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  2009                              Fall Goal Setting Conferences
                           It is hard to believe that McKinley students have been in school for a month already!
                           Teachers have been hard at work teaching expectations, getting to know your child,
 Please see                and learning what their individual strengths and learning styles are. Fall Goal
     the                   Setting Conferences are an excellent opportunity to continue building a strong
 calendar on               school and home partnership.
 the back of
                           The schedule for Goal Setting Conference Week is as follows. Please watch
                           your child’s Wednesday Weekly for communication from the teacher regarding
      .                    you and your child’s scheduled conference time:
                           • Wednesday, October 28th—Conferences 4:00 – 8:00—regular school day for
  Tip: Post                   students
     the                   • Thursday, October 29th—Conferences 12:00 – 8:00 pm—NO SCHOOL for
 calendar on                  students
  the fridge               • Friday, October 30th—NO SCHOOL
 each month!
                           Here are some sample comments, phrases, and questions you may want to use
                           as your child/child’s teacher shares with you:
                                  • Show/tell me what you learned from . . .
                                  • Show/tell me how you’ve improved in . . .
                                  • What did you especially like about . . . . ?
                                  • I can tell you’ve worked hard on . . . . because I see . . .
                                  • How can I help you at home?
                                  • How would you do this differently?
                                  • How have you improved in . . . ?
                                  • Was this easy/hard for you? Why?
                           Make positive comments and give positive feedback:
                                  • I’m really proud of the work that you have shown us.
ATTENDANCE:                       • I can see that you are getting better at . .
Is your child not going           • I can see that you tried very hard.
to be at school? Please
call our 24-hour
                                  • I’m so impressed with the way you conducted your conference.
attendance line at
503-259-7200. Leave
your child’s name, their
                                                      School Board Goal
teacher’s name, grade,     All students will show continuous progress toward their personal learning goals,
and the reason for their   developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, and will be prepared for
                                             post-secondary education and career success.
                                                        McK in le y E l e me nta ry Sc hool
                                                                    503-53 3-184 5
                                         Interi m P ri nci pal ( th roug h Oc tob er), Can dac e S tev ens
                                                            Princi pa l, Ann ie Pl eau
              Raising Student Achievement
Parents often ask teachers what they can do to help their child at home.
Please support us with our At-Home Reading Program. Each night, your
child is being asked to read at home. We are encouraging children to read
a variety of "ways" throughout the week. Help support them! Here is how…

                 Shared Reading – Read WIT H y our child!
•Child and parent share the responsibility of reading and listening.
•Choral reading : 2 or more individuals read aloud from the same text, at the
same time.
•Echo reading : an experienced reader reads a line of a text, and the student
repeats the line.
•Paired readin g: an adult and child taking turns reading by sentence or
•When reading a text with your child, model strategies and concepts such as
predicting and noticing letter patterns.
               Oral Rea ding – Have your child read to y ou!
•Having your child read aloud helps them develop and improve fluency skills,
which in turn results in higher comprehension. The more a child reads out loud,
the more word recognition becomes "automatic."
•When children read easily and with expression, they can focus their attention on
•Your child will increase their confidence in reading in front of other
          Mode led Rea ding – Be a great e xamp le for your chi ld!
•An adult reading a text will aid children in learning strategies, pronunciation,
understanding expression, and the use of punctuation, among many other aspects
of reading.
•Listening to other readers stimulates growth and understanding of vocabulary
and language patterns. It also gives a child the opportunity to rest and use their
comprehension skills.
•Whenever this type of reading is used, be sure to find ways to keep your child
engaged in active listening.
     Independent Silent Reading – Unin terrupted silent reading!
•Long periods can only be sustained by proficient readers. Independent reading
time is enjoyable, and it also helps learners increase reading skills. It is important
to make sure children are reading materials that are not too difficult.

                            Wednesday Weekly
                         School to Home Communication
 We will continue to send the majority of our school to home communications through our
 Wednesday Weekly folders. A big thank you goes to our PTM (Parents and Teachers for
 McKinley) for purchasing these great folders. Please check your child's folder every
 Wednesday for important information. 

