F.No.22-252004-Admn Government of India Ministry of Human Resource

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     -=...                  Government of India
                 Ministry of Human Resource Development
                Department of Women & Child Development

                                       New Delhi, dated 8'h September,

Sub: Decentralization of decision making process and channel
     of cases in the Department - regarding

      Based on the suggestions/comments received from various Divisions in~'i.
the Department, a compilation showing the updated channel of submission
and level of final disposal of cases in various Sections/DeskslUnits of the
Department, is enclosed for information and compliance.

I.      All SectionslDeskslUnits in the Department
2.      All Officers in the Department
~                            Administration         Division

     Sr.          Item of work
                                         !        Channel of              Final level of
     No,                                 I       Snhmission                  disposal
      I.   Appointment to Gr.'A'              Section/US/ DS or                HRM
                                         I       Director/JS/
                                              Sccy/MOS/ fiRM
      2.    Appointment to Gr.-B'             Scction/US/ DS or               Secretary
            posts(General Central
     '3-   -,\p'p"in!",cnt 10 Gr'C"        'S"i,,;iusii5S;;-r-           - DS or Directo;:-
            posts                        I    Dircclor/JS/Sccy
     4.     Appointment to Gr.-D'        r-'       Section/US                      US
      5.    Grant of leave                   Grant of Leaye (other
                                              than Casual Leave)

                                             OS/Oireelor/JS levet        Secretary

                                             US level                    JS

                                             Section tevel               DS

                                             Personal Sialf              Controlling
                                             (Leave sanction order
                                             to be issued by 50/

                                             Granl of Casual             Controlling
                                             Leave                       Officer

      6,    Grant of-HBA1oGr"AI..cc          SeelionlUSl9S     "-or"                JS'     ',

      7.    GrantofHBA      to Gr.-B',       Section/US/OS          or            OS/Oir.
            'C'&'O'                          Oircctor

      8,    Grant of Advance (as per
            ehtitlement) for purchase
                    (d) Car/Computer         Section/US/OS or                       JS
                    (e) Motorcycle!          Section/US/DSor                  DS or Dir.
                        Scooter              Director
                    (f) Cycle                SectionIUS                             US
'"      9.    Pension cases of               Section/US                               US
              (to be replaced as
              processing of pension

        10.   LTC Advance to                 Section/US                               US
              Gr.A, B, C&D
              (to be replaced as grant of
              LTC advance/transferTA)

        II.   Foreign                        Scction/US/DS or                 Officers below
              AssignmenUTrainingi            Director/JS/                     tbe level ofDS:
              Fellowship                     Sccretary/MOS/                   MaS
                                                                              Officers of the
                                                                              level ofDS and
                                                                              above: HRM

        12.   Tuition Fee                    Section/US                               US
              Reimbursement! Children
              Education Allowance

        13.   Festival Advance               Section/US                               US

        14.   Grant ofGPF advance/
              Final withdrawal from

              All proposals covered          Section/US                               US
              under Rule 12, 15 & 16 in
              respect of Group '8' (non-
              gazetted), Group 'c' &
              Group 'D' staff                                                                    .
                                                                .'               ;m
     - ---- -- ,II propos",I.,.£9J_"d,_..-
                under Rule 12, 15& 16io      Director
                respect of Group '8'
                (Gazetted) and Group 'A'
                (up to DS level)
              All proposals covered          Sction/LJS/DS           or
              under Rule 12, 15& 16in        DircctorlJS
              respect of officers of rank
              of Director & above

        15.   Release and safe custody       Section/US                               US
              of official/private passport
              in terms of MEA's.
              instructionsissued ide
              communication  No.
              VII/407/8/2002  dated
              20.12.2002                                                                    <.
                                                        ,                                       ,.
      Reimbursement of medica]
      expe.ses                            I
        i.   Permission      t6               Section/USIDS   or        JS
             obtain     medica]               Dircctor/JS
             services    from
             CGHS       recognized                                                  .~~
       ii.   Reimbursement           of
             medica]      expenses
             approved      rates

             Up to Rs.IOOO in                 Section/US                 US
             each case

             Up to Rs.5000         in         Section/USIDS   or   DS or Director
             each case                        Director

             Above      Rs.5000               Scction/USIDS   or         JS
                           CASH AND BUDGET SECTION

Sr, .~-          Subject                                      Channel of
No                                                            suhmission
 I. Budget
         Matters                                        C&b Section-
2, ICertificationoffundsofGr:mts-in-aid                 Assistant-SD(C&B)-
3.     Removal of Grant-in-aid Bills                    Assistanl-OOD
4.     Contin ent Advance Bill                          Assistant-ODD
S.     Contin ent Ad'ustment Bill.                      Assistant-OOO
6.     Re-appropnation     of Funds.                    C&B section-
                                                        Secretary-Ministry nf
7. I Festival Advance                                   Assistant-OOD-
8. 1TA Advance                                          Assistant-OOD-
                                                        C&b section -
                                                        US(C&B) (depending
                                                        on nature of
                                                        information, level of
                                                        final disposal is
12. I' Preparation of Demands for Grants                C&B Section-
13.   I Preparation   ofPelformancc    Budget           C&B Section -
                                                        US(C&B) -
14-    Preparation of all GPF AdvancclWithdrawal        Assistant-OOQ .
 A     Bills
15.    Pre aratiorrohlickind'oi'-C-Gnti..cn>B1Hs-:;.-   eiiSJiiCi-OOO--'c-cc
16.    Preparation of salary Bills of all stan'         Assistant-ODD
       members of the DeDtt

Sr. I , "..                   Subject
          luter-<leuartmen'a)   references:
I.        Seeking infonnation of routine nature
      .   not involvin      lie maUers
2.        Seeking com"lents involving policy                              JS(WD)/
          maUers                                                          Secreta
3.    I Invitation  for auending                                          JS(WD)/
          Meetings/Conferences/Seminars                                   Secy(WCD)

          Parliament     Ouestions:

I.        Seeking infonnation from MinsJDcptts.        SOIUS              US(WW)
          Of factual nature
2.         Requests for transfer of                    US/Dir             JS(WD)
3.         Questions received in the Section. but to   US/Dir.            Dir./JS(WD)
           be transferred to other
           MiniS! /De artment
4.    I Questions       relating to the Section                           Minister
           (UnstaITed     .
5.    I -do- (Starred)                                                    Minister

           Nationa) Commission        for Women

 I.        Creation of Posts                           As perexisting
2.         Appointment of                                    :dO-
           Chairperson/Members/reconstitution etc.
3.         Release of grants                                   -<10-
4.         Amendment! framing of recruitment            As perexisting.
           rules                                        instructions
 5.        Annual Report ofNCW                          US(WW)/
             .                ~---~~-~.....            .9iFfWDJ'--

LeUers received from PM's Office. MPs and other VIPs

 I.        PM's office references addressed to         US/DIR.            JS/SecyJMinister
           Sec JJS WD
 2.        MPNIP references addressed to HRM           US/DIR'            JS/Secy./Minister
 3.        ReDresentations from individuals            S.D.               S.D.
           orcanisations reg.atrocities on Women
           reecived in the Section'
 4.       I EFCMemo.      of the Section   on which     US/DiR
           clarifications are soucht hv othg
           Minist /De artme"ts. .,
 5.        Re orts/Rctums                               US
 6.        Court Cases                                  US/DIR
 7.        Comments. on Bills/Dronosals for setting     DiR(WD)
           UDSme (Q!!1miss;on far_Women
 8.    Action Taken ReDortofParliamcnt
       Committee's recommendations
 9.      essa~es fotSou""ni",ete.

                                              Dcsk fWD)


Sr.                 Subject                                        Channel of
No.                                                                submission           disposal
 I.. Compositionof delegation                                       Dir(WD)         Minister/Screening"
 2.    Preparationof Noteson A~                                     Dir(WD             Direetor/JS
 3:    Communications           on visa. passport. tickets           D.O.               --0:0-.

                                    PARLIAMENT             QUESTION

 4.    A roval of re I to Starred Questions                     DirIWD)/JS(WD) Secretary/Minister
 5.    A roval of re I to Unstarred Questions                       Dir(WD)     JS(WD)/Minister
 6.    Transfer of Questions                                        DO(WD)     Dir(WD)/JS(WD)
 7.    Information of factual nature on                             DO(WD)          Dir(WD)
       Parliament Questions sought by different
 8: I Information sought on Parliament                              Dic(WD)                 JS(WD)
      Questions on. Policy issucs

                   LETTERS          RECEIVED        FROM PM'S OFFICE/VIPs

 9.    References addressed to
       Secreta /JS(WD)
 10.   MPNIP Letters

                                  . EFC/CABINET ~ NOTE ETc.
                  --      ---     -     -    -
                                                    - -- --...
 II.   Finalisation ofEFC Memo                                  Dir(WD)                 Secreta",
 12.   Finalisation ofCahinet Note                              Dir(WD)            Sccceta",/Minister
 13.   RertslRetums                                            DO/Dic(WD)             DOlDiriWD)
 14.   Project Proposals with bilateral                         Dic(WD)            JS(WD)/Secretary       .
                                                                                                        ..i/o,. .';!
                   SW LWLAMBAN              SECTION         (earlier Desk-NORAD!

