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Ordering Diane deGroat books from the Publishers


									Mark your calendars…Children’s author Leslea Newman is coming to Center School April 1st and 2nd, 2009!

Dear Center School Parents: Each year, the Center School PTO welcomes an author to our school. This year, the students will be meeting with a wonderful author named Leslea Newman. Some of Leslea’s most popular books include Where Is Bear? , Skunk’s Spring Surprise, and the critically acclaimed chapter book about the life of a loyal dog, Hachiko Waits. Leslea’s enthusiasm for reading and writing is contagious! Using her most recent picture books about animals as examples, Leslea will demonstrate how a book is created from start to finish, and she will prove to the students that authors of any age aren’t perfect! By showing the students early handwritten drafts, artists’ sketches, book dummies, and press sheets, the students will see what is involved in publishing a book. Sharing pictures from her childhood, Leslea will discuss where her ideas for writing stories come from and how her friends and her pets appear in her books. Leslea’s underlying message is that everyone can be an author – all you need is pencil, paper, words, and your imagination! The students are in for a real treat! To learn more about Leslea, please visit Your child will have the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy of one or more of Leslea Newman’s books. Attached, please find complete book descriptions and an order form on the back of this sheet. For your convenience, this information will also be available on the CES website. Orders are due by Friday, January 30th. Please make checks payable to CES PTO. Books will be distributed to the students on the day of the author visit, either April 1 or 2, 2009. We look forward to a wonderful author visit, and we thank you for supporting your child’s efforts in reading and writing. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Dorina Leslie at 775-9561. Sincerely, CES PTO Cultural Committee

Leslea Newman’s Book Order Form

Leslea Newman’s book selections will be signed and personalized with first name only, please! Skunk’s Spring Surprise – Hardcover only Autograph to : Where Is Bear? – Hardcover or Paperback Autograph to: Daddy’s Song – Hardcover only Autograph to: A Fire Engine for Ruthie - Hardcover only Autograph to: Cats, Cats, Cats! – Hardcover only Autograph to: The Boy Who Cried Fabulous – Hardcover only Autograph to: Matzo Ball Moon – Paperback only Autograph to: The Best Cat in the World – Hardcover or Paperback Autograph Tto: Hachiko Watis: The Life of a Dog – 92-page Chapter Book Autograph to: Total # of Books and Total Amount:

Price $16.00 $16 or $5

Quantity Total





$5.00 $16 or $7


Thanks so much! Please make checks payable to Center School PTO. Orders due Friday, January 30, 2009. Questions? Call Dorina Leslie @ 775-9561.
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Skunk’s Spring Surprise : When Skunk wakes from her long winter nap, she can’t find her friends anywhere. Maybe they think she stinks. Maybe they have a surprise for her, or maybe she has a surprise for them! Where Is Bear?: The animals are playing hide and seek in the forest, but Bear, the biggest of all cannot be found. Is Bear hurt? Is Bear sick? Where could Bear have gone? One thing is certain: his friends will do whatever it takes to find him. Told in verse and illustrated with charming animal characters, this is a great read-aloud story. Daddy’s Song: Every night Daddy tucks his child into bed and sings the same song: a song that says no matter what happens, even if the whole world turns upside down, Daddy will always love you. A Fire Engine for Ruthie: Ruthie is visiting Nana, who has lots of toys for her to play with: dolls, paints, and pretty dress-up clothes. But Ruthie wants to play with fire engines and trains, like Brian who lives up the street. Ruthie uses her imagination to try and make the toys at Nana’s house into the toys she longs for and shows Nana how much fun it is for girls to play with cars and trucks and buses. Cats, Cats, Cats!: Do you love cats? So does Mrs. Brown! She has many, many cats that sleep all day and party all night. Join the fun as Mrs. Brown’s cats throw confetti, eat spaghetti, and do all sorts of things that make Mrs. Brown laugh with delight. The Boy Who Cried Fabulous: Roger is “different”, much to his parents’ dismay, until he teaches them just how fabulous being different can be! Matzo Ball Moon: It’s a very special day – the first day of Passover! As surely as the leaves fall from the trees every autumn and the flowers bloom every spring, Bubbe will come and make her special matzo ball soup. The soup is so good, everyone sneaks into the kitchen to steal a taste, so when suppertime comes, there aren’t enough matzo balls left for Bubbe. Where does Eleanor find a very special matzo ball for Bubbe? You’ll have to read Matzo Ball Moon to find out. The Best Cat in the World: Victor and his mom and their cat, Charlie, are a family. But Charlie is old, and when he dies, Victor is too sad to think about getting another pet. With some encouragement from Charlie’s vet, Victor adopts a new kitten named Shelley. At first Victor is disappointed that Shelley acts differently from Charlie, but as he grows to love her for who she is, Victor realizes that every cat is “the best cat in the world.” Hachiko Waits: Based on the true story of a famous dog from Japan, Akita, who waited ten years at the train station for his owner to return home from work. Every day Hachiko waited for his owner, Professor Ueno, at the train station. One day, the professor never got off the train. This is the story of how Hachiko waits faithfully for ten years for his master to return. It is the ultimate story of the loyalty and love a dog has for his master. Only 92 pages, this makes for a great read-aloud between parents and emerging chapterbook readers!

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