Document Sample
					 International Student Admission Information                             Email:


                                                                             Phone: (510) 466-7380

                              Admission Process
                                                                              Fax: (510) 465-3257

  STEP 1       Submit completed application, $50 (US) non-refundable application fee,
               and other required documents (See “Application Checklist” for complete
               list) to the Office of International & Global Education.

  STEP 2       You will be contacted within approximately 2 weeks confirming whether
               your application has been accepted. If the application is incomplete,
               you will be requested to submit the missing/incomplete documents.

  STEP 3       After you have been accepted, you must submit the tuition and fees
               payment for the first semester.

  STEP 4       A letter of acceptance and all necessary immigration documents will
               then be issued to you.

                             Application Deadlines
Applicants Applying from Overseas:             Applicants Applying from the U.S.:

Summer Semester (June – July):    APR 1        Summer Semester (June – July):          MAY 1

Fall Semester (Aug – Dec):        JUNE 1       Fall Semester (Aug – Dec):              JULY 1

Spring Semester (Jan – May):      NOV 1        Spring Semester (Jan – May):            DEC 1

                You are encouraged to apply early to ensure class enrollment.
                  Late applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

                                  Application Checklist
        Application Form (with completed Applicant Signature)

        $50 non-refundable application fee (check or money order) payable to Peralta
         Community College District

        Official Transcripts

        Copy of Diploma (from secondary school)

        TOEFL Score (minimum score of 61 ibt) (Not required for ESL students)

        Personal Essay

        Financial Documents:
            o Financial Support Declaration
            o Bank Statement

        Health Documents:
           o Student Statement of Health
           o Medical Examination (with Physician’s signature)

        International Student Agreement Form

        Transfer Students: Student transferring from a school in the U.S. must also
           o Submit copies of all related immigration documents, passport
              biography and visa pages
           o Complete a Transfer Form (Certification of F-1 Student Visa Status)

                       Please mail all application materials to:

                 Office of International & Global Education
                    Peralta Community College District
                              333 East 8th Street
                           Oakland, CA 94606 (USA)

Note: Do not mail application materials to the college. This may delay the processing of your application.

                          International Student Application Form
                                             PERALTA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                                333 East Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94606
                           (510) 466-7380     Fax (510) 465-3257

College of Alameda (Alameda),Berkeley City College (Berkeley), Laney College and Merritt College (Oakland)
Please type or print responses in English in blue or black ink. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED

This is an application for admission to:              Alameda            Berkeley         Laney            Merritt

Term for which application is being made:             Spring             Summer           Fall     20________________

Full Name: __________________________________________________ Sex:                   Male         Female
                (Family Name)        (First Name)        (Middle Name)

Date of Birth: ______________________ Home Country Phone Number: ________________________________________

Country of Birth: _______________________ Country of Citizenship: __________________________________________

Permanent Address (in home country): _____________________________________________________________________

              (City)                       (District or Province)                     (Country)

Email address: ________________________________________________________________________________________


Visa Type:       Applying from overseas (No visa)              F-1       B-1, B-2       J-1        M-1         H-1      F-2

    J-2        M-2         H-4             Other (Please explain): ____________________________________________________


Previous School that Issued an I-20 to You: ________________________________________________________________

SEVIS Number : ___________________________ Immigration Admission Number: ______________________________

Social Security Number: ______________________________________________

Please complete this section if (a) you are currently living in the United States or if (b) you have a friend or relative who
will assist you with the application process and/or who can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Current US Mailing Address and Telephone Number: ______________________________________________________


Father’s Name: ____________________________________ Occupation: _________________________________

Mother’s Name: _____________________________________ Occupation: ________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________


Who may we contact in case of emergency? Please print name and phone number of a contact person in your home
country and in the U.S.

U.S. Contact: _______________________________________                 __________________________________________
                                   (Name)                                                   (Phone)

Home Country Contact: _____________________________________                     ___________________________________
                                              (Name)                                               (Phone)

If you are under 18 years of age, and not married, when you are a student at this college, your parent or legal guardian must
sign below next to Signature of Parent/Guardian. Otherwise, you should sign next to Signature of Applicant.

