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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning carbon monoxide

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									                              Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
                                                    Steps to ensure your safety from carbon monoxide poisoning

A    pproximately 250 people in the United States die each year from carbon monoxide (CO)
poisoning. This deadly gas is hard to detect because it is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Take
the following steps to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.
Important Steps                           goes off, turn off appliances, or           owning a UL listed carbon mon-
  Have a qualified technician             other sources of combustion at              oxide detector, could become a
  inspect fuel-burning appliances         once. Immediately get fresh air             matter of life and death.
  at least once each year. Fuel-          into the premises by opening
  burning appliances such as oil          doors and windows. Call a                   According to national standards,
  and gas furnaces, hot water             qualified technician and have               home carbon monoxide detectors
  heaters and stoves require              the problem fixed before                    must sound a warning before high
  yearly maintenance. A qualified         restarting appliances.                      carbon monoxide levels are
  technician can identify and                                                         reached. The standard requires the
  repair problems with your fuel-         If anyone is experiencing                   alarm to sound before an average,
  burning appliances.                     symptoms of carbon monoxide                 healthy adult begins to experience
                                          poisoning: headaches, dizzi-                symptoms of carbon monoxide
  Be aware that CO poisoning              ness, vomiting, call the fire               poisoning. The warning provides
  may be the cause of flu-like            department (911) and immedi-                time to evacuate the premises.
  symptoms such as headaches,             ately move to a location that
  tightness of the chest, dizzi-          has fresh air. Do a head count              Placement of Detectors
  ness, fatigue, confusion and            to be sure all persons are                  Proper placement of a carbon
  breathing difficulties. Because         accounted for. Do not re-enter              monoxide detector is important.If
  CO poisoning often causes a             the premises until it has been              you are installing only one carbon
  victim’s blood pressure to rise,        aired out and the problem                   monoxide detector, the Consumer
  the victim’s skin may take on a         corrected.                                  Product Safety Commission
  pink or red cast.                                                                   (CPSC) recommends it be located
  Install a UL Listed CO detector
                                       Carbon Monoxide                                near the sleeping area, in order to
  outside sleeping areas. A UL         Detectors                                      wake you. Additional detectors on
                                                                                      every level and in every bedroom
  Listed CO detector will sound        Carbon monoxide is a by-product
                                                                                      of a home provide extra protection.
  an alarm before dangerous            of combustion, present whenever
  levels of CO accumulate. Read        fuel is burned. It is produced by              Homeowners should remember
  the manufacturer’s instructions      common household appliances                    not to install carbon monoxide
  carefully before installing a CO     such as gas or oil furnaces,                   detectors directly above or beside
  detector. If your detector is        clothes dryers, water heaters,                 fuel-burning appliances, as
  wired directly into your home’s      ovens and ranges. According to                 appliances may emit a small
  electrical system, you should        the American Medical Associa-                  amount of carbon monoxide upon
  test it monthly. If your unit is     tion, carbon monoxide is the                   start-up. A detector should not be
  battery operated, test the           number one cause of poisoning                  placed within fifteen feet of
  detector weekly and replace the      deaths in the U.S.A. Making sure               heating or cooking appliances or
  battery at least once a year.        furnaces and other potential                   in or near very humid areas such
                                       carbon monoxide sources are                    as bathrooms.
  Know how to respond to a CO          properly vented and in good
  detector alarm. If the alarm         working condition, along with                                                              (over)

Seattle Fire Department Fire Prevention Division   220 3rd Avenue South, S e a t t l e , WA 9 8 1 0 4   w w w. s e a t t l e . g o v / f i r e
Seattle Fire Department                                                        Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When considering where to place      the case, carbon monoxide will       For More Information
a carbon monoxide detector, keep     rise with the warmer air. For this   Contact:
in mind that although carbon         reason, CO detector
                                                                          Seattle Fire Department
monoxide is roughly the same         manufacturers suggest mounting
weight as air, it may be contained   the detector on the ceiling. This
in warm air coming from              also puts the detector out of the
combustion appliances such as        way of potential interference,
home heating equipment. If this is   such as pets or curious children.

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