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                   Have you checked out our website? –
Volume 14                                   Issue 5                                   4th April, 2007
The P&C Committee meet on the 2 Wednesday of each month in the Administration Building from 7.00pm
                                                                          This enables good decision-making and prompt reaction
              PRINCIPAL’S PATTER                                          times.
The Mid-Coast Community of Schools is applying for                        It would be a worthwhile process to go over the event with
federal funds to employ chaplains in our schools. Miami                   your child/children and reassure them that these events
High and Caningeraba already share a chaplain. After                      have to be part of living near the ocean, but that they are
consulting with staff and the P&C Association it is proposed              safe. You may also wish to revisit your own emergency
that Miami and Burleigh Heads also employ a chaplain                      processes, especially your home and mobile phone
jointly.                                                                  numbers and address.
What is the role of a chaplain?
The school chaplain’s role is to support school students                  I wish to thank Miss Janelle Cleary for her hard work while
and the wider school community in a range of ways                         replacing Mrs Jackie King our Support Teacher Learning
including assisting students explore their spirituality;                  Difficulties over the past year. Mrs. King will return after the
providing guidance on religious, values and ethical matters;              holidays. We also wish Mr Ashley Perrow an enjoyable
helping school counselors and staff in offering welfare                   Long Service Leave and welcome back Ms Rebecca Bond
services and support in cases of bereavement, family                      in his place.
breakdown or other crisis and loss situations. Chaplains will             Be sure to tell your children the real reason for Easter. Do
be expected to respect the range of religious views and                   have a safe and pleasant Easter break.
affiliations, and cultural traditions in the school community,
and be approachable by students of all faiths.                            Graham Dixon
Chaplains will:                                                           Principal
    •    be chosen and        endorsed     by   local   school
         communities;                                                              FOR YOUR FRIDGE MAGNET
    •    offer pastoral care and/or spiritual guidance as                                Cut this out so you won't forget.
         agreed by the school community;
                                                                                         SCHOOL CALENDAR
    •    complement existing student welfare initiatives;
    •    abide by the National School             Chaplaincy              Term Dates:
         Programme Code of Conduct; and                                   Term 1:     Monday 29 January to Friday 5 April
      •    meet relevant child protection checks.                         Term 2:     Tuesday 17 April to Friday 22 June
                                                                          Term 3:     Tuesday 10 July to Friday 21 September
We hope everyone will support this $20,000/school                         Term 4:     Monday 8 October to Friday 14 December
initiative and that our applications are successful.
                                                                          Pupil Free Days for 2007:
I wish to advise you that our school was under a Tsunami                  Monday      16 April
Alert last Monday, with advice on our actions provided by                 Monday      9 July
our South Coast Regional Director of Schools, South Coast                 Monday      22 October
Regional Office.
                                                                          Public Holidays for 2007:
The alert was received shortly after school began, we were
                                                                          6 April     Good Friday
able to prepare and plan to ensure the safety of your child
this entailed both cancelling excursions and preparing for a              9 April     Easter Monday
                                                                          25 April    Anzac Day
possible evacuation prior to the predicted tsunami arriving
                                                                          7 May       Labour Day
on our shoreline.
                                                                          11 June     Queens Birthday
Thanks goes to our staff who assisted in making sure that,
whilst we were on full alert, everyone remained calm and
kept the routines as close as possible to the usual.

Miami State School                                               Page 1                                                      4th April, 2007
                                                                            This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and to find
           FROM THE DEPUTY’S DESK                                           out more about your child’s education and how you can
                                                                            help them learn.

                    “Parenting Ideas”                                       Maree Hansford
             Talking with Kids about School                                 HOSES
                          Part 3

