Barefoot Books Cross-Cultural Story Reference by jennbrink


									        Barefoot Books Cross-Cultural Story Reference
                             Includes Illustrated Anthologies, Audio Books, and Picture Storybooks

EUROPE                              AFRICA                        ASIA/MIDDLE EAST               SOUTH AMERICA
Albania                             Africa, General               Asia, General                  Argentina
  Magic Hoofbeats                     African Animals ABC           Tales from the Silk Road       Fairy Tales
Armenia                               Fabrics of Fairytale        Arabia                         Brazil
  Fabrics of Fairytale                Giants, Ghosts & Goblins      Fairy Tales                    Animal Tales
France                                Pirates                       One City, Two Brothers
  Fairy Tales                         Princesses                  China                          UNITED KINGDOM
  Genius of Leonardo                  Story Tree                    Animal Tales                 England
  Hare and the Tortoise               Wisdom & Wonder               Fabrics of Fairytale           Grandfather Mountain
  Knights                           Egypt                           Fairy Tales                    Knights
  Storytime                           Lady of 10,000 Names          Forest of Stories              Princesses
  Wisdom & Wonder                     Stories of the Opera          Giants, Ghosts & Goblins       Riddle Me This
Germany                             Kenya                           Great Race                     Shakespeare’s Storybook
  Animal Tales                        Animal Tales                  Lady of 10,000 Names           Stories of the Opera
  Fairy Tales                         Story of the Masaii Man       Motherbridge of Love           Storytime
  Grandmother Stories               Morocco                         Princesses                     Wisdom & Wonder
  Knights                             Forest of Stories           Japan                          Ireland
  Pirates                           Nigeria                         Calendar of Festivals          Calendar of Festivals
  Princesses                          Catch that Goat!              Forest of Stories              Celtic Memories
  Stories of the Opera                Grandfather Mountain          Grandfather Mountain           Giants, Ghosts & Goblins
  Story Tree                          Lady of 10,000 Names          Grandmother Stories            Grandfather Mountain
Greece                                Mama Panya’s Pancakes         Knights                        Grandmother Stories
  Adventures of Odysseus              Forest of Stories             Lady of 10,000 Names           Old Ireland
  Ballet Stories                    Senegal                         Pirates                        Pirates
  Grandfather Mountain                Grandmother Stories         India                            Wisdom & Wonder
  Lady of 10,000 Names              Tanzania                        Animal Tales                 Scotland
Hungary                               We All Went on Safari*        Elephant Dance                 Fireside Stories
  Magic Hoofbeats                                                   Forest of Stories              Pirates
Italy                                                               Indian Tales                   Giants, Ghosts & Goblins
  Stories of the Opera              NORTH AMERICA                   Magic Hoofbeats              Wales
  Genius of Leonardo                Canada/French Canadian          Riddle Me This!                Celtic Memories
  Monsters                           Animal Tales                   Story Tree                     Lady of 10,000 Names
Poland                               Fireside Stories             Iran
  Ballet Stories                     Magic Hoofbeats                Magic Hoofbeats
Russia                              Cuba                          Korea                          RELIGIOUS
  Ballet Stories                     Riddle Me This                 Ballet Stories               Buddist
  Calendar of Festivals             Guatemala                     Nepal                            Calendar of Festivals
  Fireside Stories                   Forest of Trees                Monsters                       Tenzin’s Deer
  Giants, Ghosts & Goblins          Haiti                         Persia                         Christian
  Gigantic Turnip*                   Wisdom & Wonder                Knights                        Babushka
  Grandmother Stories               Mexico                          Princesses                     Calendar of Festivals
  Knights                            Fiesta Femenina*             Thailand                         Genius of Leonardo
  Magic Hoofbeats                    Grandfather Mountain           Animal Tales                   Miracle of the First
  Riddle Me This                     Grandmother Stories          Tibet                          Poinsettia
  Story Tree                         Miracle of First               Tenzin’s Deer                  Noah and the Ark
  Wisdom & Wonder                   Poinsettia                                                     Twelve Days of Christmas
Scandanavia                          Off We Go to Mexico*                                        Hindu
  Fabrics of Fairytale              United States &               PACIFIC                          Calendar of Festivals
  Giants, Ghosts & Goblins          Native American               Australia                        Elephant Dance
  Grandmother Stories                Animal Tales                   Animal Tales                   Divaali
  Lady of 10,000 Names               Fairy Tales                    Giants, Ghosts & Goblins     Jewish
  Pirates                            Giants, Ghosts & Goblins       Monsters                       Calendar of Festivals
  Princesses                         Grandfather Mountain         Hawaii                           Fabrics of Fairytale
  Story Tree                         Grandmother Stories            Fabrics of Fairytale           Forest of Stories
  Storytime                          Lady of 10,000 Names         Indonesia                        Noah and the Ark
  Three Billy Goats Gruff            Magic Hoofbeats                Fabrics of Fairytale           One City, Two Brothers
Spain                                Monsters                     New Zealand                      Story Tree
  Fairy Tales                        Princesses                     Grandfather Mountain         Pagan
Switzerland                          Riddle Me This               Tahiti                           Goddesses
  Storytime                          Wisdom & Wonder                Monsters                       Grandfather Mountain
Ukraine                                                                                            Lady of 10,000 Names
  Fairy Tales

