; Cold Chain and Polio and Measles Vaccines
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Cold Chain and Polio and Measles Vaccines


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									Cold Chain: Polio, Measles
   and H1N1 Vaccines
       Campaign 2010
               Campaign stock
• The stock for the campaign required at a facility is usually
  supplied once or twice for each round of the campaign and it is
  a large quantity that is rapidly used
• This year the measles campaign is to > 15 years so the stock
  will be 3 times that usually received
• It is essential to ensure sufficient capacity is available at
  the facility OR that more frequent deliveries are planned
• Ensure that the facility or campaign post does nor run out of
  stock as this will adversely affect the campaign
• Emergency plans for additional stock, if needed, must be in
  place for each facility
• Facilities must not over order
              Fridge capacity
• Calculate the number of doses of polio, measles and
  diluent that will be needed at the facility
• Storage volume =
   Doses ordered x pack volume = volume in litres
• E.g.:1000 vials of polio, measles & diluent require 79
  litres of fridge space
• The fridge must be packed to allow for air flow
• Remember routine vaccines are still stored in the
  fridge and the campaign stock is extra
• Additional cold chain capacity must be secured if
         Ice Packs in

Oral Polio, Measles

    H1N1 vaccine
           Storing of Vaccines
• Polio vials are kept in the freezer at the depot and measles is
  kept in the fridge but can be frozen
• All vaccines: H1N1, polio and measles but be stored at 2-8°C
• At the facility polio and measles is kept in the fridge at the
  coldest part (top shelf).
• H1N1 can be stored in the middle shelf in the fridges. It must
  not be frozen
• Measles diluent can be stored at room temperature prior to the
• The measles diluent must be stored in the fridge 2-8°C prior to
  use (over night)
• Check the stage of the VVM when stock is received from the
• Polio & measles vaccines , Vitamin A and Deworming stock
  received at each facility must have a separate campaign stock
• The temperature of all the campaign fridges
  must be monitored twice a day in the morning
  and evening
• Often additional fridges are used and these
  must then be monitored
• Place a temperature chart on each additional
• A dial thermometer is used and placed in the
              Polio Vaccine
• Polio vaccine will be supplied in 20 dose vials in
  international packing. Thus making it easily
  distinguished from routine stock.
• Polio droppers are supplied separately from the
• Ensure that there are equal quantities of vials and
  droppers – one dropper per vial when received from
  your depot
• Do not re-use droppers
• Ensure that sufficient droppers are taken to mobile
Reading the VVM
              Measles Vaccine
• Measles will be supplied in 10 dose vials in international
• Ensure that equal quantities of measles vaccine and diluent are
  received from the depot
• Measles diluent can be stored at room temperature prior to the
• Diluent must then be placed the the fridge stored at 2-8°C for 12
  hours (overnight) prior to use
• Diluent cannot be frozen
• The use of warm diluent will affect the potency of the vaccine
• Check the expiry date of the vaccine
• Check that the VVM has not reached its discard point prior to
            Reconstitution of
• Remember measles can be use for 6 hours after
  reconstitution, so an open vial can move from from
  one point to another provided the cold chain is
  maintained and it is protected from light hence amber
• There can be NO pre-filled syringes during the
• Measles looses 50% of its potency in one hour if
  exposed to 22°C
• The syringe is clear glass, not amber as the vial, and
  this also affects the potency of the vaccine
   Cooler Boxes & Ice Bricks
• Estimate the number of cooler boxes required
  – Large for bulk stock of vaccines
  – Small for use by each vaccinator
• Ice brick requirements
  – Estimates the number of ice bricks for 1 day and
    order twice that quantity so that there is a 2 day
    supply of ice bricks so that one set is being frozen
    while the other is in use
   Daily Requirements needed
• Estimate quantities of:
    – polio vials and droppers Equal quanities
    – measles vials and diluent Equal quantities
    – 2ml syringes and 23G needles = doses
    – 5ml syringes and 19G needles= measles vials
    – cotton wool swabs
    – daily tally sheets for each product
    – sharps container
    – scissors
    – Hand washing equipment
• If unsure rather take extra and return supplies at the end of the
  day and enter on stock card
• Ensure that there is a backup plan in place in case of
• Never run out of supplies as this will adversely affect the
• The Cold Chain is only as strong as its
  weakest link
• Let us all link together to ensure that the
  2010 campaign is a success

• Thank you for listening

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