Talk about funny things that happened to you. One of                                          LIBRARY NEWS
the best ways to stimulate conversation is to talk about
funny stuff kids can relate to. “A great way to start                       BOOK FAIR                       WOW!!!!
conversation is to describe an interesting and funny event
from your day. Kids will then respond and talk about                        What a great Book Fair! Thanks to your generous
interesting things that happened to them,” says Lawrence                    support the library will receive $1000 worth of books.
Cohen, Ph.D. Talk about the skunk you passed on the way                     The children and staff say a very big thank you to you
to work. Talk about the toilet paper that got stuck to your                 all.
shoe. Your kids will laugh and probably start talking to you
– even the older ones.                                                      LOST AT THE BOOK FAIR – A little brown echidna was
                                                                            left in the Library during the Book Fair. If the owner would
Don’t jump in to fix your child’s problem immediately.                      like to pick him up from the library, I’m sure he would be
If your child brings up a problem like “I hate my teacher!”                 very happy.
take it in stride. First, find out what else your child has to
say and what he wants to do about it. You might encourage                   Bev McArthur
your child to figure out solutions by asking, “What do you
think you want to do about this?” and “Is there something                   Librarian
you’d like me to do?” Follow up later with “how did your
new strategies work?” or “You haven’t mentioned maths
class lately, does that mean it’s going better” If the problem                       INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC NEWS
is serious, discuss it with the school.
                                                                            Congratulations to all the students who attended the
Help children develop their own solutions. Don’t feel                       Beginner’s Workshop on Tuesday 27 March. The students
you need to supply the right answer yourself. Instead,                      worked diligently all day to be ready for their afternoon
share ideas about possible solutions that will help your                    performance. Not only did they perform tunes from their
child feel better. “This is a way to help your child see you                tutor book they also managed to prepare two complete
as an ally who will support him when problems come up.                      band pieces. It was a pleasure working with such
By helping your child figure it out for himself, you are also               enthusiastic and dedicated students.
giving him a whole set of tools for solving the problems
independently as he gets older,” advises Diane Levin Ph.D.                  Thursday 29th March marked our first Junior Assembly for
                                                                            the year and the students performed some of the tunes
                                                                            they rehearsed at the workshop. Their behaviour on stage
Listen before you talk. Let your child lead you into                        was excellent as they were able to listen attentively while
conversations on his/her own. Sometimes your child will                     other items were presented on the assembly. We are
drop hints without your asking, like “We planted seeds                      planning our next assembly performance for early next
today!” or “Where’s the atlas? I need to find Antarctica.”                  term.
These are perfect openings to talk together about school.
                                                                            Lessons and rehearsals will run as per the timetable for this
                                                                                                                             th                               Thursday and will recommence on Thursday 19 April. A
                                                                            new timetable will be on display in the Music Room at the
Justina Crawford                                Deputy Principal            start of next term and the students will receive their
                                                                            individual timetables at their first lesson.

         FROM THE HEAD OF SPECIAL                                           Alana Russell
         EDUCATION SERVICES DESK                                            Instrumental Music Teacher
The first meeting of the SWD Parent Support group was
held last Friday and was a great success with a small but
happy group of parents and grandparents attending a
session with our Learning Support Teacher, Ms. Jan Weir.
Jan spoke about her role within the school and gave
                                                                                             MIAMI MUNCHSTOP NEWS
parents strategies to assist their children in the learning                 Winter uniforms will be in during May.
process and in gaining reading skills.
Our next meeting will be on Friday 27 April, 2007 at                        APRIL:
2:00pm in the staff room. This session will be presented by                 MON         TUES         WED          THURS        FRIDAY
Mrs. Lauren McHugh, Education Queensland Speech                             16          17           18           19           20
Language Pathologist based at Miami State School.                           Pupil       Megan                     Tracey       Pru
                                                                            Free Day
Lauren will talk about her role and the acquisition of                      23rd        24th         25th         26th         27th
language skills.                                                            Sarah       Megan                     Sandra       Pru

