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					WITNESS OF THE GOSPELS – Vitalis Hoffman

Bible Facts You Need to Know
For the Apocryphal books, you only need to identify that they are Apocryphal. For the NT books, you need to
memorize their order. For the other documents, have a very brief description.

Apocryphal books                        New Testament Books                  Other Documents
1 Esdras                                The Gospels                          Dead Sea Scrolls
2 Esdras                                Matthew                              Diatessaron
Baruch                                  Mark                                 Didache
Bel and the Dragon                      Luke                                 Gospel of Thomas
Ecclesiasticus                          John                                 Mishnah
1 Maccabees                                                                  MT = Masoretic Text
2 Maccabees                             Historical Narrative                 Nag Hammadi Library
3 Maccabees                             Acts                                 Septuagint = LXX
4 Maccabees                                                                  “Q” document
Greek Additions to Esther               Pauline Letters                      Synoptic Gospels
Judith                                  Romans                               Talmud
Letter of Jeremiah                      1 Corinthians                        Targumim
The Prayer of Manasseh                  2 Corinthians                        Pseudepigrapha
The Prayer of Azariah and the Song      Galatians
    of the Three Young Men              Ephesians
Psalm 151                               Philippians
Susanna                                 Colossians
Tobit                                   1 Thessalonians
The Wisdom of Solomon                   2 Thessalonians
                                        1 Timothy
                                        2 Timothy

                                        General Epistles & Revelation
                                        1 Peter
                                        2 Peter
                                        1 John
                                        2 John
                                        3 John
Andrew                     Palestine                                      (http://religion.rutgers.edu/nt/primer/gloss.html )
Antiochus Epiphanes IV     (http://religion.rutgers.edu/iho/map.html )
                                                                          htm )
Caesar Augustus            Bethany                                        Text Criticism
Caiaphas                   Bethlehem                                      (http://www.earlham.edu/~seidti/iam/interp_mss.h
Elizabeth                  Caesarea Philippi                              tml -
Herod Agrippa I            Capernaum                                      ‫ = א‬Sinaiticus
Herod Agrippa II           Dead Sea                                       A = Alexandrinus
Herod Antipas              Galilee                                        Alexandrian Family
Herod Archaleus            Jerusalem                                      Autograph
Herod Philip               Jordan River                                   B = Vaticanus
Herod the Great            Judea                                          Byzantine Family
James the son of Zebedee   Masada                                         C = Ephraemi
John Hyrcanus              Nazareth                                       Codex
John the Apostle           Qumran                                         D = Bezae
John the Baptist           Samaria (country)                              Minuscule
Joseph (NT)                Sea of Galilee                                 Uncial
Josephus                   Sepphoris                                      Vellum
Judas Iscariot                                                            W = Washingtonensis
Judas Maccabee                                                            Western Family
Judas the Galilean         DATES                                          Papyrus
Martha                     587 BCE        Fall of Southern Kingdom
Mary Magdalene             587-539 BCE    Period of Babylonian Exile      Form Criticism
Mary Mother of Jesus       539 BCE        Some exiles return from         (Powell, Gospels, 20ff.)
Mary of Bethany                           Babylonia                       Sitz im Leben
Matthew                    539-332 BCE    Persian Period                  Parable
Peter                      332 BCE        Alexander the Great captures    Pronouncement Story (Chreia)
Philip the Evangelist                     Jerusalem                       Legend
Philo                      332-141 BCE    Greek Period                    Myths
Pompey                     167 BCE        Desecration of Temple by
Pontius Pilate                            Antiochus Epiphanes IV
Saul / Paul                164 BCE        Maccabees rededicate            Apocalypse / Apocalyptic
Simon bar Kochba                          Temple                          Covenant
Stephen                    141-63 BCE     Maccabean Period /              Day of Atonement
Teacher of Righteousness                  Hasmonean Dynasty               Diaspora
Tiberius                   63 BCE         Romans (Pompey) take            Eschatology
Titus                                     control of Palestine            Griesbach Hypothesis
Vespasian                  63 BCE-ca600CE Roman Period                    Hellenism
Zechariah (NT)             40 BCE         Herod the Great named King      High Priest
                           ~5 BCE         Birth of Jesus                  Honor
GROUPS OF PEOPLE           4 BCE          Herod dies; kingdom divided     Kerygma
Essenes                                   among 3 sons                    Messiah / Christ
Jews                       6 CE           Herod Archelaus exiled; tax     Miracle
Gentiles                                  revolt (Judas the Galilean);    Passover
Pharisees                                 Roman procurators rule          Rabbi
Sadducees                                 Judea, Idumea, Samaria          Sabbath
Sanhedrin                  30 CE          Jesus' death and resurrection   Synagogue
Hasmoneans                 49/50 CE       Jerusalem Council (Acts 15)     Temple
Ptolomies                  66 CE          First Jewish revolt             Two Source Hypothesis
Scribes                    70 CE          Romans destroy Jerusalem
Seleucids                                 Temple
Zealots                    74 CE          Masada falls to Romans
                           132-135 CE     Second Jewish revolt (Simon
                                          bar Kochba)