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Best of the Best Children�s Books 2006 by lizbethbennett


									Best of the Best Children’s Books 2006 W2 Session Thursday 7:30 The Road to Paris—Nikki Grimes -Set in New York City—foster child Rules—Cynthia Lord—Ages 9-12—Newbery Honor -Sister of an autistic child Porch Lies—Patricia McKissack -Tall tales from the 20s and 30s -African American folklore Gone Wild—David McLimans—Caldecott Honor -Endangered Animal Alphabet -Some scientific information Ask Me No Questions—Maria Budhos--YA -Family of illegal aliens from Bangladesh trying to get citizenship Yellow Star—Jennifer Roy -Based on interview of the author’s aunt (one of 12 children who survived a ghetto in Poland) -Written in free verse -Good for reluctant readers Dizzy—Jonah Winter—Grades 3-8 -Dizzy Gilespie biography in picture book form -Discusses physical abuse and his practical jokes -Can be used with the Mysterious Theloneus Clay—David Almond—YA -An altar boy’s life transforms when a neighbor shows him the power of sculpture -Can be used with Dead Days Framed—Frank Cottrell Boyce—Grades 6-9 -Dylan and his sisters attempt to use art to show a small town it’s beauty Penny From Heaven—Jennifer Holm—Grades 5-7—Newbery Honor -Historical Fiction -Penny gets into an accident that does not fit into her summer plans—post WWII The Pull of the Ocean—Jean-Claude Norulevat—Grades 5-8 -A mute boy leads his brothers out on a rainy night to take on the horrors his father tells

-Surprising ending -Modern day fairy tale *The Keeper of Soles—Teresa Batemen—K-3 -A cobbler has a visit from the Grim Reaper -Soul vs. Sole Zelda and Ivy—The Runaways—Laura Kvasnosky--K-2 -Easy Reader -Time capsules? The Last Dragon—Silvana DeMari—4-8 -Last elf and the last dragon will come together to save their world -bittersweet climax triumph -some sad moments Clementine—Sara Pennypacker—3-4grades -Clementine has a knack for getting in trouble but uses it to help family and friends -Ramona, Judy Moody, Junie B. Life as We Know It—Susan Beth Pfeffer—8-10grade -Teenage life as a meteor hits the world -Recommended for girls Move Over, Rover—Karen Beaumont -When a storm hits, animals fight for dry shelter -compares to The Mitten, The Napping House *SuperHero ABC—Bob McLeod -Traction Man *Cookies-Bite-Size Life Lessons 2-4grades -Each page has a ―lesson‖ ―Patience means…‖ ―Honest means…‖ *Black? White! Day? Night!—By Laura Seegar PreK-1grade -Book of opposites -Eye popping concept book Remember Little Big Horn—John Doerner -Reproductions of original art work, concepts from battles, historical maps, etc. Moses—Carole Weatherford -told in 3 voices (Harriet, God, Narrator) Best Best Friends-Margaret Chodos-Irvine—PreSchool-K

-Friends that do everything together until one girl is jealous of another’s birthday -Solves problems with out any adult interventions *Ruby Lu Empress of Everything—Lenore Look -Sequel to Ruby Lu, Brave and True Marvelous Mattie—Emily McCully The Wand in the Word:Conversations with Writers of Fantasy—Leonard Marcus -YA fantasy writers –profiles of authors/reading lists The Year of the Dog—Grace Lin—Grades 4-7 -Tiwanese-American girls become friends Higher Power of Lucky—Susan Patron -everyone has been talking about the "scrotum" reference -little girl hears the word as she listens in on an AA meeting -she searches to find a "higher power" like the people in the meetings Freedom Riders: Ann Bausum—9-12 Grade -non-fiction account of the civil rights movement told by 2 young men -many primary sources, especially pictures, document 351 days of the Montgomery Bus Boycott A Small white Scar—K Nuzum— -A boy with a brother with Downs Syndrome, tries to change his life by working with cowhands. *Larklight—Philip Reeve—Grades 5-7 -Romp through space with run-ins with many sci-fi creatures -an alternative history perspective *Bella at Midnight—Diane Stanley -Modern Cinderella story -A daughter of a knight is raised as a pheasant The King of Atoolia—Megan Turner—3rd in the series -Author of The Thief and Queen of Atoolia -for sophisticated readers Toys Go Out—Emily Jenkins -story told from the perspective of 3 toys that are best friends -highlights the challenges/adventures of the toys -discusses the importance of how they worked out the problems on their own, without adult assistance

