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CPMS Express-July 2006


									               Spiral 1.2 Organizations Will Begin                                                       Number 2006-5
                 Conversion to NSPS This Fall                                                              July 2006

NSPS Program Executive Office                   focused culture,” said Michael L.
                                                                                                  Inside this issue:
                                                Dominguez, Principal Deputy Under Secre-

T    he Department of Defense (DoD) will
     implement Spiral 1.2 of the National
Security Personnel System (NSPS) between
                                                tary of Defense for Personnel and Readi-
                                                ness. “The performance-based system will          Field Advisory Services
                                                create an environment where our employees         NSPS Questions? Ask FAS! 2
October 2006 and January 2007. Approxi-         will be focused on outcomes that support
mately 66,000 employees in Spiral 1.2 will      our national security mission, and they will      Regionalization & Sys-
be converted to the new civilian Human          be rewarded for the results.”                      tems Modernization
Resources (HR) system, which includes                                                             NSPS Performance
classification, compensation, performance       “Organizations have the discretion to con-         Management Tool                2
management, staffing, and workforce shap-       vert their workforce at any time during the       Self-Service Transition         3
ing elements. The Department will continue      four-month period,” said NSPS Program
to implement NSPS to the DoD civilian           Executive Officer Mary E. Lacey. “Training        Benefits & Entitlements
workforce in phases.                            is critical to the successful transition to       MSPB Decision Affects
                                                NSPS. We want to give organizations suffi-         Annuity Calculations           3
Click here for a complete list of organiza-                                                       FERS Annuity Supplement         4
                                                cient time to train employees, do it right,
tions included in Spiral 1.2.
                                                and implement when they are ready.”
                                                                                                  Recruitment Assistance
 “NSPS is critical to the Department’s trans-                                                     College Outreach            4
formation to a results-oriented, mission-                                 (Continued on page 2)   National Association of the
                                                                                                   Deaf (NAD) Conference 4
A Message from Patricia S. Bradshaw                                                               CPMS Supports Troops
                                                                                                  Deployed in Iraq                5
                   Tax Laws — Aim to Comply
                                                                                                  CPMS Employment                 5
A    s Federal employees, we have a spe-
     cial obligation to help foster public
confidence in our Government by serving as
                                                For employees who need assistance in
                                                meeting their tax obligations, the IRS stands
                                                ready to help:
                                                                                                  Injury & Unemployment
model taxpayers. As public servants and                                                           Basic Injury Compensation
                                                ♦   Employees can visit their local IRS            Course Offered in August 6
stewards of taxpayer dollars, we should             office or call toll-free at 1-800-829-
have a keen appreciation for the importance         1040 for assistance with filing a return
of complying with tax laws and rules.                                                             CPMS Personnel-ity Profile      6
                                                    or resolving a balance owed.
In a recent memorandum to the Secretary of      ♦   Additional information, forms, and
Defense, the Honorable Mark W. Everson,             publications are available at
Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Ser- 
                                                                                                     About CPMS Express
vice (IRS), reported that while the rate of
compliance among Federal employees con-         Tax compliance is the responsi-
                                                bility of every American.                         Click here to be notified when
tinues to be better than the general public,
                                                Let’s aim to comply!                              issues are published. You may
the delinquency rate for DoD civilian em-                                                         also use this link to un-register.
ployees was higher than the rest of the Fed-
eral Government, and that number has in-        Mrs. Bradshaw is                                  We welcome your feedback.
creased from a year ago.                        the Deputy Un-                                    We invite you to reprint or
                                                der Secretary                                     excerpt articles, with attribu-
I strongly encourage you to personally file     of     Defense                                    tion as follows: Reprinted (or
your tax returns and comply with all appli-     (Civilian Personnel                               excerpted) from the Civilian
                                                Policy).                                          Personnel Management Service
cable tax laws.
                                                                                                  newsletter, CPMS Express.
                                         CPMS Expres s                                                       Page 2
                                            Number 2006-5, July 2006