       Fresb Proposals
        - Collection oflnformation                                               US
        -   Decision   to include    a partic41ar   casc     Section/US/DS       JS(WD)
       in the PSC A~enda
        - Approval of PSC Minutes                            Seetion/US/DS/JS   I Secreta

                                                                                                        ..-;- if
 2..   I0020i02         Projects
                                                                  As per existing orders         .Dependingon the
        :=ncial           Sanction                                                                amount
        -    Analysis of Reports                                  ScctionlUS/DS/DIR               DS/DIR
        -    Routine Complaints                                   ScctionlUS                      DS/DIR
        -    Serious Complaints                                   Scction/USIDSlDlR/JS            ~
        -    Review                                               Scction/USIDS/DlR/JS            Js

 3.    I Parliament Questions
        - Supply of Routine                                SectioniUS/DS/DIR                       DS/DIR
        - Other Infomation                                 SeetioniUSIDSIDIR        DSIDIRlJS
        - Questions pertaining to the                      SeetioniUS/DSlDSnS/Seey. Minister

14.    I Reports        & Returns                     I Seetion/USIDSIDS/Director                I DSlDireetor
 5.    Iloteraction      with NORAD               SeCtion/lJSIDSIDS/Directnel

                                                           DESK STEP

  I.     Fresb Proposals
         - Collection of Infomation                                                                DO
         -   Deeision     to include   a particular        ease    in    DO/DIR                   JS(WD)
         the PSC Agenda

         - Approval of PSC Minutes                                       DO                       Secreta
 2.      On20ln2 Projects
         - Financial       Sanction                                      As per existing
                                                                         orders depending
                                                                         on the amount
         - Analysis of Reports                                          ~                          DS/DIR
         - Routine Complaints                                           ~                          DSIDIR
         - SeriousComplain.ts                         ~~                DO7i5STDIR                 JS
         - Review                                                       DOIDS/DIR           ".     JS
 3.      Parliameot Questions
         - Supply ofRoutinc Infomation                                  DO                         DS/DIR
         - Other iofomation                                             DOIDS/OIR                  DS/DIRlJS
         - Questions pertaining to the DESK                             DOIDS/JS/See,.             Minister
 4.     ,Reports & Returns                                                DO                       DOIDDD

                            WWH & SSH Section (earlier Desk-WWH)

  I. I Programmematters                                                   SeetionlUS/DS(WD)/JS
        For matters having majne administrative                            SeetionlUSIDS(WD)/JS
        implicatioos for the Desk                                         (WD)/Seey(WCD)

                                   GC Section (earlier Desk-CP)

       Caseselating to Prostitution & Child
           r                                                    Section/US/DS(WD)/JS(     IMinister
       Prostitution                                             WD)/Secy.(WCD)/Minis
2.     Re orts and Returns                                      Section/US//DS(WD)          DS(WD)
3.     Parliament Questions and oth" related                    Section/US/DS(WD)/JS(       Minister
       Parliament matters                                       WD)Secy.(WCD)/
4. I Schemeon Atrocities on women                               Section/US/DS(WD)/JS(

                         SWAY.AMSIDHA(earlier                Desk-IMY & MSY)

I. TAdministrativemattersofRMK                          DOIDS/JS/SecyJMinister      JS/SecvJMinister
2.     I Parliament Question                                                         Minister
                     (a) Unstarred                      DO/DS/JS/Secy.lMinister
                     (b) Starred                        DOIDS/JS/Minist"             Minister

3.         VIP reference                                DOIDS/JSlMinister           Minister
4.         Routine matters on Swayamsidha               OOIDS                       OS
5.         Policy matters on Swayamsidha                DOIDS/JS/Secy.lMinister     JS/Secv.lMinister.
6.         Grant-in-aid to State Government             DOIDS/JS                    JS afterconcurrence
7.         i.        Budget & Planning                           OOIDS                        JS
           ii.       Annual Plan related work                     -do-                       -do-
           iii.      Releaseof funds                            DO-DS-JS              Secretary(WCD)
           iv.       Media and Publicity                          -do-                       -do-
                     related work
           v.        Computerization.-                            DO-OS                         -JS-
                     Correspondence with NIC
           vi.       Other financial matters                      DO-DS                      OS
           vii.      Recastin" of Swavmsidha            DO-DS-JS-Secy.(WCD)                Minister
8.     Ii.           Parliament related matters               DO-DS                       JS(MSY)
         ii.         Parliament Question                    DO-DS-JS-                      Minister

9.     I             NatioriilFEwiltlatioft-aOO
                      Monitoring Agency
                                                    -          Secy.(WCD)
                                                        --....OO-DS-JS      -..-    -.   Secy(WCD).--


 10. Ii.             Distance'Education                         DO-DS-JS                 Secy.(WCD),
        ii.          L.I.c. related work                         D()..DS                  JS(MSY)
        iii.         Annual Re rt                                 -do-                       -do-
 11..!i.             Periodical Statements'                    i DO/DS                    DS(MSY)j"iti.
           ii.       References originating                       -do-                      -do-       "
                     from V.C.Section
           iii.      V.I.P. references                            DO-DS
                                                                                          JS(MSY)      i
 12.              Work relating to Gen.Admn.                      OOIDS                   DS(MSY)
                  of JeevanDeep Bldg.

                                                CWB     ~.

 I.         UNICEF      aid to India jail   maior        US/DlR/JS/See',.                Secreta.
2.      Uij!CEF aid to India (other                         US/DIRfJS                           Jt.Secretary
3.      India's contribution to UNICEF                      US/DIRfJS/Sec          .             Secreta
4.      Preparation and finalisation of                     US/DIRfJS/Sccy.                     Secretary
        Master Plan of Operation (MPO)
        of UNICEF
5.     I Implementation of Basic                           I US/DIRfJS/Secy.                   I Secretary
         agreementwith UNICEFand its
6.     I Utilisation   of UNICEF assistance                I US/DIRfJS/Secy.                   I Secretary
        and itsperiodicassessment,
        scrutinyof proposalsfor UNICEF
7.     I Indian   delegations       to UNICEF              I US/DIRfJS/Sccy./Ministcr          I MOS/HRM
        Executive Board and other
        meetings budget for the UNICEF
        and all ancilla work thereto
8.     I Reference     pertaining      to the United         US/DIRfJS                           Jt. Secretary
        Nations and specialized agencies
        like ECCSOC. ESCAP Social
        Development Commission ctc..
        except on matter pertaining to
        women's welfare
9.     I Implementation          of National    Policy     I US/Dir/JS
         on Children and National Plan of
         Action for Children; Statc Plans of
         Action for Children
 10.     Constitution of National                            US/Dir/JS/Secy/Minister/PM          PM
         Children's Board
 II.     Foreign delegations visiting India                  US/Dir/JS/Secy/Minister             Minister
         and Indian delegations visiting
         abroad, concerning child welfarc

                                                Desk (ND) FNB

.1.         PoliCy;"Planni"trand-B"dgetiflg              eI'.~..         "   . oo/DT As/l'A"...~ - I..J&~--
2.          Monitoring of Annual Action Plan                                 DO/DTAs                 TA
3.          Matters relating to standards                                    ~                       TA
4.          R & D Projects                                                   i5TAiTA                 JS
5.          Matters relating to RTE/Energy/Weaning                           ATA/DTArrA              JS
6.     .I   Matters    related    to information     &                       US/DTA                  TA
7.          Development of educational training                              US/DTA                  'fA "
8.          IMCC/FNC Meetings                                                ATAIiDTArrA             JS
9.          Matters related to Nutrition Education &                         DTA                     TA
            Training & INE Sehemes through
            CFNEUs and INEClCTC reports
 10.        Work relating to OTC                                             DTA                     TA
 IT.        Matters related to District DIET and                             DTA                     TA
            Nutrition Profiles of States/Uts

12.   Networking with NGOs                         DTA
      Annual Plan/IX Plan/Parliament               DOIDTA/TA
      Questions/Annual Reports
14.   Matters related to National Plan of Action   ATAIDTMrA
      in children/Girl Child/Wnmen/nther
      schemes "fthe Department
15.   Financial matters upto RsAO.OOO/             DOIDTA
16.   Administrative matters ofCFNEUs              SO(NA)/US(A)
]7.   General Coordination/Miscellaneous           DO/DTA
      references relating to FNB
                                  MEDIA SECTION

I.       Film Production Propos~ls                       Demo,
2,       Advertisements/Media   Campaign,                Demo,
3,       Co-ordination with Media Units                  Demo,OfficerlUSlDir
4,       Formulation of Advisory Committee               Demo,Officer/US/

                             CD Division (CD-I & CD-II)

I.        Allocation of ICDS Projects to     US/DS/JS/Secy,
2,        Locations of individuallCDS        USIDS/.lS
        I pro'eets
3,        Grants to States for ICDS          US/DS/JS/Secv,
4.       Proposals for minor relaxation      USIDS
         in ICDS Draeets
5.       Proposals for major relaxation in   USIDS/.lS/Secy,
         ICDS Dro'ects
6.       Reports to PM's Office and          US/DS/JS/Secy,
         Cabinet Sccrc",riat
7.       Pari iament Questions and           US/DS/JS/Minister
         Cabinet matters
                                              DESK (CSWB)

       I.   IGrant-in-aid        to NGOs for Short   I              DO/DS
             Stay Homesfor Womenand
             Girls upto Rs.2.00.000/-
       2. I Grant-in-aidto NGOs for Short            I             DO/DS/JS
            Stay Homesfor Womenand
             Girls exceeding Rs.2,OO.OOO/-
       3. I Grant-in-aidto CSWB                      I             DOIDS/JS

       4.    Administrative mattcrs of                    DO/DS/JS/SecylMinister
       5.       i)       Parliament Qucstions                DOIDSnSlMinister

                   ii)      Parliament Questions          DO/DS/JS/SccyJMinister

       6.    VIP    References                               DOIDS/JS/Minister

                         WORD BANK PRO.JE~T              UNIT (earlier TR Section)

   I.        Grants to States. Government                US/DS (or Director)
             and Non-Governmental

  2.         Openingor ClosureofTmining                  US/OS (or Director)
             Centres                                                              ..~

  3.         Major                                        USIDS (or         -,-
            oex"",iments/mo~i...       .                 .oi_or)/JS/S=tary.~- .
             traininA programmes
  4.         Liaison with training instilutions.         USIDS (or Direct",)
             NIPCCD. ICCW etc.

