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									                                                                      JANUARY 2005 ISSUE


                                                            Up Front
                                                            The ultimate exit strategy for any
                                                            business owner – the IPO, or
                                                            Imminently Plush Opulence, also
                                                            known as Initial Public Offering.
                                                            The IntraLase story. (pg. 2)

                                                            Review of some smart and not so smart
                                                            moves in 2004. Looking forward to
                                                            creating and emphasizing anything
                                                            nice and positive in 2005. (pg. 2)

                                                            New clients - How to find them, break
                                                            the ice and develop mutually valuable
                                                            business relationships. By Mindy
                                                            Selinger & PowerPartners Coaching.
                                                            (pg. 2)

                                                            New channels for COMMERCE
                                                            distribution. Thank you, Wells Fargo!
                                                            (pg 2)

                                                            In Focus: Attention is on the people
                                                            and their businesses, (pg. 5)

                                                            Emerging Developments:
                                                            What’s in the works in and around

   Bringing Fresh                                                               town.
                                                                                Vision correction,
                                                                                new technologies
                                                                                review. (pg. 8)

    Ideas to the                                            Company Profile:
                                                            What they do; how they make money.
                                                            (pg. 12)

   Table in 2005.                                           Alphabetic listing:
                                                            A guide to people and businesses
                         Page 4                             mentioned in this issue. (pg. 12)
 2005 Board Members

PRESIDENT                         Robert Rusk
John Walsh                        Robert H. Rusk and Co.
Walsh Financial Team              858.546.8880
858.699.0845                             Index to Businesses in this Issue
                                   Chuck de Bordes
VICE PRESIDENT                     Trilogy                        Biogen, Inc…………………………4
Debbie Goode                       855. 755.6696                  Blue Cross………………………….6
Fertility Specialist Medical Group    Blue Shield.…………………………6
858 922-3929                                                      Cymer, Inc………………………….6         Carol Waldchen
                                   National Life of Vermont       Department of Defense……………..9
VICE PRESIDENT                     619.757.1834                   Freedonia Group……………………9
Gerry Widasky                         French Accent ……………………...11
First National Bank                                               Georgio Armani…………………….6
858.646.8711                       Lisa Scott                     IntraLase……………………………6                   Lisa Scott Solutions           Investor’s Business Daily…………..5
                                   858.549.4154                   Mindy Selinger……………………..11
DIRECTOR                                 Oakley ………………………………6
Laurie Tull                                                       Oliver Peoples ……………………...6
Southland Equities Mortgage Corp. Dennis Stein                    Park Optometry, Inc. ………………6, 8
858.642.0804                       The UPS Store 0400             Paul Smith ………………………….6       858.453.7331
                                                                  PowerPartners Coaching……………11
Lamar Byrd, D.D.S.                                                Seacoast Science, Inc………………..8
Lamari Optimized Health            George Schmall
858.455.9761                       Financial Body Guard           Tutto Mare…………………………..10                  858.350.9253                   Vera Wang…………………………...6
                            Wells Fargo………………………….4
Bob Klein                                                         The Wired Café ……………………..11
Harbor Presbyterian Church         Kathleen Sweeney
858.457.4491                       American Cancer Society               619.682.7459

                                  Ed Mallory
                                  ISB Computer Services

                                                                                                                   JANUARY 2005

                                                                                              MAIL ROOM
                                                                                              04 From the Publishers
                                                                                              INDUSTRY NEWS
                                                                                              10 Business After Five. Wednesday Report
     Welcome and Thank you
     to our New and Returning Members                                                         11 In Focus. The Latest from You
                                                                                              EMERGING DEVELOPMENTS
            Supreme Engineered Products                                                       06 What’s in the labs? And out soon…
            Mindy Selinger & PowerPartners Coaching                                           06 Story of a friend whose company went public
            First Republic Bank                                                               07 For the next issue – Prop A for San Diego
            Minuteman Press of La Jolla                                                       COMPANY PROFILE
            Hecht, Solber, Robinson, Goldberg & Bagley, LLP                                   08 What they do, how they make money
            Biogen Idec
            San Diego County Credit Union                                                       ON THE COVER
            Carlos Naranjo-Comerica Bank                                                                            January quickly has set the
                                                                                                                    New Year in motion. After
            Office Depot                                                                                            the Christmas and New
                                                                                                                    Year’s parties, all the dishes
            Bank of the West                                                                                        are back in the cupboard.
            San Diego Miramar College                                                                               Personal resolutions have
                                                                                                                    been made. Rinse and
            Proffer Financial                                                                                       repeat next year. In the
                                                                                                                    meantime, it’s back to
            Team Moskowitz-1st Financial Home Loan Services, Inc.                                                   business in 2005…
            Hallman Jewelers
                                                                                                                    Where are the prices in San
                                                                                                                    Diego on everything –
                                                                                                                    homes, stocks, human
                                                                                          Cover Photo: Ben Horne    resources – headed? (Pg. 4)