 NSPS Questions?
                                                New DCPDS Feature Supports
  Just Ask FAS!
                                             NSPS Performance Management Process
Field Advisory Services E-mail us
                                    Regionalization & Systems          are strategically aligned        tantly, by providing input on

T    hese and additional
     questions are posted on
                                    Modernization E-mail us            with those goals. Managers
                                                                       are now able to define indi-
                                                                                                        the performance process
                                                                                                        before the job objectives
the CPMS Web site.
Q: How do I process a
“conversion from temporary
                                    M       anagers, supervisors,
                                            and employees who
                                    are covered by NSPS re-
                                                                       vidual employee job objec-
                                                                       tives, describe expectations,
                                                                       note achievements, identify
                                                                                                        and work plans are final-

to career” action?                  cently began taking advan-         areas for improvement, and       This shared tool facilitates
                                    tage of the Performance            assess performance at the        ongoing discussions
A: The nature of action code        Management Tool (PMT).             end of the performance cy-       throughout the appraisal
is 500, the legal authority         The PMT, launched on June          cle. From the planning of        period and keeps both par-
code is Z5D, and the author-        19th, is a new feature within      yearly expectations to the       ties focused on the success-
ity is 9901.511(d)(2). See          the enterprise Defense Ci-         final appraisal of the em-       ful accomplishment of per-
Chapter 9 of the NSPS               vilian Personnel Data Sys-         ployee, supervisors and staff    formance expectations.
Guide to Processing Per-            tem (DCPDS), the Depart-           members may collaborate          Managers will spend less
sonnel Actions Supplement,          ment’s HR information and          online while continuing to       time on paper-intensive HR
Rule 1 of Table 9-F, for            transaction processing sys-        participate in critical, face-   processes and more time
additional information.             tem that supports more than        to-face discussions.             mentoring, coaching, and
Q: Does accelerated com-            800,000 civilian employees.                                         providing feedback on per-
pensation apply only to pay                                            During the performance           formance.
band 1 employees?                   NSPS reflects industry’s           planning cycle and the ap-
A: Yes. Accelerated com-            most sophisticated business        praisal cycle, the employee      The automated PMT is just
pensation for developmental         practices for managing em-         has the opportunity to par-      one more way to support the
positions (ACDP; see                ployee performance. The            ticipate in the process with     goals of NSPS by ensuring
SC1930.9.10.) only applies          PMT makes the process              the supervisor by annotating     that the performance man-
to employees in pay band 1          more robust with perform-          periodic accomplishments,        agement process is accessi-
of the professional and ana-        ance plans at your finger-         suggesting new job objec-        ble, efficient, and focused.
lytical pay schedules (pay          tips, not in a file drawer.        tives, providing online com-
bands YA-1, YD-1, YH-1,                                                ments, and most impor-
and YK-1).                          Accessible through the se-
                                    cure, online self-service
Q: Do any other provisions
                                    application that currently                   NSPS Spiral 1.2 Employees
allow for a similar type of
                                    exists within DCPDS, the
accelerated compensation?                                              (Continued from page 1)          ees begins on their actual
                                    PMT allows managers to
A: Yes. SC1911.4.8. allows          see only those employee            Employees will be given          day of conversion and ends
for a one-time, in-band pay         records for which they are         new performance plans that       September 30, 2007. These
adjustment during the first         directly responsible. Each         are clearly linked to their      employees will receive their
12 months following con-            manager’s name is elec-            organization’s mission and       first performance pay in-
version. Employees who are          tronically linked to the           strategic goals. They will       crease in January 2008.
not eligible for ACDP are           names of his or her direct         also be converted to pay
eligible to receive pay in-         reports, a design element          bands that replace the Gen-      Mrs. Lacey has met with
creases for noncompetitive          built to ensure maximum            eral Schedule. Employees         Spiral 1.1 senior leaders to
promotion-equivalents when          security.                          will not lose pay upon con-      identify what worked well
the grade level of the pro-                                            version to NSPS. Most will       during the conversion of the
motion is encompassed               Specifically designed to           receive an initial adjustment    first 11,000 employees to
within the same pay band,           meet the needs of the NSPS         in pay to account for time       NSPS and what improve-
the employee’s performance          workforce, the PMT enables         already earned toward their      ments need to be made. She
warrants the pay increase,          managers to identify the           next within-grade increase.      will meet with Spiral 1.2
and the promotion would             organization’s mission and                                          leaders and employees
otherwise have occurred             goals and to develop em-           The performance appraisal        throughout the coming
during that period.                 ployee job objectives that         cycle for Spiral 1.2 employ-     months.
                                       CPMS Expres s                                                        Page 3
                                          Number 2006-5, July 2006

