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					Tablet PC Exercises
 1. Open blank Journal page, take notes and convert to typed text
         Begin by going to
             a. Start > Programs > Windows Journals
             b. Take the pen out of its seat
             c. Begin writing on the page
             d. Convert handwriting to typed text by
                     i. Using the selection tool to select text
                     ii. click on Actions > Convert handwriting to text
                     iv. Do any text corrections
                     v. Click OK and Insert in the same Journal note and click
             e. Insert and delete space on the page
                     i. From the menu options, select Insert > Insert/Remove Space
                     ii. Click, hold and drag
 NOTE: You cannot write with the pen within the text box once you have converted
         handwriting to typed text. You can use the keyboard, or the input panel to
         write with pen.

 2. Explore Screen Orientation and pen calibration
             a. Path: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Tablet and Pen Settings
             b. Under the Settings tab, select Handedness, Menu location and
                Calibrate (explore options)
             c. Under the Display tab, select Screen orientation and Screen
                brightness (explore options)
             d. Under the Tablet Buttons tab, review the Button location. You can
                change the action of the button by clicking on the Tablet Button and
                then clicking on the Change button and selecting an action from the
                pull down menu.
             e. Under the Pen Options tab, you can customize the pen actions. (The
                pen works like the mouse.) The Settings button allows you to set the
                speed of your taps, and distance the pen can move between taps. There
                are two Pen buttons settings as well; Use the pen buttons to right-
                click and Use top of pen to erase (where available).
  3. Convert a PowerPoint presentation to Journal
          Option 1 - Print
              a. Opening the PowerPoint presentation in the MLA folder on the desktop
                      titled mla_tabletpc_overview.ppt
              b. From the File menu select Print
              c. Select the Journal Note Writer as your printer
          Option 2 - Import
              a. Open Windows Journal
              b. From the File menu select Import
              c. Navigate to the file you want to place in Journal. Use the file in the
                  MLA folder on the desktop titled mla_tabletpc_overview.ppt and
                  click on the Import button
              d. Tap next to continue
          Practice using the various annotation tools as you move through the
          PowerPoint presentation (View > Toolbars).
              a. Standard: New Note, Save, Import, Fine, Cut, Copy, Paste, Un/redo
              b. Pen: Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, Selection Tool, Flag
              c. Format: Bold, Italics, Color, More Colors
              d. View: Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out
  Note: To move from slide to slide in a PowerPoint converted to Journal, use the blue
          navigator Page Bar at the bottom on the page. (Path: View > Page Bar)

  4. Annotate an image
             Anatomy picture; gross_brain_labeled.jpg or gross_brain.jpg
             Map of San Antonio; san_antonio_map.jpg or san_antonio_map2.jpg

May 4, 2005-- jml

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Description: Tablet PC is a PC family, additional members of their similar appearance and notebook computers, notebook computers, but not simple, it can be called the laptop a condensed version. Between its appearance between notebooks and PDAs, but with a capacity greater than the Pocket PC, than the laptop, which in addition has all of its functions, also supports handwriting or speech input, mobility and portability are superior . Tablet PC, there are two specifications, one for the special tablet, can be an external keyboard, screen, etc., as a general PC use. Another notebook tablet to be normally open and close like notebook.