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     Jan/Feb 2007                      NEWSLETTER OF THE HCC HUMAN RESOURCES TEAM

 HIGHLIGHTS                    PEP Talk: Giving and Receiving Feedback
   What’s Inside
         PEP Talk:             Giving and receiving performance feedback is a cornerstone process of the
Giving & Receiving Feedback    Performance Excellence Program (PEP). Living the HCC value of Excellence
            ◆                  requires continuous improvement with frequent two-way communication
        Upcoming               between supervisor and employee. Discussion topics cover performance
    PEP Skill Building         expectations, observations, and measures. Giving and receiving direct,
  Courses for Supervisors      specific and actionable feedback are sometimes not natural skills. Feedback
        New Year:              can be mistaken for criticism if not skillfully provided. This is explained
 Review Your Withholding
                               in the following excerpt from an article by Penny Swinburne in People
Using the New HR Personal
 Information Update Form
                               Management, “How to Use Feedback to Improve Performance.”

            ◆                     Feedback… can be used to encourage people to learn, to raise their
       PEP Update                 morale and motivation, and to improve their performance. Feedback
                                  underpins almost everything that a good people manager is supposed to
       Visiting HR
                                  do. To achieve these benefits, organizations need to develop a culture that
    Vacation Carryover
                                  values positive feedback. This is where the balance of positive to negative
      Use by 2/28/07              feedback is around 80 per cent to 20 per cent—reflecting the performance
      You Asked . . .
                                  levels achieved by most people—and where giving and taking feedback
                                  is an accepted part of everyday working life. It is also a culture which
            ◆                     assumes that feedback is given constructively.
   Bulletin Board
 New Employee Orientation      Feedback is constructive when the          v   Listen intently to the message
College Leadership Program     recipient can accept and learn from        v Not defend or argue
College Office Professionals   the discussion. It involves:
                                                                          v Clarify what is being said, if unsure
    PeopleSoft Training        v Making statements simple
                                                                          v Accept praise; never dismiss it
         Schedule                   and to the point, focusing on
                                    specific examples of activities and   v Focus on what is being said; resist urge
                                    behaviors                                 to agree or disagree
   News & Notes                                                           v Ensure that you understand what is
                               v Seeking a response
    Welcome New Hires                                                         being said and show you understand
                               v Leaving the choice of whether or
     COPP Graduates
                                    not to change behavior with the       v Consider asking what you can do
                                    recipient                                 differently
                               v Speaking in an adult-to-adult way        v Thank the giver of the feedback who has
                                    that shows respect                        just taken a risk for your benefit.
                               v Ensuring comments are objective,         Consider feedback a gift. Not always one
                                    based on facts and observations       you wanted to receive, but a very special
                                    and not on personality.               one that holds great promise if you choose
                                                                          to accept it.
                               At the same time, the person receiving
                               the feedback has a responsibility to:
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           Upcoming PEP Skill Building Courses for Supervisors
      Course                                     College            Date                     Time                      Room
      Mastering	Performance	Reviews	               System	          1/25/07-1/26/07	         9:00	a.m.-3:30	p.m.	       3A11
      Mastering	Performance	Reviews	               System	          5/3/07-5/4/07	           9:00	a.m.-3:30	p.m.		      3A11
      Planning	and	Goal	Setting	                   Central	         4/26/07	                 1:00	p.m.-3:00	p.m.	       SJAC
      The	Courage	to	Coach	(NEW!)	                 System	          4/11/07	                 9:00	a.m.-noon	            3A11
      Employee	Motivation	and	Recognition	(NEW!)	 System	           2/22/07	                 1:00	p.m.-3:00	p.m.	       3A11	
      Employee	Motivation	and	Recognition	(NEW!)	 System		          4/27/07		                9:00	a.m.-11:00	a.m.		     3A11
      Social	Understanding	in	the	Workplace	       SW	WLOP	         2/8/07	                  1:00	p.m.-4:00	p.m.	        TBA
      Managing	the	Diverse	Workforce	              NW	T&C	          2/14/07	                 9:00a.m.	–	noon	            TBA

