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									Windowsill herbs heal.
1 inflorescence cut lilac or purple and add ½ glass vodka,infuse 4 hour in a dark
placemshake,filter,squeeze,use for rub.

Much hairs remove and theirs.
Dilute infusion ,like in a last recipe cooking diluting water and rub a skin on a problem parts 3

For a good improve grow flower in your room.
Or add in your room in insomnia,but from your bed,so as strong smell.
1 inflorescence white flower in ½ glass vodka,add dry petals rose 1 tea.sp.
Infuse 1 week in a dark place,shake.
Filter,squeeze,keep in dark bottle.
Rub a skin face,neck diluting boiling water 1 to 3.

Dysbacteriosis,intenstine disorder,diarrhea.
2 tea.sp.cuting fresh leafs in 1 glass hot water,infuse in lid 1 hour,filter.
1 tbl.sp.use every hour with diet.

Hypertension begin stage,oedemas kidneys,urine stones,cystitis.
1 tbl.sp.cuting fresh leafs in 1 glass hot water,keep in weak fire 3 min,infuse 2 hour,filter.
Use 2 tbl.sp.3 times/ay before 15 min to the food.

1 glass hot water in 2 tea.sp.cuting fresh leafs,infuse 2 hour,filter,squeeze.
Rinse throat or mouth cavity 4-5 times/day.

Grease tonsils a few times/day juice leafs.

Pus skin.
2 glasses hot water in 1 tbl.sp.cuting flowers,keep in weak fire 10 min,infuse 1 hour,filter,add
hot water to initial.
Wash skin ,do lotions.

Dilute 1 tea.sp.infusion in ½ glass boiling water,for lotions rise concentrate in 2 time.
Her growth in depression who soffering,fatigue.
Preparations from leafs ,like anti-septic,bacteriocid,diuretic,astringent,removes stones.
Spirituse infusion use,like iodine greasing wounds ,like 5 parts vodka in 1 part cuting fresh
leafs,infuse 1 week in dark place,filter,squeeze.

Energy and rises tonus.
Drink in a morning.
1 glass hot water in 1 tea.sp.fresh leafs,infuse 1 hour,filter.
Use 1 tbl.sp.4 times/day to the food.

Skin heal.
½ glass vodka in 2 tbl.sp.cuting fresh flowers,infuse 1 week in a dark
Dilute ½ glass boiling water 1 tea.sp.infusion and wash skin 2 times/day.

Scald cuting fresh leafs,cool,add on a gauze and apply.
Close cellophane,fix.
Change 2 times/day.

Mix flowers jasmine and herb lavender.
½ glass mass in 1 water,infuse I lid 30 min,filter,squeeze.
Add in bath warm,use before 1 hour to sleep,in a day,15 min,7 baths.

If warm bath is avoid you .
Cook aromatic pillows with a dry mass ,like sewing from flax sheet,fill in,and before sleep 7
min breath in smell.
Daily time keep pillow in packet.
Roots,leafs,flowers in microbes,fever,bleed,wounds,restore,sedative,aalgetic.

Breath in blooming herb jasmine is very carefully,like strong smell.

Hepatitis,tuberculosis,additional heal.
1 glass hot water in 1 tea.sp.fresh bulbs,infuse 1 hour,filter.
Use 2 tbl.sp.3 times/day before 15 min to the food.

Sugar diabetes.
1 glass hot water 2 tbl.sp.mass from cuting bulbs,leafs,boil,infuse in lid 1 hour,filter.
Use 1 tbl.sp.4 times/day before 30 min to the food with diet low carbohydrates ,fats.

1 glass hot water in 1 tbl.sp.cuting fresh bulbs,keep 4 min in weak fire,infuse 2 hour in
thermose,filter,use 1 tbl.sp.4 times/day to the food,long additional healing.

Skin cancer.
Wet gauze in infusion and apply for 40 min 2 times/day.

Apply for 2 hour fresh cuting bulbs,scalded hot water.

Heal aggression growing flower.
Anti-microbe,bleeding heal,wounds,anti-tumor.

Tumors,additional healing.
1 part cuting fresh herb in 5 parts vodka,infuse 1 week in a dark place,shaking,filter.
12 drops use in wine glass boiling water 3 times/day to the food.

Acute leucosis.
2 tbl.sp.cuting fresh herb in water,infuse 2 hour,filter,2 tbl.sp.use 3 times/day before
30 min to the food.
1 week course,pause for 3 day,after repeat.

1 tea.sp.cuting fresh leafs in 1 glass hot water,infuse 30 min,filter,1 tbl.sp.use 3 times/day in
30 min after food.

2 glasses hot water in 1 tbl.sp.cuting leafs fresh,infuse 1 hour,filter,squeeze juice.
Wash wounds.

From that herb receives remedy vincristin,like in tumors.
In herb healing,like microbes,bleed,wounds,diabetes,spasmolitic.
Put her in hall for a good talking with a family or friends.

Cut a tuber piece,wash,shred,squeeze juice,dilute hot water,drip 2 drops in every nostril 1
week,keep in refrigerator.

2/3 glass vodka in 1 tbl.sp.cuting fresh tubers,infuse 1 week in dark place,shaking,filter,25
drops use in wine water glass 3 times/day before 30 min to the food.

Aches rheumatic,polyarthritis,arthrosis,joint aches.
Rub infusion joints before sleep and warm.

Juice tuber in olive oil,grease 1 times/day ,like in cracks.

Shred tuber,ad olive oil,apply to nodules for 2 hours/day.
Poison herb,right doses!
Sedative,analgetic,in sinusitis ,like sinuforte.

Purple and lilac flowers growing is calms.

Exchaustion,heart failure,tachicarditis.
½ glass voka in 1 tbl.sp.cuting fresh leafs,infuse 10 days in a dark place,filter,not squeezing.
2 drops use in ½ glass water diluting ,3 times/day after food.
Useful in weak memory,headaches.

Weting exzema.
0.5 l.unrafinated vegetable ol in 1 tbl.sp.cuting fresh leafs with a tops young shoots,keep in
weak boiling bath 3 hour,add ¼ glass clean bee wax,2 tbl.sp.yellow sera.
grease skin 2 times/day.
Poisong herb,right dosages!
Anti0bacterial,anti-inflammed,analgetic,astringent,normalizes heart activity.

Poison herb apply on skin or eyes avoid,if happening wash a water.
Keep poisong herbs from childrens.
And from animals.
Wash dish a good after cooking.
Write a notes about poisoning.

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