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					Italian & Italian American: Books of Interest for Genealogists & Family Historians:
Over the past 2+ years I have read some 50+ books to learn more about my ancestors and Southern Italian heritage. Although it is obvious that our approach to finding our ancestors is to find out where we came from and why we are who we are. Below I am providing a list to share from my experience and exploration to find the answers to many questions I have had in the past, many of which I see often on web mail lists and questions or conversations from and with fellow Italian genealogists and historians. I am actually listing the initial part of the list in an order in which I believe they should be read to gain the most from your own experience. In the end any one who pursues this exploration of your roots will truly be enriched. Some of the books are out of print and many are easily available at your local bookstore. The Internet and especially www.Amazon.com for current titles and www.abebooks.com for out of print titles are a great resource for obtaining most all of the titles and even many more. I have found the most rewarding experience visiting my local central library in Rochester, NY. Here I have discovered 90% of these titles for free. Exploring further at the library I have viewed all Italian cultural and immigrant experience videotapes and audiotapes at no charge, old and detailed maps, Italian language tutorials and books/tapes on the areas where my ancestors settled in the USA. I highly recommend your visiting the local library in your area and also behoove you to ask if your library participates in the inter-library loan program which makes the bookshelf endless for one's self in discovering your roots and the culture that underlines it. Another benefit of the library is that I often meet many people with similar interests who I have been able to help or have helped me... I hope many of you heed this valuable advice and also enjoy many of the books listed below. Ciao, Michael A. Palmieri MAPalmieri@Hotmail.com

*** First off everyone should purchase a quality Italian/English or Sicilian/English Dictionary (There are many good ones). *** Secondly those with computers should have a genealogy program/database to store all their new found information attached is a link to a powerful application and best of all it is free and has worked beautifully for me: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/DownloadLegacy.asp

Books for the Italian American Genealogist to begin with:
         Organizing your Family History: efficient & effective ways to gather and protest your genealogical research. / Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian. / Mills, Elizabeth Shown. *** (CITE YOUR SOURCES!!!) Finding Italian Roots: the complete guide for Americans. / Colletta, John Philip. A Genealogist's Guide to discovering your Italian Ancestors: how to find and record your unique heritage. / Nelson, Lynn. *** (A fine compilation of information) Italian Genealogical Records: how to use Italian civil, ecclesiastical & other records in family history research. / Cole, Trafford C. *** (A MUST READ… DON"T CHEAT YOURSELF) Italian-American Family History: a guide to researching and writing about your heritage. / Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. A genealogist's Guide to discovering your Immigrant & Ethnic ancestor's: how to find and record your unique heritage. / Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. Producing a Quality Family History. / Hatcher, Patricia Law. They Came in Ships: a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record. / Colletta, John Philip. Page 1 3/12/2009

Michael A. Palmieri

General Accounts of Italian and Italian American History:
                     La Storia: five centuries of the Italian American experience. / Mangione, Jerre & Monreale, Ben. Four Centuries of Italian-American History. / Schiavo, Giovanni. Italian-American Folklore. / Malpezzi, Frances M. & Clements, William M. Festivals and Folkways of Italy. / Toor, Frances. South Italian Folkways in Europe and America: a handbook for social workers, visiting nurses, school teachers and physicians. / Williams, Phyllis H. Dream Streets: The Big Book of Italian-American Culture. / DiStasi, Lawrence. Our Italian Surnames. / Fucilla, Joseph Guerin. A History of Sicily: Ancient Sicily to the Arab Conquest. / Finley, M. I. A History of Sicily: Medieval Sicily 800 – 1713. / Smith, Denis Mack The Enchanted Ground: Americans in Italy, 1760 - 1980. / Amfitheatrof, Erik. The Italians. / Barzini, Luigi The Italian American Experience: an encyclopedia. / editor LaGumina, Salvatore J. The Children of Columbus: an informal history of the Italians in the New World. / Amfitheatrof, Erik. The Italian Americans: / Iorizzo, Luciano J. & Mondello, Salvatore. The Italian Americans. / Schoener, Allon. The Story of the Italians in America. / Musmanno, Michael. The Italian Americans: Troubled Roots. / Rolle, Andrew The Italian in America: the progressive view, 1891 - 1914. / edited by Tomasi, Lydio F. Old Bread, New Wine. / Gallo, Patrick From Immigrants to Ethics. / Nelli, Humbert S. Italian Americans: new perspectives in Italian immigration and ethnicity. / edited by Tomasi, Lydio F. The Italian Way: aspects of behavior, attitudes, and customs of Italians. / Costantino, Mario & Gambella, Lawrence. The Italian in America: a social study and history. / Pisani, Lawrence Frank. The Black Hand: a chapter in ethnic crime. / Pitkin, Thomas Monroe & Cordasco, Francesco. Street Corner Society: the social structure of an Italian slum. / Wythe, William Foote. Ellis Island: An Illustrated History of the Immigrant Experience. / Chermayeff, Ivan An album of the Italian-American. / LaGumina, Salvatore. *** (Photo book) Page 2 3/12/2009