                                               PLAN UNIT

  I.         Annual Report                               DD(P)-Dir(Prem)-JS(WD)

  2.         Annual Plan & Fivc Year Plans

  3.         Annual Action Plan

  4.          Matetial for President's Addrcss

  5.          Material for Finance Minister's
              Budget Speech
  6.          Material for ECO-Surve

7.    Quarterly Progress Reports of       AD(P)-DD(P)/Dir(PREM'f        Secretary
      AAP                                 JS(WD)
8.    Mitleria! for 'India' a reference   DD(P)/Dir/JS                  Secretary
      Annual ofl&B Ministrv
9.    Material forNDCCommiucc             DD(P)-Dir(PREM)-JS(WD)       I Secretary
      Meetings and for other moctings
      connected with Plans
10.   Other works like review of          AD(P)-DD(P)-Dir(PREM)          Joint
      schemes Progress of Expenditure                                    Secretary/Secret'
      SCP & TSP, material for                                            ary
      Parliament Questions etc.
           co~mmIN-"     TJQNSECTION

    1.      General Circulars/orders/notifications  etc.    salus                    US

r           issued     va,;ous Ministries/Deplts.
            Regarding pay, allowances, pension, holidays,
            leave applications, medical attendance rules,
          . provident fund etc. - their circulation
    2.      Month! Summary for the Cahinet                  SO/USIDSnS               JS
    3.     Monthlv letter to Cabinet Secy.l PM's Sectt.     SO/USIDS/JS/Secy.       Secy.
    4.     Parliament Questions (Part a) concerning         SO/US/QS/JS/Minister   Minister
           more than one Bureau                                                                ,,
    5.     Arrangement for procurement of invitation        SO/US/DS/JS              )S
           cards/tickets from the MiniStry of Defence for
           republic day parade; Beating retreat ceremony
           and Independence Dav.
    6.     All miscellaneous communications from other      SO/US/DS/JS              JS
           Departments/Ministries referred to the Deptt.                                       "11
           for its comments and whose subject matter is
           not related to anyone Bureau
    7.     ParliamentaryStandingCommittee                   SO/US/DS/JS/EA         Secretary        :1
    8.     CommonMinimumProgramme                           SO/US/DS/JS/EA         Secretary
    9.     WeeklyMeetingand Minutesof the meeting           SO/US/DS/JS/EA         Secretary
    10.    State levelSecretary'smeetin"                    SO/US/DS/JS/EA         Secretary
                                Government of India
                     Ministry of Human ResourceDevelopment
                   Department of Women and Child Development

                                          Shastri Bhawan, New Deihl 110001
                                                           Dated: 13.10.2004

                              OFFICE MEMORANDUM

;Subject: Re-organisation of  the Sections/Desks/Units in the Department of
           Women and Child Development- List of subjects being dealt with in
           various Sections/Desks/Units.

      The undersigned is directed to forward a compilation of list of subjects
being deait with in various Sections/Desks/Units of the Department for
information of ail concerned.

                                                                 ~  ~


Ail Sections/Desks/Unitsin the Deptt.

 Ail officers in the Deptt.
                              Governmentof India
                    Ministryof HumanResource Development

List of subjects dealt with in various Sections/Desks/Units   in the DeDartment


   51. No.   Name of Section Desk Unit                                  Pane No.

   1.     Administration8o!I:I!I1i1iiRee                                1
   2.     Budoet                                                        2
   3.     Cash                                                          2
   4.     Coordination                                                  3
   5.     ChildDevelooment CD-I
                             I                                          3
   6.     Child DeveloomentCD-II
                             l                                          4
   7.     Creche                                                        4
   8.     General& CR                                                   4-5
   9.     Girl Child GO                                                 5-6         "
   10.    Nutrition Administration NA)                                  6
   11.    5wawlamban                                                    7
   12.    5wadhar                                                       7
   13.    Women'sWelfarerww                                             7-8
   14.    WorkinaWomen'sHostel& Short-StaYHome WH&SSH                   8

   15.       ChildWelfare                                        8-g.
   16.       CentralSocialWelfareBoardICSWB)                     9
   17.       Nutrltion ND                                        10
   18.       MicrocreditDeveloDmentMD & InformationTechnolonvlm  10
   19.       SwavamsidhaSsd                                      10
   20.                                                   for
             Support to Training& Employment.c.programme, Women.
   21.       Women'sDeveloDmentWD                                lCH1                   c

   UNITS                                                                 :t
   22.       Hindi                                                      '11-12
   23.       KishoriShaktiYo'ana NationalNutrition Mission KSY/NNM       12   '

   24.       Media                                                       112-13
   2S.       Monitorina& EvaluationUnit of ICDSrCD-ME                    13"J3'
   26.       NIPCCD  Administration                                      113    ;;:;
   27.       Parliament                           .                      "-,,,
    28.      Plan                     '
    29.      Research Monitorlna
                     &                                                   1'1';"",
    30.      World BankUnit & Udisha ICDS-WB                             116
    31.      Pay& AccountsOffice                                         ':17-,1.

                                               Government of India
                                    Ministry of Human Resource Deveiopment
                               DEPARTMENT OF WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT

            List of subjects dealt with in various Sections/Desks/Units         in the Deoartment

            (11 (a1 Administration:

                1.    Ailestablishment matters relating to officers/staff of the Department;
                2.    Sanction for creation and continuance of temporary posts in the Department;      ,
                3.    Ail matters relating to grant of increments, leave, pension, gratuity and family'
                      pension of officers/staff of the Department;
                4.    Submission of annual/biennial returns in connection with establishment matters
                      prescribed by Department of Personnel and Training;
                5.    Property Returns in respect of officers/staff working in the Department;
                6.    MedicalAttendance Rules and reimbursement of Medicalexpenses;
                7.    Maintenance of Annuai Roster relating to representation of SC/ST in-
                      services/posts in the Department;                                               ,
                8.    UPsC/SSC/ISTM       typing tests and invigilationduties;                        I
                9.    Sanction of loans and advances for purchase of motorcars, motorcYcles and:
                      house building advance, leave travel concession and leave salaryadvances;       !
                10. Sanction advances/Rnal                        f
                11.   Sanction for payment of honorarium, reimbursement of children's education:
                      ailowance, tuition fees;
                12. Work relating to Joint Consultative Machinery and OfficeCouncil;
                13. Security Instructions and foilow up action;
                      Training under Technical Cooperation Scheme, Colombo etc. and circulation ofl
                      such training circulars in the Department with an advance copy to Coordination
                      to circulate it in attached and subordinate offices;
                15.   Processing and forwarding of applications for foreign assignments,
                      training/feilowship etc.;
                16. CareerManagement;--.'~"-
                17. Matters connected with AnnuaiConfidential Reports;
                18. Dissemination of general instructions on Delegation/Deputation going abroad;
                19. Processing of disciplinarycases in the Department;
                20.   Issues concerning AdministrativeTribunals;
                21.   Correspondence with DoPT in' respect of officers
                      Staffing Schem~;
                22.   Work distribution amongst Group 'A' officers; and
                23. i Work (elating ,toStaff weifare.

            1 (b1 Vigilance:

                1.    Appointment of ChiefVigilanceOfficer;               .",
(;..N   ~       2.    Ailthe vigilance matters concerning the officers/staff of the Department
                                                                                   "       -

(2) IBu~et:
" ,I      ..   ..
    1.         Appropriationand reappropriation of funds;
    2.                   andprinting the demandsfor grantsof the Department;..'
               Preparation          of
    3.         Compilation and preparation of the Department's Budget (Plan. and Non-Plan~
               and noteson demandsforgrants;'.                             .
    4.         Preparation and printing of Annual Performance Budget;
    5.         Coordination & Monitoring of furnishing of ATN on audit inspection reports of
               Audit Office and Internal Audit and on CAGreports;
    6.         Coordination of work of audit/inspection;
    7.         Certificationof funds;
    8.         Monitoringof Expenditure in the entire Department;
    9.         Implementation of Ministryof Finance's instructions on economy;
    10.        Supply of information on Budget matters to Ministryof Finance;
    11.        Furnishing of infollTlation in respect of Parliament Question related to the
               matters dealt with by Budget Section;
    12.        Coordination of matters connected with Public Accounts Committee/Estimates
               Committee; and
    13.        Any other work assigned by Director (Finance)/FA.