              Employees Report a Smooth Transition to Self-Service
Regionalization & Systems        Systems Modernization               comprehensive testing pro-       feedback and system en-
Modernization E-mail us          Division. “The result is a          vided valuable feedback          hancement, users were in-
                                 system that is easy to use,         about clarity and ease of        strumental in shaping these

J  ust one month after the
   launch of My Biz and My
Workplace, employees are
                                 even for those employees
                                 who are not at a work sta-
                                 tion all day, every day.”
                                                                     use—information that was
                                                                     integrated into the final re-
                                                                                                      innovative applications.
                                                                                                      “Now, like never before,
                                                                                                      employees have control
reporting a smooth transi-                                                                            over the information that’s
tion to the enhanced enter-      My Biz and My Workplace             After the launch, all users      maintained in their file, all
prise system. It really comes    were rigorously tested prior        now have the opportunity to      through a system that was
as no surprise to those who      to their launch, with the           report errors or recommend       designed with their specific
were involved in the inten-      help of various Component           enhancements through their       interests in mind,” said
sive planning and testing        test users. According to            HR offices. Army users,          Carla Barnes, the Army’s
programs, since My Biz and       Beeson, the Navy conducted          however, can also take ad-       Project Manager for
My Workplace were fine-          performance testing over a          vantage of a unique feature:     DCPDS.
tuned specifically to meet       one-week period with 9,000          a modified Help Desk appli-
the needs of employees.          accounts, the Army tested           cation that runs concurrently    For more information about
                                 over a two-week period              with My Biz, allowing em-        access to My Biz and My
                                 with 35,000 user accounts,          ployees to report feedback       Workplace, visit your Com-
These modules are the latest
                                 and the Air Force tested            and problems.                    ponent’s Web site or that of
in the evolution of self-
service HR management:           over a two-week period                                               your servicing HR office.
                                                                     From planning, to perform-
transitioning personnel          with 13,000 users. This
                                                                     ance testing, to ongoing
processing and information
management from solely an
HR function to a responsi-
bility that is shared by all
                                    MSPB Credits Injured Appellant with Full-Time Service
employees, managers, and         Benefits & Entitlements E-mail us   due to his ongoing medical       re-compute the annuity,
supervisors. With an Oracle                                          disability. He received          crediting as full-time service
product as its base, the self-
service platform was cus-
                                 A     recent Merit Systems
                                       Protection    Board
                                 (MSPB) decision, Hatch v.
                                                                     OWCP payments for the
                                                                     remaining four hours of
                                                                     each day, for which period
                                                                                                      the appellant’s employment
                                                                                                      from October 13, 1993, un-
                                                                                                      til the time of his retirement
tomized with the input of a      Office of Personnel Man-            the agency placed him in an      on September 3, 2002.
planning and test group          agement, 100 MSPR 204,              LWOP status. This situation
composed of DoD and              may affect some current             continued for a period of        OPM did not pursue judicial
Component representatives,       employees whose retire-             almost nine years, until he      review in this case. Thus,
who tailored the proven          ments are pending, as well          retired in 2002. The Office      the Board’s final decision
applications with data fields    as some retirees.                   of Personnel Management          stands as precedent for
appropriate to the HR envi-                                          (OPM) determined that this       cases with similar facts un-
ronment.                         Appellant David Hatch               period was part-time service     der both the Civil Service
                                 spent three years on leave          for purposes of retirement       Retirement System (CSRS)
“The group evaluated what        without pay (LWOP) due to           credit. Mr. Hatch appealed       and the Federal Employees
the Oracle product allowed       an on-the-job injury. He            the determination, and in        Retirement System (FERS).
employees and managers to        received payments from the          late 2004 an MSPB Admin-         Agencies may be asked to
see, compared that to what       Office of Workers Compen-           istrative Judge made an ini-     identify such cases, so that
information they wanted          sation Program (OWCP)               tial decision in his favor.      the decision can be applied
access to, and determined        during this time. He re-                                             to those in which the annu-
how the product needed to        turned to work in October           OPM petitioned MSPB for          ity has already begun, as
change to allow that to hap-     1993 on a limited duty as-          review of the initial decision   well as to current and future
pen,” said Cindy Beeson,         signment. Although offi-            and then for reconsideration     applications for retirement
Self-Service Program Man-        cially assigned to a full-time      of the Board’s final deci-       benefits. If this occurs, we
ager, Regionalization and        position, he was able to            sion, but without success.       will keep you posted.
                                 work only four hours a day          The Board ordered OPM to
                                         CPMS Expres s                                                         Page 4
                                            Number 2006-5, July 2006

