Exploring Ohio's Mound Builders With INFOhio, Google Earth and by bjp11375


									 Join us for a free, interactive video conference professional development workshop for
   teachers, librarians, curriculum coordinators, guidance counselors and technology
                       coordinators. CEU certificates will be provided.

             Exploring Ohio's Mound Builders With INFOhio,
                     Google Earth and Google Maps

                         January 20, 2010, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Have your students create a tour of Ohio's ancient earthworks from the Woodland Period
with Google Earth. Based on their own research, students can compile their findings in
a Google Earth tour that can be shared online with Google Maps. Tours can contain
Web links, text and photos to enhance the satellite imagery already in Google Earth and
Google Maps. We'll share project resources and how-to ideas for using INFOhio’s Core
Collection of Electronic Resources, Google Earth and Google Maps.

What a fabulous way to bring Ohio's rich history to life!

The session presenter is Peggy Whyte, Curriculum Integration Coordinator at SCOCA.

To schedule this video conference, e-mail IVDLorders@laca.org, with your contact information, video
conference contact person, site name, IP address and troubleshooting phone number. Or, fax the form
below to 740-345-3427, attention Trish. Deadline to register: Three days prior to the session.

School Building: ________________________ District:_________________________
Address: _____________________________ City: ________________Zip:_________
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     Please note: We will send confirmation, connection information, handouts, evaluation forms and
                 participation certificates to the person coordinating the video conference.
           If there are any additional questions, please contact Trish Baker, pbaker@laca.org.

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