    1.         All work relating to handling of cash and maintenance of prescribed registers
               and records etc. Traveling Aliowance, Grant-in-aid, Contingent. & Conveyance
    2.         Preparation of Pay Billsof all officers and staff of the Department;
    3.         Processing of bills in respect of all advances of TA/ITO/Motor
               Car/Scooter/House Buildingetc.;
    4.         Income Tax calculation for concerned officers and issue of statements of t-nnual
               Income to them;
    5.         Preparation of bills for payment of honorarium, reimbursement of children's
               education allowance, tuition fees, medical charges, etc.;
    6.         Processing of bills for advances/withdrawals from GPF, maintenance of GPF
               Account of aass IV staff;
    7.         Issue-ofexchange vouchers foo airiournEty,'reimbursement'ofTultioll'"feesand     I
               medical expenses, credit facilities by Indian Airlines, Air India and payment of
    8.         Preparation of bills in respect of service postage, stamps for R&IUnit;
    9.         Preparation of estimates of salary and allowances etc. for annual budget
               including capital and foreign exchange components etc.;
    10.        Payment of conveyance charges and the pretty contingent bills;
    11.        Recondliation of expenditure with the Pay & Accounts Office;
    12.        Entertainment bills and payment of subsidy to the Department's Canteen;
    13.        The Central Government Employees Insurance Schemes and Contributions I
    14.        Issue of Demand Drafts in respect of grants-in-aid and Contingent bill of cheque
               issued by PAC;and
    15.        Preparation of Expenditure statement on Pay & various allowances of Central
               Government Employees for sending to M/o Finance, D/o Expenditure.
(4) Coordination:

   1.     All references not concerned with any specific subject being dealt by any
          section and with which more 'than one Division of the Department is concerned;
   2.     Dissemination     of information    through   circulars/orders or general' nature
          originating from various Ministries/Departments;
   3.     Arrangement for procurement of invitation cards/tickets from the Ministry of
          Defence for Republic Day Parade, Beating Retreat and Independence Day;
   4.     Arrangement      for translation  of ietters/communication     in Indian regional
          language to English and Vice-versa;
   S.     Minister's discretionary grant;
   6.     Monthly letter to Cabinet Secretary/Prime Minister's Office;
   7.     Work relating to holding of weekly meeting taken by Secretary with the Senior
          Officers of the Department;
   8.     Matters connected with Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules,
   9.     Delegation of financial and administrative powers;
   10.    Records Management;
   11.    O&M Inspection of Sections/Desks;
   12.    Preparation of organizationai chart of the Department;
   13.    Reference from Department of Administrative Reforms regarding collection and
          submission of information pertaining to Government machinery and O&M work;
   14.    Evolving new forms and standardization thereof; and
   IS.    Work relating to Parliamentary Standing Committee.

(5) Child Develooment     (CD-I):

                                                                              !    .
          Policy matters relating to ICDS Scheme, including expansion of the Scheme and
          preparation of EFC, CCEA, Cabinet Note;
   2.     Expansion of !CDS Scheme including sanction of State & District Cells/ICDS
          Projects/AWes to all States/UTs and matters relating to Staff;
   3.     Review of instructions, guidelines ete. reiating to the Scheme;
   4.     Convergence with btherMiniStrieslDepart.nents       andconvergence ofIC:DSwfth
          other Schemes;
   S.     Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions;
   6.     Demands/Service matters relating to AWWs & Helpers;
   7.     Matters relating to CPC, Monitoring of Health Status of Tribai
   8.     Construction of AWes in North Eastern (NE) States;
   9.     Issues relating to Medicine Kits, PSE /(jts;
   10.    Anganwadi Karyakartri Bima Yojana;
   11.    All matters relating to CARE and WFP;
   12.    All maters r,elating to WBNP; and
   13.    Parliament Questions/VIP references relating to
(61 Child'DeYl!!loDment                (CD-In:
      1.         Matters relatin9 to Plan and Budget of the ICDS Scheme- Annual Plan, Five
                 Year Plan, Budget, Performance Budget, Parliamentary Standing'"Committee
                 matters etc.;
      2.         Release of Grants to the States and UTs and matters related thereto;
      3.         Monitoringof Expenditure;
      4.         Audit Paras and CAG'sReport relating to ICDSScheme;
      5.         Allmatters relating to involvement of NGOsin ICDS-all States/UTs;
      6.         All Court Cases and ancillary matters having legal implications concerning CD
      7.         All matters     relating to UNICEF supplies       and external        assistance   under ICDS;
      8.         Allmatters relating to vehicles, equipments, other supplies                   - all States &UTs;
      9.         Contingency Plans of the Department at times of Natural Calamities;
      10.        All matters    requiring collection/coordination of information with                    CD Division
                 including Parliamentary matters; and
      11.        VIP references, Parliament Questions etc. relating to above matters.

ill         ~
    1.            National Creche Fund;
 '( 2.            Residual work of Balwadi Nutrition Programme;
 ; 3.             Residual work of Organisational Assistance to Voluntary Organisations in the
                 field of women and child development;   and
      4.         Residual work of Early Childhood Education Programme.

!!!li!Jl        General:

      1.          Office accommodation;
      2.          General Pool accommodation;
      3.         Telephone & Inter-com (PABX) Exchange;
      4.          Heating      and   cooling, arrangements        [Purchase,   Repair       & Maintenance       of A/C,
                  Water Cooler, Cooler, Heater & Electricfitting, emergency ligh,t"etc.];-                  ~       -0'---
  5.              Maintenance_of.Buiiding;-                  --     ~             .-
- 6.              Liaison with the CPWD (Civil & Electric);
  7.              Issue of Liveries to Group 'C' & 'D' employees of this Department;
  8.              Purchase & Maintenance of wall clock;
  9.              Engagement     of Daily Wage Workers;
   10.            Pest control;
   11.            Purchase & Repair of furn~ure, carpet & curtains;
   12.            Maintenance of Typewriters (Manual & Electronic);
   13.            Duplicating Machine & Calculators & Cyclostyling Machine & Plain Paper Copier;
   14.            Computer;
   15.             Printing & Binding;
   16.             Purchase of Stationery & Consumable items;
  '17.             Purchase of Brief Case & Bags;
   18.             Purchase & Maintenance of Cycle-Bicycle;
   19.            Management of Record Room;
     20.  ,Staff Car, repair & servicing of three wheeler scooter/hiring "oftDL taxies for
                                                                               Y                ';
         ""'Use of VIPs;                                                                   ,
     21.    Working environment;
     22.    CGHSToken Card;
     23.    Central Secretariat LibraryToken Card;
     24.    Issue of Magazine;
     25.    Identity Cards;
     26.    Rubber Stamps/Name Plates & Brass Boards;
     27.' Payment biilsfor refreshment etc served in meetings;
     28.    Cleanliness of Office Building;
     29.    Conveyance bills of officials;
     30. i Bookingof conference room;
     31.    Reimbursement of newspaper bills;,and
     32.    Miscellaneous.

     M!1l        Central Reaistry (CR):

     I.       To prepare and send the letters of the Department that are to be sent by post;
     2.       To send the local ietters to other Ministries/Departments throu9h messengers;
     3.       To sort out the ordinary letters received by post and to arrange them section-
              wise after marking them;
     4.       To mark the mail received from local Ministries/Departments and arrange it
     5.       To purchase stamps and maintain the accounts thereof;
     6.       To depute clerks and peons for night duty and to distribute mail at night;
     7.       To depute clerks and peons for performing duties on Saturdays/Sundays and
              holidays and to get the mail handied;
     8.       To send telegrams and to submit the bills to Cash Section for payment after
              checking them; and
     9.       To maintain cleanliness in the Department.
                                                  I                                    "
00         Girl Child (GC) [Renaming Desk (CP) including Balika Samriddhi Yojana

     I.       All JnattecUocluding- Parliamentai:y matters reiatiRg to -Commercial-Sexual-
              Exploitationof Women and Children [ChildProstitution];
     2.       Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and provisions relating to trafficking or
              prostitution   in other iaws;                                        :
              Taking follow up action on Plan of Action/Recommendations of Committees
              formed on the subject;                                                   ,-
     4.       Matters relating to national and international meetings/conferences/seminars on
              the subject;                                                             I
     5.       Schemes related to rescue and rehabilitation of victims of Trafficking;\-"
     6.       Pilot Project to combat Trafficking and commercial Sexual Exploitation of
              Women and Children under Grant-in-aid Scheme of the Department;
     7.       Operationalisation 'of SAARC Convention & UN Convention on combating
              trafficking;                                                             ,
     8.       BalikaSamriddhi Yojana;
     9.       Release of funds;
   10. ,J4°nitoring of the scheme;
   11. PolicySectionforgirlchild;.and
   12. Issuesrelatingto FemaleFoeticide,Femaleinfanticide.

110)     Nutrition Administration INA):

   1.        Creatlons/Extensions/AboIIUon      of all gazetted and non-gazetted posts under
             FNB Division in the Department of Women & Child Development and its field
             stations and connected budgetary matters;
   2.        Framing of Recruitment Rules for all Group 'N and Group 'B' gazetted and non-
             secretariat non gazetted posts in FNB Division;
   3.        VerificaUon of character and antecedents, medical examlnaUon of persons
             recruited through the UPSC for appointments;
   4.        Appointment to all gazetted posts and non gazetted posts (Technical) in the
             FNB Division and field stations;
   5.        Postings transfers, leave, pay and allowances and sanction of advances
             Including HBA to ail officers in the FNB Division and field stations;
   6.        Work relating to forwarding of applications for membership of Libraries and for
              higher posts;
   7.         Fixation of pay of all gazetted officers and field officers of FNB on their
   8.         Finallsation of pension cases of all gazetted officers, non gazetted officers at the
   9.         Promotion, confirmation and regularization In non secretariat posts in FNB
   10.        Preparation of seniority lists of Group 'N & 'B' staff of FNB Division;
   11.        All cases of final withdrawal from GPF and temporary advances of officers of
              FNB Division;
   12.       All establishmentmatters relating to Group A, B, C & D staff posted at FNB

             Headquarters;                                                                      .
             Rendering adviceto regionalofficesof FNBon all establishmentmatters;
   14.       Maintenanceof ACRsfor Group A & B officers and also Group C official at
             Headquarters;                                     .'
       15.   Sanction of Motor Car Advance/Scooteradvanceto all staff of FNB and LTC
             advance/claim".;n     Headquarte",taff;                       -   -""-   -+"----
       16.                                                                  for
             All matters relatingto hiring of private office accommodation hiring Reglonai
             Offices/CFNEUSf FNB;
       17.   All matters relaUngto repair, maintenanceof governmentvehiclesin Regional
             Offices/CFNEUSf FNB;
       18.   Grant of cash handling allowancesto employees working as Cashiers of
             RegionalOfficesof FNB;
       19.   Maintenanceof periodical returns of vehicals in RegionalOffices/CFNEUS    of
       20.   All items coveredunder contingent expenditure(including printing/bindingetc.
             purchase,condemnation, isposalof stores/vehicles     etc.; and
       21.   Any other function, whichmay be assignedfrom time to time.
U1)         sWawlamban:

   1.         Administration of Scheme in all States/UTs through State woes(Women
              Development Corporations)/CSWB;
   2.         Correspondence with States/State WDCs/CSWBon ali matters. concerning the
   3.         AllParliamentary and Budgetary matters concerning the Scheme;
   4.         Correspondence with DEA(Department of Economic Affairs), Ministryof Finance
              concerning   the external   assistance   component   - Residual   work.

