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									Ian Ma

Ian is a software developer and co-founder at Eggsprout. He is a computer science graduate from the
University of Washington with a minor in music. While in school, he has been employed by Google,
Microsoft, Siemens Medical Solutions, AOL and UW. Ian has been through his fair share of
quarter-life crises prancing between various career paths including violin performance, neurobiology,
philosophy, law, psychiatry, and … nursing. Computer science was ironically his last choice due to
unattractive stereotypes and exceptionally mediocre grades in the introduction courses. His current
interest lies in machine learning especially in application to career counseling. --

C, C#, C++, Data Structures, Java, SQL, XML, Programming Languages, Ruby on Rails, Artificial
Intelligence, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Computers and Disabilites, Databases, Discrete
Mathematics, Formal Models, Java Programming, Software Development Tools and Concepts,
Networks, UrbanSim Capstone

Founder and Developer, Eggsprout, Bellevue, WA
2009 - Present
  I code a lot and think of crazy features

Software Development Engineer Intern, Google, Kirkland, WA
09/08 - 12/08
  Implemented three projects related to user interface and video in Gmail and Gtalk

  Emoticons & integration with Google Video, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa

Student Ambassador, Technical Representative, Microsoft, Seattle, WA
09/07 - 06/08
  Coordinated technical talks for 200+ students on VS, XNA, IC, IE7, Vista, Office 07

  Provided link between faculty, students, and Microsoft

Software Development Engineer Intern, Siemens Medical Solutions, Issaquah, WA
06/07 - 09/07
  Applied design patterns to Antares Ultrasound imaging interface subsystem in C++

CSE142 Teacher's Assistant, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
01/07 - 06/07
  Taught class of 21 students and tutored them individually during office hours

Software Development Engineer Intern, AOL, Seattle, WA
01/07 - 06/07
  Built C# prototype of next-generation XT9 text input

University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2005 - 2010
  The Annual National Dean’s List 2005-2008

  Music School Brechemin Family Foundation Scholarship 2006-2008


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