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Golf Club News by bjp11375


                                                                                       Golf Club News
                                                                                                                        No. 7

                                                   Lee Ranger, Head Professional

                          If you haven’t already been in to the Golf Shop to take advantage of our Fall clear outs, don’t
                          wait much longer. All clothing is 40% off and some deals are even hotter. There are now
                          only a couple of rental sets remaining so get your name on the list if you would like one put
                          aside for the end of season.
                          Don’t forget to bring a guest or tell a friend about
                          our popular Valley Daze Fall Appreciation rate.
                          For the rest of the season $59 + tax gets them 18
                          holes of golf with a shared power cart and we’ll
                          throw in a $10 food voucher for Freddy’s Patio
                          after the round.
                          So, you think you’re tough! In our next newsletter
                          we will post the results for the first ever Ironman
                          at The Rise. Yes, the tee’s will be black and the
                          pins will be tucked for our last event of the season.
                          Many a shot missed during a round of golf is
                          missed even before the swing is made. When play-
                          ing the Rise, your pre-shot routine is of the utmost
                          importance so that a good shot does not end in the
                          fescue. The pre-shot routine is a series of move-
                          ments performed before each shot which prepares
                          you physically to hit a shot and also settles you
                          down so that you may calmly and confidently exe-
                          cute your best swing every time.
                          A simple but common pre-shot routine for any shot would start from behind your ball. From
                          this position visualize the shot you would like to hit and the flight the ball will travel. This is
                          an ideal time for a relaxed, confident, practice swing. Determine the exact direction you
                          would like to hit your shot and align yourself beside your ball according to this direction. As
                          you address the ball assume your exact grip and your exact stance. Once settled in, a wag-
     Request your
                          gle may help reduce tension as you take on one last look at your target. Finally hit the ball
   T- Time on - line at   confidently and accept the results.         Remember, the key to a good pre-shot routine is to be consistent. Once it is your turn to
         or call          swing a good routine once established should take no more than about 10 seconds to ensure
                          you and your playing partners all enjoy your round.
     250 - 545 - 7425
                          If you need help with this tip or any other part of your game be sure to contact myself or
   1 - 877 - 243 - 7417   Lisa at the Golf Shop to set up your personal lesson package.
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                           Alex Rokus,                                                         Terry Yacyshen,
                           Golf Course Superintendent                                          Resort General Manager

   Hello again everyone. As I write this month’s edition of           Hard to imagine we are now past the September Labor Day
   Turf Talk, I can feel fall starting to settle in. This of course   weekend! We are still positive that good weather has not
   leaves me with visions of aerating, frost, irrigation blow out     abandoned the sunny Okanagan Valley and are hoping for
   and all the good fun stuff that comes with the winding down        an additional 4 – 6 weeks of summer time temperatures and
   of the golf season. It’s hard to believe that we’ll be prepar-     busy course activity.
   ing for winter by next week!                                       This said; we will be adjusting our hours of operation as we
   With the coming of fall, we’ll start to protect our greens         head into the fall season to reflect daylight hours and ex-
   from themselves beginning with a good aeration and top             pected weather patterns. If you plan to visit The Golf Club
   dressing session; the main reason we aerate, is to get rid of      for a round of golf and sample some of Chef’s classics please
   thatch. The reason thatch is undesirable is that that’s where      be sure to call ahead as the patio offering will be dependent
   most of our winter diseases (the real serious one’s that can       on both daylight and weather. Also, we will be adjusting
   leave us without any grass) hide out for the summer. So,           our menu following the long weekend to ensure we have
   doing some simple math (which was never my strong                  fresh product offerings always and mitigate any waste.
   suit…) less thatch equals less disease pathogens equals            We are scheduled to close for the season on Tuesday, Octo-
   healthier greens next spring. Good for everyone!                   ber 12th. The senior team will remain to ensure the course
   After the aeration, we’ll start to put down some preventive        is put to rest, the clubhouse is wrapped up and the planning
   applications of fungicide, maybe do some more verticutting         for 2010 is undertaken with a tournament schedule and
   of tees and fairways, hopefully punch tees one more time,          opening plan. In addition, we are always available to ad-
   and then blow out the entire irrigation system. All this will      dress any requirements you have should you be traveling to
   be done while still maintaining the course conditions we’ve        golf in warmer destinations.
   all become accustomed to throughout the past couple of sea-        We will begin accepting tee times for 2010 January 1st and
   sons.                                                              expect our tee sheet to be even busier than in the past, so, if
   I hope everyone has enjoyed their season so far and will           we can help you plan your summer don’t hesitate to give us
   continue to do so through the nice (and cooler) fall months.       a call.

8500 RISING VIEW WAY                                    VERNON BC CANADA
toll free 1.866.400.8488                                e-mail:         

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