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newsletter - sept 09 w-Tracy and kj edits


									                                                                                                         Vol. I September — 2009

                                                                 From the Executive Director
                                                 The importance of preventing child             In other words, the answer requires a
Orange County's Child Abuse Prevention Council   abuse was brought home to me again             wide array of services for children and
         BOARD OF DIRECTORS                      recently when I read a report that             families. No single agency or
                                                 stated, “People who experienced                organization can do it all. It requires all
              Kay Kearney                        considerable trauma during their               of us working together, coordinating our
           Doctor’s Ambulance
                                                 childhood died 20 years prematurely,           services and collaborating to insure a
        Chairman, Advisory Board
          John E. Stratman, Jr.
                                                 CDC researchers found.” (Lawrence              comprehensive approach.
           Kaiser Permanente                     World Journal, October 6, 2009)
           Donald W. Clause, PE
            Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.                                                                So support the family-serving agency of
                                                 The study appears in the November
                Treasurer                                                                       your choice. There are many great
                                                 issue of the American Journal of
             Jacques Welche
                                                                                                organizations and effective programs in
          Raimondo Pettit Group                  Preventive Medicine. We’ve known for
                                                                                                Orange County. Just as child abuse
                DIRECTORS                        a long time that child abuse, as the
                                                                                                casts a shadow the length of a lifetime,
               Patti Bosalet                     saying goes, “casts a shadow the length
                                                                                                your support can save a life now . . . and
         Baxter Healthcare Corp.                 of a lifetime.” We’ve known that child
                                                                                                fifty years from now.
         Susan Fine, R.N., P.H.N.                abuse affects mortality rates in adults
        VNA Home Health Systems
                                                 who were abused as children. We
               Tim Heaslet
       Quietly Working Foundation                didn’t know just how dramatically child
             Desiree Kessel                      abuse reduces life expectancy in those                                 Russell Brammer
           Community Member                      with extensive childhood abuse histories.
              Matthew Lilly
      Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP

                                                 Dr. David Brown, an epidemiologist and
           Barbara Patison
  South Coast Metro Children’s Village
                                                 lead author on the publication,
                                                                                                     Inside This Issue
                Ed Perfetti
                                                 acknowledges that the study has
         Vail Dunlap & Associates                                                                 Strengthening Families            2
              Frank Wasko
                                                 limitations, but, he says, “even if you
        Southern California Edison               take the absolute number out of it,              Prevent Child Abuse Network       3
             Steffani Walther                    they’re dying substantially younger.”
           Community Member                      (Lawrence World Journal, op.cit.)                Annual Conference                 4
              Roger Faubel                                                                        Upcoming Events                   5
           Faubel Public Affairs
                                                 So even if the incidents of maltreatment
          William Habermehl                      and abuse aren’t immediately life                Parent Leadership Conference 6
   Orange County Dept. of Education
                                                 threatening to the child, they can be
          Sandra Hutchens
     Orange County Sheriff-Coroner               ultimately life threatening fifty years          Caring for Kids Community         7
           Gene Howard                           later.
   Orangewood Children’s Foundation                                                               Staff News                        8
           Deborah Mayhew
        Mayhew Communications
                                                 The answer, of course, lies in prevention        Travel for a Cause                9
             Christie McDaniel
           The Advocacy Group
                                                 – help parents before any abuse even
                                                 occurs. It also lies in early intervention –     Sweet Dreams                      10
     Juliette A. Poulson, RN, MN
 Orange County Health Care Agency                recognizing a family in trouble and
            Chip Prather
                                                 providing support quickly. And it also           Job Opportunities                 11
     Orange County Fire Authority                lies in helping an abused child to
        Michael Riley, Ph.D.                     emotionally heal from the abuse so the           With a Little Help From Our       12
Orange County Social Services Agency             child’s life choices in the future aren’t        Friends
            Steve Sullivan                       tainted by the abuse.
       Southern California Edison
In the 08-09 fiscal year,
The Raise Foundation….

            provided over 5,000 Information &
            Resources services to families,

                       assisted over 150 families with advocacy

              educated over 400 families with Parent
              Education series and workshops,

           distributed over 6,000 donations of basic
           needs items to assist families in need,

             and enrolled 766 children in medical
             insurance with follow up.

  We are proud to share the accomplishments of these programs
with you as we continue working to strengthen families and prevent
                  child abuse in Orange County.
 Page 2
              Purpose: To bring relevant child abuse prevention, intervention, and family
              support information to public and private agencies and to provide an
              opportunity for connecting communities, programs and services.
              The Prevent Child Abuse Network is a great opportunity to be a part of
              collaborating with other agencies that are currently working together to
              better the mental health and well-being of children and families in the
              Orange County Community.
                            Please join the Prevent Child Abuse Network at:
 Community Service Programs (CSP), 1821 E. Dyer Road Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92705
                Second Thursday of each month from 9:00AM – 10:30AM
                            Upcoming Meetings/Training Dates:

                                      November 12

                December 10 (Tuesday) - Holiday Breakfast at The Hacienda

           Please RSVP to Lynnette Tejada at

                         Child Abuse Registry
During September 2009 there were 3,258 reports of suspected child abuse
or neglect. These 3,258 children represented 1,611 Orange County families.
Of these 1,462 were first incidents (children).

