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					                                  To Kill a Mockingbird
                                      Vocabulary II
                        Quiz date: ___Thurs 1/8________________

1. contemptuously (adv.): To behave or speak toward someone as if he or she is unworthy or
beneath one's dignity.

"She spoke quietly, contemptuously (p. 121)."

2. ecclesiastical impedimenta (adj. + n.) items used during a church service

"...the familiar ecclesiastical impedimenta we saw every Sunday (p. 122)."

3. denunciation (n.): Strong disapproval or condemnation of something.

4. austere (adj.): stern and severe

"His sermon was a forthright denunciation of sin, an austere declaration of the motto on the wall
behind him...(p. 124)."

5. obliquely (adv.): indirectly

"...but Aunt Alexandra was of the opinion, obliquely expressed, that the longer a family had been
squatting on one patch of land the finer it was (p. 132)."

6. myopic (adj): Myopia is an abnormal eye condition, often called nearsightedness. Someone
who is myopic cannot see objects clearly.

"...because Sinkfield reduced his guests to myopic drunkenness one evening...(p. 133)."

7. antagonize (vb.): oppose; make angry

" 'Scout, try not to antagonize Aunty, hear (p. 140).' "

8. infallible (adj.): never wrong

"...his infallible sense of direction told him he was in Abbott County...(p. 142)."

9. begrudge (vb.): to feel resentment or disapproval about the fact that someone has something.

" 'I don't think anyone in Maycomb'll begrudge me a client, with times this hard (p. 147).' "

10. venerable (adj.): impressive on account of age or historic associations

 "The Maycomb jail was the most venerable and hideous of the county's buildings (p. 152)."

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