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									                                  Pine Ridge Golf Club
                               New Membership Application
                                 2010 – Golfing Season

Your membership fee of $100 includes a valid USGA handicapping service, a BMGC player card that can be
used at any of the 5 Classic Courses for discounts and tee time reservations, a monthly newsletter and all of our
tournament entry forms. You may choose to play in any and all of our 12-14 tournaments each year. You only
pay for the tournaments you play in. The cost of each 1-day tournament is about $65 which includes your
greens fee, cart fee, reservation fee, prize fund and refreshments. It is quite the bargain and a whole lot of fun.

Please visit our web site at for additional information. You can find all the tournament
information, tournament entry forms, our newsletter, historical information about the club, past club champions,
pictures from last year’s annual outing and a description of each hole and how to play it based on your ability.

Please note that all Pine Ridge Golf Club members are expected to play from the white (middle) tees.

If you have any questions, contact Club President Mike DeAgro (410.337.5212 or e-mail
or Vice President George Treuting (410.561.9529). Once your application is received and processed, you will
be contacted by the club.
-------------------------(You must be 21 years of age or older to join – Please detach and print legibly) ---------------------
                 Pine Ridge Golf Club – 2010 New Membership Application Form
                                  (Entry Deadline is 3/31/2010.)
Name __________________________________________Address____________________________________

City/State/Zip ____________________________________E-Mail____________________________________

Home Phone ____________________________________Work/Cell Phone ____________________________

Please provide us with your last 5 scores and where you shot those scores.

Date                           Score             Course

Mail this form and a check Payable to PRGC for $100 to:

                 George Treuting
                 14 Edgemoor Road
                 Timonium, MD 21093

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