Name (parent or legal guardian): ______________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

In case of illness and /or injury, permission is granted to this college to provide emergency treatment to the above named

Signature of Parent/Guardian: _____________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Signature of Applicant: ___________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

You must complete this section ONLY if you wish to have a spouse or child included (F-2 status) on your immigration
documents as a dependent (Please attach additional page if you wish to list more than one dependent.)
Full Name of Dependent: ___________________________________________________________________________
                                      (Family Name)                      (First Name)                  (Middle Name)

Relationship to Applicant: ______________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________________________
                                                                                                   (Month / Day / Year)

City of Birth: _________________________________________ Country of Birth: ________________________________

Country of Citizenship: ________________________________

Are you a high (secondary) school graduate?            Yes     No If “Yes,” list date of graduation: _____________________

In chronological order, list any secondary schools and colleges or universities that you have attended either in the U.S. or in another
country. If you attended more than two schools, give the necessary information on a separate page. You must provide a diploma or
other proof of graduation from a secondary school as well as transcripts (with an English translation) from any college or university
that you have attended.

                                                   Institution #1                                         Institution #2


Dates Attended


Diploma/Degree Received

           ***Submit proof of graduation from secondary school and college or university transcripts
             with application***

What is your intended field of study/major? (See page 11 for Majors and Certificate Programs) ____________________________
(Note: If you are uncertain of your major, you should declare General Curriculum.)

What are your educational plans after completing a two-year program at this college? ___________________________


Do you plan to complete a four-year degree in the US?                   Yes          No

If “Yes,” what is your intended major? _________________________________________

Is English your native language?          Yes      No    If “No,” what is your native language? __________________________

What is your TOEFL score? ____________________________ Date taken: ______________________________________

How many years have you studied English? ___________________

             ***Submit TOEFL score report with application***                             (Note: Not required for ESL students)

Please tell about yourself, your educational goals and why you wish to study in the U.S. and at our college. Use a separate
sheet of paper to write essay and type or print clearly in blue or black ink. You must print your name at the top of the paper.
(Essay should be approximately 300 words).

           ***Submit Personal Essay with application***

                               Financial Support Declaration
   Answer all questions accurately and completely. Any false or misleading answers may result in denial of application for
   admission or dismissal from school if in attendance. Community colleges cannot provide financial aid or scholarships for
   international students. Students must provide a bank statement with application.

   (1)                                                               TUITION & FEES FOR ONE SEMESTER
     This is the                 Non-Resident Tuition                $2280 ($190 per unit, 12 units minimum*)
   amount that                   Enrollment Fee                      $ 240 ($20 per unit)
  you must pay                   Capital Outlay Fee                  $ 72 ($6 per unit/maximum $144 per year)
                                                                                                              *You will be charged a total of
  each semester.                 Campus Fee                          $   2 (each semester)                    $216 for each additional unit
                                 TOTAL:                              $2594.00                                 over 12 units..

                                                     ESTIMATED MINIMUM EXPENSES FOR ONE CALENDAR YEAR
                                                                    (Based on 30 units) for single student

                                 Non-Resident Tuition @ $181 per unit (based on 30 units for 2 semesters)   $ 5700
      This is the                Enrollment fee @ $20 per unit                                              $ 600
   amount that                   Capital Outlay Charge @ $6 per unit ($144 max.)                            $ 144
   you must show                 Campus Center Use Fee @ $2 per semester                                    $    4
   is available to               Health Insurance (Required)                                                $ 600
                                 Room & Board                                                               $10000      **The above estimates
   you each year.                                                                                                       are subject to change
                                 Books & School Supplies                                                    $ 500       without prior notice.
                                 TOTAL EXPENSES:                                                            $17,548**

Amount of money available to you (that can be verified) for your studies in the United States: $_______________
Will this money be available to you during your entire education at this college?                     Yes      No
If “No,” please complete Sponsor information below.
Other Funds: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Are there any currency restrictions in force in your home country?                    Yes        No
If “Yes,” will you be limited to the amount of money you can bring into the United States?                      Yes       No
Please explain: _____________________________________________________________________________________
List annual amount to be contributed to study by:
Parents: $_____________________ Self: $____________________ Sponsor: $_______________________
Total Amount Available (from all sources): $______________________________
Sponsor Information
Name of Sponsor: __________________________________ Relationship: ___________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Country of Citizenship: ___________________________ Occupation: _____________________________

Submit a recent (i.e. within the last few months) bank statement from you and/or your sponsor or a letter from the bank
indicating the amount of money that is available to you.

         ***Submit Bank Statement with application***

All international students are required to have health insurance before they are allowed to register for classes. You must either
purchase health insurance with the assistance of our International Education office or provide proof of health insurance (that
covers you while you are in the U.S.) at the time of registration.

