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									                              more than aircraft tracking

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The Indigo One, manufactured in Australia by IndigoSat Pty Ltd, has revolutionised aircraft tracking and position-reporting.
The Indigo One is much more than just another satellite tracking device; it is an invaluable management tool for the aircraft
owner or operator, providing facilities such as flight logging, bidirectional communication, flight data analysis and event

Utilising the latest Inmarsat D2 satellite service, the Indigo One transmits periodic messages containing time, longitude,
latitude, speed, altitude, and heading, giving operators a complete picture as to the whereabouts of the aircraft at any time.

In addition, the system provides large SMS message capability between the aircraft and the ground, allowing the aircraft
crew to send text messages from the aircraft using a simple "dial-and-click" interface and to receive messages from the
ground. All messaging is recorded and can be reviewed at a later date, if necessary.

The Indigo One can be fitted to virtually any aircraft in accordance with STCs issued by CASA. If specific types do not yet
have an STC (the list is growing daily), the Indigo One can be installed under an Engineering Order or Field Modification.

The Indigo One is an aviation-standard 6 unit that slips easily into the avionics stack or the centre console of any aircraft,
and the antenna/transceiver module is crafted to unobtrusively fit onto the roof of most aircraft. The entire kit weighs less
than 1.5kgs and a typical installation can be completed in a day.
                                                              Partnering the Indigo One system is its IndigoTrack
                                                              software, which provides a comprehensive solution
                                                              for the real-time tracking of any aircraft efficiently,
 Indigo One                                                   simply and cost-effectively, as well as assisting in
                                                              the efficient management of an aircraft fleet.
                   The most advanced aircraft tracking and
                   management system available worldwide
                                                              IndigoTrack has licensed Jeppesen Flite Star's
                                                              aviation terrain maps, familiar to most aircraft owners
                                                              and operators worldwide.

                                                              IndigoTrack has integrated satellite imagery from
                                                              Google™ Maps, allowing the user to zoom right down
                                                              to the actual bay the aircraft is parked in at an airport
                                                              on the other side of the world! Switching the satellite
                                                              mode to “hybrid” will overlay known locations and
                                                              points on the satellite map, making it easier to identify
                                                              landmarks whilst in flight.

                                                              IndigoTrack provides a comprehensive Report Centre,
                                                              where all operational information history can be
                                                              retrieved at any time. Reports can be scheduled to
                                                              run on a regular basis using the Report Scheduler,
                 Product Specifications                       which will automatically email the results to selected
Width            158mm                  6.22"                 Absolute knowledge of the whereabouts of an aircraft
Height            41mm                  1.61"                 is essential for the safety of its passengers and crew.
Length           199mm                  7.83"                 This is particularly true in the event of an accident,
Weight             835g                 including mountings   where the immediate evacuation of injured people
                                                              is critical.
Input Voltage    12 - 33Vdc             2 seconds typically   The Indigo One’s emergency alert facility removes
Current (RX)     110 - 140mA                                  the "Search" from "Search and Rescue". Deployed
Current (TX)     530mA                                        by the crew, the emergency alert immediately sends
Output Voltage   5Vdc                                         the aircraft position, track, speed and emergency
                                                              situation to pre-defined recipients.
                                                              The Indigo One is fully-customisable and will send
COM1             RS-232                 9600,8,1,N            notification of events such as Master On, Engine On,
COM2             RS-232                 9600,8,1,N            Blocks Off, Takeoff, Landing, Blocks On, Engine Off,
COM3             RS-232                 9600,8,1,N            Master Off, Low Battery, Hard-Landing, Excess-G
REM DSP          RS-232                 9600,8,1,N            and Pilot-in- Command – all with real-time precision,
GPS                                                           making aircraft management independent of human
16 Channels      1575.42MHz
CEP              2.5m                                         The post-flight data analysis of the Indigo One data
SEP              5.0m                                         is an invaluable aid to flight school or training
                                                              operations; flights can be replayed using the Google™
Satellite Modem                                               Earth overlay or MS Flight Simulator, making it
Inmarsat         +-78 Latitude       4 Ocean Regions          possible to watch the entire flight again from various
Receiver         1525.0 to 1559.0MHz 32-FSK                   views! This facility can also be used to establish
Transmitter      1626.5 to 1660.5MHz 2-FSK                    the exact pattern flown during an airborne
EIRP             9dBW max                                     geophysical survey or aerial application operations.

Connection                                                    The Indigo One system allows full-time tracking and
                                                              communication with an aircraft, even when it is
Electrical       DB-37                                        outside radar or radio coverage, and all through a
RF               BNC                                          user-friendly interface, with the only requirement
I/O                                                           being an Internet connection, whether dial-up or
8TTL Lines     0/5Vdc                   Max input 33Vdc
2 Analog Lines 0 to 33Vdc                                     The Indigo One and its associated IndigoTrack
                          Antenna                             software provide a complete solution to managing
                                                              aircraft, ensuring that operators, owners and families
Physical                                                      always know the whereabouts of the aircraft, its
                                                              pilots, crew and passengers.
Diameter                 128mm         5.0"
Heigh                     24mm         0.94"
Weight                   365g
Tolerance                300mm from other antennae
Max Coax Length           10m                                    To learn more, visit the IndigoSat website at:

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