Miami State School                                                 Page 2                                                  4th April, 2007
                          SPORT                                            CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS FOR 2007
            Suzanne is off to the Nationals!!                             Year    Place            Girls                Boys
A huge congratulations has to go to Suzanne Ryan                                       st
                                                                          Year     1        Casey O’Leary        Damen Cameron
who    competed     at   the   State    Swimming                           1
Championships at Caloundra last week. She now
competes in Adelaide from 18th – 22nd June in the                                  2nd      Mikaela Castro       Harvey Eaton
National Swimming Championships.                                                            Molina
                                                                                   3        Claudia Mitchell     Harrison Macrae
Suzanne will only have a week off before resuming
training in preparation for this next major event. As                     Year     1st      Coby Dunham          Darcy Batty
you can see from her results at the State                                  2
Championships, she has the ability to do very well in                              2nd      Madeleine Mitchell   Kelsey Rodgers
the Nationals. Keep your eyes and ears open for a
                                                                                   3rd      Ava Hartley          Lucas Castro
gold coin fundraising day next term to support Suzie                                st
and her family with some of the expenses required                         Year     1        Amber Dodds          Luke Marshall-
when competing at this level. We’re all behind you                         3                                     Steevens
Suzanne, everyone at Miami Primary wishes you the                                  2nd      Calla North          Tyrone O’Leary
very best!!                                                                         rd
                                                                                   3        Yahna Lodge          Cooper Shipley
                State Swimming Results                                                 st
                                                                          Born     1        Caitlin Hartley      Karlten Wolsey
1st   -    50m Butterfly                                                  1998
1st   -    200m Individual Medley                                                  2        Tallea               Philip Macare
1st   -    4 x 50m Medley Relay                                                             Menyweather
2nd    -   4 x 50m Freestyle Relay                                                 3
                                                                                            Cheyenne Potter      Joshua Smith
3rd   -    50m Freestyle                                                               th
                                                                                   4        Montana Williams     Sam Jewell
                                                                          Born     1        Erin Montgomery      Nico Churchouse
Craig Tuffin                                                              1997

PE Specialist                                                                      2nd      Suzanne Ryan         Aaron Izzo
                                                                                   3        Courtenay McCue      Casey North
                                                                                   4        Lauren Smith         Cody Tuhaka
                     CROSS COUNTRY                                        Born     1        Sabrina Castro       Brodie Weeks
                                                                                   2        Teisha Allen         Jai Wood
It was a perfect morning, the sun was shining and it was a                         3        Zoe Shipley          Jayden Rodgers
comfortable 25 degrees with a light southerly breeze                               4
                                                                                            Maddison Glover      Sabardo Mayer
blowing. The children were all prepared having practiced
                                                                          Born     1st      Katrina Sankey       Luke Davies-Webby
their 25km fervently for the past 8 weeks.
Both the Junior and Senior Carnivals ran like clockwork                             nd
                                                                                   2        Rhiannon Jones       Alex McWilliams
with some of the most successful results recorded to date.                         3rd      Tara Vassella        Cameron
It was an extremely tight finish with two houses tying for 1st                                                   Spearpoint
place at the end of all the races. “Norman” and “Bradman”
tied with 96 points with “Fraser” only a few points behind                         4th      Ashley Macrae        Samuel Brown
with a total of 87 points. This is the first time Miami has               Born     1st      Deja Hau             Jed Beckett
ever recorded a tied Cross Country.                                       1994
Thanks must go to Mr. Zipf for his expertise in co-ordinating                      2nd                           Bradley Fenwick
the event on the day.                                                              3rd                           Kyle Allen

Congratulations to all of the place getters mentioned below.
The 10,11,12 and 13 year olds will now prepare to compete
at the Gold Coast South District Cross Country Carnival to                        ANZAC DAY MARCH & CEREMONY
be held at Pizzey Park on Tuesday 1st May.

Thanks must also go to the parents and friends for lending                Once again Miami students have been invited to march at
their support on the day and a huge congratulations to ALL                the Robina Anzac Day ceremony. Any children wishing to
competitors. WELL DONE!!                                                  attend can meet Mr. Stanley outside Target by 8:15am. We
                                                                          will then march behind the school banner to the community
                                                                          centre and attend the ceremony. Everyone is welcome and
                                                                          please come in your school uniform.
Craig Tuffin
PE Specialist                                                             Greg Stanley
                                                                          Year 6/7 Teacher

Miami State School                                               Page 3                                                4th April, 2007
                        P & C NEWS                                            George walked through the gate and headed after his
                                                                              fellow passengers.