Do you have health insurance?        Yes          No If “Yes,” what is the name of the insurance company? ______________

____________________________________.               What is the policy number? ______________________________________

What are dates of coverage? (start & end dates) ________________________________________________

STUDENT STATEMENT OF HEALTH (To be completed by Applicant)
Your application can only be processed after you have completed this form and the medical examination is completed by a

Name:___________________________________________________________                      Male            Female

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
               (Number)                (Street)                 (City/Town)               (Country)

Date of Birth: _______/_______/_______
                 (Month)     (Day)    (Year)

(a) Have you ever had any of the following conditions listed below?           Yes      No

Frequent Headaches, Hearing Difficulty, Rheumatism/Rheumatic Fever, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Digestive/Stomach
Pain, Frequent Abdominal Pain, Operation/Severe Injuries, Hernia, Arthritis, Frequent Dizziness/Fainting, Epilepsy/Seizures,
High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Nervousness or other condition.

        If “Yes,” list the condition(s) on a separate page and give an approximate date for each condition you have had.

(b) To the best of your knowledge, are you now in good physical and mental health?              Yes        No

        If “No,” give specific name of the disorder on a separate page and explain the current treatment.


Request that a physician complete the attached Medical Examination form (See page 8 for Medical Examination form).
The form must be signed and dated by the physician. (An additional medical examination may be required prior to

         ***Submit completed Medical Examination form with application***


  Please read and sign the statement below. Your signature indicates that you understand and agree to the following
  statement. (Your application will not be processed if this section is not completed).
  “I certify that the above statements are true and correct. I understand that I may be denied admission or be dismissed
  from the College by submitting false or misleading information.”

            ______________________________________                        _________________________________
                      Applicant Signature                                               Date

                                         Medical Examination
           To be completed and signed by a Physician. Otherwise, applicant must provide an official
                         Immunization Record. Dates must include month and year.

     DESCRIPTION                 YES     NO                                    ACTION                                     DATE

1. Tetanus-Diphtheria                          (a) Completed primary series of tetanus-diphtheria immunizations.
                                               (b) Received tetanus-diphtheria booster within the last 10 years.
2. M.M.R.                                      (a) Dose 1-Immunized at 12 months or after and before 5 years.
(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
                                               (b) Dose 2-Immunized at 5 years or later.
3. Measles (Rubella) if                        (a) Had disease; confirmed by office record.
given instead of M.M.R.
                                               (b) Born before 1957 and therefore considered immune.
                                               (c) Had report of immune titer. Specify date of titer.
                                               (d) Immunized with vaccine at 12 months after birth or later.
4. Rubella, if given instead                   (a) Has report of immune titer. Specify date of titer.
of M.M.R.
                                               (b) Immunized at 12 months after birth or later.
5. Mumps, if given instead                     (a) Had disease; confirmed by office record.
of M.M.R.
                                               (b) Immunized with vaccine at 12 months after birth or later.

6. Tuberculosis: Check appropriate boxes. Give date and test results.

(a) PPD (Mantoux) test within the past year:     Yes       No         Test Result:    Positive          Negative Date: ________
(Note: Tine or monovac not acceptable)

(b) Positive PPD-Chest X-ray required:           Yes       No         Test Result:     Positive         Negative Date: ________

(c) Had BCG vaccine:                         Yes           No         Test Result:     Positive         Negative Date: ________
(Note: Chest X-ray required if PPD not done)

7. Polio

(a) Completed primary series of polio immunizations:        Yes         No

(b) Type of vaccine:      Oral     Inactivated         E-IPV    Date of last booster: ________

  --------------------PHYSICIAN INFORMATION AND SIGNATURE--------------------
Name: _______________________________________ Phone: _______________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
             Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________________

