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									                                        Volume: 2008/2009
                                             Issue: 03
                                                                                                                                                   Literacy at
                                        November 2008
                                                                                          From the Principal...                                      Home
                                                                                                                Forces who are serving           Story time at home – help your
                                                                                                                                                 child learn these five reading
                                                                                                                our country in Afghani-          skills:
                                                                                                                stan. We make a spe-
                                                                                                                                                 Recognizing and using indi-
                                                                                                                cial effort with our stu-        vidual sounds to create
                                                                                                                dents to remind them of          words—say words slowly,
                                                                                                                their ability to be peace-       emphasizing each sound.
                                                                                                                makers in their school,          Understanding relationships
                                                                                                                in their homes and in            between written letters and
                                                                                                                                                 spoken sounds, children need
                                                                               Dear Parents,                    the world.                       to be taught the sounds, printed
                                                                                                                                                 letters and groups of letters
                                                                               November is a month of           We welcome you to                make --point at the letter or
                                                                               remembrance. In our              come to our school on            group of letters while saying the
                                                                               parishes, we acknowl-            November 11th at 10:45           words.
                                                                               edge those who have              a.m. George Tavner, a            Reading words from left to
                                                                               died and we remember                                              right rapidly and accurately
                                                                                                                war veteran, will be a           in order to understand what is
                                                                               them in our prayers. We          guest at our Remem-              written – read familiar stories
                                                                               also take time to remem-         brance Day ceremony,             often.
                                                                               ber the sacrifice of so
                                                 St. Mark Catholic School

                                                                                                                and will speak to the            Learning the meaning and
                                                                               many Canadians who               intermediate classes             correct pronunciation of

                                                                                                                                                 words—talk about the words
                                                                               have given their lives in        that day as well.                and their meaning while read-
                                                                               the name of freedom and                                           ing.
                                                                               of peace. We especially                                           Understanding, remembering
                                                                               remember the members              L. Looby                        and communicating what is
                                                                               of Canada’s Armed                                                 read—ask questions about the
                                                                                                                                                 story while reading.

                                                                                         Farsightedness and
                                                                                     Nearsightedness in Children
                                                                            Many school-age children        glasses.                         seeing. Nearsightedness
                                                                            and teens first discover they                                    and farsightedness are two
                                                                                                            It is very important to take
                                                                            are nearsighted when they                                        common problems that chil-
                                                                                                            your child to an optometrist
                                                                            have difficulty reading the                                      dren can have.
                                                                                                            each year as changes in
                                                                            writing on the board at
                                                                                                            vision can occur without         If a child is farsighted, he will
                                                                            school. Children often do
                                                                                                            you or your child realizing      have problems seeing things
                                                                            not want to admit that they
                                                                                                            it. Remember that their          up close. He does not have
                                                                            cannot see the board as
                                                                                                            Health Card will cover the       any problems seeing things
                                                                            they do not want to wear
                                                                                                            cost of an annual eye            far away. This problem is
                                                                                                            exam until the age of 19. If     usually noticed by the age of
                                                                                                            it has been a year since         seven and is often identified
                                                                                                            your child last had their        by parents.If a child is near-
                                                                                                            vision checked, make an          sighted, he will have prob-
                                                                                                            appointment with an op-          lems seeing things far away.
                                                                                                            As parents, it is sometimes
                                                                                                            hard to notice that your
                                                                                                            child is having difficulty
                 Your Child’s Hearing                                             From the Library

Parents often wonder if their child                                            The St. Mark Book Fair is coming up
  is choosing not to listen or if          abnormal speech development         during the week of December 1-5,
 he/she has a hearing problem.             saying that he is having diffi-     2008. We will have lots of great
                                           culty hearing                       books available to purchase. We
 Some warning signs of a hearing
                                                                               are looking for volunteers to help us
         problem are:                                                          out during the day. If you have
                                      Your family doctor or pediatrician
                                      can arrange for a hearing test with a    some time and would like to come in
    sitting close to the television                                            and help out at the Book Fair please
                                      hearing clinic. Children’s hearing
    with the sound turned up loud     can be tested at any age. Not all        contact Miss Mason at the school,
                                      hearing clinics are covered by your      519-675-4421. Thank you for your
     difficulty in school             Ontario Health Card so ask for one       continued support and happy read-
                                      that is.                                 ing!

     not responding to someone
    talking unless they are facing                                             Miss Mason,

                            Bus Information                                                Photo Day

Parents: we need your help. If          maneuver around the buses cre-         Colledge Studios
your child is not riding the bus        ates an unsafe                         will be here on
home please make sure there is          situation for the students.            Thursday November
a note in his/her agenda.
                                                                               20th for Student Pho-
We ask that no one park in
                                        Congratu-                              tos. J.K. photos only
front of the school between                                                    will be taken on Friday No-
                                        lations to
8:45 and 9:00 a.m., as well as
                                        Angus and                              vember 21st . Order Forms
3:10 and 3:40 p.m.                                                             will go home ahead of time.
                                        TJ, our
This is the time our busses ar-         Patrollers
rive and it is important that their     of the
spots be available. Trying to           month.