                                                                                                     * Also Available in Spanish
                                 Barefoot Books Gift Guide
BY AGE                                   Ages 5 to 7                                 SPECIAL OCCASIONS
Babies and Toddlers                       Barefoot Book of Animal Tales              Baby Shower
 Alligator Alphabet Board Book            Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales                Barefoot Book of Blessings
 Cleo series Board Books                  Barefoot Book of Knights w/story CD         I Took the Moon for a Walk
 Daddy Island                             Barefoot Book of Monsters                   Mother Goose Remembers
 How Big is a Pig? Board Book*            Barefoot Book of Pirates w/story CD         Mrs. Moon w/song CD
 Mrs. Moon w/song CD                      Barefoot Book of Princesses w/story CD      Putumayo Dreamland CDs
 One Two, Skip a Few                      Boy Who Grew Flowers                        Storytime: First Tales for Sharing
 Clare Beaton board books                 Child’s Book of Fairies                     Story Tree Invitations
                                          Elephant Dance                              Story Tree Thank You Cards
Toddlers and Preschoolers                 Faerie’s Gift                               Welcome to the World
  African Animals ABC                     Forest of Stories
  Alligator Alphabet Book and Puzzle      Genius of Leonardo                         Expecting after Difficult Conception
  Animal Boogie w/song CD                 Herb the Vegetarian Dragon Gift Set         The Faerie’s Gift
  Barnyard First Puzzles                  Little Red Riding Hood
  Bear series books*                      Mama Panya’s Pancakes                      Adoption
  Can You See the Red Balloon?            One City, Two Brothers                      Motherbridge of Love (Chinese child)
  Cleo’s Alphabet Book w/Poster           Princess and the White Bear King
  Cleo’s Color Book                       Riddle Me This!                            Grief/Loss
  Cleo’s Counting Book w/height chart     Story of Divaali                            Blue Pearls (Christian - Death)
  Clever Chameleon                        Tales from Old Ireland                      Tear Thief (Tears of sadness)
  Creepy Crawly Calypso w/song CD         Tear Thief                                  Tenzin’s Deer (Buddhist – Loss)
  Dragon on the Doorstep                  Three Billy Goats Gruff*
  Elusive Moose                           Wild Swans                                 Siblings, New Baby
  Farmyard Jamboree w/song CD             Winter King and the Summer Queen             Sand Sister
  Gigantic Turnip*                                                                     Welcome to the World
  Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush     Ages 8 and up                                 Rip and Rap (Twins)
  Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear       A Snowflake Fell: Poems about WInter         Shrinking Sam
  House that Jack Built                   Calendar of Festivals                        Bunbun the Middle One
  I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur               Celtic Memories
  I Wish I Were a Pilot                   Giants, Ghosts, Goblins                    New Pet
  Island in the Sun*                      Barefoot Book of Stories from the Ballet    Cleo the Cat
  Jack and the Beanstalk*                 Barefoot Book of Tales from the Opera       Cleo and Caspar (New puppy)
  Journey Home from Grandpa’s w/ CD       Fabrics of Fairytale
  Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat*    Fiesta Femenina*                           Christmas
  Magic Train Ride w/song CD              First Morning: Poems about Time             Babushka
  My Daddy is a Pretzel                   Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic        Calendar of Festivals
  My Granny Went to Market*               Grandfather Mountain: Gods and Heroes       Barefoot Book of Blessings
  Off We Go to Mexico*                    Grandmother’s Stories                       Barefoot Book of Knights (Sir Clieges)
  One Moose, Twenty Mice*                 Lady of Ten Thousand Names                  Gingerbread Man
  Portside Pirates                        Magic Hoofbeats: Horse Tales w/CD           Fireside Stories
  Sand Sister                             Shakespeare’s Storybook w/CD                Miracle of the First Poinsettia
  Secret Seahorse                         Stories from the Silk Road                  Snowflake Fell (24 poems for Advent)
  Ship Shapes                             Tales of Wisdom and Wonder                  12 Days of Christmas w/CD
  Skipping through the Seasons
  Star Seeker                            PUZZLES                                     Halloween
  Story of Noah and the Ark               Alligator Alphabet Floor Puzzle             Giants, Ghosts, and Goblins audio CD
  Story Tree w/story CD                   Animal Boogie Mini Cube Puzzles             Fireside Stories (Samhain)
  Swing High, Swing Low                   Baby Animal Block Puzzle
  Thesaurus Rex                           Barnyard First Puzzles                     Valentines Day
  We All Go Traveling By w/song CD        Bear on the Go Puzzles                      Boy Who Grew Flowers
  We All Went on Safari                   Counting Cockatoos Floor Puzzle             Someone I Like
  We’re Riding on a Caravan               Dinosaur Block Puzzle                       Classic Poems
  We’re Sailing Down the Nile             Fairy Tales Puzzle in Tin                   Shakespeare’s Stories (Romeo & Juliet)
  We’re Sailing to Galapagos*             Magic Hoofbeats Puzzle in Tin
  What’s This? A Seed’s Story             Mother Goose First Puzzle                  Teacher Apprieciation
  Where’s the Cat?                        Our World Puzzle in Tin                      Elephant Dance (Teaches similes)
  Whole World w/song CD                   Our World Floor Puzzle                       Grandmother’s Stories (Women mentors)
  Counting Cockatoos Book and Puzzle      Pirates Puzzle in Tin                        Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
  Sing Along with Putumayo CD             Princess Puzzle in Tin                       Gigantic Turnip*
                                          Ship Shapes Opposites Puzzle                 What’s This? A Seed’s Story
                                          2-in-1 Animal Puzzle                         Someone I Like

                                                                                                     * Also Available in Spanish

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