr. Joseph                                                   Singapore Busi-
Tan, Chief Economist with Credit Suise, Mr.                                                        ness School and
Mathew Welch, MD – ING Wholesale Banking Di-                                                       Singapore Insti-
vision, and Ms. Gaye Plunkett, Head of Credit,                                                     tute of Manage-
South East Asia Corporate Banking, BNP Paribas.                                                    ment.
The entire discussion was coordinated by the Ms.
Dawn Dekle, Dean of the Center of Leadership,

“Quizzopolis” consisted of a preliminary round where around 30 teams participated. The best 5
teams, comprising of 4 teams from within SPJCM and 1 team from SIM made it to the finals, which
was a marathon quizzing session of around 2 hours, with various general-audio-visual rounds. The
first prize here went to the regular quizzers from SIM, whereas the second prize was won by
SPJCM students from the Apr-09 batch.

Eventually, after a lot of hard work and endless
effort by students, things came out well and the
event went off successfully. The quality of events
was appreciated by one and all. All of this has
translated into a solid start for the SPJCM college-
fest and Spectra and the next batches are already
keen to raise the benchmark. In days to come, it
should be the flag-bearer for SPJCM’s relations
with other b-schools in and around Singapore.

                                          st                   nd
                  Event                  1 Place              2 Place

                  Who Gets the           S.P.Jain Center of   NUS Business
                  Bailout                Management           School

                                         Singapore Institute S.P.Jain Center of
                  Quizopollis            of Management       Management

                                                                                                                  VOLUME 3
                                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                                             EVENTS @ SPJCM

                                       Singapore ARP Showcase
Applied Research Projects (ARPs) are an integral       The panel consisted of :
                                                                                                                Jury Award
part of the SP Jain Center of Management’s             Mr Manoj Menon who manages Frost & Sullivan's
                                                                                                                “ Demand
Global MBA curriculum. As many of you already          business in Southeast Asia and jointly spearheads
know, our students spend six months each of their      the company's global ICT research and consulting         Suppy Dy-
one year intensive MBA at our twin city campuses       business. He is one of the region's most sought-         namics of
in Singapore and Dubai. We have also recently          after speakers, frequently featured in all the lead-     Hard and
tied up with the Schulich Scool of Business, York      ing news channels.                                       Soft Com-
University, Toronto and the Australian Graduate        Dr Tommy Tan, the Chief Executive Officer and co-        modities”
School of business, UNSW, Sydney. Some of our          founder of TC Capital Pte Ltd, a leading firm in the
MBA cohort will now also be spending a summer          field of M&A and Corporate Finance Advisory Ser-         Ramasubra-
in these locations as a part of their MBA studies.     vices. Prior to this, Dr Tan had an illustrious career   manian and
In all the countries that our students visit during    in investment banking with Morgan Stanley,               Vinayak
the course of their MBA, we insist that they inter-    Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.
face with the corporate world first hand, to under-    Mr Hector Rualo, who has had a distinguished
stand how the business community works there,          career in Banking. An American, he has lived and
and to get acclimatized to the local culture. One      worked in both London and Tokyo, before moving
significant way of achieving this is through the       to Singapore, where he is currently Managing Di-
ARPs. These projects require the students to pick      rector and CIO of Deutsche Asset Management,             Audience
an issue that has relevance across an industry, and    Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank.                             Choice
apply the research techniques learned in their         Ms Deborah Sawyer who specializes in executive           Award
course, to gather information and analyze the          placement. She moved to Singapore from the US            “ A study on
same. Some projects are done in association with       two years ago and is currently the Managing Part-        the Singa-
specific companies, others have a broad industry       ner for Odgers, the elite UK-based executive pro-        pore Ship-
wide reach and involve interfacing with many dif-      fessional services firm. The ARP Presentations fol-      ping Industry
ferent companies for primary research.                 lowed a simple format of 7 minutes for each team,
                                                                                                                from an Ex-
Some of the companies with which the current           followed by Q &A. The corporate mentors of the
                                                                                                                port Logistics
batch did their ARPs included UOB Kay Hian Secu-       Top Three teams also made statements about
rities, Star Hub, Bristle Cone Consulting. The gen-    their experience of working with and guiding the         Perspective”
eral feedback from all these organizations, as well    teams. There was a great deal of very stimulated
as the many others that were contacted by the          interaction between the Jury panel, the audience         Gunjan,
students as a part of their industry wide research,    and the student teams that made the evening              Nikhil and
has been very positive. Companies feel that there      memorable. The Jury awarded the Top ARP Prize            Vishal
is a significant value addition for them in having a   to Vinayak and Ramasubramanian, whose Re-
team of highly intelligent, motivated and experi-      search Topic was ‘Identifying the Demand and
enced young people, to provide fresh insights into     Supply Dynamics of Hard and Soft Commodities’.
issues with which their own managers may have          The audience choice award based on instant poll-
been struggling. To the students, it is a wonderful    ing of our learned audience was awarded to Vis-
way for witnessing first hand how companies            hal, Nikhil and Gunjan from the IT specialization.
function in different parts of the world.              Their research topic was ”A study on the Singa-
On Friday, May 22nd, SP Jain’s Singapore campus        pore Shipping Industry from an Export Logistics
hosted the ARP Corporate Showcase for the Dec          Perspective”. The formal part of the evening was
08 student batch. Attended by over fifty senior        followed by cocktails and dinner and a lot of dis-
corporate managers from a diverse range of lead-       cussion on how well the student teams had pre-
ing MNCs and Singaporean organizations, it was a       sented their work. There was much interest in the
great opportunity for our guests to meet the MBA       research conducted by other teams who had not
cohort and also network with each other.               presented that evening. Many of the guests also
An internal faculty panel had chosen the three top     expressed interest in mentoring future projects
Applied Research Projects for the batch based on       done by the SP Jain cohort and in attending the
stringent evaluation criteria. These ARPs were         next ARP Corporate Showcase.
then presented to a distinguished Panel of Judges.

