Have you read a huge amount or number of by jennbrink


									Have you read a huge amount or number of grammar books while preparing for this class? Do you have two alternatives or choices when deciding the best way to get to the restaurant? These two word groups are a complete annoyance, but once you learn them, you’ll be able to use them effectively. Here are the definitions: Alternative versus Choice Alternative relates to offering or expressing a set amount of choices Choice relates to the act of choosing freely Example: The manager asked the employees to choose one of the four alternatives. Example: The number of alternatives made choosing difficult. These two synonyms are tricky, so let me see if I can clarify. Alternative implies a necessity to choose one possibility and reject another. Choice suggests the opportunity or privilege of choosing freely. Perhaps the best way to clarify these two is by remembering that you choose freely from a limited amount of alternatives. The alternatives are predictable, the choice of which alternative to use is not. (Other section deleted)

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