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                                                 Press Release
                                                                                            November 11, 2004
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         AV Books Publishes the 9/11 Commission Report
Commissioners praise technology ensuring readers will have an easier way to read, hear and visualize the report

         Lighthouse Point, FL – In celebration of Veterans Day, A V Books (www.avbooks.com) is releasing The 9/11

Commission Report (Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States),

the “book every American must own,” as an audio-visual book.

         “We are releasing this book in this unique format on Veterans Day to honor the tens millions of veterans who have

so valiantly served this country to preserve our freedom,” says George Hay, CEO and founder of A V Books.

         Hay believes the report provides readers with the most critical look any cit izen ry has had on how its government
operates and that only a free, democrat ic government would publish it.

         Why publish now when the report was previously released?

         A V Books is publishing now because this format expands its availability to tens of millions of more readers,
including people with disabilities, because the book has features the printed version lacks, and because the MP3 technology
makes the report easier to read the text and footnotes and to carry.

         For example, special features in the book include exclusive video interviews with 9/11 Co mmissioners Jamie S.
Go relick and Richard Ben-Veniste. The co mmissioners express their personal views on the report and its impact upon
America, Congress, the President of the United States and the world.

           Speaking in a somber tone, Commissioner Gorelick says, “This book is a critical history of how our government
operates. There has never been any book published like this in the history of our country. I am thrilled with the reception
we received fro m the country and doubly pleased to learn that the country is responding to the report’s recommendations.”

          In discussing the international impact of the book, she says, “Other countries are reading the book searching for
informat ion on ways to protect themselves from terrorists.”

         Co mmissioner Gorelick is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Wilmer, Cut ler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr.

          Co mmissioner Ben-Veniste says, “The 9-11 Co mmission report is essential for anyone who wants to understand
how this tragedy occurred, why our government failed to prevent it, and how we can take steps to better protect our nation
fro m future attacks while still preserving our civil libert ies."

         Richard Ben-Veniste is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Mayer, Bro wn, Rowe & Maw.

PR Release on AV Books

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         The commissioners are pleased that AV Books technology expands the readership of the book.

         “By increasing the number of people who will have access to the report, including people with disabilit ies, the
nation will be stronger and more vig ilant in our war against terror,” says Gorelick.

         The benefits of A V Books MP3 CD technology are readers receive a co mp lete digital version of the report through
which they can interact with audio, text and images. These features also make the book internationally accessible to tens of
millions of blind, visually impaired and people with learn ing disabilities.

         Fir portability purposes, with this technology the book can be installed on PC co mputers, and played on MP3
friendly devices such as iPods™ and DVD Players.

          One of the criticisms of the report has been nearly two thousand footnotes in the book and how readers have to
go to another book to read the footnotes.

           “With Audio Visual Books, readers can click onto the footnote and immed iately the footnote can be pulled into
the main body of the text and read aloud without the reader losing his place,” says Hay. Another feature is electronic notes
can be taken and identified with specific text, print can be enlarged fo r people with v isual impairments, and the background
and color can be changed to benefit readers with learning disabilit ies.

         Another criticis m has been its thickness. AV Books eliminates this element and makes the book ea sily portable.
Such portability expands the readership of the report and makes it easy to use it as a textbook in history or government

          Hay says AV Books technology makes the report a living document because future additions can e asily be added
by clicking on Future Updates in the Table of Contents and then downloading.

        Leaders in the disability commun ity praise the accessibility features of this technology and the goal of the
publisher to ensure people with disabilities have access to the report.

         “By ensuring people with disabilit ies have access to the 9/11 Report, the publisher recognizes the right of
providing every American access to this report,” says Alan Reich, president of the National Organization on Disability,
Washington, DC. NOD’s (www.nod.org) mission is to include A merica’s 56 million people with disabilities in every aspect
in society.

         Far fro m replacing the traditional book, the interactive AudioVisual Book, co mbined with it s sophisticated and
advanced digital capabilities, extends the reach of the original book, and effectively brands the book with a new generation
of readers both familiar and comfortable with computers and MP3 CD technology.

         AV Books utilizes its proprietary AV Book Creator™ software to produce an AudioVisual Book. The technology
combines the physical ownership with advance reading technology that will fo rever change the way people interact with
digital books. The AudioVisual Book is the “DVD of the Publishing World” and incorporates the best features of paper,
electronic, and the audio books as well as DVD capabilit ies.

        The report sells for $19.95 and will be availab le in bookstores, airports, on www.amazon.com and through AV
Books on www.avbooks.com.


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