                                 Save Your Pop Tabs!
Rebecca Russell is a 16 year            Please help Rebecca gain her
old Glencoe girl who attends            wheelchair and independence
Strathroy District Collegiate In-       by saving your aluminum tabs.
stitute in Strathroy. She has
                                        There is a large container in the
cerebral palsy and needs a
                                        main office which we are hoping
manual wheelchair. Rebecca
                                        to fill for Rebecca.
enjoys music, MSN, the internet
on the computer, and visiting           For more information about this
with friends on the phone.              incentive, please go to:
November 2008                                                                              ST. MARK CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                                                                                            SCHOOL COUNCIL
                                                  REPORT CARDS
  SAFE ARRIVAL                                                                                 2008-2009

To make sure all students arrive at          Reports go home Monday, Decem-
school safely each morning, the              ber 1, 2008.                                  In keeping with the regulations of
staff take attendance promptly after                                                       provincial policy, St. Mark Catholic
                                             Parent/Teacher interviews are
the morning bell.                                                                          School now has the “core” mem-
                                             Thursday, December 4, 4:30 to
                                                                                           bers of our School Council in place.
                                             8:00 and Friday, December 5, 8:30
                                                                                           Since no more than six names were
                                             to noon.
PLEASE CONTACT THE                                                                         nominated for these positions, a
SCHOOL PRIOR TO 8:30 a.m. IF                   INCLEMENT WEATHER                           school-wide election was not
YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO BE                        BUS INFORMATION                           needed.
                                             Bus information can be found on our
                            (519-675-4421)                                                 The first meeting of our new council
                                             Board website:
                                                                                           will take place on Tuesday, No-
                                                                  vember 4th at 6:30 p.m. in the li-
                                             Click on the schoolbus icon. This site
                                                                                           brary. At that time, a chair will be
                                             is updated by bus operators. Also,            appointed. All committee chairs are
                                             listen to local radio stations for busing     welcome to attend as are any par-
                                             information.                                  ents in our school community.

                             Electronic School Newsletter
In an effort to streamline our meth-         different from the account you use            questions.
ods of communicating with our                to send your message. The news-
                                                                                           We have had a very positive re-
families we are offering you an op-          letter will be mail monthly as a blind
                                                                                           sponse so far from families request-
portunity to receive our monthly             carbon copy for privacy purposes.
                                                                                           ing to receive our school newsletter
newsletter via email rather than pa-         We will assume that once you have
                                                                                           electronically. We hope that you
per copy. If you would like to re-           subscribed to the electronic copy
                                                                                           will consider this efficient and
ceive our newsletter by electronic           that you will no longer require a
                                                                                           “paper-friendly” opportunity.
format please email Ms. Looby at             hard copy of the newsletter. Your                          email address will only be used to            Please remember also that the
                                             send the newsletter and/or other              newsletter will be available online at
Please include in your email: Your
                                             pieces of information that would
name and the name(s) of your child                                               
                                             normally be sent home in paper
(ren). There is no need to include                                                         mark/Newsletter.htm
                                             format. Please feel free to contact
in your email address unless it is
                                             the school should you have any

                          School Ministry Placement                                                         FYI
Daniel Yasinski is a semi-                   derful that we can collaborate              Please be aware that the Preliminary
                                                                                         Administrative Report as prepared by
narian from Saskatoon in                     with the seminary and the                   Administration for the West London Re-
First-Year Theology. He has                  parish to help prepare this                 view Area is available on the Board's
been assigned to St. Mark                    young man for the priesthood.               website under the Business Documents
                                                                                         and Notices section at
School for his pastoral forma-               Let us continue to pray for an    
tion. He will be connected to                increase in vocations to                    This report concerns possible school
St. Michael’s Parish and visit-              priesthood and religious life.              boundary changes involving St. Theresa,
                                                                                         St. George, St. Jude, Jean Vanier, St.
ing for three hours a week in                                                            Thomas More and Notre Dame.
St. Mark’s School. It is won-