 For those of you reading this newsletter for the first time, please look for it the first
 Wednesday of each month in your child’s Wednesday Weekly folder. The newsletters,
 Connections, are also posted to our school web site:

 Be sure to check out the last two pages of this newsletter for more PTM news and
 opportunities for you and your family!

                                 Life Skills of the Month
                   Throughout the school year, McKinley students study various life skills. This is one
                  component of our school-wide discipline program.             Children practice the
                  implementation of life skills daily to improve the way they interact with each other.
                  McKinley also holds an all school assembly each Friday morning. During this
                  assembly, the life skill of the month is the focus. During the last assembly of the
                  month, students from each class who have been exceptional examples of the studied
                  life skill are recognized.

 “To teach        The life skills for this month are friendship and caring. When a student exemplifies
is to touch       the life skill of friendship, he/she makes a friend through deep trust and caring.
                  When a child has strong friendships, he/she feels more comfortable and safe at
   a life         school. In addition, when students have strong friendships they are more ready to
forever...”       learn. More importantly, it will help him/her get along with others in life situations

                  Caring is a necessary life skill to develop friendships. When a student at McKinley
                  demonstrates the life skill of caring, he/she is feeling and showing concern for
                  others. We want students to learn how to think of the "golden rule" when they are
                  working on this life skill—do unto others as they would like done to them.

                   Friendship and caring are life skills that we want all students to develop at McKinley
                  to continue growing the positive and welcoming atmosphere that is a part of our
                  already wonderful community.
School District News

Sept. 23, 2009

Dear Parents,

Now that the local school year has begun, we are beginning to see children as well as school staff
getting sick with the flu. If your child has flu-like symptoms, care for them as you usually would. If the
symptoms worsen, or don’t subside, contact your health care provider.

At this time, county health officials tell us that students who are not ill can safely come to school. While
there have not been an unusually high student absences, local school districts have procedures in
place to deal with children and staff who become ill with flu. But we do not anticipate that schools will
notify parents of individual cases.

We want to remind you about some ways to protect your family from getting sick:

    •   Be sure that you and your children get both the seasonal influenza and the new H1N1 (swine
        influenza) vaccines as they become available. Seasonal flu vaccine is available now and a
        vaccine for H1N1 is expected to be available in October. This is the most important action to
        prevent influenza infection

    •   Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each
        time. Be sure to set a good example by doing this yourself. Hands should always be washed:

                               Before eating or drinking.
                               After using the toilet or changing diapers.
                               After coughing, sneezing or using facial tissues
                               Before touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
                               When water and soap are not available, alcohol-based hand cleaners
                                can be used.

    •   Teach your children to cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or by coughing into the inside of
        the elbow. Be sure to set a good example by doing this yourself.

    •   Teach your children not to share food, drink, or other personal items (such as lipstick) with

    •   Keep sick children home. Don’t send them to school if they are sick. If they become sick at
        school you will be called to come pick them up. Make sure your emergency numbers are up to
        date. Make arrangements now for sick child care.

    •   People who are sick should stay home from work or school and stay away from other people
        until they are feeling better and have not had a fever for 24 hours (without fever reducing
        medications like acetaminophen and ibuprophen). .