The P&C welcomes parent input on any school issue. If                         George sat comfortably on his seat, as the attendants
you would like to have an issue addressed at a P&C                            explained emergency measures or how to use a life
meeting please fill in an agenda item proposal form                           jacket.
available in my pigeon hole at the office.                                    Once the attendants had finished their speeches,
                                                                              they buckled their own seats and waited for the pilot
We are still in need of a Hall co-ordinator to take care of                   to lift off. The seatbelt sign was on so George
school hall issues. The school hall plays a vital role in the                 buckled himself in.
school’s functioning and community; however as with all                       As the plane rumbled to a start, the Korean man
valuable assets it must be managed. This is an important                      checked his watch. Very soon he would take action.
role and I encourage any interested parent to contact me if                   After ten minutes of turbulence and squeals, the
they believe they can help.                                                   seatbelt sign was finally turned off. The attendants
                                                                              stood immediately, fetching carts of wrapped up
Have a safe and Happy Easter; we look forward to what                         sandwiches and eggs. Almost all the passengers had
the new term will bring. The next P&C meeting will be 9th                     left their homes without any breakfast so they
May 2007 at 6:30pm (A reminder to the P&C Executive that                      ordered much food. George ordered a ham
there will be a short meeting the first week back at school – 18th            sandwich. He ripped open the plastic and took a
April at 6:30pm)
                                                                              huge bite. He smiled as the ham and bread slipped
                                                                              down his dry throat.
Helen McKenzie                                                                After an hour of flying, the Korean made his move.
                                                                              He stood up and ripped open his bag. Out of it he
P&C President                                                                 pulled a revolver and some small tablets.
                                                                              He stuffed the tablets into the gun and lifted the
               WRITER OF THE FUTURE                                           revolver. He pulled the trigger and a single tablet
                                                                              erupted. The sound was so loud; the whole plane
                                                                              surged into silence.
Jose Barreto is a student in Year 7 who would like to                         “I’m hijacking this plane!” he yelled.
become a writer when he finishes school. Here is an                           Everyone held their arms up, everyone that is except
example of his work for you to enjoy.                                         for one of the attendants.
                                                                              The attendant walked forward and hugged the
                         The Bag!                                             hijacker.
It was a rainy day at the Gold Coast and everyone                             “Nice to see you brother.” She said.
was inside, watching television or playing some video                         George rushed forward angrily, smashing the two
game.                                                                         apart.
It was an awful day to pick for a journey to go to                            George regained his footing and tackled the Korean
America.                                                                      man. The toy gun flew out of the man’s hand.
George Williams, a young man who was a hotel                                  The Korean kicked George back but everyone
attendant was at the airport reading a novel, thanks                          jumped on him. The attendant stood slowly only to be
to the delay of his flight. George was normally late in                       pushed back down by the other attendants.
everything, and had expected to be racing to Gate
Nine to enter the Airliner. But today was different.                          The flight ended abruptly. The two hijackers were
Two seats away from George sat a Korean man                                   sentenced to jail for life, and I was considered a hero.
carrying a dark brown bag. The man wore an evil
smirk on his face as he watched the passengers                                By Jose Barreto, Year 7.
waiting for the delayed flight with him.
As George reached chapter seventeen in his novel, a
voice erupted from an overhead speaker.
“Would everyone on flight 791 headed for America,
please make their way to Gate Nine? Thank you.”                                                P & C MEETING
George shut his novel and stood. He took hold of his
bags and heaved. He then began towards the search
area. A line had quickly formed behind a table.
It was a few minutes before George reached the
table. He dropped his bag onto a tray and removed
                                                                                          Wednesday 9th May
his watch. Then he passed through the beepers and
retrieved his bag. As he turned around to adjust his
watch, he spotted the Korean man leaving his bag on
a tray and walking through the beepers.
                                                                                      Administration Building
George turned away and headed for the reception                                              6:30pm
table. He gave his ticket to the lady.
“There you go.” The lady said as she stamped the
piece of paper and handed it back. “And have a nice
flight. Thank you.”

Miami State School                                                   Page 4                                              4th April, 2007
The school is happy to advertise some local events and business ventures. However, we do not necessarily endorse them to you. It is the responsibility of individual
                     parents/caregivers to ensure that they themselves are satisfied with all services offered before they involve their children.

                                                                                                     SPEECH & DRAMA CLASSES
                  PIANO TUITION
                                                                                                         For years 3,4 and 5
           All ages                                                                           in the school hall between 8:00 am and
                                                                                                        8:50 am on Fridays
           Classical & Popular
                                                                                                      Parents welcome to sit in
                                                                                        Have fun learning through poetry,
           Air-conditioned Studio                                                       prose, drama, role playing, mime, voice
           Exams & Leisure                                                              care (with phonetics ie. Stepping stones
           Beginners to Advanced                                                        to the processing of words, spelling,
                                                                                        reading and speaking) and various
     Phone: 5572 1615                                                                   tasks (storytelling, public speaking,
                                                                                        plays etc), games for listening,
     Mobile: 0402 997 497
                                                                                        observation, tolerance, concentration
     FREE!            ½ Hour                                                            and memory.
     Consultation Lesson                                                                        Local teacher of 26 years                                                      Phone Karen Sleep on 5573 2009 to
     1 Albicore St. Mermaid Waters
                                                                                        enrol. Limited numbers taken.
                                                                                                 Empower children for life.