         Students Explore DoD Work Environment in CPMS Initiative
Recruitment Assistance E-mail us   Recruitment Assistance            employed by the Federal             The collective input of stu-
                                   Division (RAD). McDowell          Government.                         dents involved in the pro-

W       hen college students
        Richard Reedy and
Gordon McDowell toured
                                   and Reedy are now encour-
                                   aging their peers who are
                                   graduating from colleges
                                                                     “I had a pre-conceived no-
                                                                     tion of a military atmos-
                                                                                                         gram will help RAD de-
                                                                                                         velop a communication
                                                                                                         strategy that will create a
the Naval Surface Warfare          and universities across the       phere but found that it’s not       broader awareness and de-
Center (NSWC) Dahlgren             nation to investigate DoD         like that at all,” said             velop a competitive advan-
Division laboratories and          career opportunities.             McDowell, who is graduat-           tage for civilian DoD ca-
interviewed civilian scien-                                          ing this year from Howard           reers. This will be particu-
tists and engineers, their         RAD has identified emerg-         University with a bachelor’s        larly important with the
perceptions of what it would       ing recruiting problems           degree in computer science.         collegiate market in the
be like to work for the De-        within the scientific, engi-      “This was a chance to see it        fields of natural sciences,
partment quickly changed.          neering, linguistics, and         for myself, and that made           computer science, medicine,
                                   information technology pro-       all the difference. I don’t         engineering, information
“I can easily see myself           fessions. As a result, DoD        look at civilian DoD jobs in        technology, and linguistics.
working here,” they said           civilian recruiters are listen-   the same way any more.”
simultaneously after their         ing to the students’ new-
recent visit sponsored by the      found opinions about what
                                   they believe it would be like       Use Appropriate Method to Calculate
                                   to work for the Federal
                                                                            FERS Annuity Supplement
  CPMS Supports                    Government.
  NAD Conference                   CPMS hired a contractor,
                                                                     Benefits & Entitlements E-mail us   outlined in Chapter 51 of
                                                                                                         the Handbook. Estimates
                                   Mullen and ForsMarsh
Recruitment Assistance E-mail us
                                   Group, to work with scores
                                   of students who are visiting
                                                                     U     pon retirement, some
                                                                           employees covered by
                                                                                                         that are based instead on the
                                                                                                         annual Social Security state-

