Grade Seven Mathematics Study Key

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					       Grade Seven Mathematics Study Key
                   December Examination
           Wednesday, December 16 (9 a.m. – 12 noon)
                                          MAT 7A
                                          Ms. Wong

Overall expectations:
    translate between equivalent forms of a number (i.e., decimals, fractions, percents) e.g.,
    3/4 = 0.75)
    solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with simple
    evaluate the multiplication and division of integers
    evaluate expressions that involve integers, including expressions that contain brackets
    and exponents, using order of operations
    evaluate negative exponents
    solve problems requiring the manipulation of expressions arising from applications of
    percent, ratio, rate, and proportion
    solve problems involving the calculation of the circumference and the area of a circle
    determine the relationship between the area of the base and height and the volume of a
    cylinder, and generalize to develop the formula (i.e., Volume = area of base x height)
    determine the surface area and lateral surface area of a cylinder
    determine the perimeter and area of regular and irregular geometric shapes
    evaluate algebraic expressions with up to three terms, by substituting fractions,
    decimals, and integers for the variables (e.g., evaluate 3x + 4y = 2z, where x = 1/2, y =
    0.6, and z = –1)

Section                                                         Number of Marks

1                               Multiple Choice                 40
2                               Problems                        160
                                                                Total: 200 marks
You must bring:
      Pencil sharpeners or lead
      Calculators (Recommended – to check your answers)
      A book to read (in case you finish early)

Section 1 – Multiple Choice (40 marks)
This section will consist of a variety of questions that cover material
       Scientific Notation
       Fractions, decimals, percent

Section 2 – Problems (160 marks)
This section will consist of a series of problems based on the work of
Lessons 60 through Lesson 89.

To prepare:
      Re-do the practice questions from these lessons! Mark your own work
      using your notebook.
      Review old tests. Re-do any questions that cause you difficulty.
      Complete all the review sheets as assigned for class. You must have
      them completed as they are assigned in order to get help with
      questions you do not understand!

Extra Help Needed?!
Mondays & Tuesday – Ms. Wong in room 305