               You can review the complete report by going to

If you suspect child abuse or neglect PLEASE call the Child Abuse Registry at

                          714.940.1000 or 1.800.207.4464

Page 3
           2010 Call for Workshop Proposals
As always, the conference will emphasize our mission of preventing child abuse and helping
build a better future for children. Conference participants will include social workers,
therapists, health care providers, law enforcement, the religious community, and
administrators. Our goals are to enhance intervention and prevention skills, encourage
dialogue among professions, and provide opportunities for professional development.

Presentations must be 2 hours in length and must address: a significant issue in the field,
innovative or cutting edge interventions, and offer practical and useful information for
professionals from a variety of fields. Workshops using creative presentation approaches
and interactive methods are of particular interest. All clinicians presenting on treatment
issues must be licensed.

Please contact Steffanie Gapp at or 949-757-3635 x125
for a complete proposal packet.

  Page 4
                                            October 2009
   Oct. 24—Adoptive/Foster/Relative Family Respite Event at Magnolia Park FRC, 11 am—3 pm
   (Call 949-757-3635 x 121 to register)
   Oct. 28—Anaheim Harbor FRC Open House, 4pm (Call 714-399-0590 ext 0 for more informa-

                                          November 2009
   Nov. 5—Magnolia Park FRC “Parenting With Loving Control” Class Begins              (Call 714-530-7413
   to register)
   Nov. 21—Raise Foundation Thanksgiving Food Drive—Volunteer Day                (Call 949-757-3635 ext
   128 for more information)

                                          December 2009
   Dec 1—Magnolia Park FRC FREE Family Craft Night (Call 714-530-7413 for more information)
   Dec 10—The Raise Foundation Holiday Breakfast, 8 am, The Hacienda in Santa Ana (Call

                     BLUE RIBBON CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE 2010
We need you! Make a difference in Orange County by joining the Blue Ribbon planning committee. The Blue
Ribbon planning committee is responsible for the implementation of the Blue Ribbon Family Fun Day held an-
nually in April to raise awareness of child abuse prevention. Meetings are the second Monday of the month at
10:30 at the Raise Foundation administrative offices (1920 E. Warner Ave, Ste A, Santa Ana 92705.) If you are
interested in joining our committee or have any questions please call please contact Tracy Scheil at
949.421.3405 for more information.

                           OUTREACH TO PARENTS TEAM (OPT)
The Outreach to Parents Team (OPT) has been working hard on developing a prototype for advertising in the
3rd Edition of the English Guidebook. We will be meeting again on Monday, October 19, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at
VNA Home Health Systems. Please contact Steffanie Gapp at with any

  Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
    Although the economy may slow down,
    we at The Raise Foundation believe
child abuse prevention efforts never should.
  That’s why despite these tough funding times, The Raise
  Foundation continues to add employees so that we can
keep providing desperately needed programs and services.
     Please help us welcome the 8 new members of our staff:
                 Jeannie Au—Counselor, Stanton FRC

            Roberto Cortez—Parent Educator, Stanton FRC

                    Tina Fietsam—Clinical Director

                     Julie Ha—Intern, Stanton FRC

                Jennifer Jarchow—Intern, Stanton FRC

         Jody Lee—Accounting Assistant, Administrative Office

              Miguel Rodriguez—Counselor, Stanton FRC

          Dorette Wilfley—Bookkeeper, Administrative Office

Page 8
                                             VISIT LONDON!
                                                  For Sale:
                                                2 Roundtrip,
                                               Economy Class
                                             VIRGIN ATLANTIC
                                           100% of the proceeds
                                                 will benefit
                                            The Raise Foundation
                                           child abuse prevention

Tickets will be sold to first confirmed buyer. All flights arrive
into/depart out of London Heathrow. Tickets are valid up until June
15, 2010. Please note the following dates are excluded from travel:
Dec 15, 2009 – Jan 15, 2009 and 15 days either side of Good Friday.
Travel dates will be allowed based upon availability. These seats
are subject to space being available in allocation of complimentary
seats. Payment for tax which is in the region of GBP 180.00 is addi-
tional. Changes to booking, should they be possible, will incur a
charge of GBP 30.00 per person to cover admin costs.