If you have questions please call your school nurse or health care provider.
 Naglieri Nonverbal Ability                                     TAG: Talented and
            Test                                                     Gifted
In October, all 3rd and 5th grade students in the
Beaverton School District will be administered the
                                                                Every year, students are considered
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT).
                                                                for Talented and Gifted services in
                                                                Beaverton School District.       These
The NNAT assesses school learning ability without
requiring a student to read, write or speak. Instead,           services are provided by your child's
students rely on reasoning and problem solving skills           classroom teacher(s). If you think
to complete the test items. Currently the main                  your child might qualify, you may wish
purpose for administering the NNAT is to identify               to complete the Parent Information
students for TAG in the area of intellectual ability.           Form which is available in our school's
The NNAT results may also be used to screen general             office. Completing the form gives our
ability for students whose school performance may be            school    TAG      committee      more
hindered by limited English proficiency. The test is
                                                                information about your child, but is
also used as one screening factor for eligibility for
                                                                not required. All qualified students
District programs, such as Summa.
                                                                will be considered regardless of
Scores for the NNAT will be distributed to parents in           completion of this form.
early December. For more information, please contact
Leigh Ann Goodwill or Zhalih Taefy-Cross, TAG                   Oregon law and District policy define
Facilitators.                                                   gifted students as those who score at
                                                                or above the 97th percentile on a
 ___ ___ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ _____
                                                                standardized, nationally normed test
                                                                of mental ability or academic
En octubre, a todos los estudiantes de 3° y 5° grado
                                                                achievement.     Behavioral, learning,
del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton se les hará la prueba
Nagliery Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT).                         and/or performance information is
                                                                also considered before a student is
Esta prueba (NNAT) evalúa la capacidad académica de             identified for TAG services.      The
aprendizaje del estudiante sin ser un requisito el que          Parent Information Form must be
el estudiante lea, escriba o hable. En vez de eso, los          completed and returned to our
estudiantes demuestran su capacidad de aprendizaje              school's TAG Facilitators, Leigh Ann
por medio del razonamiento y solución de problemas.             Goodwill or Zhalih Taefy-Cross, or the
                                                                school's office.
Actualmente el principal objetivo de esta prueba
(NNAT) es identificar a los estudiantes de TAG por su
capacidad intelectual. Los resultados de NNAT
también pueden utilizarse para detectar la capacidad
general de aquellos estudiantes cuyo rendimiento
intelectual puede verse obstaculizado por su limitada
competencia en el idioma inglés. La prueba también se
usa para determinar elegibilidad para otros programas,
como Summa.

El puntaje de NNAT se les distribuirá a los padres a
principios de diciembre. Para más información, por
favor comuníquese con Leigh Ann Goodwill or Zhalih
Taefy-Cross, TAG Facilitators.
School District News

             Beaverton Education Foundation
             Phone-a-thon – OCTOBER 13-22!
Between October 13-22, hundreds of high school students and community volunteers will
telephone Beaverton residents during the Beaverton Education Foundation’s annual Phone-
a-thon, requesting donations to fund critical summer, classroom, and after-school programs
across our District.

Last school year Beaverton Education Foundation’s 3000 donors helped fund 75 programs at
32 schools benefiting 9,361 students. The BEF’s goal is to fund programs at all 50 schools.
Your financial support of BEF is vital and ensures that thousands of students benefit from
these important programs.

BEF – A Great Return on Your Investment.

Costs of our phone-a-thon are underwritten by our generous sponsors, so that your tax-
deductible donation can help more Beaverton kids. BEF wishes to thank them for their
    Elementary                                        Please . . .
      School                Going Home Plans – Please try to communicate alternative going home
                            plans for your child via a note sent to your child’s teacher. We get very busy in
                            the office…and can’t guarantee that all messages get to classrooms if there is
                            an emergency. We understand the occasional “late notice,” but often times we
                            are communicating prearranged plans that could have been sent in a note to the
                            child’s teacher.

                            Volunteering – When visiting our building, please be sure to use the adult
                            restrooms…not the children’s restrooms! 

                            Sign In – In order to ensure your child’s safety, ALL parents, volunteers,
    Check out our           and visitors must enter the building through the front doors, sign in, and wear
                            identification in the building. We also ask that you honor the integrity of our
McKinley Elementary         instructional program by prearranging for volunteer activities, observations,
      Website               and/or visits to the classroom. We are very excited for you to become a part
          at                of our school community.
                            Picking Your Child Up Early – Please do not pick your child up between
                            2:30 and 3:00. Although it is close to the end of our day, remember that this is
Not only can you read
                            an important time in your child’s classroom. Teachers are reviewing key
the school newsletter &
                            concepts taught throughout the day, reviewing homework, & making important
check out our calendar,
                            announcements! Thanks! 
you can also contact your
child’s teacher and view
their class website.
                                              Please Check the
                                               LOST & FOUND!
                            The McKinley Lost and Found will be
                            emptied at the end of each month.
                            Unclaimed items are donated to the
                            Beaverton Clothes Closet.