(12)        Swadhar:

   1.         Scrutiny of proposals received from State Government       also involving calling for
              further information from the State Government/NGO;
   2.         Preparation    of proposals     for consideration    by the     Project  Sanctioning
   3.         Issue of sanctions after obtaining concurrence of IFD;
   4.          Matters regarding revision of the scheme/parameters    of the scheme;
   S.         Sanctioning of grant for Helplines;
   6.         Swadhar Homes; and
   7.         All Parliament matters concerning the scheme.

U3}         Women's Welfare (WW):

   I. Laws:

      1.      Administration   of the following Acts:

              (a) The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961:
              (b) The Indecent      Representation of Women (Prevention)      Act, 1986 (60 of
                   1986);                                                                      ,
              (c) The Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987 (3 of 1988);
              (d) National Commission of Women Act, 1990;
              (e) Domestic Violence (Prevention) Bill (under formulation);
              (f)Sexuat-Harassmenr-(Prevention       &~edressal)"Of    Womerrat-Workplace   Bill
                   (under formulation);

               [excluding the administration of criminal justice in regard to offences under
               these Acts);
       2.                  of
               Coordination the review of all laws relatingto women -, with other
       3.      Updating and printing of Legal Uteracy Manuals for Women.

       u. Empowerment of women:

       1.      National Policy for the Empowerment      of Women;
       2.      National Plan of Action for operationalisation of NPEW, 2001;
       3.      Matters pertaining to the Parliament Committee on Empowerment            of Women;
      w.      Administrative:

      1.      All administrative    matters    relating to the National Commission     for Women I
              (excluding    appointment     of Member-Secretary,     Joint Secretary   and Deputy!
              Secretary) including laying of Reports in Parliament;
      2.      Complaints/petitions    regarding atrocities on women;                                  ~
      3.      Residual work pertaining to Women's Corporations;
      4.      Sexual Harassment in the Work Place.

      IV.      Residual work:

      1.      Residual work pertaining to Women's Empowerment Year including Women's
              Technology Parks;
      2.      Residual work regarding Recommendations of the National Perspective Plan for
                       -      -
              Women 1988 2000 A.D.;
      3.      Residual work regarding Recommendations of the Report of the National!
              Commission on self-employed women;                                           ,
      4.      Residual work regarding Task Force on Women & Children - K.C. Pant

(14)        WorkinG Women's Hostel &.Short-Stay Home rwH &.SSH):

      1.       Scheme of Assistance for the construction of Hostel Building for Working!
               Women with Day Care Centres for children;
      2.       Residual work relating to the Scheme of Setting up Training Centres for the
               Rehabilitation of Women In Distress;
      3.       Scheme of Short Stay Homes for Women and Girls;
      4.       Budget proposals for SSHs; and
      5.       Evaluation of scheme of SSHs.


f1)        . Child\-"letfare (eM:                                                      ~-

      1.       UNICEF - Liaison with the Regional Office, ensuring enforcement            of Basic!
               Agreement     with UNICEF and attending       to its revision when' necessary,
               organizing proper utilization of UNICEF Assistance,      periodic assessment   and
               accounts, etc., Scrutiny of UNICEF proposals for assistance;
      2.       Matters relating to Indian delegations   for UNICEF Executive Board and other
               meetings, budget for the UNICEF and all ancillary work thereto;
      3.       Reference    pertaining  to the United Nations and specialized       agencies  like
               ECOSOC, ESCAP, Social Development         Commission,    etc., except on matters'
               pertaining to women's welfare;
      4.       National Policy for Children;
      S.       National Children's Board;
      6.       Universal Children's Day;
      7.       National Commission for Children;
      8.       National Charter for Children;
I ~,
       ,         9.    !     Child abuse;'
j;               10.'       "Child Marriage Restraint   Act;
                 11.        Foreign delegations       visiting India ,and Indian delegations        visiting abroad,
                            concerning child weifare;                                           .-
                 12.        All other Items of work pertaining to child welfare not specified elsewhere;
                 13.        National Awards for Child Welfare;
                 14.        Co-ordination of Cultural Exchange Programmes;
                 15.        SAARC related activities for children;
                 16.        Grant-in-Aid for innovative programmes       for women and children;
                 17.        UN Convention on the Rights of the Childimplementation and reporting;
                 18.        Communication     strategy for child development;
                 19.        National Pian of Action for Children;
                 20.        Representation     from DWCD relating          to chiidren   issues    on the National
                            Foundation for Communal Harmony, National Trust for the Welfare of persons
                            with Autism,Cerebral       Palsy, Mental Retardation    and Multiple Disabilities, Child
                            Line, CARA, etc.;
                 21.        Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva Award;
                 22.        liaison with other Ministries/Departments        for matters relating to children such
                            as Department     of Education, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of
                            Social Justice and Empowerment,          Ministry of Rural Development,        Ministry of
                            Urban Development,        Department    of Drinking Water Supply, MEA, MHA and
                            others; and
                 23.        National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement.

           ill         Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB):

                 1.         Administrative matters relating to Central Social Welfare Board;
                 2.         Budget proposals in respect of programmes/schemes        of economic programmes,
                            programmes      under the general grant-in-aid    schemes     of the Board, Socio-
                            Economic Programmes,       Condensed    Course of Education      for Adult Women;
                            [Holiday camps, Border Area Projects, Welfare Extension Projects of OP, CD,
                            Urban pattern, Annual grants, Pian grants etc.]
                 3.         Release of grants, reconciliation   of the Accounts, Audit objection,     Parliament
                            Questions     in respect of Programmes      implemented'    through   Central Social
                           - Welfare Boar.d,j.e. items mentioned ".bove.;              ~-     - -~---~--
                             Matters relating to constitution or re-constitution of State Boards;           .
                             Monthly and quarterly review of progress of expenditure      in respect of the above
                             programmes implemented through Central Social Weifare Board;                   ,. '
                 6.          Formulation    and review of Annual Plans in respect of the above              .schemes
                             implemented through CSWB;                                                      ,
                 7.          Matters relating to general body and executive meetings of the Board;
                 8.          Review and disposal of vehicles allotted to State Social Welfare Board;
                 9.          Evaluation of the above programmes of CSWB;                         "
                 10.         Training of Rural Women in Public Cooperation, Awareness Generation
                             for rural and poor women;
                 11.         Court cases related to CSWB and State Boards;
                 12.         laying of Annual Reports of CSWB on the Tables of the Houses; arid
                 13.         Residual work of the Desk like Socia-Economic Programme,  etc.
ill        Nutrition (NO):
      1.      Plan and non-plan budget of FNB;
      2.      Rnancial matters relating to residual schemes like RTE/Energy.Food Projects,
      3.      Issue of financial sanctions:         -I                                         {
      4.      C&AGaudit paras, Internal Audit matters, UtilisationCertification:
      5.      Monitonng of Annual ActionPlan:
      6.      Review of Monthly/Quarterty Statement of Expenditure from Regional Offices;
      7.      Penodical Reports/Returns; and
      8.      Other miscellaneous matters with the ambit of 'Plan and Budget'.

ill        (a) Microcredit Develooment (MD):

      1.      Secretanat functions related to Rashtrtya Mahila Kosh;
      2.      Seeretanat functions related to Swa-Shakti Project (SSP);
      3.      Matters concerning formation of women's groups and support to such groups;
      4.      Micro-credit to women;
      S.      Micro-enterprise  development   through women's group;
      6.      Residual work of bilateral projects of Microcredit Division; and
      7.      Residual work of Mahi!a Sammridhi Yojana (MSY), including:

              (a) Work relating to distance education;
              (b) Work relating to National Evaluation & Monitonng Agency (NEMA);
              (c) Work relating to involvement of women with schemes of other vanous

(4) (b) Information Technology (IT):

      1. All matters connected with Information   Technology;   and
      2. Preparation and monitonng of Otizen's    Charter.

ill        Swavamsidha (Ssd):

      1. Matters connected-with the implementation-of Swayamsidha-, and -    -         ~-
      2. Residual work of Indira Mahi!a Yojana (IMY).

ill        Suooort to Trainna & Emoloyment ProGramme for Women (STEP):

      1.      'Administration of Support to Training & Employment Programme for Women
      2.       Residual work regarding Education work for Prevention of Atrocities on Women.

ill        Women's Develooment (WD):

 I.        Intemational   Co-operation:

      1.       United Nations:
               Issues for which Desk (WD) is nodal to PMI, New Ybi1</Vienna/Genevaand to
              <'multilateraland bilateral agencies:                       .