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Mail Room
Bringing Fresh Ideas to                                   professionals agree that the collapse of the Soviet
                                                          Union triggered the subsequent crush of the local
      the Table in 2005                                   defense industry. Suddenly entire companies went
                                                          out of business, consolidated or moved out of the
                                                          state. Lots of people were unemployed and did not
                                                          see it coming. It took five years for the real estate
                                                          market to come back to the same levels as it was in
From the Publishers                                       1992. This means that, excluding costs, the return on
                                                          that investment was zero for those who bought the
Dear Readers,                                             homes in 1992. In reality, there was an itemized tax
                                                          deduction for the mortgage interest, effectively
Thank you for your positive feedback on the newly         lowering the monthly payments on the house. More
designed COMMERCE newsletter. This newsletter             importantly, there was a place called home.
carries the spirit of the Chamber beyond our
membership. Recently we asked and received                For people who were able to weather 1992-1996, the
approval to distribute this newsletter through two        real estate market was very good. Nowadays the local
Wells Fargo branches – one in the Westfield               economy does not depend on a single large sector,
Shopping Center, and the other in the Ralph’s grocery     like it did in the early 90s. The San Diego economy is
story at the La Jolla Village Square. Thank you, Mr.      more diversified, effectively eliminating the effects of
Rich Campbell, and Mr. Thomas Bell!                       a sudden “crash” in any particularly sector.

Well,     carrying    the    unfinished
conversations from our Business After
Five meeting, this newsletter gives you
an unhurried opportunity to finish your
presentation. The perpetual question
“How is the business?” turns out to be a
good marketing opportunity, if the
answer is short, straightforward and
inspiring. Of course, that depends on
the nature of the business and the
enthusiasm of the presenter. We invite
you to publish your industry news here.

Setting the general course for the local
business scene, what will the San Diego
real estate market do? How about the
stock market? Nothing we can do about      Photo: New development next to Biogen, Inc.
it, other than plan for whatever is
important for now and the future. As
always it is the momentum that determines the short-
term, and in the long term, it is always the             In addition, the very collapse of the Soviet Union
fundamentals.                                            opened up the international markets. San Diego now
                                                         has large diasporas of people from all over the world.
San Diego Housing Prices                                 We see cars with out-of-state license plates, and hear
                                                         more of foreign languages. The latter is especially
Looking back at the last decline in San Diego real
                                                         true in the Triangle area. With the strong and growing
estate prices in 1992 through 1996, many

Mail Room
economy, San Diego will continue to be a desirable
place to live and work. Interest rates rising? They
were rising in 1997 through 2000 along with home
prices. 2001 -2003 dissatisfaction in the stock market
drove money to the hard assets, including gold and
housing. 2004 was the year of the forty-year lowest
interest rates, momentum in real assets, and renewed
interest in equities.

