One of my favorite prophets and books in the by lizbethbennett


									One of my favorite prophets and books in the Old Testament is Isaiah. Isaiah and his family lived in a day when God's people were stubborn, rebellious, depending on man and turning to the world systems. Very much like in our day, there is much idolatry and adultery spiritually speaking against God, much stubbornness and refusal to "walk very closely with God with pure guarded hearts, truly trusting Him." The shape of the economy is revealing many hearts and it is sad to see how few of God’s people truly have peace and trust Him in regard to provision and care. For too long we have depended on everything and everyone but God which really reveals our lack of truly knowing Him and trusting His heart. Isaiah and his sons were prophetic "signs" symbolizing Israel's current state as well as future promises. Isaiah means "Jehovah will save" and in the story I want to share, the son God tells Isaiah to bring along to talk with the king, is Shear-jashub which means "a remnant shall return." This son was a prophetic foreshadow of what was to come upon the people of God as judgment for turning away from him...that they would go into exile...but this son was also a prophetic promise that God would "save a remnant that would one day return in response to returning back to God. What a Just yet Merciful God! Isaiah 7:14 states that "a virgin will give birth to a son and He will be called Immanuel which means God with us." Of course we understand this is a prophecy of Jesus and refers to Jesus, but there was also an immediate fulfillment of this prophecy in Isaiah's day and its context I find similar to the state of America today. And God was trying to emphasize to the king and to His people that He was with them. He was calling for them to truly believe this, because at the time they were not. In fact they were turning elsewhere for help… In Isaiah 7, Isaiah and his son (Jehovah saves and a remnant shall return) are sent to meet King Ahaz and tell him "Be careful, keep calm, do not be afraid and do not lose heart on behalf of (what was coming against them)." This is a message to believers in our day in the midst of a nation that is being shaken in order to be awakened. We need to keep calm and continue to trust in the goodness of God.

God promises them that the attacks planned against them will not happen and they will be delivered, for He is with them. He even goes as far as to allow for King Ahaz to ask for any sign to confirm this word and He would give it. But Ahaz refuses to ask for a sign, and appearing like he trusts God even more, (he really doesn’t) and God, being upset at his and His people's stubbornness to trust Him, tells him He will give him a sign anyway. The sign is found in Isaiah 7:14 and much prophecy of their future outcome and their enemies outcome is laid out. Isaiah 8 then describes God's frustration that they have rejected Him and refuse to trust and depend on Him...and instead are turning to man...specifically Assyria to help them...and yet in the end it will be Assyria that will destroy them and put them into exile!! How often the same is true in our lives. The very thing we turn to or depend on is the very thing that ends up destroying us.

The point is this. How often are we like Ahaz pretending, acting like we trust God when we really don't? How many times in reality have we really depended on a system, a job, a person, or something other than God? Do we really trust Him or are we putting our trust in “things” in the “world.” This doesn’t mean, for example, that we stop working. It does mean however, that it is not our jobs that we put our trust in for provision; it is God who gave us the job! He is the one who provides. So much worry, anxiety and stress is released from us when our trust is really in God and not in ourselves or in others.

As a nation we need to truly turn back to Jesus and put our trust in God for real. For too long we have been like Ahaz. And yet, in the midst of our rebellion, God has once again confirmed over and over (ultimately through Jesus) that He is with us and He is mighty to save if we will but trust Him! Our God is good and His love endures forever. He is full of mercy and compassion, quick to forgive and slow to become angry. Yet we risk being destroyed as nation if we refuse to turn to Him and honor Him in our lives, starting by trusting Him and His heart towards us. The

curse will remain and grow worse, unless hearts are turned back to God, back to each other and families are restored! We must humble ourselves and admit once again that we need God and that we want God! And we must come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ, for there is no other way! May our hearts be turned back to the Lord our God (Jesus Christ our Messiah and tenderized towards each other. May we have faith in the goodness of a Good God! Dependence and trust is the way to victory and success. Just like a little child or baby is completely dependant on her parents for life, so are we completely dependant on God. But our pride has blinded us to this reality. We need only to turn to God, not the world for help. We need only depend on Him and trust Him, for He is there for us! We must acknowledge our need for Him and demonstrate our trust in Him! Ben Matthew 6:25-34

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