We were reading our books when the bell rang

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- was/were…ing -used to - repeated actions -continuous/ on going actions - action that is interrupted by another action:

- did, have We did eat, we have eaten, we ate - completed isolated action: - Action completed in a specific period of time.

Passé Composé

-descriptions: location age appearance physical condition. attitudes desires key verbs: aimer (mieux) préférer vouloir pouvoir croire penser time weather

- Action that happened a specific number of times.

-Series of events: In a story answers “What happened next?” - Action that interrupts another action

Key words:

They went to the mall last night. He was sleeping in class. We went to Wisconsin every summer. My mom used to read to me.

When there are 2 verbs in the same sentence, they can, but do not have to be in the same tense.
e.x. Quand j’étais jeune, j’habitais à Chicago. When I was young, I lived in Chicago.

Both verbs are in the imparfait because you do not know when the actions began or ended.
e.x Vous preniez un quiz quand les annonces ont commencé. You were taking a quiz when the announcements started.

In the example there is an action that is taking place when another action occurs interrupting the first action. In this case the first action, or the on going action is in the imparfait. The second action, or interrupting action is in the passé composé.
We were reading our books when the bell rang. She was driving to school when she had an accident. I was eating when she entered the room. When we lived in Paris, we used to take the metro to work. My sister was studying when I came home. He studied history when he was a student at the university.

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