               International Student Agreement Form
                        333 East Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94606
 College of Alameda Berkeley City College Laney College Merritt College
1. I understand that I am required to attend the International Student Orientation held
   approximately one week before the beginning of the semester
2. I understand that I must enroll in and complete a minimum of 12 units at the college each
   semester with satisfactory grades or be subject to dismissal.
3. I understand that I must obtain prior permission from the International Student Counselor and
   Director of International and Global Education to enroll for less than 12 units and must provide
   documentation for any compelling reasons.
4. I understand that I must obtain prior authorization from the Director for a Leave of Absence or to
   withdraw from school.
5. I understand that I will complete my study objective as declared on the Peralta International
   Student Application Form or be eligible to transfer to a university when I leave.
6. I understand that I am required to purchase Health (Medical) Insurance, or provide proof of
   insurance, before being allowed to enroll in classes.
7. I understand that I must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better to remain
   in good standing, and I am subject to academic dismissal if I remain on probation for two
   consecutive semesters.
8. I understand that I must discuss my schedule of classes with the International Student Counselor
   each semester before I enroll, and that I must get approval, in advance, before dropping a course.
9. I understand that in order to register each semester, I must pay my entire tuition before the
   beginning of each semester. I understand that there will be no deferment of payment, and that I
   must pay extra tuition if I add courses after registration.
10. I understand that I must notify the Office of International & Global Education of any changes
    in my status including, but not limited to, changing my address or phone number, transferring to
    another college, or returning to my home country permanently. Failure to do so will threaten
    my student status.
          Your signature indicates that you have read and agree to all of the requirements listed above:

Student Signature: _________________________________                               Date: __________________

Student Name (Please print): _________________________________

                              (SEE OTHER SIDE: IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

                                  Important Information
All international students are required to attend the International Student Orientation. At the Orientation
you will receive important information relating to maintaining your student status, academics, health
insurance and safety, and will receive your International Student Handbook. The Orientation is held
approximately one week before the beginning of the semester.

Any changes in your address and any changes related to your status must be immediately reported to the
Office of International & Global Education. Failure to do so may endanger your status as an
international (F-1) student.

International students must enroll in and complete at least 12 units each semester in order to maintain
their status. Do not drop below 12 units before meeting with an International Student Counselor at the
Office of International & Global Education.

Any problems regarding full-time enrollment must be discussed with an International Student Counselor
at the Office of International & Global Education.

International students always pay non-resident tuition.

Financial aid is not available to international students. Part–time work on-campus is limited. Please do not
include anticipated on-campus earnings in your Financial Support Declaration.

Health (medical) insurance is required for all international (F-1) students. Medical treatment is very
expensive in the U.S. The Office of International & Global Education will assist you in purchasing health
insurance. However, you may also want to purchase short-term insurance to cover you initially after you
arrive in the U.S.

The Peralta Colleges do not offer on-campus housing (i.e. no student dormitories). The Office of International
& Global Education will be glad to assist you to find housing, but we do not guarantee housing.

All related immigration and visa information will be provided after you have been accepted and have paid
your first semester tuition.

                                   (SEE OTHER SIDE: AGREEMENT FORM)

                                       PERALTA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                     ASSOCIATES DEGREES in ARTS (AA) or SCIENCE (AS)
                             CERTIFICATES of COMPLETION (CC), ACHIEVEMENT (CA), SKILLS (CS)