                (a) Interface with UN Division for the Advancement   of Women (DAW);
                (b) UN General Assembly resolutions pertaining to women;         '.
                (c) UN Pledging Conference     - India's voluntary contributions    to UNIF::M and
                (d) Meetings of UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW);
                (e) Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
                    (CEDAW) and its Optional Protocol;
                (f) MOU with UNIFEM;
                (g) Beijing Declaration    and   Platform   for Action    (PFA), Beiging+5     and
                    Beijing+ 10;
                (h) Millennium Development Goals.

      2.        Other UN Agencies and Multilateral/Bilateral agencies:
      3.        Commonwealth   of Nations        -
                                            CHOGM, gender aspects.
      4.        SAARC: Gender issues (excluding those concerning other bureaus in DWCD).

II.         International     Conferences    on Women:

      1.                     relating to. International Conferences on Women and Development in
                Workrelatingto deputationof delegationsabroad, and receiving overseas
                delegations visiting India      - on women's issues; and
      3.        Processing     proposals    concerning   women - funding   by foreign agencies.

III.        Schemes:-
       1.       Stree Shakti Puraskar.


 C1    r    Hindi:     ---            ~

       1.       Translation from English to Hindi of all documents falling under Section 3(3) of
                the OfficialLanguage Act, 1963;
       2.       Translation from. English to Hindi of letters, OM/DO etc. being issued by the
                 Department to the states falling in Region 'N & 'B';
       3.       Translation from Hindi to English of letters, representations etc. received in
                Hindi in the Department provided they are of technical nature (Head of the
                Department is the authority to decide whether the document is of technical
       4.       Translation of the Annual Report and Performance Budget of the Department
                 from English to Hindi;
       5.       Translation from English into Hindi of Agenda papers ot meetings of the
                 Consultative Committee of the Parliament, Cabinet notes and summartes, etc.;
       6.        Translation from Englishinto Hindi of replies to Parliament Questions;
                                                                                    '.         -
             ""T.anslation from English into Hindi of special reports 'and papers to be Placee\,
              the Tableof boththe Housesof partiament;                                                ,
      B.      Translation of notifications, assurances, resolutions, etc. from Englishto Hindi;
      g.      Translationof Agenda papers and minutes of the Conferencein whiC~
              Ministers/Officers of the States/UTs in Region 'A' & 'B' participate;
      10.     Translation-of Non-statutory Manuals etc from English into Hindi;              ,
      11.     Implementation of the Official language Act & Rules and case work relating
              thereto;                                                                         t
      12.     Work relating to monitoring and implementation of Official language
              Implementation Committees;             ,                                           \'"
      13,     Monitoring and evaluation of Hindi work and its use as Official language,
              ensure implementation of the Official language Act & Rules in subordinate

              offices/organizations;                                                                                              1
              Periodical returns & miscellaneous work reiating to Hindi;                                                          I
              All work relating to the meetings of Hindi Salahakar Samiti constituted by the
      16.     Allwork relatinglo Parliamentary Committee on Officiallanguage;
      17.     Organising Hindi Workshops for the Officers/employees who have attained
              working knowledge or proficiencyin Hindi; and
      lB.     Organjslng HindiDay or HindiWeek, once a year for the propagation of Hindi in
                                  -             t
              the Department arrangementherefore.

ill         Kishori Shakti Yoiana/National             Nutrition Mission (KSY/NNM):

      1.       Implementation/review     of Kishori Shakti Yojna, a component  under ICOS;
      2.       Monitoring of KSY;
      3.       Nutrition programme      for Adolescent     Girls to provide free food grains                                 to
               adolescent   girls, pregnant   and lactating women in identified 51 districts                                 of
               States through POS using ICOS infrastructure;
      4.       National   Programme   for Adolescent      Girts   -   preparation        of Cabinet       Note;'
      5.       Setting up of National NulTition Mission;
      6.       Convening the meetings and follow up work of:
               (a) National Nutrition Mission headed by Prime Minister;
               (b) Executive Committee of NNM headed by MOS.
      7.       Matters --related to promotion    of-- breastfeeding -itnd Infam-Milk                          Substitutes,
               Feeding Bottles and Infant Foods Act, 1992 and amendment Act, 2003;
      B.       Rules framed under IMS Act;
      9.       Matters relating to violation of Infant Milk Substitutes,  feeding bottles and infant
               foods by various agencies;
      10.      Fortification of common food articles for reducing micro-nutrient         malnutrition
               under     ICOS-Regional   initiative in Asia through      Public.Private  partnership
               undertaken    by Asian Development Bank; and
      11.      Parliamentary matters relating to KSY/IMS/NNM and NPAG.

(3)         Media:

       1.      Planning and implementation   of media             campaigns          for specific needs            in the field
               of women and child development;
       2.      Production of media material;

      3.      <i>roviding media inputs to NGO's and State Governments;           and
      4.       All publidty worK assigned to the unit from time to time.

ill        MonitorinG & Evaluation Unit of ICDS (ME):

      1.       Monitoring of CentralfState Sector lCDS projects in the country under 20 Paint
      2.       Developing the periodical reports viz. Monthly Progress Reports (MPRs) and
               Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs);
      3.       Follow up action with States/UTs on weak areas in lCDSScheme
               implementation,     as reveaied after analysis of the monitoring reports;
      4.       Preparation of Status Reports on lCDS scheme of each State, for the use in the
               visits to the States and facilitating the discussions in the Meetings/Conferences
      5.       Review of MIS system and Action Plan on computerization;
      6.       Compilation     and updating        of data    relating    to lCDS projects,    status  of
               implementation     etc. to inculcate awareness about the lCDS programme;
      7.       Monitoring of lCDS projects under Central Planning Committee (CPC) identified
      8.       Fixation of physical targets of lCDS projects and its follow up with the State
               Governments/Union       Territory Administrations;
      9.       Working Group on MIS on lCDS        -   Revision of CDPO's Monthly Progress Report;
      10.      Award for AWWs at national level for best services rendered by them;
      11.      Evaluation of !CDS scheme;
      12.      Work relating to rapid facility survey assigned to NCAER;
      13.      CTC-lMCD and its court cases;
      14. .    Information     for Parliament       Question    including    question relating   to lCDS
                Monitoring; and
      15.      Review of implementation        of lCDS at field level viz. Project level/AWe level.

ill         NIPCCD Administration:

      1.       WorK relating to Court Cases      of NlPCCD including     attending      the hearing   of the
               cases In High Court;
      2.       Scheme ofNational Children's rund;"         -              ..,.         - _,n    -~~_..
      3.       Plan and Non-Plan Grant-in-aid     to NlPCCD;
      4.       Parliament Questions;
      5.       Various representations   received from NlPCCD employees;
      6.       Establishment   matters of NlPCCD and Regional Centres;
      7.       Follow up action on meetings of Executive Council of NlPCCD;
      8.       Signing of MOU with NlPCCD;
      9.       WorK relating to laying the Annual Report of NlPCCD in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha;
      10.      Work relating to National Resource Centre for Women (NRCW)             sanction,-
               release of funds and monitoring progress.

w           Parliament:

      1.       Receipts and distribution of all papers connected with parliamentary warl<
               induding Questions, Resolutions, Billsand Motions;

                                                                                                         . "

      2,                                                                                                           .'
               SUpply answersto questionsto LokSabha/Rajya
                   of                                    ~~ha sec                                       .      '\.'
              Preparationof Official GalleryCardsand Generalpassesfor retariatsand
                                                                                                             . ..,
              both the Housesof Parliament;                                                "
      4.                                              of
              Watchingthe progressof implementation ParliamentAssurances;                      .,
      S.      Arrangements meetingsof the Consultative
                            of                           Committeefor the Department;

      6.      GovemmentBusiness the Partiament essions;and
                                   for               S
                                                                                                        .,   '.1

      7.                       m
              All Miscellaneous attersrelatingto Parliament.

ill        f!im;

      1.       Planfonmulation   and coordination:                                                           ~,
               (i)    five YearPlansof the Department;
               (ii)   AnnualPlansof the Department(Central)
               (iii) AnnualPlans/fiveYearPlans(Statesand UnionTerritories)
               (Iv) WorkingGroupson State PlansandCentralPlan;
               (v)                      in
                      Plandiscussions the Planning  Commission;
               (vi) Drafting chapterson the programmesin the sector of women and child
                      for inclusionin the Plandocuments;
               (vii) Preparation   and monitoringSCPandTSPcomponentof the Plan;
               (viii) NationalDevelopment oundland its meetings;
               (ix) Working Groups set up by other MinistJies/Departments    relating to
               (x)                         set
                      Steering COmmittee up by the PlanningCommissionrelating to five I
                      YearPlanin respectof the Department
               (xi) Mid-Termappraisalof five YearPlan.

