kidneys heal by healnews


heal kidneys.
2 tbl.dry berries black ashberry in 1 glass boiling water,infuse 1 night in thermose,drink 3 glasses
to the food/day.
Avoid in high acidity,ulcers,low pressure.
A same cook,use from black currant,cherry,blueberry,hibiscus forest.

Bearberry leafs,buds birch,hypericum perforatum,field horse tail,polygonum aviculare,origanum
vulgare L. herb,chamomile inflorescences.
2 tbl.sp.dry cuting mass in 1 glass boil water,boil 1 min,1 hour infuse in warm place,filter.
Drink on an empty stomach in a morning 1 glass and 3 glass/day to the food in chr.process.

Flax seeds.
1 tbl.sp.seeds in 1 glass water,boil 30 min,cool,add 1 lemon juice,take every 2 hour 2 days in
kidneys diseases.

Eat water melons,cucumber,squash,raisins,lemon,celery,black

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