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a table-top robot for remote
         Presentation outline
1.   What is Ilonani?
2.   What’s the platform?
3.   How was it approached?
4.   Final solution
5.   Conclusion
6.   Lessons learnt
7.   Questions and demo
           What’s Ilonani?

• A table-top robot
• For remote interaction
• Ilonani = pleasure
• Smart and ambient device
What’s Ilonani?
         What’s the platform
• N810
  – Internet Tablet
  – Wifi (no 3G, GSM…)
  – … powerful enough
• Maemo
  – Internet Tablet OS
  – Linux based (Debian/GNOME)
  – Platform = OS + SDK
     How was it approached?
• Looking for ready made solutions
     How was it approached?
• Trying to code an application
                                  #include   <stdlib.h>
                                  #include   <string.h>
                                  #include   <gtk/gtk.h>
                                  #include   <gst/gst.h>
                                  #include   <gst/interfaces/xoverlay.h>
                                  #include   <hildon/hildon-banner.h>
                                  #include   <hildon/hildon-program.h>
                                  #include   <gdk/gdkkeysyms.h>

                                  /* Define sources and sinks accordin
                                  * running environment
                                  * NOTE: If you want to run the appli
                                  * in ARM scratchbox, you have to cha
                                  #ifdef __arm__
                                  /* The device by default supports on
                                  * vl4l2src for camera and xvimagesin
                                  * for screen */
                                  #define VIDEO_SRC "v4l2src"
                                  #define VIDEO_SINK "xvimagesink"
                                  /* These are for the X86 SDK. Xephyr
                                  * support XVideo extension, so the a
                                  * must use ximagesink. The video sou
                                  * on driver of your Video4Linux devi
                                  * may have to be changed */
                                  #define VIDEO_SRC "v4lsrc"
                                  #define VIDEO_SINK "ximagesink"
     How was it approached?
• Investigating other options

              Final solution
• Two GTalk accounts
• Built-in Nokia communication client
• A bit of configuration
              Final solution
• Et voilá!
• A lot of work trying to figure out the
• Arrived at unexpectedly simple solution
• Documented failings and possible
• Could be used as a basis for future work
  (custom-made application)
          Lessons learnt

• Multimedia application programming
 on the Maemo Platform
• Document early and often!
• Be careful with your assumptions
Questions and demo!