Will 2005 be based on momentum, or valuations?
How California will legislate and tax-treat the             can be frustrating for investors when a stock is no
business has to factor into the San Diego real estate       longer behaving in line with the fundamentals of its
market equation. Considering that 67 percent of San         business. It could be even more frustrating for
Diego mortgages are adjustable (data by                     company management not being able to influence the
LoanPerformance), we probably have until 2008,              value of company's stock based on long-term
until the majority of these mortgages will start to         fundamentals.
“adjust.” A lot of folks refinanced in 2003 and 2004,
and most of these mortgages are 5-year fixed.               In addition to expanding hedge fund activity, private
                                                            equity funds are also on the rise. Where private equity
In summary, it seems that the local real estate scene is    funds primarily concentrate on company mergers and
more dependent on the ratio of local incomes to             acquisitions, hedge funds generate investment returns
mortgage payments, housing supply, and overall              mainly by trading in the public sector. The average
conditions of the economy. It is almost certain that        size of a private equity fund deal was $900 million in
the rates will increase; therefore the economy has to       2004. At the end of the day three types of investment
improve along with incomes. If incomes remain flat,         philosophies are becoming more predominant.
then one should monitor the housing supply to               Namely: (1) Bill O’Neal’ Investor’s Business Daily,
determine the price direction. Of note, last November       (2) Warren Buffet’ approach, and the (3) Approach
California passed Proposition 71. This translates into      where prices can be influenced by hedge funds and
$3 billion dollars for the state in stem cell research      private equity funds. Fundamentally different yet,
funds… Which will likely create more jobs.                  with a few overlaps, these approaches strive to
                                                            achieve the same goals.
Equity Prices
Unlike the late nineties, 2005 equities will hardly be      Value of the focused effort
driven by the same momentum forces. Year 2004 was           Regardless of the investment approaches, real estate
significant for hedge funds and activity in private         or time horizons, it is with the great degree of
equity funds. Hedge funds managed one trillion              certainty that these work in any market:
dollars at the end of 2004. This gives a new meaning            • Objective thinking,
to the word “momentum.” Hedge funds have limited                • Making goals and planning,
reporting requirements and some power to influence              • Relying on your gut feeling,
stock prices. As of January 2005, hedge funds                   • Being honest with yourself and others,
controlled 80% of the convertible bond market.                  • Acting with integrity.
Rapidly trading a stock often increases value of the
underlying convertible bond. This is because the            So, how is your business?
increase in stock volatility also increases the   
possibility that the stock would hit the conversion
price. These are private transactions on a massive          Debbie Good,
scale that affect investors using traditional methods. It   Alex Ivaschenko

                                                                                            COMMERCE JANUARY 2005 5
Emerging Developments
                                                           Lasik. For most people     prices in late 2004, severance pay
                                                           who have little time to    and, saving a few jobs at Cymer - all
                                                           investigate the options,   coming together at the same
                                                           contacts and glasses       moment!? October 2004 was a month
                                                           remain the primary         to remember for Kyle.
                                                           choices    for    vision
                                                           correction. Not so for     Above all, there was a new laser
                                                           my friend Kyle, who in     from IntraLase, gaining more interest
                                                           the year 2000 left         among the physicians providing
                                                           Cymer – a technology       vision correction using LASIK.
                                                           company in Rancho
                                                           Bernardo and went to       What is All Laser Lasik?
                                                           work for IntraLase – a     Every LASIK eye surgery starts with
                                                           company started by         Step One—the creation of a corneal
                                           Cymer ex-employees in the mid 90’s.        flap. Doctors have traditionally
THE PERFECT VISION                         As an employee number – low double         performed Step One using a hand-
                                           digits here, Kyle had perfect vision for   held device with an oscillating metal
Material by Park Optometry, Inc.           the prospects of IntraLase. Over the       blade, called a microkeratome.
and IntraLase, Inc.                        next year and half, my friend, an          Results were considered good.
                                           experienced engineer was busy
Edited by Alex Ivaschenko                  making the new type of Lasik laser         But that was before IntraLase.
                                           while exercising all the stock options
                                           an employee could exercise. Then in        IntraLase makes Step One your first
This article was supposed to be about      2002 Kyle quit IntraLase and went          step to all that better vision brings by
the latest methods of eye correction.      back to work for Cymer, which was          replacing          the         hand-held
The breakthrough, FDA-approved             closer to his home. IntraLase is           microkeratome blade with a silent,
Gentle Vision Shaping System, or           located in Irvine and an hour commute      computer-guided         laser.     Why?
GVSS, and the All Laser Lasik are          was getting old.                           Because with the precision of the
the two methods that have the most                                                    laser, you can now have greater
exciting potential right now and for       October of 2004 was when the seeds         assurance of a safer procedure and an
the near future. However, before           of this story started to grow. Cyclical    excellent result. All of which is why
starting this article I had to determine   as the Alpe d’Huas bicycle ride at the     IntraLase makes LASIK surgery
which was more exciting – actually         Tour, Cymer announced a fresh round        better.
getting rid of glasses and contacts, or    of layoffs, while IntraLase was
developing the GVSS and Lasik              starting to make national news. First,
technology.                                there was an IPO in the middle of
                                           October positively moving my friend
                                           higher up the social ladder. Then also
                                           in October, there was more talk about
                                           softening in high-end housing prices.
                                           These events transpired at the time
TECHNOLOGY (AND MAKING                     when Kyle was about to turn in his
MONEY) FIRST. GETTING RID                  resignation notice. Saving the day for
OF THE GLASSES SECOND.                     a few people who were about to be
THE INTRALASE STORY                        laid off from Cymer, Kyle quickly
                                           shredded his resignation notice and
With so many choices for vision            became one of the volunteers.
correction nowadays, the future has                                                   Source: IntraLase
never been less blurry. Lasik with         Perfect timing for Kyle. What are the
blades, Gentle Vision Shaping              odds of participating in a successful      Laser flap procedures performed with
System, and the latest – All Laser         IPO, two-year tax anniversary on his       IntraLase are growing dramatically
                                           house, potentially peaking housing         each year.