                                                                                                            VOLUME 3
                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009


Our Learned Professor

Professor Parvinder Arora, Prof of Finance has published the following papers

Competitive Dynamics of Indian Housing Finance Industry, Paradigm, Vol. XIII, No.1, pp. 28-38. (Co-

Profitability of Housing Finance Companies in India: A Bi-variate Analysis of Selected HFCs, Journal of
Indian Management and Strategy, Volume 14, No.1, pp 4-17, ISSN No: 0973-9335 (Co-authored)

Housing Finance in India: Development, Growth and Policy Implications, PCMA Journal of Business, Vol.1 No. 1, pp. 51
-63 (Co-authored)

Talking Heads

                                        Recently SPJCM Singapore organized a British Parliamentary style debate com-
                                        petition. The event witnessed huge enthusiasm from students with more than
                                        16 teams enrolling for the competition. After 3 rounds of rigorous and fierce
                                        debate on multiple topics ranging from politics to philosophy the judges de-
                                        cided on 4 final teams. The final round was a humour round with the topic
                                        “Marriage is an outdated institution” with teams fiercely competing against
                                        each other for the first place. With fingers crossed the final four teams waited
                                        patiently as the judges prepared the final result. The judges finally broke the
                                        silence by declaring Team “Delta” consisting of Vishal Shukla and Aditya Mehra
as the winners of the Debate Competition. Both Vishal and Aditya are December 08 Information Technology Manage-
ment students and were awarded cash prize of S$100 by respected Prof Ms. Dawn Dekle. The whole event was the
brain child of Mr. Thaneer Laxman who himself is a known champion of British Parliamentary style debate. The event
ended with Ms. Dawn Dekle thanking the audience for their patience and congratulated the winning teams for their
splendid effort . The event was organized by Jose and Vinayak.

Warehouse Weavers
In a Middle East Magazine called “Log” July 2009 edition, an article “WMS
for beginners” was issued which was an outcome of ARP work of Ramiya
Nagarajan and Mohammed Ismail under the guidance of Dr. Rajiv Aserkar.
The article walks through the basics of warehouse operations, information
technology systems necessary to take the distribution centres to the next
level and key performance indicators for measuring warehouse operations
performance. The magazine covers various other technology and industry
related articles related to distribution.

Artist within..
SPJCM organized an Inter college event, which includes both Logo and Poster design competition. Vineet Maurya
GMBA Apr 09 won the competition in both the events with his innovative designs and artistic thinking.

                                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

ARP Standout
The ARP of the team of Gunjan Gupta, Nikhil Pandey and Vishal Shukla
was voted as the Best ARP in the “Audience choice” category at a
prestigious event held at the Singapore campus of SPJCM on 22nd
May,2009. The event was attended by several dignitaries of the corpo-
rate world with the likes of Frost & Sullivan and IBM making their
presence felt. The winning ARP was on “The Shipping Industry of Sin-
gapore – An Exports Logistics perspective” and was executed in con-
junction with Bristlecone Consulting, Singapore.
The guests were extremely pleased both with the relevance and the
quality of the content as well as the high quality of delivery. The fol-
lowing feedback pretty much sums up how highly the above ARP was
rated by the audience: “This was one of the best pitches I have heard.
You guys would make great consultants!” Mr.Menon from Frost &

The Applied Research Project titled “Demand and Supply Dynamics of Hard and Soft Commodities”, executed by the
                                                      team of Ramasubramanian Sailapathi and Vinayakaram Gu-
                                                      rurajan, with UOB Kay Hian, a leading securities trading and
                                                      investments firm in Singapore, was adjudged as The Best Ap-
                                                      plied Research Project by the Corporate Jury during the Sin-
                                                      gapore ARP Corporate Showcase event. The project, with a
                                                      focus on palm oil and on iron ore, encompassed a study of
                                                      the various factors influencing the prices of these 2 com-
                                                      modities, an analysis of the principal influencing compo-
                                                      nents, and also prediction and normalization of the prices.
                                                      The team’s corporate mentor Mr. Cornelius Pranata, Director
                                                      – Capital Markets (Indonesia), UOB Kay Hian, was impressed
                                                      by the work and had sent in his note of appreciation.

