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									UMUC Asia                                                     MATH106 Finite Mathematics

Section, When, and Where. Spring Session 1, 09/10, 1645~1930 T/Th, Foster Education Center.

Course Description. (Not intended for students planning to take MATH 107, higher-numbered
mathematics courses, or STAT 200.) Prerequisite: MATH 012 or an appropriate result on the
placement test. A survey of selected topics from contemporary mathematics to introduce the
student to mathematical thinking, covering applications and projects of other disciplines. Topics
include problem solving, finance, probability and statistics, linear models, set theory, and logic.
Other topics may include sequences and series, geometry, and game theory. Students may receive
credit for only one of the following courses: MATH 105 or MATH 106.

Course Goals/Objectives. Upon successful completion of this course, minimal objectives the
student has achieved include the following:

       Graph a straight line.
       Write equation of a line.
       Find the slope of a line.
       Solve applications involving lines.
       Solve linear programming problems.
       Find permutations.
       Find Combinations.
       Solve applications involving counting.
       Construct frequency distributions.
       Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a sample data.
       Solve application involving binomial distribution.
       Solve application involving normal distribution.
       Solve applications involving interest, annuity, and amortization.
       Write the truth table of a logic statement.
       Prove logic statements.

Course Materials.

       Text: Finite Mathematics and Its Applications (Custom Package), Goldstein, Eighth
       A scientific calculator is allowed.

Course Evaluation.

       Your course evaluation will be based on the assignment (60%) and the final (40%).
       Your course grade will be assigned using the following scales: A=90-100%; B=80-89%;
        C=70-79%; D=60-69%; F=0-59%.

Academic Policies. You are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Plagiarized work will
receive a grade of 0 (zero), whether copied in whole or in part. It is your responsibility to
obtained course content info for all missed classes and to keep up with the class pace. See UMUC
Asia catalog for more on academic policies.

Additional Information.

       I will be available before and after class.

Prof. Andrew Won                                               
UMUC Asia                                                      MATH106 Finite Mathematics

        Your course grade will be posted in WebTycho classroom on Monday immediately
         following the end of the term. If you do not have (or lost) the username/password for
         your WebTycho account, please contact your local UMUC Asia field office.
        The content of this syllabus is subject to change. Additional information and policies will
         be given in the first meeting.

Tentative Course Schedule.

    Meeting        Discussion
    1              Ch.1
    2              Ch.1
    3              Ch.3
    4              Ch.3
    5              Ch.10
    6              Ch.10
    7              Ch.5
    8              Ch.5
    9              Ch.6
    10             Ch.6
    11             Ch.7
    12             Ch.7
    13             Ch.12
    14             Ch.12
    15             Summary and Review
    16             Final Exam (150 min, closed book/open notes)

Note. Complete all reading assignments before coming to each meeting.

Prof. Andrew Won                                                

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