      2.       Monitoring of allocation of funds to North-Eastern States;
      3.       Material for President's Address;
      4.       Material for finance Minister's Budget Speech;
      S.       Material for Prime Minister's Address for Independent Day;
      6,       Material for Aid India Consortium meeting for the Indian Delegation;
      7.       Preparation of the Annual Administrative Report of the Department;
      8.       General guidelines about the procedure, formats "nd coordination. of Plan
               progress-reports;      --
               Preparation of Annual Action Plan     the oepartmenf;     -  -       - ,--
               Quarterty Progress reporting of Annual Action Plan;
      11.      Review meetings on Annual Action Plan and Plan progress;
      12.      State-wise & Scheme-wise financial & physical achievements (Quarterly basis);
      13.      Preparation of material about the Department ~or inclusion in 'India Annual
               Reference' of the Ministry of Infonmation and Broadcasting;
      14,      Drafting chapter on the programmes in the Sector of women and children for
               inclusion in the Economic Survey of the Ministry of finance;
       15.     Information    regarding Plan Schemes of DWCD to be submitted to Finance
       16,     Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes of DWCD in the state of Jammu &
       17.     Zero-based Budgeting,
ill        Research & Monitorina:

      1.  Sponsorshipof research, evaluation studies in the field of women and child
          developmentand nutrition and paymentof grant-in-aid;
      2.  Grant-in-aidfor publication of researchand evaluation studies in the field of
          women andchild development;
      3.  Grant-in-aid for seminars in the field of women & child development and
      4.  Preparation and pubiication of the summaries and sponsored research and
      5.  Meeting of the ResearchAdvisory Committee and other Research Project
          Committee/Experts   Groups;
      6.                                   for
          Grant-in-aidto individualscholars undertakingresearchstudies;
      7.  Grantfor monitoringactivities;
      B. Grantfor training of personnel;
      9.  Grantfor promotionof innovativeactivities;
      10. Residualwork relatedto researchprojectsfunded by UNheld RupeeFund;
      U. Asiaand Padfic DevelopmentCentre,Kualalumpur;
      12. Residualwork of Schemeof Fellowships;
      13. Referencesrelating to meetings of Governing Boards, Rnance Committee,
          AcademicCouncil,Research    Committeeetc. in respectof
          (i)                                              N
                  Indian Councilof SocialScience& Research, ew Delhi;
          (ii)    Centrefor SocialDevelopment,NewDelhi;
          (iii) Tata Institute of SocialScience,Bombay;and
          (iv) The RuralWelfareBoardof DorabjiTataTrust, Bombay.
      14.     Collection, compilation "and processing of data on the performance of 27
              BeneficiaryOrientedSchemesfor Women(BOS) in the CentralSector/Centrally
              Sponsored Programmes as identified by PMO. Convening Inter-Ministerial
              ReviewMeetingto assess progressmadeunder27 identifiedschemes;
      15.     Matters pertainingto monitoringof DWCDprogrammein the Statesby the Area
              Officers;                                              '.
      16.     Twenty Point' Programme [Point No.1X and X-C (ICDS) and Point 'No.XII
              (Equalityfor\llfQ.IT)~n)];- -- -             -               - -    - ----
      17.     Monitoringof DWCD's    programmes   through externalmonitoringagencies;.I
      18.     Identification of items for data collection on women, child and other items
              relating to this Departmentin liaison with RGI, eso, NSSO,EconomicCensus,
              other CentralMinistries/Departments;
      19.                  of
              Preparation statisticalprofileof women in India;
      20.     Compilationof schemesof DWCDand publicationof schemeof assistance a        -
               Handbookfor disseminationof information;
      21.     Residual work of the grant-in-aid scheme of Monitoring Unit which was
              discontinuedin 1997-9Bfrom MonitoringUnit by merging It with the Research
              Schemebeing implementedby Research        Unit;
      22.     Coordinationof statiSticalactivitiesof the Department;
      23.                                      o
              Attendingcommittees/seminars n statistics;
      24.                   of
               Examination researchreports, etc.;
      25.                  &
               Preparation Analysisof GenderBudgeting;
      26.                             I
               Women'sDevelopment ndex;


      9 fa) World Bank Unit:

      1.     Monitoring, implementation,        expansion, staffing and VIP matters on Wood Bank
             Assisted lCD-II, ICDS-III Projects, ICDS Training Programme               (Udisha Project)
            ,and ICDS APER programme in the State of Andhra Pradesh;
      2.     Holding/Organisation          of training    courses    in    India    and     abroad     for
             officers/including    officers from State Government dealing with above projects;
      3.     Grant-in-aid     to States/UTs     for the continued     implementation      of the above
      4.     Reimbursement        claims from State Governments/UT      Administrations.
      5.     Coordination      with World Bank and ali State GovernmentsjUT              Administrations
             connected with the above projects;
      6.     Sccial evaiuation of the project by getting the baseline, midterm and end-line
             surveys carried out before and after the implementation          of the project;
      7.     Budget and ali other related matters induding EFC, CCEA note and audit para
             etc. pertaining to above projects;
      8.     All Parliament matters, Questions, etc. on the above project; and
      9.     Reports and returns.

      ti!U      UDISHA      fWB):

      1.     Training of Anganwadi Workers;
      2.     Training of CDPOs and Supervisors;
      3.     All the Administrative matters relating to the ICCW;
      4.      Rationalisation of training of !CDS functionaries;
      5.     Correspondeiii::e-regafdingcudget          of-NIPCtD  in resP1'ct of training of-ICDS
      6.     Correspondence       regarding Consultative Committee meeting;
      7.      Correspondence      with the States/UTs/Voluntary   Organisations     regarding fiXing of
              targets, Statement/Monthly       Progress Report submission of expenditure;
      8.      Correspondence      with Ministry of Anance regarding reimbursement        of funds;
      9.      Publications of literature and trainin9 material etc. on ICDS;
      10.   , Parliament Questions;
      11.     Revision of norms of AWTCs, MLTCs;
      12.     Court cases relating to AWTCs; and
      13.     Residual work of Balsevikas Training Programme;         Reimbursement          of    ICDS
              training    expenditure     from UNICEF; Correspondence           with RBI regarding
              depositing of Oleque received from UNICEF;
Pay &.A!P'unts Office

  1.      Scrutiny of all sanctions issued in the Department;
  2:      Pre-check of bills received from DDOslocated outside;
  3.      Work relating to outward claims, inward claim, long term' and short temi
          advances and maintenance of broad sheets, valuable, PU Schedules,
          reconciliation, suspense and credit challans;
  4.      Treasury functions such as cheque wrtting and delivery of cheque and
          reconciliation of paid cheque and R.B.I. remittances;
  S.      Work relating to pension such as preliminary vertfication of service after 25
          years of service, original check verification/examination of pension cases,
          calculation pension and authortzation of pension and gratuity;
  6.      Other miscellaneous jobs such as issue of outside payments, lost/cancelled
          cheque, action on time-barred cheque, quarterly and annually review of
          balance, preparation of monthly reports and clearance of suspense balances;
  7.      Consolidated Abstract-maintenance of;
  8.      Consolidated TEs (Transfer Entry) and TEs 8 abstract;
  9.      Issue of expenditure statement;
  10.     Reconciliationof expenditure figure with DDO'sfigures;
  11.     Put through statements;
  12.     Maintenance of suspense register;
  13.     Ust of outstanding cheque;
  14.     Rent demand statements;
  15,     Issue andwatchingof weeklyaccountfrom DDOand balance;
  16.     Work relating to DDfrom Bank;
  17.     Cheque forms register and stock register of cheque books;
  18.     Maintenance of circulars and orders;
  19.     Audit reports and internal check;
  20.     Intimation to Bank regarding use of cheque books;
  21.     Transfer of outstanding balances under 766-loans to Govemment servants;
  22.      Receipts, repayment and account of deposits and details accounts of deposits;
  23.      Payments of grant-in-aid etc. to States under the Special procedure;
  24.      Payments of loan to Autonomous Bodies and Watching recovery thereof;
  2S.     Settlement of debits raised by AG'sbefore Departmentalisation;-         - -
  26.    -Transfer ofi>alances underaebiCdeposlt heaas and their adoption in the ,books;
   27.     Preparation of final grants under different units of appropriation         with reference
         . to re-approprtation     order;
   28.     Framing      of. explanation     for vartations    between      the different      unit of
   29.     Furnishing of detailed appropriation      Accounts to the controlling authorities;
   30.     settlement      of discrepancies    and review of explanation        with reference       to
          'reconciled figures;
   31.     Framing     of explanations      for variations   between     final grants     and actual
           expenditure     (Col.4) under different units of Approprtation;
   32.     Statement of charged and voted expenditure;
   33.     Statement of central transaction to Controller General of Accounts;
   34.     Contingency fund Statement;
   3S.     Summary of transactions        No.1 of finance accounts;
   36.     Statement No.4, 1S, 17 in respect of Finance Accounts;
  37.  Framing of43udget Estimates and Revised Estimates in respect of interest
       payments and fiscal services;                                            .
  38. Framing of Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates in respect of Revenue
       Receipts;                                                              .
  39.  Framing of Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates in respect of Pension
       payments;                                       .,
- 40. Framing of Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates in respect of pension and
  41. Audit report of Principal Accounts Office, Appropriation Accounts and Rnance
  42. Furnishing of actual expenditure in the demand for grant;
  43. Journal and Ledger maintenance thereof;
  44. Recoupment and payment of A.D.A.Bills;
  45. Transfer of ADAdeposits accounts to the R.B.I., New Delhi;
  46.. Assessing the requirements and annual indent of cheque books;
  471 Payment of grant-in-aid sanctions in favour of UnionTerritories;
  48'. Payment of grant-in-aid sanctions in favour of voluntary organization;
  49. Maintenance of GPFAccounts of the staff of the Department;
  50. Lapsed Deposit Register; and
  51. Imprest Advance Register.

                       Allocation of work at the level of Joint SecretarvlEA                            -~
                         in the Department of Women & Child Development

S.No               Name                              Work Allocation.
1.         Ms. Parul Debi Das,          i. Women's Welfare;
           Joint Secretary (PD)         ii. Women's Development;
                                        iii. CSWB;
                                        iv. General Section.
                                              (a)  STEP;
                                              (b)  Swawalamban (NORAD);
                                             (c)   Working Women's Hostels;
                                                       Short   Stay   Home;
                                                   Stree Shakti Puraskar.
2.         Shli Chaman Kumar            i.  !CDS (General);
           Joint Secretary (CK).        ii. World Bank Assisted !CDS Projects;
                                        Iii.!CDS Training (UDISHA);
                                        iv. WfP/CARE;
                                        v.  Wheat Based Nutrition Programme;
                                        vi. National Nutrition Mission;
                                        vii.food & Nutrition Board;
                                        ix. NIPCCD Administration;
                                        x. Vigilance; and
                                   I    xi. Information Technology.

