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									                                                                              VISION STATEMENT
                                                         The Vision of the Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center is to provide
                                                         a child-centered, developmentally appropriate environment which
                                                         promotes the social/emotional, academic, physical, and
                                                         technological success of diverse young learners.

                                                         The mission of the Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center is to create
                                                         life-long learners by providing standards based curriculum through
                                                         differentiated instruction. All children will be taught with a safe
                                                         and nurturing environment designed to reach our diverse student

                                                                             PHILOSOPHY / GOAL
                                                         To provide all children a developmentally appropriate, culturally
                                                         sensitive, child centered education involving both families and


    PRINCIPAL’S                      It is very important to attend
                                     your child’s parent/teacher                   DATES TO REMEMBER
   MESSAGE FOR                       conference. You have so much
                                     insight into your child that your
    February 2010                                                               February 2010
                                     input is invaluable to the process.
                                     The students by and large are              10-11 Kindergarten
Dear CLECC Families,                 progressing well. Mid-February is              Registration and
                                     the time we send home warning                  Conferences
January has come and gone but not    notices to parents to advise them
without leaving us some very         of our concerns. If you get one            12th Staff Development
interesting weather. The weather     of the Retention Warning notices,
will continue into February so                                                            NO SCHOOL
                                     please contact your child’s
please dress your child                                                         15th President’s Day
                                     teacher immediately to discuss
appropriately.                       how you can partner with your                        NO SCHOOL
                                     child’s teacher to help your child         18th PTA Meeting @ 7:00 PM
This February will be filled with
many exciting things for the         succeed. Stay tuned for more
students, teachers and families.     information about Dr. Seuss
Please see below for more details:   Family Night on March 2nd ,                March 2010
                                     at 6:30 PM.
                                                                                1-5th         Dr. Seuss Spirit Week
 I Love to Read Month – All
  month long                                                                    11th       PTA Meeting @ 7:00 PM
 Teachers will be inviting and
  receiving readers into their                                                  20th       1st Day of Spring
  classrooms. Look at your
  classroom newsletter for more
 One Hundred Day -
                                                                                April 2010
  February 9th, how many is 100?                                                2nd -9th Spring Break
 Kindergarten Registration -                                                             NO SCHOOL
  February 10th and 11th 9 AM - 3          Please take a moment
  PM and 5 PM – 7 PM
 Kindergarten and Pre-School         and fill out the Teacher of the           12th School Re-opens
  Conferences- February 10th &         Year nomination form. Forms
  11th                                must be collected no later than           15th       PTA Meeting @ 7:00                PM
 Presidents’ Day, February 15th –         February 19, 2010.
  school closed
                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2010
                                             8:00pm every week from February 16         Bacterial conjunctivitis is the most
    COUNSELOR'S                              – March 30 at Cedar Lane Elementary
                                             School. Free babysitting is provided.
                                                                                        common form and is easily spread
                                                                                        from one person to another. In
      CORNER                                 The STEP program is a really good,
                                             practical program with many
                                                                                        addition to the redness and itching of
                                                                                        the eyes, other symptoms include
                                             suggestions for positive and effective     thick yellow discharge that may dry
                                             ways of communicating with our             overnight and cause your child’s
                                             children. I hope to see you there!         eyelid to stick together.
                                             Please try to remember that I am at        Viral conjunctivitis, which is caused by