MAJOR COURSES OF STUDY                                                                          ALAMEDA        BERKELEY            LANEY        MERRITT
Administration of Justice:                                                       Corrections         -               -               -          AA   CC
                                                                              Police Science         -               -               -          AA   CC
African-American Studies                                                                        AA                   -        AA                AA
Anthropology                                                                                    AA                   -               -          AA
American Sign Language:                                                                               -        AA   CC
                                              American Sign Language Interpreter Training             -             CC               -               -
Apparel Design and Merchandising                                                                AA   CC              -               -               -
Architectural and Engineering Technology:                      Architectural Technology               -              -        AS    CC               -
                                                                Engineering Technology                -              -        AS    CC               -
Art:                                                                           Ceramics               -              -        AA                     -
                                             Communication Graphics (Advertising Design)              -              -        AA                     -
                                                                               Fine Arts              -        AA             AA                     -
                                                                        Figure Drawing                -             CC               -               -
                                                                Oil and Acrylic Painting              -             CC               -               -
                                                                     Watercolor Painting              -             CC               -               -
Arts and Humanities                                                                                   -              -        AA                     -
Asian and Asian-American Studies                                                                      -              -        AA                     -
Auto Body and Paint:                                                             Auto Body      AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                                  Auto Paint    AS   CC              -               -               -
Automotive Technology:                                    Automotive Electronics Specialist     AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                      Chassis and Drivetrain    AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                           Chassis Specialist   AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                        Drivetrain Specialist   AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                        Engine Performance      AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                    Engine Repair Specialist    AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                     Light Duty Auto Repair               CA         -               -               -
Aviation Maintenance Technology:                                        Airframe Technician     AS   CC              -               -               -
                                                                      Powerplant Technician     AS   CC
                                                     Certificate of Achievement I, II and III             CA         -               -               -
Biology                                                                                         AS                   -               -               -
Biological Sciences:                                                      Biomanufacturing            -              -                     CA
Biotechnology                                                                                         -        AS   CC   CA          -                -
Business:                                                                        Accounting     AA   CC   CA   AA             AA    CC          AA   CC
                                                                    Administrative Assistant          -             CC               -          AA   CC
                                            Administrative Office Systems and Applications            -              -               -          AA
                                                                       Banking and Finance            -              -        AA    CC               -
                                                                    Business Administration     AA        CA   AA             AA    CC          AA
                                                            Business Information Processing          -               -               -          AA   CC
                                                              Business Information Systems           -               -        AA    CC                -
                                                                      Business Management            -               -               -               CC
             Office Technology (certificates in Accounting Assistant and Medical Assistant)          -         AA   CC               -
                                                                           Entrepreneurship          -               -                     CA        -
                                                                           General Business          -         AA   CC               -          AA
                                                 Legal Office Assistant (Secretarial Studies)             CA         -               -                    CA
              Office Administration (certificates in General Office Clerk/Customer Service)     AA   CC   CA         -               -                    CA
                                                              Management and Supervision              -              -        AA    CC               -
                                                                        Marketing and Sales           -              -        AA    CC               -
                                                                                Retail Clerk          -              -               -                    CA
                                                                         Retail Management            -              -              CC               -
                                                                            Word Processor                CA         -               -               -
Carpentry                                                                                            -               -        AS    CC               -
Child Development:                                                                                   -               -               -          AA
                                                                                                     -               -               -                    CA
                                                                         Associate Teacher           -               -               -                    CA
                                                                         Early Intervention          -               -               -                    CA
                                                                                   Teacher           -               -               -                    CA
                                                      Violence Intervention and Counseling           -               -               -                    CA
Community Social Services:                                                                           -               -               -          AA   CC
                                                                           Substance Abuse           -               -               -          AA   CC
Computer Information Systems:
                                            Applied Micro Computer Information Systems               -         AS   CC               -               -
                                                            CISCO Networking Academy                      CA
                                                           Computer Information Systems         AA   CC              -               -               -
                                                                  Computer Programming                    CA   AS   CC        AA    CC               -
                                           Computer Programming Information Specialist               -               -        AA    CC               -
                                        Computer System/Software Security and Encryption             -               -        AA    CC               -
                                                             Desktop Support Technician                   CA
                                                    Game Development and Programming                 -               -        AA    CC               -
                                                  Internet Development and Programming               -               -        AA    CC               -
                                                                   Internet Programming              -               -               -                    CA
                                            Network Support Technician (Administration)                   CA   AA   CC               -               -
                                                     PC Applications Help Desk Specialist                            -               -                    CA
                                                                     Web Page Authoring                              -               -                    CA
                                                                      Web Programming                          AS   CC               -               -
                                                                         Web Publishing                   CA         -               -                    CA
Construction Management:                                                                             -               -        AS    CC               -
                                                            Building Codes and Inspections           -               -                     CA        -
Cosmetology                                                                                          -               -        AA    CC               -
Culinary Arts:                                                                     Baking            -               -        AS    CC               -
                                                                                  Cooking            -               -                     CA        -
                                                                    Restaurant Management            -               -        AS    CC               -
Dance                                                                                                -               -        AA                     -
Dental Assisting                                                                              AS   CC        -              -               -
Diesel Mechanics                                                                              AS   CC        -              -               -