T    he CPMS Recruitment
     Assistance Division
participated in the National
                                   DoD facilities around the
                                   country. The students are
                                                                     FERS may be eligible for
                                                                     the FERS annuity supple-
                                                                     ment, an additional retire-
                                                                                                         ment may vary up or down
                                                                                                         from the actual amount of
                                                                                                         the annuity supplement by
Association of the Deaf            now sharing their percep-         ment benefit. The CSRS and          as much as 50 percent.
(NAD) biennial conference,         tions of the cutting-edge         FERS Handbook for Per-
held June 29-July 3 in Palm        work and technology avail-        sonnel and Payroll Offices,         Here is why using the an-
Desert, CA. The Conference         able in DoD civilian careers.     Chapter 51.A1.1-3, explains         nual statement is inappropri-
provided professional devel-                                         in detail who is eligible to        ate for estimate purposes.
                                   “You really have to come          receive a FERS annuity
opment and related events                                                                                OPM computes the supple-
                                   out to the Warfare Centers        supplement.
for more than 2,500 deaf,                                                                                ment using the employee’s
                                   and see it for yourself,” said
hard of hearing, late-                                                                                   Federal civilian service
                                   Reedy, a University of
deafened, and deaf-blind                                             This supplement approxi-            earnings only. The earnings
                                   Texas computer science
people, as well as hearing                                           mates the value of the por-         history begins in the year
                                   major, after his tour in
individuals.                                                         tion of the employee’s So-          the employee reached age
                                   Dahlgren, VA. “This is a
                                                                     cial Security benefit that is       22 and ends with the year
                                   research and development
                                                                     attributed to FERS service.         before the employee is enti-
                                   center that operates a lot
                                                                     It is calculated as if the em-      tled to receive the annuity
                                   like the private sector and a
                                                                     ployee were eligible on the         supplement. OPM does not
                                   university campus.”               date of retirement to receive       obtain Social Security earn-
                                   The tour of NSWC Dahl-            Social Security benefits. To        ings from the Social Secu-
                                   gren’s fire control, combat       obtain the most precise esti-       rity Administration to com-
                                   systems, and human per-           mate of the supplemental            pute this benefit. Instead,
                                   formance laboratories fo-         benefit, HR specialists             OPM constructs an earnings
At the NAD Conference,             cused on showing Reedy            should use one of the com-          history consisting of actual
CPMS’ Deborah Broadus-             and McDowell the work             mercially available annuity-        and deemed earnings, as
                                                                     estimate calculators or the
Muskauski marketed DoD             environment they could                                                follows:
                                                                     manual computation method
as “Employer of Choice.”           expect if they decided to be                                                    (Continued on page 5)
                                      CPMS Expres s                                                     Page 5
                                         Number 2006-5, July 2006

