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  Gimnazjum nr1 im. Ojca Świętego
  Jana Pawła II in Raba Wyzna

                              Golden soup

2 glasses of white dry wine
50 dag of peaches
10 dag of honey
2 spoons of icing sugar
Spoon of cocoa
Glass of cream

How to do it?
Rinse peaches, remove stones, insert fruit into the pot, pour with
wine and cook on small fire. Then mix with honey and boil it. After
make it cool. Put into the fridge. Mix cream, icing sugar and cocoa.
Pour the soup, serve on plates with biscuit and cover with cream.

                               Tomato salad

1 kg of tomatoes
3-4 pieces of garlic
2 tablespoons of parsley
3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Pepper, salt

How to do it:
Peal the tomatoes and slice them. Grate all garlic with salt and
pepper, blend with chopped parsley. Sprinkle the tomatoes with
parsley, with lemon juice and pour with olive oil.
Serve with roast poultry or fish.
                              Greek salad
3 tomatoes
2 fresh cucumbers
Green lettuce
1 red onion
Feta cheese
Few olives
Olive oil
Salt, pepper, oregano

How to do it?
Tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese cut in dices, onion in slices.
Lettuce tear up. All ingredients put into a bowl, add olives.

                              Potato salad
1 kg of potatoes
1 onion
0,5 glass of stock of bouillon cube
4 spoons of oil
3 spoons of vinegar
10 dag of pickles
2 teaspoons of chopped parsley
Salt, pepper

How to do it:
Cook potatoes for 20 min. then leave them for 10 min. in hot
water. Prepare the stock of chopped onion, vinegar, chopped
parsley, salt and pepper. Potatoes pour with cold water, peal
them, slice, add to the stock. Leave it until it is cold. Add sliced

                          Caprese salad
6 tomatoes
25 dag of mozzarella
Several leaves of basil
2 spoons of oil
Pepper, salt

How to do it?
Slice cheese, wash tomatoes cutting off heel, slice them. Cheese
and tomatoes put on the plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper,
sprinkle with olive oil, move aside to the fridge for an hour. Wask
basil, dry it and slice then sprinkle the salad.


                          Orange cake
    Big orange
    4 eggs
    25 dag of sugar
    25 dag of melted butter
    25 dag of flour
    2 spoons of baking powder

How to do it?
Hit up the over to 160ºC. Prepare tin. Burn orange, peel wipe,
squeeze juice into the mug. Break eggs separate the yolks and
grate with sugar to white. To yolks mass and wipe and juice and
next and entire time stir, gradually and flour with baking powder
and pour melted butter. When mass becomes uniform, combine this
mass, delicately with beat foam. Pour into form, bake for about
45 min., before taking out. If cake is ready now. After baking
spread with icing sugar.
Instead of oranges can take 2 lemons.

                            Brown Cake

    1 bar of bitter chocolate
    10 dag of butter or margarine
    3 eggs
    8 dag of walnuts
    25 dag of sugar
    Vanilla sugar
    15 dag of flour
    bit of salt

How to do it?
Put the butter into the bowl and add crushed chocolate. Bowl
place on little fire, heat up, until chocolate dissolves and put it
together with butter.
Stop to heat, move aside. To chocolate add sugar, vanilla, sugar,
eggs, flour, salt, nuts.
Chocolate cake spread on small tin. Bake 40 minutes in 175ºC.
Serve with vanilla ice–cream or cream.
           DISK WITH MEAT

                       Roast Knuckle
-2 back knuckles,
-4 peel carrots,
-3 peel parsleys,
-1 medium celery,
-1 onion,
-1 tomato,
-pepper, salt
-1 leek,

 How to do it?
On big dish heat-proof on hat lard put in fat slice vegetables,
onion and tomato. Afterwards put in grated pepper and salt
knuckles. In warm oven to
160 °C, roast about 2 hours into bright brown colour.
For time roast often roll and pour at first water, later sauce
make with meat. To and hot knuckle put on the grill in oven and
pour beer. The door on the oven gently lift knuckle leave, till
make crisp crust. Give with bakery goods or potatoes.


-4 beef chop of thickness 6cm,
-2 spoons of oil,
-salt, pepper,
-fat to fry,

  How to do it?
Wash meat, dray it, delicately mash and add oil. Prepared meat
insert to fridge for 50 minutes, next warm up fat on pan and fry
around every part 5 minutes, until meat is brown. Then sprinkle
with salt and pepper. Server with potato chateau and bernenski


                           Omelet with pea

-2 eggs,
-2 spoons of milk,
-a half of small can of green pea,
-a spoon of yellow cheese,
-spoon of a butter,
-a spoon of chopped parsley,
-white pepper,

 How to make it?
Add eggs, milk, a pinch of salt and pepper, whip it, batter
shouldn’t be very whipped but only a little whisked. Add butter
on to a frying pan to the hot fat. While it is frying shake a frying
pan and leave the edge of the omelets a little to make the butter
go underneath.
When top still is a little jelly and base will be ready on one half
of the omelets add a green pea, cover with the other half. Fry it
for about one minute more.
Put on a plate. Sprinkle with the parsley and cheese.
You can use jam, asparagus or cauliflower if you don’t won’t to
use pea.
                      Bean with cabbage
-2 glasses of bean,
-head of cabbage,
-1,5-2 kg potatoes,
-bacon fat,

   How to do it?
Peel the potatoes, chop the cabbage. Cook soaked bean. The day
before soak the bean. Boil the bean, add peeled potatoes, add salt
and boil them, until they become soft. Boil potatoes and bean
(don’t overflow the stock). Beat puree, Join with cooked cabbage,
mix up. If dish was too dense add stock and mix up. Before serving
sprinkle with bacon fried with onion.
             DISH WITH FISH

                     Starter frutti di mare
    Melon
    Tim of prouns
    2–3 onions
    2–3 pods of pickled red pepper
    2–3 spoons of oil
    2–3 springs of fresh basil
    Pepper, salt

How to do it?

Rinsed and dried melon put for 2-3 hours in to fridge, to cool it
down. Take out, cut in half, hollow with pulp, delete stones and
cut it into thick dice. Drained off pickled pepper slice, chop tiny
onion. Mix it with melon, pepper and onion, spice with pepper and
salt, sprinkle with oil cove, insert for 1-2 hours in to fridge.
Before serving at table half of melon fill with salad.
Serve cooled.

                               Blue Trout

    5 trouts
    Glass of vinegar (3%)
    40 dag of vegetables (carrot, leek, celery, parsley)
    Salt
    4 spoons of butter
    2 spoons

How to do it?
Fish wipe to dry, no rise. Next sprinkle trout and leave in cool
place on 1 hour. Separately cook vegetables, salt, add 3 spoons
vinegar, put fish and cook slow, without cover, for 20 minutes.
Get out on dish, sprinkle dill and baste light butter.
Serve out with potatoes with water and green lettuce with

                             Fish in cake

-350g of flour,
-0,75 glass of oil,
-0,75 glass of water

-1 kg fillets from cod,
-1 jar of tomato puree,
-2 pods of paprika
-1 big onion,
-1 packaging of sweet paprika grind,
-salt, pepper,

  How to do it?
Flour sift. Oil warm up on frying pan, take with fire. To flour
pour into oil and water, salt, knead dough on uniform mass, put
away on 30 minutes in cool place. Onion cut in sliced.
Fillets fish fry in onion on enough strong fine. Take fish from
frying pan, and next throw on frying pan paprika and fast.

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