Economics                                                                                           -        -              -         AA
Emergency Medical Technician I                                                                      -        -              -                    CS
English:                                                                           English    AA             -              -               -
                                                                           Language Arts           -         -         AA             AA
                                                         English Language and Literature           -    AA                  -               -
                                                               English Language/Writing            -    AA                  -               -
                                                                 Creative Writing/Fiction          -         CC             -               -
                                         Creative Writing/Playwriting and Screenwriting            -              CA        -               -
                                                                  Creative Writing Poetry          -         CC             -               -
Environmental Control Technology:                               Refrigeration Technology           -          -                  CA         -
                                               Residential/Light Commercial HVAC & R               -          -        AS   CC              -
Environmental Management and Technology:
                                             Environmental Management and Technology               -         -              -         AS   CC
                                     Ecological Restoration and Watershed Management               -         -              -         AS   CC    CA
                                                Green Building and Energy Management               -         -              -         AS   CC
                              Human Ecology, Policy, Planning and Environmental Justice            -         -              -         AA   CC
                                                     Ranger/Naturalist Outdoor Education           -         -              -         AS   CC
                                                        Urban Farming and Agro Ecology             -         -              -         AS   CC
Ethnic Studies                                                                                     -         -         AA                   -
Geography                                                                                     AA             -               -              -
Global Studies                                                                                     -    AA                   -              -
Graphic Arts:                                    Applied Graphic Design/Digital Imaging            -          -        AA   CC              -
Health Professions and Occupations:                                 Healthcare Interpreter         -          -              -                   CA
Health Sciences                                                                                    -          -              -        AS
History                                                                                       AA              -              -              -
Humanities                                                                                    AA              -              -        AA
Human Services                                                                                     -          -              -                   CA
International Trade                                                                                -         CC              -              -
Journalism                                                                                         -          -        AA                   -
Labor Studies                                                                                      -          -        AA   CC              -
Landscape Horticulture:                                     Basic Landscape Horticulture           -          -              -             CC
                                        Intermediate Landscape Design and Construction             -          -              -             CC
                                          Intermediate Landscape and Parks Maintenance             -          -              -             CC
                                                       Intermediate Nursery Management             -          -              -             CC
                                           Landscape Design and Construction Specialist            -          -              -        AS   CC
                                             Landscape and Parks Maintenance Specialist            -          -              -        AS   CC
                                                          Nursery Management Specialist            -          -              -        AS   CC
                                              Turf and Landscape Management Specialist             -          -              -             CC
                                           Turf and Landscape Management Professional              -          -              -        AS   CC
Liberal Arts                                                                                  AA        AA             AA             AA
Machine Technology                                                                                 -          -        AS   CC              -
Mathematics                                                                                   AS              -        AA             AS
Media Communications:                  Digital Video Production for the Broadcast Media            -          -        AA   CC              -
                                    Performance and Production for the Broadcast Media             -          -        AA   CC              -
Mexican and Latin-American Studies                                                            AA              -        AA                   -
Multimedia:                                                                    Animation           -    AA   CC             -               -
                                                                          Digital Imaging          -    AA   CC             -               -
                                                                  Web Design/Production            -    AA   CC             -               -
                                                                       Digital Video Arts          -    AA   CC             -               -
                                                                  Writing for Multimedia           -    AA   CC             -               -
Music                                                                                              -          -        AA                   -
Natural Sciences                                                                                   -          -             -         AS
Nurse Aide:                                  Certified Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide            -          -             -                    CA
Nursing:                                                                                           -          -             -         AS
                                                                      Vocational Nursing                                              AS   CC
Nutrition and Dietetics:                                                 Dietary Assistant                                                       CA
                                           Dietary Manager (Dietetic Service Supervisor)                                                   CC
                                                                     Dietetic Technology                                              AS
                                                                 Pathway II Certificate**          -          -              -                   CA
Paralegal Studies                                                                                  -          -              -        AA   CC
Philosophy                                                                                    AA              -              -              -
Political Science                                                                             AA              -              -              -
Psychology                                                                                    AA              -              -              -
Photography                                                                                        -          -        AS   CC              -
Radiologic Science**                                                                               -          -              -        AS   CC
Real Estate                                                                                        -          -              -        AA   CC
Recreation and Leisure Services                                                                    -          -              -        AA
Science                                                                                            -          -        AS                   -
Sociology                                                                                     AA              -             -               -
Social Sciences                                                                               AA              -        AA                   -
Social and Behavioral Sciences                                                                     -          -             -         AA
Social Services Paraprofessional                                                                   -    AA   CC             -               -
Spanish                                                                                       AA        AA   CC             -         AA
Theater Arts                                                                                       -          -        AA                   -
Travel/Tourism Industry:                                                Adventure Travel           -              CA         -              -
                                                                               Air Travel          -              CA         -              -
                                                                          Cruise Industry          -              CA         -              -
                                                                  Entry-Level Certificate          -              CA         -              -
                                                                            Group Travel           -              CA         -              -
                                                                          Inbound Travel           -              CA         -              -
                                                                  Professional Certificate         -              CC         -              -
Welding Technology                                                                                 -         -         AS   CC              -
Women’s Studies                                                                                    -              CA         -              -
Wood Technology                                                                                    -         -         AS   CC              -

Highlighted items are currently not on offer, as they are pending state review or under going revision.                               Revised Nov’08
**The certificate is available only to those already awarded the AS degree.

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