Suggestions for Starting an Elementary Battle of the Books

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					Calendar/Timeline for Starting an Elementary Battle of the Books Club May-September Post/distribute/announce the book list (available at September-October Arrange an initial meeting for interested students. Send home a parent permission form to be signed and approved by parents, outlining expectations and meeting dates/times. Team members should be reading from the book list. Most coaches limit it to fourth and fifth graders. Remember, only 12 students can compete in the competition. If you have more than 12 students in the club, decide, at some point, which students will compete. To make that decision, one or more of the following criteria may be used: 1. Written test on titles and authors of the books 2. Meeting attendance 3. Participation grade 4. Accelerated Reader/Reading Counts points or passing percentage 5. Teacher recommendations 6. Application or questionnaire to be filled out by students, stating why they feel they should be on the team October-December Hold practice sessions with students. They can partner-read, create flash cards w/ book titles and authors, quiz each other, write questions, etc. Work with the team to prepare appropriate test questions. Make sure students have access to all 12 books. Have them read all the books by the time they return from winter break. January-March Practice, practice, practice. Refer to the Battle of the Books Manual to simulate a competition environment in practice sessions. Conduct mock competitions, dividing the team into groups to compete against each other. Use a stopwatch and keep score. Teach them when they can and cannot confer. Arrange for transportation…parents? Buses? Send home permission forms to attend competition. Make lunch arrangements and get team t-shirts (optional). March Compete at the district competition. Good luck!

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