Showing the way..
“Who gets the Bailout” required convincing the jury that their company was the most eligible candidate among all to
be the beneficiary of the funds to be given by the jury. They presented a plan on Ford Motor Co, and though teams
from SPJCM, NUS and SIM gave a tough fight the SPJCM team of Praveen Nair, Pratik Agarwal, Hardik Patel and
Balagopal Nair remained undefeated and took home the winning prize.

A Step Ahead …

Bikram Pattanaik from Wealth Management and Aravind M S from Investment Banking specializations achieved the
fantastic feat of getting their Applied Research Project published by the Social Science Research Network ( SSRN ) on
July 1st, 2009. SSRN publishes only top quality research papers after several rounds of reviews and this is the first in
the short history of SPJCM. The research paper was on " Assets Under Management for various kinds of Funds and
their Asset Allocations - Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Sovereign Wealth
Funds". The research was mentored by Mr. K.G.Loh, Head of Capital Markets, UOB Kay Hian - Singapore, Dr. Parvinder
Arora, Assoc. Prof. Finance & Accounting and Ms. Vinika Rao, Assoc. Prof. of Strategy at SPJCM Singapore. The research
paper is available online at the following web address:

                           VOLUME 3
                         AUGUST 2009

LIFE @ SPJCM Singapore

                       VOLUME 3
                     AUGUST 2009


                                                                                                    VOLUME 3
                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009


                                                                     I just finished reading the 2nd issue
     Its 4 am on a Monday & finally I                                of SPark and must say guys "U R
     completed reading through this                                  Really Putting Very Good Efforts to
     edition of Spark. All I have to say is                          Make this Happen"... My hearty
     - I have gone through various col-                              congratulations to the Sparks
     lege mags/ communiqué’s, how-                                   Team. I really like the concept and
     ever never seen the spark this one                              material covered in the SPARK. It
     had in it. Great Job, Guys.                                     really now completes a missing link
                                                                     that was felt in the SP Jain family.
                                                                     Keep it up.

 Sunil M. Bhat, GDEC08 - SMM                             Mitul Mehta , Alumnus-Jan 08

     Congratulations to the SPJCM Spark
     team!                                                          Increase the content & also add more
     I think this is a great way to show-                           value towards the real experience of
     case SPJCM`s thought leadership in                             the program/ faculty/ course/ corpo-
     the management education world.                                rate scenario etc. It will be useful for
     I especially like the "Quiz" and the                           us as alumni to pass on such mailers
     "Speaking Tree" sections of this                               to our network & other associations
     volume.                                                        that we have which in turn will give
                                                                    more publicity & knowledge to poten-
                                                                    tial employers & aspirants of SP who
                                                                    wish to join in future.

Apurva Chiranewala, Alumnus

                                                                  Rohit Mitta, Alumnus
               I just went through the newsletter
               and must say that it has come out
               really well.
               Brilliant piece of work. The college
               is surely doing great. It s nice to see
               us going places.
               Way to go guys Keep up the good
                                                           THANK U !!!

   Yuthika, Alumnus Jan 2008                                     Gang @ SPark

                                                                                                    VOLUME 3
                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009

                                         PASSING THE BATON

It is that moment of time when the baton has to be passed from one hand to the other. The
journey so far has been exciting and exasperating with a lot of things to learn and a lot to
unlearn. Being the first scions of SPark it was an experience of a lifetime in bringing out the
magazine. Corporate Governance, Recession have been the avatars of SPark so far. It has
manifested and taken a new form by managing the changes it had to undertake. Through
these forms the magazine has been a launch pad for expressing thoughts, ideas, creativity of
the students and the staff of SPJCM. It has been the identity of the college so far and we hope
it will take new avatars and project the college in better ways to the world. On behalf of Gang
@ SPark we would like to thank the following people for participating in the Competition Seg-
ment of this edition.

                                          Arif Adhoni
                                         Arun Sharma
                                        Chetan Modani
                                        Gaurav Saxena
                                         Harish Gupta
                                         Puneet Bajaj
                                       Saurabh Thakkar
                                         Sreemoy Das
                                        Varun Shankar
                                          Vivek Kakar

Our heart full congratulations to all the winners of the article writing competition. We also
thank all those who have contributed for the magazine both directly and indirectly. Our sin-
cere thanks to the management for their support and encouragement in bringing out the
magazine. We thank all the readers and their feedback which helped us in proving the maga-
zine. The magazine is getting passed on to new hands. The magazine is just three editions
young and we hope it will blossom with fresh ideas and reach great heights.

                                                                  Let the journey continue …

                                                                  - The Editors.

                                                                                           VOLUME 3
                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

  Introducing the                                                             SPark
 Future ‘SPark’lers                                                         PATRONS:

     Singapore                                                         Dr. Micheal J Barnes
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                                    YOUR COMMENTS
                                                                        Mr. Srinivas Phani
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    Neha Baid
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