                  CPMS Supports Troops Deployed West of Baghdad

I  n May, CPMS adopted a
   military unit in Iraq: the
3rd Battalion, 8th Marines,
                                According to a recent report
                                aired on the CBS Evening
                                News, “[D]owntown
                                                                for U.S. forces. The Marine
                                                                Commander in charge calls
                                                                it ‘the toughest piece of dirt
                                                                                                  During July, CPMS fol-
                                                                                                  lowed up by sending the
                                                                                                  troops additional packages.
Lima Company, 3rd Platoon.      Ramadi…is enemy territory       in Iraq.’”                        This shipment had a dual
Based at Camp Lejeune,                                                                            theme of patriotism and
NC, this unit is now de-                                                                          children:
ployed on its second tour in
Iraq. Its mission is to sup-                                                                      ♦    Patriotic items to wish
port local security forces in                                                                          the troops a fine Fourth
Ramadi and the surrounding                                                                             of July; and
                                                                                                  ♦    School supplies and
                                                                                                       toys to lift the spirits of
Just before Memorial Day,
                                                                                                       Iraqi children.
CPMS mailed the troops 15
boxes full of “goodies” on
their wish list. The shipment
included everyday amenities
like cereal, snack bars,
shaving cream, and reading
                                Marines in Lima Company search for insurgent propaganda.
The unit Chaplain, Father       (Right) At Camp Lejeune, where Lima Company is based.
Eugene Wozniak, responded
graciously with a handwrit-
ten note: “On behalf of our
Commander and all of our            Deemed Earnings Are the Key to Calculating Estimates
Marines and Sailors, I
would like to thank you for     (Continued from page 4)         fit is then adjusted to reflect   periods of non–Federal ser-
your kindness.                  ♦    The actual earnings are    the portion of the Social         vice, the supplement com-
                                     amounts the employee       Security benefit earned un-       putation uses deemed earn-
                                     earned while employed      der FERS.                         ings, which may be signifi-
“Ramadi can be a challeng-
                                     in a civilian position                                       cantly higher or lower than
ing city in Iraq,” Father                                       In preparing annuity esti-
                                     covered by FERS, be-                                         an employee’s actual Social
Wozniak added, “but rest                                        mates, some personnelists
                                     ginning with the first                                       Security earnings.
assured that morale remains                                     have used the monthly So-
high and we continue stead-          full calendar year of
                                     FERS service.              cial Security amount from         In short, using the Social
fast in our purpose.”                                           the employee’s annual So-         Security benefit amount
                                ♦    Deemed earnings are        cial Security statement.          from the employee’s annual
The city of Ramadi and the           used for years in which    They may have done so             Social Security statement to
immediate vicinity are defi-         the employee did not       because it was easier for         compute the supplement
nitely challenging territory.        have creditable civilian   them than computing the           may significantly increase
                                     FERS service for a full    benefit manually or entering      or decrease an employee’s
      CPMS                           calendar year. The         years of earnings into an         estimated supplemental
                                     deemed earnings are
    Employment                       based on an employee’s
                                                                estimate calculator. How-         benefit amount. For that
                                                                ever, using the annual state-     reason, we cannot endorse
                                     salary at the time he or
C    PMS vacancies are
     posted on USAJOBS.
To access employment op-
                                     she became subject to
                                                                ment results in a less accu-
                                                                rate estimate than one ob-
                                                                tained using the annuity
                                                                                                  this inexact methodology.
                                                                                                  Any HR practitioner using it
                                                                                                  should warn employees that
portunities for status candi-                                   estimate calculators to com-      the resulting amount is a
                                The earnings (deemed and
dates, click here.                                              pute the benefit. As ex-          very rough estimate and the
                                actual) history is used to
                                                                plained above, while the          actual amount may be as
                                compute an estimated Social
For other CPMS vacancies,                                       Social Security estimates         much as 50 percent higher
                                Security benefit. This bene-
click here.                                                     use actual earnings from          or lower.
                                       CPMS Expres s                                                    Page 6
                                         Number 2006-5, July 2006

CPMS Personnel-ity Profile                                                                         ICUC Announces
 Gwen Folsom Knows the Value of CARE Programs                                                       Course Offering
                                                                                                  Injury & Unemployment
“I     ’m a Navy brat,” says
       Gwen Folsom of the
Civilian Assistance and Re-
                                 traditional carving style, so
                                 it’s easy to tell where in
                                 Japan a particular doll was
                                                                  through the DoD Priority
                                                                  Placement Program, which
                                                                  CARE administers. Now
                                                                                                  Compensation E-mail us