    Making a
                            We strongly encourage you to write
difference every
                            your child's first and last name on
                            all personal items:       sweatshirts,
                            coats, jackets, lunch boxes, and
 Phone: 503-533-1845
                            backpacks! 
                                Counseling Corner
                                         Forrest Rosser

          Incredible Years
 Successful Parenting Classes: Research-
         Based, Proven Effective
             All Parents are Welcome
        *Dinner is provided for the family
*Childcare is provided for children 3 years old and
                                                          Clases para Padres
                                                            Martes por la tarde 6:00-8:30 pm
                                                                      Diez sesiones
For Parents with Children in Pre K-1                               Octubre 6, 20, 27
                     Wh en :                            Noviembre 3, 10, 17, 24, Diciembre 1, 8, 15,
         Monday Evenings 5:30-8:00 pm
                   Ten Sessions
         October 5 – December 14, 2009                           Escuela primaria McKinley
                     Wh ere :                                      1500 NW 185 th Ave.
        Scholls Heights Elementary School                          Beaverton, OR 97006
   16400 SW Loon Dr. Beaverton, OR 97007
                                                          Padres con hijos en los grados Pre-K-1
       ° ° ° ° AND/OR ° ° ° °                               Todos los padres son Bienvenidos

For Parents with Children in 2nd – 5th                               Para registrarse:
                                                                     Por favor llame a
                     Wh en :                                    Lidia Krivoy 503-591-4650
        Thursday Evenings 5:30-8:00 pm                         Amparo Reyes 503-591-4665
                   Ten Sessions
                                                      Estas son diez sesiones interactivas para padres
         October 1 – December 10, 2009
                                                      que quieren herramientas para fortalecer sus
                     Wh ere :
                                                      habilidades como padres. Aprenderemos como
           Kinnaman Elementary School                 expresar nuestra preocupacion de una manera
         4205 SW 193rd Ave., OR 97006                 efectiva que mantenga y mejore la comunicacion
                                                      con nuestros hijos para que crezcan saludables y
Register on-line for one or both of
        the above classes:                            Tendremos cena y cuidado de niños mayores de
                                                      3 años. No hay costo para tomar esta clase. Le
https://www.beavton.k12.or.us/registration/           estaremos esperando. Please join us!
                                      Gym Shorts
                                      David Pitner, PE Teacher
October is here and the year is off to a great start. Our students have been working on soccer and
soccer related skills. First and second grade have been focusing on striking with the foot. Balance
and coordination are very important with this activity. Students practice kicking to a target, passing,
and being able to stop the ball with their feet. All students then apply these skills in a variety of
soccer and kicking games.

Fitness testing will be starting for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Students will be assessed on muscular
strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Fitness testing is a way to show your child where they
are according to fitness standards that have been implemented within the district.

Students have been working on everything from the Hokey Pokey to DDR (Dance Dance Revolution over
the last month. The dances we do are usually in the form of a line dance. Students do their dance
steps on their own. There is no partner. This allows students to focus on footwork and timing, not
who their partner is. Dance is a state p.e. benchmark for 3rd and 5th grades. Students are assessed
on performance and effort throughout the school year.

                                      Music Notes
                                      David DeBusk, Music Teacher
And we're off! It's hard to believe October is already here. We've had a busy month and it looks like
it's going to stay busy. We're learning lots of fun stuff about music and there's a lot more to learn.