V O L U M E : 2 0 0 8 / 20 0 9                                                                                                   Page 3
     Our Grade Eight Students at their Confirmation Retreat at St.
                         Michael’s Church

                                                Faith in Action
We continue to put into practice our    received a Faith in Action certificate   Rylie Grogan - Mrs. Parr 3
“Faith in Action” program here at St.   are:                                     Deric Regier - Mrs. Dugal 4
Mark’s. Each month, we focus on         Storm Davidson - Miss Buck JK            Mark Godes - Mrs. Morrison 5
practicing a different virtue. During
the month of October, we focused        Kayla Caeiro - Mrs. MacSween 1           Paula Orjuela Coy - Mrs. Toye 5
on the virtue of compassion. Com-       Cyrus Maxwell-Smith - Mrs. McParland 1   Dariya Alton - Mrs. Tracey 7
passion means being kind and            Jack Hamilton - Mrs. Dorey 2             Mitchell Grogan - Miss Gilligan 6
thoughtful toward others. Teachers
                                        Stephanie Rae - Mrs. Hartley 2           Miranda Boone - Mrs. Pellerin 7
have chosen one student from their
class who exemplified that virtue       Jazmyn Fuentes - Mrs. Brhelle 2          Congratulations to all!
throughout the month and we rec-        Megan Hall - Mr. Pizzari 4               This month, we will be focusing on the virtue
ognize them at our monthly assem-                                                of responsibility.
                                        Abby Sweeney - Mrs. Perquin 3
blies. This month, the students who

Page 4                                                                                           ST. MARK CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                         From the Lion’s Den
   Senior Boys’ Volleyball                 coaches, Mr. Carron, Mrs. Pel-
                                           lerin, and especially Mr. Camara
The senior boys’ volleyball team
                                           for their dedication and constant
is just over halfway through our
                                           praise. They teach us skills,
season and we are steadily im-
                                           teamwork, and how to support
proving our record and our skills.
Our team is very hardworking               our teammates whether we win or
and always high spirited, even in          lose! We look forward to the rest
defeat. Our first win over Monsi-          of our season and our upcoming
gnor Bruyere was highly cele-              tournament.
brated due to the hard work of
the entire team and our                    By Tyson Russo

                                           Dates to Remember...
   Nov. 14       P.A. Day No School for Students            Dec. 9        Gardisol shots for Gr. 7 girls

   Nov. 15       Santa Claus Parade at 6:00 p.m.            Dec. 20-      Christmas Break
                                                            Jan. 4

   Nov. 17       Juniors to “Cinderella” at MTS             Jan. 7        Grade 8 Orientation at MTS

   Nov. 18       Intermediates to “Cinderella” at MTS       Jan. 13       Parent Meeting for Reconciliation 7-8:30 at the
                                                                          Parish Hall

   Nov. 21       London Knights Game                        Jan. 22       Mass in the gym at 9:30 a.m.
                 We Sing National Anthem

   Dec. 1        Term One Report Cards Go Home              Jan. 30       P.A. Day—Day of Prayer for Staff
                 JK classes to Fanshawe Conservation Area
   Dec. 4        Mass at St. Michael’s Church at 10.a.m.    Feb. 16       Family Day—no school
                 Parent Conference Night
   Dec. 5        P.A. Day — Parent Conferences              March 16-20   March Break

Page 5                                                                                        ST. MARK CATHOLIC SCHOOL
November 2008                                                               St. Mark Catholic School
                                                                               1440 Glenora Drive
                                                                                  London, ON
                                                                                    N5X 1B2

Sun              Mon               Tue              Wed   Thu                Fri              Sat

2                3                 4                5     6                  7                8
                                   School Council
                                   Meeting in the
 All Souls Day                     Library
                                   (6:30 p.m.)

9                10                11               12    13                 14               15  Santa
                                                                             P.A. Day -No
                                                                                              Parade (6:00

16               17                18               19    20                 21 London        22
                 Juniors to        Grade 7/8s to
                 MTS for           MTS for
                 “Cinderella”      “Cinderella”
                                                              Picture Day    Anthem
                                                                               J.K. Photos

23               24                25               26    27                 28               29

30     First     1                 2                3     4 School Mass 5         P.A.        6
Sunday of                                                 St. Michael’s      Day—No
Advent                                                    Church             School
                 Term One Report                              (10 a.m.)
                 Cards Go Home
                 JK’s go to Fan-                                             Parent
                                                          Parent Confer-
                 shawe Conserva-                                             Conferences
                 tion Area                                ence Night

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