Emerging Developments
What is GVSS - Gentle Vision              contact lenses have been shown to         occurring! Also, while success rates
Shaping System?                           have as strong of a tendency towards      are very high, success cannot be
                                          controlling myopia as GVSS.               guaranteed due to factors like the
The Gentle Vision Shaping System is                                                 inability to wear the vision retainer
a breakthrough system that gently         GVSS has several notable advantages       for physiological reasons or other
and comfortably reshapes your             over Laser Surgery. GVSS is less than     systemic health problems that may
corneas and corrects vision while you     half the cost of Refractive Laser         reduce wearing time.
sleep. There is no pain or surgery        Surgery (LASIK). It does not involve
involved with this procedure. The         any post-operative pain. Also, the        Attempts to re-shape the cornea have
procedure is FDA approved.                hazy post-operative vision that can be    been tried since contact lenses were
                                          associated with laser surgery does not    first fit. The clinical scientific name
GSVV uses specially designed vision       occur with GVSS. Both eyes can            for GVSS is orthokeratology. When
retainers to gently and gradually         easily be done at the same time with      orthokeratology was first attempted
reshape the front surface of the eye      GVSS. Also, prescription changes are      in the 1960's' it would often take over
(the cornea) to eliminate or reduce       easy to deal with using GVSS. There       a year to complete and the results
nearsightedness       (myopia)       or   are no strong steroids or antibiotic      were not nearly as favorable as
astigmatism. The principle is similar     drugs needed with GVSS as there are       GVSS. For this reason, many doctors
to the use of a dental retainer used by   during the post-operative period for      and patients elected not to participate
an orthodontist to realign crooked        laser surgery. Lastly, and perhaps        in conventional orthokeratology.
teeth. The vision retainers are similar   most importantly, GVSS is reversible.     With       the     newer     diagnostic
to contact lenses and are only worn       Laser surgery is not.                     technology used to measure the
while sleeping. They are then                                                       corneal shape and the newer
removed upon awakening to provide         Not everyone is suitable for GVSS         materials being used for vision
clear vision without glasses or           and only a few doctors can perform it.    retainers, GVSS is now a viable
contact lenses! The retainers are         GVSS does not work on every patient       alternative for many nearsighted or
comfortable and very easy to care         and needs to be performed in a very       astigmatism patients.
for.                                      exact and meticulous manner. The
                                          doctors must have special training and    Typically, the total fee for the entire
While GVSS may not entirely               the diagnostic equipment, computer        GVSS program starts from $1350.
eliminate the need for glasses or         software and expertise to perform         This includes all of the professional
contacts, the main purpose of GVSS        GVSS.                                     visits during the period of active care,
is to be less dependent from both                                                   retainer lenses needed to achieve
contact lenses and eyeglasses during      The procedure works best on mild to       optimal vision, an extra pair of
waking hours. While this is ideal for     moderate amounts of nearsightedness       retainer lenses, and if needed, interim
sports enthusiasts or those who work      or astigmatism. More severe cases can     soft contact lenses. Lost, broken or
in dusty or dirty environments, for       have their vision improved, but may       spare retainers are available at a cost
others GVSS offers the appeal of          need some vision correction. The          of $150 each.
being free from corrective lenses         procedure also does not work well on
during the day. GVSS also offers          certain shaped corneas. Also, there are   You must be prepared to allow 3-4
relief from the problems sometimes        several incalculable factors for each     visits over a two- to three- month
associated with full time contact lens    patient - most notably the cornea's       period. Should you stop wearing your
wear such as drying and things            rigidity. Thus the speed of GVSS          retainers, your vision will return to
getting under the lenses.                 varies with each patient. Generally,      its' original state. While the degree of
                                          but not always, less nearsighted          success is very high, it cannot be
Additionally, ongoing research is         patients respond faster than more         guaranteed. However, when the
showing that for most patients, the       nearsighted ones. There are no age        corneal topography and computer
progression of nearsightedness can        barriers for GVSS, It is safe for         software indicate a patient will be
be slowed down by using GVSS              children and adults and is an excellent   successful, it is rare that patients
retainers. This makes it a great          alternative for children who are just     don't do well with GVSS.
alternative for children, particularly    first becoming nearsighted, because as
those with nearsighted parents.           mentioned above, GVSS can slow            Source: Park Optometry, Inc.
Neither eyeglasses nor conventional       down further nearsightedness from

