Friday Fridge Note October 28 by lonyoo


									                                                                        October 28, 2009

   Ms. Monaghan's Wednesday Fridge Note
   This week at school…                   Next week…             Just a few reminders…

This week went quickly and      Next week is a four day week.          Library books are due
it is almost November! We       First quarter ends on Thursday          back on Thursday’s.
enjoyed learning about bats,    and there is no school for
money, and we got new books     students on Friday.                    Please make sure you
for our SSR book bins called                                            are checking your child’s
Trick or Treat.                                                         behavior calendar every
                                                                        night when you ask them
Popcorn words we now know:      In math we will work on number          about their day.
Go, This, Is, Are, I, Can, A,   books.
We, The, Like.

During class meetings this      Next week’s snack person is
week we continued learning      Spencer.
about sharing.
                                       Up Coming Events           To reach Ms. Monaghan:
  Have a happy and safe
        Halloween!              Oct. 29-30th: No School –                  e-mail me at:
                                Teachers Convention         

                                Nov. 6th: No School: End of              call me at:
                                quarter.                           262-626-8427 ext. 3102

                                Nov. 13th: Picture Re-take day        our classroom webpage:

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