 Page 9
                                                   Due to circumstances beyond their
                                                   control, many children right here in
                                                   Orange County sleep on the floor
                                                   each night. Snuggling up in a warm,
                                                   cozy bed is just a dream...

                                                   This holiday season, the “Sweet
                                                   Dreams” program aims to make those
                                                   dreams come true with the goal of
                                                   providing 100 children with a mattress
                                                   to sleep on.

                                                   Your tax deductible donation of $60
                                                   will help us to reach that goal.
             Please help us provide a child with a peaceful night’s sleep.
    Contact or make your donation online by visiting
       a donation today.

                                                       Save the Date
                                                         Holiday Breakfast
                                                    Tuesday, December 10
                                                                 8 a.m.
                                                           The Hacienda
                                                           Santa Ana, CA
                                                                  RSVP to:

Page 10
Children’s Bureau—Orange                                                           • Maintains on-site financial and program
County : FRC Coordinator/Program                                                   records in cooperation with FRC partners
Supervisor I                                                                       • May provide direct services as needed
Location: Oak View Family Resource                                                 based on the needs of the agency and
Center, Huntington Beach                                                           FRC

Department: Prevention                                          • Keeps immediate supervisor informed regarding status of
Description: Under minimal supervision, the FRC
Coordinator/Program Supervisor is responsible for overall
coordination and oversight of the staff and activities at the   REQUIREMENTS:
FRC; coordination and planning with all partner agencies,
direct supervision of CHILDREN’S BUREAU staff,                  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college
community outreach, and assuring contractual obligations        or university. Masters Degree preferred
are met.
                                                                • Two to three years direct service experience
                                                             • One or more years of management and supervisory
• Provide oversight and coordination of the daily operations experience
and services/programs operating in or under the auspices
of the Family Resource Center                                • Previous Case Manager experience preferred

• Provides general supervision to staff assigned to the         • Bilingual English/Spanish required
FRC, including recruitment, selection, training,                • Good Communication Skills
performance evaluation, discipline, etc.
                                                                • Working knowledge of budgets and grants strongly
• Promote the FRC's mission to all staff and volunteers;        preferred
provide leadership to all FRC staff and agency partners
regarding FRC vision, mission, and priority initiatives         • Experience working with families, children and/or parents
• Ensuring that contractual obligations are met; responsible
for required program statistics, database integrity, and     • Ability to use diagnostic skills to make assessments
required documentation being submitted accurately and
timely to funder.                                            • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

• Carries out program management activities such as             TO APPLY:
planning, staffing, budgeting, and program development
                                                                Please email your cover letter and résumé to Wendy
• Provides administrative and clinical supervision of           Fitzgerald at
assigned staff and interns
• Identifies potential problems with program or function and
develops possible solutions, obtaining appropriate
                                                             Job descriptions are not intended, and should not be construed,
approvals when necessary
                                                                to be exhaustive lists of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or
• Maintains positive external relationships related to          working conditions associated with a job. They are meant to be
                                                                accurate reflections of the principal job elements. This description
program, including CHILDREN’S BUREAU staff,
                                                                in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be
collaborative partners, schools, community resources, etc.      performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow
                                                                other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by
• Performs community outreach through public speaking or
                                                                his or her Manager and/or Supervisor.
other contacts or events
• Conducts regular meetings with FRC staff, the Steering
Committee, the Community Action Council and Case
Management Team; attends all required FRC,
CHILDREN’S BUREAU and FaCT meetings and trainings

 Page 11
With a little help from our friends, can we help families To strengthen families and prevent child abuse, we
     in our community in desperate need of basic          are currently collecting the following items:
                                                              Diapers, Wipes, Formula
As of September 2009, the Child Abuse Registry
has received over 28,000 reports of suspected
child abuse in Orange County. Of those 28,000                 Baby furniture (cribs, bassinets, strollers, etc.)
reports, over 10,000 of them were classified as
neglect. Neglect encompasses lack of food, poor               Hygiene Products (Shampoo, Soap,
hygiene, or an absence of other basic necessities.            Toothbrushes, Toothpaste)

This type of child abuse is preventable but we need           Towels
your help. Our Caring for Kids Community works
with family serving agencies throughout Orange                Bedding (Sheets, Blankets, Comforters)
County so that families do not suffer from a lack of
basic needs items. In 2009, we have seen                  If you, or anyone you know, has one of these items
need increase dramatically and our inventory is           you would like to donate, please contact Joanne
running very low. In September alone we assisted          Stewart ( or 949-757-
over 25 agencies and 500 households, 200+ of whom         3635 x 128) and working together, families in our
had not received assistance before, with basic needs      community will get by with a little help from their
items ranging from food to towels to baby supplies.       friends.

Address: 1920 E. Warner Ave., Ste A
         Santa Ana, CA. 92705
Phone: (949) 757-3635
Fax:     (949) 757-4206

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