    

Michael A. Palmieri

Personal Accounts of Italian and Italian American Life:
                   Blood of my Blood: the dilemma of the Italian-Americans. / Gambino, Richard. *** (DON"T MISS THIS ONE!) Mount Allegro: A Memoir of Italian American Life (Sicilian). / Mangione, Jerre (Gerlando). *** (Excellent) Reunion in Sicily. / Mangione, Jerre. An Ethnic at Large: a memoir of America in the thirties and forties. / Mangione, Jerre. The Stone Boudoir. / Maggio, Theresa *** (EXCELLENT) Unto the Sons. / Talese, Gay. The Paesanos. / Pagano, Jo. Son of Italy. / D’ Angelo, Pascal Growing Up Italian. / Cateura, Linda Brandi. Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters. / Krause, Corinne Azen. The Wonderful Life of Angelo Massari. / Massalo, Arthur D. American Dream: An Immigrant’s Quest. / Pellegrini, Angelo. Immigrant’s Return. / Pellegrini, Angelo. La Merica: Images of the Italian Greenhorn Experience. / La Sorte, Michael The Immigrants Speak: Italian Americans tell their story. / LaGumina, Salvatore J. *** (You won't put this down) The Italian American Family Album. / Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas (Great old pictures and stories) An Italian Grows in Brooklyn. / Della Famina, Jerry & Sopkin, Charles. *** (Great one if your family lived in Brooklyn) Bruculinu, America: remembrances of Sicilian-American Brooklyn, told in stories and recipes. / Schiavelli, Vincent. When Brooklyn was the World, 1920 - 1957. / Willensky, Elliot.

Novels of Italian and Italian American Life:
       Christ in Concrete: a novel. / Di Donato, Pietro. Bread and Roses. / Gambino, Richard. Christ Stopped at Eboli: The Story of the Year. / Levi, Carlo & Frenaye, Frances (Translator). The Leopard. / Lampedusa, Giuseppe Midnight in Sicily. / Robb, Peter The Fortunate Pilgrim. / Puzo, Mario Olives on the Apple Tree. / D’Agostino, Guido Page 3 3/12/2009

Michael A. Palmieri

   

No Language but a Cry. / D’Ambrosio, Richard Maria. / De Capite, Michael Brotherhood of the Grape. / Fante, John The River Between. / Forgione, Louis

Videotapes of Italian American Life, Italy, Immigration and Genealogy:
            Remembering Ellis Island: everyman's monument. / Hosted by Savales, Telly. The Italians in America. / Campanella, Joe (Narrator). Battleground Italy. / Cronkite, Walter (Narrator). ***Invasion of Sicily. Southern Italy. / Shapiro, Justine (Traveler). The Sicilian Connection: Italy by rail. Italian Americans. / Schlessinger, Andrew (Executive Producer). Italian-American Visions: portraits of 20th century immigration. / De Nonno, Tony (Producer). Sacco & Vanzetti, 1921. / Naughton, James (Host). Italy. / Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc. Video Reflections: how-to tape & interview your relatives. / Shapiro, Dorothy & Gold, Michael. Ancestors. / PBS Series of Videotapes. (Series of tapes). *** (Wonderful) The genealogist's video research guide. / Casper, Gordon & Carolyn (9 part series). *** (Wonderful also)

My desire is that the fellow Italian Genealogists will enjoy this fine selection of recommendations from my past reading experiences. If I have missed a gem please pass it along to me to add to my growing list and share with fellow Italian Genealogists... Ciao! *** How about one last political comment: Isn't it about time we got rid of the hyphen in Italian-American. How many ethnic groups still use it?

Michael A. Palmieri

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