                                             CLECC Mondays, Tuesdays, and               any number of viruses, is also
                                             Wednesday mornings (449-5873). I           contagious. Although redness and
                                             am at AECC on Wednesday                    itching are typical symptoms,
                                             afternoons, Thursdays, and Fridays         discharge from the eye is watery and
Hands are for helping, not for hurting.      (376-4403). I always welcome phone         clear. Antibiotics are not effective
That is the focus of this month’s            calls, but if you leave a message while    against viral conjunctivitis.
guidance lessons. All staff and students     I am at the other school, I may not get
                                                                                        Allergic conjunctivitis is caused by a
at school are learning our school-wide       back to you for a few days. The best
                                                                                        reaction to something in the air, such
pledge:                                      way to reach me is through e-mail:
                                                                                        as dust, smoke and pollen, or by a
“I will not use my hands or my words for                                                chemical irritant such as household
hurting myself or others.”                                                              cleansers or spray perfume. The eyes
                                                                                        are usually red and swollen, and
I am following up in the classrooms with                                                watering and itching is often present.
a short story and some activities relating
to positive ways we all use our hands.                                                  If you experience any of the
Each student and staff member is             FROM OUR NURSE                             symptoms of conjunctivitis, call your
tracing and cutting out their own hands                                                 doctor and the school nurse. The most
and pasting a heart in the middle to                                                    important thing is early treatment to
remind us to use our hands for helping.                                                 limit the spread of the infection. Your
We are adding our name on the cut-out                                                   child will be excluded from school until
to demonstrate our commitment to the                                                    treatment has been started.
pledge. These hands will be displayed                                                   Tips for limiting the spread of the
throughout the school, along with copies                                                bacterial and viral forms:
of the school pledge. I am also sending
home a copy of the pledge for your                                                      1. Avoid touching or rubbing of the
family to use. Please recite and discuss                                                eyes
the pledge often with your children.                                                    2. Wash hands frequently
My hope is that through these activities                 Conjunctivitis;
                                                                                        3. Don’t share washcloths, towels or
we will all remember more peaceful and        A common childhood eye condition          pillowcases and launder infected
gentle ways to get along with each                                                      linens after each use
                                                                                        4. Don’t share eye drops
                                             If your child complains of their eyes
                                             being itchy, blurry vision, eyelid
                                             sticking together in the morning, your
                                             childs may have conjunctivitis.
                                             Conjunctivitis is the most common eye            What causes nosebleeds?
                                             infection in the United States. Most
                                             often recognized by the redness from
                                             which it gets the name “Pink Eye”,         Nosebleeds occur when there is an
                                             conjunctivitis is irritating but usually   injury to the inside of the nose. Injury
                                             harmless to the sight. Yet it can be       can result from nose picking, a direct
                                             very contagious, especially among          injury to the nose, hard nose-blowing
                                             children, and should be diagnosed          or excessive dryness of the inside of
We will be offering the STEP program         and treated early.                         the nose. Nosebleeds occur more
parenting classes again this Spring.         Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the   often in the winter due to the dry air in
They were well attended and very             conjunctiva, the clear membrane that       the house, causing irritation to the
successful in the Fall, and I look forward   lines your eyelid and covers the white     nasal passages.
to learning and sharing with a new           part of your eye. It can appear in both
group of parents. The classes will be        eyes or in just one. It is caused by
held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 –         bacteria, viruses, or allergies.
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                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2010