3.         Smt. Loveleen Kacker,        i.    CW Division;
           Joint Secretary (lK)         ii.   Awards (CW Divion);
                                        ill.  ParUament Unit;
                                        iv.   All matters connected with Trafficking;
                                        v.    Hindi Unit;
                                        vi.   Creche Unit [including Early Child Hood
                                              Education      and    Balwadi      Nutrition
                                        vii. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh; and
                                        viii. Media.
                                                  (a) Swayamsidha;
                                                  (b) Residual Work of IMY/MSY;and
                                                  (c) )FAD/ Swa-Shakti Project.
                 -,-      ----          .--      _.(d) S\vadh.Scheme          -        ---

4.         Shli K.V. Krishnan           i.      Preparation      &     Analysis   of    Gender
           Economic Adviser                     Budgeting;
                                        ii. Women's DevelopmentIndex;
                                        iii. Gender EmpowermentIndex/measure;
                                        iv. Investments in the Women's Sector &
                                             Preparation of Report thereof and
                                             EconomicAnalysisof Il!Ve5i;ments the
                                             Child& Worn en SectoI';
                                        v. PREM              a
                                                    Division; nd
                                        vi. COOrdination including monthly D.O.
                                             letters & SecretarYsmeetino.

                       Allocation   of worK at the        level of Director! Deputy Secretary!JD   in the
-?~                                    Department         of Women & Child Development'

      S.No       Name                                                Work   Allocation
      1.   ShriK.p.Slrigh,               i.        WFP/ CARE/UNICEF            (CND Project)
           Director                      ii.       Administration;
                                         iii.      Vigilance.
                                         iv.       NIPCCD Admn.         [Reports     to JS(CK)]
                                         v. IMSAct.
      2.    ShriP.S.Kharola""            i.      World Bank Assisted ICDS Projects;
            Director                     ii. !CDS Training (UDISHA);
                                         iii. ,Kjshori Shakti Yojana;
                                         iv., 'Nutritional Programmes for Adolescent Girls;
                                         v. Monitoring & evaluation of ICDS [Reports to
                                             'JS(CK]       ,     "                  .
      3.    I Ms.Rimjhm                    i. '. Creche Unit;    " ',:'
             Prasad                        ii. Residual work of IMY/MSY;
                                           iii. IFAD/ Swa-Shakti Project;
                                          iv Rashtriya Mahila Kosh;
                                          v. Media;                             ,

                                         vi.     Swadhar; [Reports to JS(lK) for above worK]
                                           vii. Information Technology. [RepOrts to JS(CK',-' ,.
      4.    I Ms, Anjali Goyal,           I.   Budget and Finance. [RePOrtsto'FA]
              Director                   ii.   Preparation & Analysis of Gender Budgeting
                                              [Repots to EA]
      S.      Smt. R. Savithri           I. Women's Wellare;
      i        Deputy Secretary          ii. Women's Development;
                                         iii. Stree Shakti Puraskar;
                                         iv. WorKing Women's Hostel; and
                                         v. NRCW *. [Reports to JS(PDD)]
      6.      Shri    R.N.               i.    CSWB;
              Vaswani                    ii. General Section;
              Deputy Secretary           iii. Short Stay Homes. [Reports to JS(PDD) for
                                               above wor1<]
                                         iv. Coordination (induding monthly D.O. letters &
                                               Secretary's Meeting) [Reports to EA'
      7.      Shri Yeshpal Dabas,          I. STEP;
              Deu      Secreta             ii. Swawlamban. [Reports to JS (PDDJ:
      8.      Shri    M.S. Negi,         vi.       ICDS(GeneraQ;
              Deputy Secretary           vii.      Wheat Based Nubition Programme
                                  -,i;;-Food         & NUtrition Board. [ReportS to J5(Ct
      9.      Shri R.K. Ojha             i.    CW Division;                    ..
              Deputy Secretary           il. Awards (CW Division);
                                         iii. Hindi UM;
                                         iv. Swayamsidha;,
                                         v. Parliament Unit; and
                                         vi. A'.Imatters connected with Trafficking.
                                    Reports to JS (lK)]
      10.     Smt. S.P. Gupta,         i. National Nubition Mis~on.
              Technical Adviser        Ii. Food fortification Nutrition
      11.     Shri R. L. Meena,              PREM DMsion.

              Joint Director
Allocation of wor1<at the level of Under secretarY.   DWCD

S.No.   Name &              Work allocated    Since Remarks
I.      ShriR.S. Sharma,US Admn. (WCD) &      2004
2.      Shri Babu Lal,US    Cash              2000
3.      Shri PrakashChand, Budget             1997
4.      ShriS.K. Dargan,US Coordination       2005
5.      Ms. SurinderKaur,   Swadhar & GC      2004
6.      Shri K.S. Chibb,    Swawlarnban&      2003
        USIPM               STEP
7.      ShriLN. Ancha!,     WB                2001
8.      Shri S.K. Biswas,US WB                2004
9.      Shri Gobind Singh,  Creche            2004
10.     Shri R Shankaran,   WD                2005
II.     Shri K.B. Singh,US Genera!&CR         2004
12.     Shri K.c. Kedia.US WW & WWH-SSH       2004
13.     ShriB.L Meena, US CSWB                2000
14.     ShriI.S. Ba!ghour,  ND & FNB(Admn.)   2005
IS      Dr.(Smt) Meenakshi On long leave              On leave upto
        Jol, US                                       31.10.2005
16.     ShriChinmoy         CW & Media        2005
17.     Sm!.Jatinder Kaur,  CD                2005
                             '.:.;   ,. No.22-3/2004-Admn.
                             :. .       Government of India
                           - ~linish' of Human Resource Development
                           Department of Women'& ChildDevelopment


       .        I~tenms"';f Ruie 13 (2) of Delegation of Financial Power Rules,
        financial powers delegated to a Department of the Central Government
        under Rule 21 of DFPR, in 'espect of Indents, contracts and purchases are-
        further delegated in full to the Heads of Department with immediate,.
      - effect; until further Orders.                                          \: "                       ",

           ~. . '. Joint SecretaI'{ (Administration) and Joint secretal'{(General)h~y~ii'ii!;':\
           been declared asHeads of Department vide Order No.22-24{97-Admn.,,--',
           dated 23.2.2000,                                                        ',:,f, j'Z"/
                                                                                   " ")"1""
           3.     This deiegation will be subject to the rules, orders, restrictions':?'1i;'i¥"':
           scales mentioned in revised Column (3) for the items specified in Column:                 "

           (2) of the Annexure to Schedule V and also subject to the financial limit'
           being in accordance with provisions of General Financial Rules, economy
           Instructions issued by Finance Ministry, Fiscal Codes and procedures and
           the limit being within the budgetary allocation for the year,                      " ,          ,

      .4,.,     While exercising these powers, following conditions should al~.~-::'                     ,.,:,;
      :i kept in view:     '                                                    "i"':"

    ~ I"(a) In regar~ to'the supply of articles required for the public serviceaOd'!+':.':~
,      ,       for regulating the purchase of stationery stores for the public se"<ice", ':'
               the provisions contained in Appendix 8 and Appendix g respectively to, .'. ~
               the General Financiai Rules, 1963, and subsidiary instructions arid"-
               orders in the subject issued from time to time shall be followed;

               Inregard to contingent expenditure on each item spe~itied in colum~':c!"
               2 of,th~ Annexure to ScheduleV of the,se rul~;;, orders,.r.estrictions..or 'L_,-
               scaiesspecifiea-!n"re'lised column 3 of that Annexure against that item,
              shall be observed;,                                                            ":.i'
       :(c)    In regard   to miscellaneous   expenditure   any rules, orders,   restrictions:'.
               or scales as may be made, imposed or prescribed by the President
               from time to time s,hallbe observed.                           '
       1;5., . The polVersdeiegated       to the Departments of the,
       "Government are to be exercised by'the issue of formai sanctions
        name of the President, such sanctions being authenticated by the officers',
        authorized to do so under Articie77 of the Constitution.              "

       ; 6.'     For the period 16.9.2003 to the date of issue of this
       . 'exercised by the HODs, as delegated to them prior to

d"                              Government of India
                     Ministry of Human ResourceD,
                   Department of Women and Chiid


            In terms of Government of India's Decision below Rule
     Delegation of Financial Power Rules, Under Secretary
     declared as Head of Office for all matters concerning to

            This issueswith the approvai of Secretary


          1. The Pay and Accounts Officer, DWCD.
          2. CashSection
          3. Budget Section
          4. Shri R.5. Sharma, Under Secretary(Admn.)
          5. Director(Fin.)
          6. Guard file.
                                                     .. 'No.22-2'l9.,2-Admn.
                                                     : Goverl1ll1ent;of India' ""' 1
                                       Mlnlstry of Human' Resource Development
~Al,':                                Department -of, Women IL Child Development
 '",    .',

rf            '""           In persuanc:e :of.'the                provlsl~~ of 'RuIe<t.~' of. delegatIon, of !f
'..,                flnaJjc:1al ,po~"~;,JU$(Ge~eral                     Admn.)   lshere~;!'dec1ared;as.         Head :.::k,:,

                    ~i,~mc:e~;~:'"       ' '~"':.                                       "j!):!,;'::'           ,:";,1i~m:,",
                ,2.       : This     iSsUes' wlth       the       approval       of. secre;';":y,(WCDJ.   .. " ',',

                                                    """','       ,-..
                                                             "          ",'"..


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