A Guide to Dewey Numbers to Help Locate

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					A Guide to Dewey Numbers to Help Locate Books in the Library
000's Generalities 001.9’s 004.6’s 070’s 100's Philosophy 133.3 150’s 200's Religion 291's UFO's Computers Journalism The Dewey Numbers refer to the call numbers found on the spines of nonfiction and reference books. To find specific call numbers for other subjects, use your Online Catalog.

Paranormal Phenomena Psychology


300's Social Sciences 306's Families 320’s Political Science 340’s Law 360’s Social Problems 364's Crime 370’s Education 398.2’s Folk and Fairy Tales 400's Language 430’s 440’s 460's

German French Spanish

700's The Arts 720's 740’s 741.5 745's 750's 770’s 780's 791.43 792’s 792.8 796's 799’s 800's Literature 811's & 821's 812’s 815’s 817’s 822.33 840’s 860’s

Architecture Drawing Comics Hobbies Painting Photography Music Movies Theater Dance Sports Hunting & Fishing

500's Natural Sciences 507’s Experiments 510’s Mathematics 530’s Physics 540’s Chemistry 551.2’s Earthquakes & Volcanoes 560’s Fossils & Dinosaurs 580’s Plants 597's Reptiles 599's Mammals 600's Technology 609’s 610's 613.7 616's 616.89’s 629.1’s 629.2’s 629.4’s 635’s 636's 636.1’s 636.7’s 641’s 649’s 650’s 658’s 690’s

Poetry Drama Speeches Humor Shakespeare French Literature Spanish Literature

Inventions Medicine Physical Fitness Diseases Mental Disorders Flight Automobiles, Motorcycles Astronauts & Space Travel Gardening Pets and Domestic Animals Horses Dogs Cookbooks Parenting Business Marketing Home Building

900's Geography and History of Countries 910's Travel & Atlases 930's Ancient Civilizations 932’s Ancient Egypt 937’s Ancient Rome 938’s Ancient Greece 940’s Europe 940.3’s World War I 940.5's World War II 950’s Asia, China, Japan, India 951.9042 Korean War 959.704 Vietnam War 960’s Africa 970’s North America 973.04’s Native American History 973.3’s Revolutionary War 973.73’s Civil War 978’s The West 980’s South America

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