   Use of moisture sprays or lubricant
    to the nasal passage to prevent
                                                                                          READING IS THE MAGIC KEY
    dryness.                                    We hope all of you are having a great
                                                                                           TO TAKE YOU WHERE YOU
   Use an air humidifier in the winter         winter! We would like to thank those             WANT TO BE
    months.                                     of you who attended the January 14

                                                PTA meeting. Thanks to teacher Julie
Treatment:                                      Snavely for her presentation on the
                                                Math Curriculum.
   Sit up with head slightly forward,
    and squeeze the lower half of the           We appreciate all of you who
    nose between thumb and index                supported the Nino’s Restaurant Day
    finger. Hold pressure for 10-15 min.        on January 18 . Thanks to all of you
   Do not pick or blow nose.                   who have supported our Gertrude
                                                Hawk Fundraiser. Orders forms are
                                                due in to your child’s teacher by
Mrs. Borsari, Nurse        376-4402             February 2 .
                                                Please join us at the February 18
                                                                                 th      Make learning fun! Try playing
                                                PTA meeting where teachers Jodi          some of the following games with
                                                Paltrineri and Kathy Olinger will be     your child and watch them learn the
     SPEECH TALK                                presenting the Science Curriculum.       sight words while having fun!

                                                We encourage all of you to come out
                                                to our Red Robin Restaurant Night on     Name Change
                                                February 25th. This is a great way for
                                                families to enjoy a good meal and        Give each family member a sight word
                                                support the school. CLECC will earn      to wear (use tape or a pin). Each
Winter Friends                                  10% of the proceeds. Just present        person must call each other by their
                                                                                         new name all day.
                                                the flier that will be sent home with
Help your child remember to feed the birds      your child closer to the event.
over the winter when the animals have a
difficult time finding their natural foods.     We invite all Dads to come to our        Pocket Word
Let your children spread peanut butter or       “Donuts For Dads” event on March
                                                17 from 8:30 to 9:15 AM., in the         Choose a word to learn and give it to
Crisco on day-old doughnuts and roll them                                                the child to keep in his/her pocket.
in birdseed. Tie a string through each          CLECC Great Room. This event was
                                                originally scheduled for February so     Throughout the day, ask to see the
doughnut and let your child hang their                                                   word and read it together.
special bird feeders from the tree branches.    please update your calendars with the
While you are making the bird feeder, talk      new March 17 date.
about what you are doing, how it feels, how                Upcoming Events               Password
it smells and then how high or low you are
hanging the feeder.                                                                      Write the word in large, dark letters
                                                February 2nd Gertrude Hawk               and tape it on your door frame. Every
Encourage your child to select branches that
                                                Fundraiser ends (order forms are due)    time you or your child passes through
can be seen from windows in your house.
                                                                                         that doorway, jump up, touch and say
This way, they will be able to watch the
                                                                                         the word.
birds eating from their feeders. You can talk
about the birds flying, sitting, eating, etc.   February 18th PTA Meeting 7:00 PM
You can talk about the many different colors    (Science Curriculum presented by
                                                Jodi Paltrineri & Kathy Olinger)         Concentration/Memory
of birds or if they are big or small. Listen
for the sounds that they make. You can talk              (childcare available)           Two of each word is needed. In the
about how the feeder starts as a whole                                                   beginning, select 4 words – three of
doughnut and then how it is only half eaten                                              the words should be known to the
or finished.                                    February 25th Red Robin Restaurant       child, one is new. Shuffle the cards
                                                Night (Peoples Plaza location)           and lay them out in rows. First player
Enjoy the warm winter that we have been
                                                                                         turns over two cards and reads the
having!                                         (5:00 to 8:00 PM/flier driven)           words. If they match, the player gets
Liz Lucas                                                                                to keep them and go again. If they do
                                                                                         not match, the next player goes.                  March 17
                                                                Donuts For Dads          Continue playing until all cards are
                                                (8:30-9:15 AM in the CLECC Great         matched.

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                                                        FEBRUARY 2010
Increase number of words as child’s skill    SCHOOL CLOSING
Bug Words                                    Website Notification:
                                             During inclement weather or
Write the words being learned on paper
                                             emergency situations, early
bugs and tape them to the wall. Let
                                             dismissal/school closing information
your child swat them with a fly swatter
                                             for the Appoquinimink School District
as he/she reads the words.
                                             will be posted on the home page of
                                             the district's website under the
                                             heading, LATE BREAKING NEWS,
Shoot Out                                    and carried by the following media:
Pick three or four words the child is
learning. Place each word in a zip lock      Wilmington, DE Radio Stations:
baggie and tape the baggies to the wall
above the bath tub. Give your child a
                                             93.7 FM         WSTW
water squirter and have him/her say the
word he/she is going to shoot. See how       99.5 FM         WJBR
fast he/she can read and squirt the          1150 AM         WDEL
words.                                       1450 AM         WILM