                                                                                                     COMMERCE JANUARY 2005 7
Park Optometry, Inc.                                    Seacoast Science, Inc.

Park Optometry is a successful and growing              Would like to know what’s in the air? Increasingly,
optometric practice. Located in the heart of Pacific    military personnel and emergency responders need
Beach, Park Optometry is known for its top of the       to know. A recent train derailment in Graniteville,
line doctors, friendly and knowledgeable staff and      South Carolina caused a chemical spill with toxic
highly developed procedures and equipment.              vapors that killed nine people and sickened more
                                                        than 250. Accidents such as this and the increasing
The office specializes in many things including         national security focus on potential terrorist
advanced contact lenses, dry eye syndrome               activities highlight the needs to protect our
diagnoses and treatment, prio computer exams, laser     homeland from accidental chemical spills and the
eye surgery consultation, as well as Gentle Vision      looming terrorist threat.
Shaping System (GVSS).
                                                        Unfortunately the US remains woefully unprepared
GVSS is a non-surgical way to correct your vision.      to prevent or minimize the consequences of such
Park Optometry is one of the few practices in the       incidents. Early detection and identification is a
area that has the ability and the technology to         difficult but essential element of a well-balanced
administer this procedure.                              tactical approach to minimizing the affects and
                                                        injuries from accidental or intentional use of toxic
The office is a provider for many different vision      chemicals. Today, despite the best effort of US
insurances including Eye-med, Vision Service Plan,      scientists, no system exists that meet all chemical
and Eye Care Network. Also, we accept all Medical       detection requirements.
insurance PPOs such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield,
Medicare, United Health Care, Tricare and many          Seacoast Science, Inc. a San Diego-based, two year
more. Park Optometry stands behind the                  old, private company is working to fill that void and
prescription.                                           is developing and commercializing patented,
                                                        innovative chemical sensor technology. Located in
If a patient has difficulties adjusting to a new        Sorrento Valley, the company is developing a
prescription the doctors offer a re-evaluation at no
charge. The office offers the highest in quality of
eyewear and fashion, carrying such collections as
Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Vera Wang, Georgio
Armani, Oakley and many more.

All new frames carry a one-year warranty against
manufacturer’s defect or breakage. The office offers
unlimited adjustments for the lifetime of all glasses
purchased. Offering patients the highest in quality
of service and eye wear as well, Park Optometry is
the number one choice for Optometric Care in the
greater San Diego area.

Park Optometry, Inc.
1939 Grand Ave San Diego,
CA 92109
(858) 272-2211                    robust product line of fast, low-power, cost-
                                                        effective and accurate chemical sensors for

Military, Homeland Security, First Responders, and
industrial and environmental monitoring

The market for chemical sensors is taking off.
Freedonia Group an international consulting firm,
places the total value of the U.S. chemical sensor
                                                        New Member Spotlight
market at $2.8 billion with an annual growing rate
of 8%. For one particular project, the US
Department of Defense has stated that it intends to
procure 270,000 chemical sensor units, replacing its
entire inventory of chemical point detection            Mindy Selinger & PowerPartners Coaching
systems, which represents a potential market well
over $600 million.                                      Mindy Selinger returns to our Chamber after a 18-
                                                        month hiatus. Formerly on our Board of Directors,
Seacoast Science’s microelectromechanical               she has expanded her business development
systems-based (MEMS) chip packs ten sensors onto        coaching services to offer workshops in The Link
a single chip that is just 2 mm by 5 mm by 0.5 mm.      System™, and affordable business coaching for
Each sensor is 360 micrometers in diameter and less     businesses of all sizes.
than 2 micrometers tall, and consists of a thin layer
of specialized polymer sandwiched between two           The Link System™ is a structured curriculum for
conductive discs, requiring only 5 microwatts of        identifying, finding and creating Strategic Alliances
power. The chemical of interest enters the sensor       (LINKS) to grow your business exponentially. The
through perforations in the top disc and is absorbed    Link System™ has been very successful in the
by the polymer, altering the electrical properties of   corporate world and Mindy is the first person
the polymer sandwich.                                   authorized to present this material to entrepreneurs.