SUPER PERFORMANCE CENTRE                                                                Is your child behind in Maths or
        2ND APRIL 2007 – 5TH APRIL 2007
       10TH APRIL 2007 – 13TH APRIL 2007                                                We can help them now, before it’s too
                          FUN FUN FUN
                      Acrobatics                                                        Flexible, fun, @ home, PC learning with
                        Trapeze                                                         phone tutoring support from $24 per
                      Tight wire                                                        week.
                     Wall climbing
                                                                                                   National Academy of Learning
           Professional Circus Performances                                               “Helping children achieve their dreams”
                     Art Activities
                         Movies                                                                                   0414 746 420
      PHONE: 5532 8429

Miami State School                                                           Page 5                                                               4th April, 2007
The school is happy to advertise some local events and business ventures. However, we do not necessarily endorse them to you. It is the responsibility of individual
                     parents/caregivers to ensure that they themselves are satisfied with all services offered before they involve their children.

                 Diamond Tennis                                                                  CURRUMBIN WILDLIFE
     “turning Diamonds into Stars”                                                                  SANCTUARY
                                                                                                       SCHOOL HOLIDAYS
               Miami Grass Tennis Club                                                                 ECO RANGER CLUB
                  Mermaid Waters                                                                    FOR CHILDREN 6-15 YEARS
                 Junior Holiday Clinic                                                         Holiday programs from 9:00am to
              Tues 10th April – Fri 13th April 2007                                                          3.30pm
                        8:00 – 11:00 am                                                            Visit the wildlife hospital
                    Diamond Tots Tennis                                                           Venture behind the scenes
                           Ages 4 – 7
                                                                                           EASTER HOLIDAY DATES ARE APRIL
                8:30 – 9:00am or 9:00 – 9:30 am
                                                                                           10TH, 11TH, 12TH, 13TH, 16TH, 17TH, 18TH,
           Term 2, 2007 Coaching Program                                                                19TH AND 20TH
            beginning Mon 16th April 2007
       Come along & join the new team at Miami                                          Bookings are essential 3 days in advance to
      Grass Tennis Club headed by TCA Advanced                                          avoid disappointment
       Coach, Jenny Dimond, former Wimbledon,
         US, French & Aussie Open tennis star                                           Phone 1300 886 511
      Enrolments being taken now, by phone only                                         Or see website for information and booking
                    0403 509 691                                                        forms

                                                                                       RESIDENTIAL SOCCER CAMP
      DAVID FLEAY WILDLIFE                                                            With former Chelsea,Manchester and World
              PARK                                                                    cup player Terry Phelan.
       “RANGER FOR A DAY”                                                           Easter School Holiday 12th – 15th and 17th – 20th
                                                                                                      11 years and up
         EASTER HOLIDAY                                                             A once in a lifetime opportunity to spend four
           WORKSHOPS                                                                days with former English Premier League
                                                                                    player Terry Phelan at the Tallebudgera
                 April 10 and 11th                                                  Leisure Centre on the Gold Coast.
 Give your child the experience of a lifetime.                                      During the day you will train as a professional
All activities are hands on…so be prepared for                                      player at levels you may not have thought
                  kids to get dirty!                                                possible. In the evening you will hear tails of
             Two age groups available                                               soccer glory.
               Age 6-9 Joey Ranger                                                  Terry brings with him Irish academy coaches,
             Age 10-12 Junior Ranger                                                places are limited to 24.
                                                                                    There are opportunities to be selected to tour
     Enrol now as places are limited and will                                       the UK including Newcastle Utd and college
                 disappear fast!                                                    scholarships in the USA.
           Phone: 5576 2411 or email                                                For further information please phone
                                                     0433 815 533 or visit
                                                                                    or email

Miami State School                                                           Page 6                                                               4th April, 2007

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