                                             Kent County, DE Radio Stations:
Highlight Sight Words
                                             92.9 FM         WDSD
Parent tells child which sight word is on                    FM
the page and child looks for it and          1410 AM         WDOV
highlights it when he/she finds it. Child
can look for words he/she can read in
                                             Email Notification:
old books, magazines, newspapers,
                                             Parents can register for email
cereal boxes etc. and highlight the
                                             notification through the Delaware
words he/she can read.
                                             Department of Education's School
                                             Closing Website by clicking on this
Tape the words to the bedroom wall.
Turn the lights off and read the words       Automated Phone Messages:
together as your child shines a flashlight   The district employs an automated
on them.                                     phone messaging system to help alert
                                             parents. To ensure its effectiveness, it
                                             is crucial that we have the correct
Snowball Words                               phone numbers for your family.
Have each person in the family write a       Please be sure to check the
sight word on a piece of paper. Wad the      information currently on file, and
paper up into a "snowball." Throw the        supply updates to the office at your
balls, pick them up, unfold them, read       home school whenever changes
the words. Then wad up the paper and         occur.
all throw the balls again.

Magnetic Letters
Give your child the letters for one of the
words he/she is learning. Say, "These
letters spell the word ____." Child tries
to arrange the letters in the correct
Erin Miller
Reading Specialist
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               FEBRUARY 2010



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                                                                                               FEBRUARY 2010

Bush, Evan Joseph                       3                         Harvey, Laneir Jayquan           18
Chrisostam, Nithila                     3                         Lockwood, Braxten Matthew        19
Vodery, Rhyon Daniel                    3                         Barrett, Maggie Glencora         23
Valovic, Lauren Elizabeth               6                         Morris, Joshua David             23
Yancey, Madison Radoc                   6                         Jarrell, Camryn Day              24
Webb, Makala Pearl                      7                         Le, Lindsay Nguyen               24
Knight, Katherine Louise                8                         Ulmer, Morgan Laine              24
Zurzolo, Isabella Marie                 11                        Schell, Jewel Leeanne            25
Waibel, Jayden Pearl                    12                        Tayeb, Ayman                     25
Beeson, Sydney Raquelle                 17                        Poore Jr, John Perry             26
Ellis, Aidan O'Neil                     17                        Sparks, Joshua Grant             27
Pederson, Tyler Alan                    17                        Phillips, Ashley Anne            29
Ringer, Alec Andrew                     17                        Steeves, Joseph Alden            29
Ringer, Sean Michael                    17


                                        Mrs. Paterson                              23

                            The newsletter is a monthly publication from the principal’s office.

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                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2010

                                               Appoquinimink School District

                                                        Teacher of the Year

                                                          Nomination Form

1. I would like to nominate __________________________________ for the
  Appoquinimink School District Teacher of the Year.

2. This person teaches at _________________________ School.

3. I think this person should be the Teacher of the Year because

      (Complete this statement in 100 words or less. Children in kindergarten and first grade can
      have a parent/ guardian write their response for them.)

Signature of person submitting nomination: _________________________________

                                             Deadline for nominations is February 19, 2010.
                                                 All nominations should be submitted to:

                                                      Appoquinimink School District
                                                          Curriculum Department
                                                      Attn: Beckie Smith
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                                                      313 S. Fifth Street, Suite 207
                                                      Odessa, DE 19730
                                                                                                             FEBRUARY 2010

The Appoquinimink School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status,
national origin, or other legally protected categories in its educational programs, activities, employment, or student admissions policies
or practices. Inquires regarding compliance with the above can be directed to:

Section 504
           Contact Kittie Rehrig, Supervisor of Student Services, Appoquinimink School District, 313 South Fifth Street, Box 4010,
           Odessa, DE 19730-4010. Telephone (302) 376-4111

           Section 504 Coordinator’s Responsibilities: To coordinate the Appoquinimink School District’s efforts to comply with the
           disability discrimination laws.

Title IX
           Contact Matt Fallis, Director of Personnel, Appoquinimink School District, 313 South Fifth Street, Box 4010, Odessa, DE
           19730-4010. Telephone (302) 376-4275

           Title IX Coordinator’s Responsibilities: To coordinate the Appoquinimink School District’s efforts to comply with and carry
           out the District’s responsibilities under Title IX, including any investigation of any complaint alleging noncompliance with
           Title IX or alleging actions which would be prohibited by Title IX.

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