Seacoast Science is actively developing new             Mindy is a passionate champion of the self-
absorbent polymers, each sensitive to a different       employed, especially home-office entrepreneurs.
class of chemical. With ten sensors on a chip, each     She can offer very affordable coaching support
containing different selective polymers, the chip is    through her affiliation as a staff member of the
able to produces a unique electronic signature or       online community, Small Biz U. She is also the
fingerprint for each gas, enabling the chip to          publisher of San Diego’s only Networking Event
distinguish far more than ten compounds.                Calendar, The San Diego Success Connection.

In just two years Seacoast Science, Inc. has been       Mindy can be reached by phone at 760 788-9524 or
awarded six government contracts and grants from        through her websites:
government funding agencies including the      and
Department of Defense, Department of Homeland 
Security, Department of Energy and National
Science Foundation.

Seacoast Science’s chemical sensors are small,
sensitive and can distinguish between several gases.    Place your industry and your company
                                                        news with COMMERCE. Submission
   Dr. Todd Mlsna, President
                                                        deadline for the next issue is February 14.
   P.O. Box 130485
   Carlsbad, CA 92013-9485
                                                                                        COMMERCE JANUARY 2005 9
Business After Five
                                        February 2005
                                      Business After Five
                                         5:30 – 7:30
                            $5.00 members $10.00 non-members
                   Come Join the fun and network with the local businesses!

          Second Wednesday of the Month
          February 9, 2005

          Tutto Mare
          4365 Executive Dr
          San Diego, CA 92121 Tutto Mare

                               Want to have some fun
                                     while networking in one of the
                                   most prominent cities in San Diego??

                           Join the GTCC Ambassadors
                           This is a wonderful way to serve the community as well
                           as network in the town you do business with.

                              •   Ribbon Cuttings
                              •   Coordinate Business After 5
                              •   Greet at our networking events

                                           For more information:
                                               Debbie Goode
In Focus
The Wired Cafe Spending four hours to
enjoy every bite of the meal is not realistic in                         COMMERCE
American instant culture. Unless, of course,              SERVING THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE BUSINESS COMMUNITY SINCE 1985

you actually tried some of the dishes
prepared by the café’s chef Perre Lustart.
Then you may never leave. You may even
                                                          News in the palm of your hand,
try to spend the rest of that Saturday in there,         from the heart of your business.
meeting with friends or business associates.
New age music and the casual atmosphere            San Diego’s first-hand data, available now.
create relaxing, and stress-free alternative to
Starbucks. Bring a laptop or a book for the
complete experience.
         8935 Town Centre Drive
         San Diego CA 92122

French Accent. Expanding beyond the
Great Gift Idea (assemble your own basket),
the place now has a Great Marketing Idea.
Ready to eat, gourmet lunch and dinner
meals are also ready to go. As it turns out,
easy take-out can be compatible with French
gourmet. This idea can bring customers
during lunch time, and also for an easy
gourmet evening at home. Two hundred
different wines, jams, cheeses and deli will
         Marc and Christopher
         8935 Town Centre Drive #105
         San Diego CA 92122
         Ph: 858 320 0050
         Fax 858 320 0070

 In Focus shines new light on new and
 existing businesses.
 You can email local industry news to:                                  Publish your company profile on these
 We may edit the text for length and clarity.                        pages.

                                                      People will read… People will talk…


                                                                                             COMMERCE JANUARY 2005 11
Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce
6235 Lusk Blvd,
San Diego, California 92121

      DID SOMEONE SAY: “WALK?!”                          CAN WE! CAN WE!

     Let your imagination run wild. Place an ad on the back page of COMMERCE. You supply
     the concept, we supply the space and graphic design.
     From $50.00.

     Contact Debbie Good at: (858) 922-3929

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