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International Malnutrition Task Force

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									       International Malnutrition Task Force
The International Malnutrition Task        it warrants in health policies and     An integrated system of prevention,
Force (IMTF) is an inter-agency            resource allocation.                   timely referral, correct inpatient
advisory and advocacy group on                                                    treatment and effective community-
                                           ➋ To build capacity to prevent
malnutrition that has a two fold                                                  based care will improve child survival
                                           and treat malnutrition: In hospitals
purpose:                                                                          and development and build health
                                           in developing countries, severely
                                                                                  worker capacity and strengthen
➊ To raise the profile of malnutrition:    malnourished children comprise a
                                                                                  health systems.
Malnutrition contributes to 60%            significant proportion of paediatric
of deaths of children under 5, so          deaths. Most deaths can be prevented   IMTF was launched at the
reducing malnutrition is vital in          by following treatment guidelines.     International Union of Nutritional
child survival strategies. Although        Community-based treatment              Sciences (IUNS) 18th International
                                                                                  Congress of Nutrition held in Durban
there are as many deaths from the          can reduce the burden of care
                                                                                  in September 2005 by the IUNS
effects of malnutrition as from AIDS,      on hospitals, shorten in-patient
                                                                                  President Professor Ricardo Uauy.
tuberculosis and malaria, malnutrition     treatment and benefit children with
currently fails to receive the attention   moderate malnutrition.                 For more information, visit

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