Adele and Simon—Barbara McClintock -early 20th century Paris is the setting -Simon loses things along the way at important places in Paris -the end of the book explains all of the places Aliens Are Coming!—Megan McCarthy -picture book of the Orson Wells radio broadcast hoax of 1938 -nice introduction to life before television To Dance—Siena Siegal -memoir of love of dance and learning to dance -the girl gives up dance to attend college John, Paul, George, and Ben—Lane Smith -humorous tale of the 5 founding fathers, a good "read-aloud" -many exaggerations throughout the book, they are explained at the end Standing Against the Wind—Traci Jones -shy teenager from GA lives in Chicago and wins scholarship to prestigious African American college -deals with her daily problems, contains an authentic voice Isaac Newton—Kathleen Krull -his inventions and discoveries are explained for any level prior knowledge -the complex life of Newton is discussed Hattie Big Sky—Kirby Larson -historical fiction -1918; young girl inherits land but needs to fence it and farm it to keep it -she has to fight off tax collectors, land-grabbers, harsh weather Fairest—Gail Levine -retelling of Sleeping Beauty -set in a kingdom where song is of the utmost importance -the young girl has the most beautiful voice Wintersmith—Terry Pratchett -overcoming the intentions of the winter god's adoration -he shows his love to Tiffany by making Tiffany-shaped snowflakes Team Moon—Catherine Thimmesh -back-story on the 400,000 people that made the Apollo 11 trip to the moon a success -seamstresses worried about the space suits, photography lessons, etc.

Mercy Watson Goes For a Ride—Kate DiCamillo -pig goes for a ride, she only wants hot buttered bread -3D cartoon picture book; paired with non-fiction books on pigs Lilly’s Big Day—Kevin Henkes -children learn a teacher is getting married, Lilly thinks she will be the flower girl, -but she is not chosen The Little Red Hen—Jerry Pinkney -graphite-ink and watercolor pictures show many farm animals -animals names are color-coded, making them easy to identify -a great read-aloud book Quest For the Tree Kangaroo: Sy Montgomery -science photos and descriptions of animals, covers 3 science standards Wildfire—Taylor Morrison -the causes of wildfires and methods used to fight them are discussed -the equipment and firefighters are described in great detail Escape!—Sid Fleischman -biography of Harry Houdini; how he chose his name and perfected his routine Poetry For Young People:Langston Hughes—Arnold Ramperad -part of a series (Poetry for Young People); discussion of Hughes' life *Jazz—Walter Dean Myers -collection of poetry with bold, colorful pictures, a good pair with jazz music -Christopher Myers is a talented and friendly person Shivers in the Fridge—Fran Manushkin -main characters are refrigerator magnets; they leave the fridge to search for warmth -a great book to teach perspective Not a Box—Antoinette Portis -imaginative story of turning a regular cardboard box into other things The Deaf Musicians—Pete Seegar -jazz pianist quits playing when he realizes he is going deaf -he meets other deaf musicians and they form a band together Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry—Joyce Sidman -story of cat and dog making friends as they wait out a thunderstorm Adventures of Marco Polo—Russell Freedman

-discusses whether Marco Polo was the greatest explorer or biggest fake The Moon-Robert Louis Stevenson -sleeper journey retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson Flotsam—David Wiesner -creative wordless picture book of a young boy's exploration at the beach -paired with Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane (life's lessons: life, love, death) Freedom Walkers—Russell Freedman -1955 chronological history of the 351 days of sacrifice of the Montgomery Bus Boycott -nice discussion of non-violent confrontation to enact change The Homework Machine—Dan Gutman -story of four students that have a homework machine, and become reliant on it -one by one, they are caught, the character development is fantastic Small Steps—Louis Sachar -follow-up to Holes, Armpit wants to live a clean life, but engages in a ticket scam to make money

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