Employment (CARE) Divi-
sion. “When I was born,
Dad was assigned to a jet
                                 crafted. We also traveled to
                                 Thailand, Taiwan, Korea,
                                 and ‘mainland’ Japan. Our
                                                                  it’s my turn to support
                                                                  CARE        stability-of-
                                                                  employment programs and
                                                                                                  T    he Basic Injury Com-
                                                                                                       pensation training
                                                                                                  course will take place in
fighter training base, Naval     son Zachary studied the          learn as much as I can about    Southbridge, MA, on Au-
Air Station Meridian, where      Japanese language in gram-       them. I want DoD employ-        gust 22-24 (dates exclude
he maintained the planes’        mar school, and I even           ees to continue receiving the   travel time). A maximum of
air conditioning and ventila-    learned a few phrases!           kind of assistance that has     40 students may attend, and
tion systems. Dad was often                                       benefited me.”                  registration is on a first-
deployed on aircraft carriers    “Zachary will turn 16 this                                       come, first-served basis
for six months or more, so       September. He plays lead               CAREER BRIEF              (click here to register).
Mom stayed home to care          guitar in an alternative rock
for my brother and me. We        band that just had its first     EXPERIENCE. 1980-1990:          This course gives entry-
moved all over the South,        show at a local club, and        Clerk-Typist, Secretary,        level Injury Compensation
but I consider my home-          we’re proud of him for be-       GS-3/4/5/6, Marine Corps        Program Administrators the
town to be Albany, GA.           ing a self-taught musician.      Logistics Base, Albany,         tools and resources they
That’s where my parents          We named our two-year-old        GA. 1990-1992: Break in         need to manage their pro-
retired in the mid-’70s, after   Hannah, which means              service to care for young       grams. Covered topics in-
Dad had served in the Navy       ‘grace of God,’ because we       child, Camp Lejeune, NC.        clude completing claim
for 23 years.                    feel she was heaven-sent.        1992-1994: Writer-Editor,       forms; answering questions
                                 Recently, we built our           GS-4/5/7 (transferred six       about the claims process;
“Now I’m the one with 23         dream house on a 61-acre         months before reaching          counseling injured workers
years of service, although       pine tree farm in Fort Val-      target grade), Marine Corps     and returning them to duty;
mine is as a DoD civilian.       ley, near Warner Robins,         Logistics Base, Albany GA.      managing long-term cases;
My husband Eric is also a        GA. This area has a won-         1994-1998: Medical Clerk,       researching Federal Em-
DoD civilian, a Logistics        derful, small-town atmos-        GS-3, Naval Medical             ployees’ Compensation Act
Management Specialist at         phere: ‘Mayberry’ has its        Clinic; Secretary, GS-6;        regulations, procedures, and
the Marine Corps base in         charms!                          both jobs with Marine           case law; and using auto-
Albany. Last year he retired                                      Corps Systems Command,          mated systems. Team exer-
from the Marine Corps as a       “When I joined CARE here         Quantico, VA. 1998-2004:        cises will focus on perform-
limited duty officer—or          in 2005, I was welcomed          Administrative Support As-      ance of duty, continuation
LDO—major. He rose               and made to feel at home.        sistant, GS-6, Kadena Air       of pay, job offers, and situ-
through the enlisted ranks as    Everyone in my office is         Base; Logistics Assistant,      ational role-playing.
an ordnance maintenance          super-helpful and very           GS-6, Marine Corps Base,
officer and then was com-        knowledgeable of CARE            Camp Butler, Okinawa,           Other training offered dur-
missioned through the LDO        programs, plus all the differ-   Japan. 2004-2005: Program       ing August and Septem-
program.                         ent HR elements the pro-         Assistant, GS-6; Manage-        ber—a pay-setting seminar,
                                 grams touch upon.                ment Services Assistant,        a course on the Federal Em-
“We had some great assign-                                        GS-7; both jobs with Ma-        ployees Retirement Cover-
ments during Eric’s military     “In Japanese culture, what-      rine Corps Logistics Com-       age Correction Act, and an
career! A highlight was          ever job a person does is        mand, Albany, GA. 2005-         applied benefits work-
spending six years in Oki-       valued, whether they’re a        Present:      Administrative    shop—were previously an-
nawa, where I enjoyed col-       gas station attendant or the     Support Assistant, GS-7,        nounced. Future issues of
lecting Kokeshi dolls, a folk    company president. I’ve          CARE Operations Branch,         CPMS Express will publi-
toy carved from a single         certainly held a variety of      Robins AFB, GA.                 cize fiscal year 2007 course
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