In all grades we've been working on dances. These help us feel the beat, move together, and work
together as a team. Dances also help us to practice with listening, following directions, and asking

In 1st Grade we will be working on songs like Bingo, Willoughby Walloughby Woo, Head & Shoulders,
Hickory Dickory Dock, and Twinkle Twinkle. We will continue to learn new songs, practice the ones
we've started. The students have been learning to read some rhythmic notation and will learn some
games that will help us to feel and keep the beat.

2nd Graders will be reviewing some songs from last year and working on some new ones such as
There's a Hole in the Middle of the Sea. We have just started to get reacquainted us with our
classroom instruments.

3rd grade have been reviewing their rhythm reading and learning how to read music from the music
staff in the treble clef.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will also be exploring a music program on the computers called GarageBand. This
is a fun program that allows students to create their own songs with with small recordings of real
instruments or electronic instruments. The kids always enjoy this unit and create some good music!
PTM: Parents & Teachers for McKinley

  PTM Fall Fund Raiser                             Family Costume Dance
  Orders Due on Friday,                             Friday, October 23rd
       October 2nd                               McKinley’s costume dance is Friday,
                                                 October 23rd in the McKinley gym from

PTM fund raises to support all of the Family
                                                 6:30-8:00 pm. Watch for details soon!
Fun Nights to make them FREE for your
family to enjoy! Additionally, PTM fund
raises to sponsor activities such as author
visits to the school, the Art Literacy
Program, requested items for classroom use
such as a class set of dictionaries, and other
important things that support the community                                                       M
and learning at McKinley Elementary. PTM
funds in recent years have purchased our
reader board, the picnic tables and benches                 Art Literacy
on our playground, and the computers in the
                                                 Art Lit will be starting off the year with our
computer lab.                                    orientation and first training on Wednesday
                                                 September 30 in the Art Literacy Classroom
Your child’s fund raiser orders are
due back to classroom techers no
                                                 located in Portable 1. Training sessions will
                                                 be held either at 9:00 am or 6:30 pm. We
                                                 are still in need of volunteers. No art
later than Friday, October 2nd to
qualify for prizes!!
                                                 experience is needed to be a part of the Art
                                                 Lit team. If you would like to volunteer         W
                                                 contact Janelle Ivanoff at 503.617.6652
     The Valley Cinema
      Matinee Program
                                                 jativanoff@msn.com or Mary Smalley at
                                                 503.617.1438 smalleyx4@gmail.com.
The Valley Cinema Matinee Program begins         We are excited to introduce Kids Kreations,
this Saturday, October 3rd! Tickets are          an exciting fund raiser offering over 40
available through the McKinley Office for        products displaying your child’s artwork.
$9.00 and will remain on sale through            Your child will be having his or her first Art
November 13th.                                   Literacy class in October, featuring the
                                                 painter Georges Seurat. The art that your
                                                 child creates will be used for this fund
                                                 raiser. Look for flyers to come home with
                                                 your child after their first Art Lit class.
                                                 This fund raiser will help purchase a
Box Tops for Education!                          computer for the Art Lit program as well as
                                                 cover the cost of supplies used in Art Lit
McKinley     collects   Box  Tops   for          class and for Family Art Night in January.
Education, but not Campbells Soup                There will be no obligation to purchase
Labels. Please send cut out Box Tops to          products and all original artwork will be
your child’s classroom. Thank you!               returned to your child.
McKinley’s October 2009 Calendar
                               Sept. 30       1              2             3
                               Art Lit Vol.    PTM Fall          School
    Oct.                       Training 9 a   Fund Raiser        Picture
    2009                         & 6:30 p
                                Portable 1
4          5    6              7              8              9             10
                                                                 SCHOOL                  P
11         12   13             14             15             16            17            T
18         19   20             21             22             23            24
                                                              Fami ly
                                                             Cos tu me
                                                              Da nc e!
                                                              6: 3 0 –
                                                             8: 00 p m                   E
25         26   27             28             29             30            31
                Site Council
                               School Day
                                 4 – 8 pm
                                              12 pm – 8 pm
                                                                           Ends! (Fall
                                                                            Back 1

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