                         New Year: Review Your Withholding
It is time to review your withholding allowances and                    Personal Information Update.
other information related to federal income tax reporting.
                                                                    •   Form W-4 for 2007 (employees with “exempt” status): If
Please note the following important information
                                                                        you were claiming exempt from federal withholding on
regarding calendar year-end and beginning-of-the-year
                                                                        your Form W-4 for 2006, this form expires on January 1,
due dates. The IRS governs all due dates for Forms W-2
                                                                        2007. You have a grace period until February 15, 2007
and W-4.
                                                                        to submit a new form to payroll. If the new form is not
•      New Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance                   received by February 15, IRS regulations require payroll
       Certificate) for 2007: Submit a new form W-4 to the              to change your allowances to “zero” and your filing
       payroll department if your withholding allowances                status to “Single” until a new form is received. W-4
       have changed or will change for 2007. This form can              forms for 2007 will be put on the HR web site when they
       be found at the IRS Web site            are available from the IRS. The IRS web site is www.irs.
       fw4.pdf. Ensure that the year on the form is 2007.               gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf.
•      Address Verification: Your Form W-2 will be                  •   Form W-2 (Wage & Tax Statement) will be mailed to all
       mailed to the address that is printed on your direct             employees by January 31, 2007, as mandated by the IRS.
       deposit advice. If your address is incorrect, please
                                                                    All questions regarding Forms W-4 and W-2 should be
       correct it by submitting Form HR-502 (Personal
                                                                    directed to your HCC Payroll Department. Refer to the
       Information Update Form) to the HR Employee
                                                                    Payroll Department web page at
       Records Department by 1/12/07. This form is located
                                                                    Human_Resources/payroll.html for contact information. For
       on the HCC webpage. Click on Employees – Human
                                                                    questions regarding Form HR-502 (Personal Information
       Resources – HR Forms - Employee Action – then
                                                                    Update Form), contact the HR Employee Records
                                                                    Department. See related article for more information.

     Using the New HR Personal (and Work) Information Update Form
     Employees who need to change information such as home or mailing address, home/work/cell phone number or work
     mail code should complete a Personal (and Work) Information Update Form, found at
     If you need to change your name or social security number, you must present a copy of your social security card with the
     new information and the signed update form in person to the HR Employee Records Department.
     For more information, please contact the HR Employee Records Department. For contact information, refer to the
     Employee Records web page at

                           Providing “up front” information to all HCC employees
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                                                PEP UPdATE
The Performance Excellence Process (PEP) is being automated so that evaluations will be completed online. Two
project teams are working concurrently: one project will update the PeopleSoft HR Core Tables and the other will
implement the PeopleSoft ePerformance Module. Automation requires a clear “reports to” relationship between
the correct employee, supervisor, and department code. Therefore, every employee-supervisor relationship is being
checked for accuracy. It is imperative that any proposed changes in reporting relationships are communicated to
the HR department so data is kept accurate.
With the number of organizational changes happening at the college, automating PEP is a huge job! Training will
be provided on the automated system. Watch for further details in upcoming issues of Frontline, HR Alerts and
HCC News.
PEP training for supervisors and employees is complete. At press time attendance numbers were as follows:
       PEP II for Supervisors                                 19 sessions            315 attendees
       PEP for Employees: Understanding Your Role             25 sessions            285 attendees

In addition to sessions listed above, ten “drop-in” PEPtorial sessions took place at the colleges, offering one-on-
one assistance to supervisors.
If you haven’t checked out the PEP website at, please do
so today. Information, schedules and documents are being posted as quickly as possible to help supervisors and
employees develop necessary skills to become comfortable with the new performance tools and processes.

Visiting Human Resources                                                Vacation Carryover Reminder –
In order to maintain a safe, secure and confidential                    Use by 2/28/07
work environment in Human Resources and Payroll,                        Remember that any Vacation Carryover from Fiscal Year
effective immediately, all visitors and guests to HR                    2005-2006 must be used by February 28, 2007. Unused
and Payroll will need to sign in at the front desk.                     Vacation Carryover will be forfeited after that date.
Guests will then be escorted from the reception area                    Request the use of any Vacation Carryover before
to the area being visited. The front desk receptionist                  requesting current year vacation.
will not be able to “buzz in” unescorted visitors or
guests. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.                      You should also monitor your pay advices and communi-
                                                                        cate with your supervisor if you note any vacation
                                                                        reporting inconsistent with your vacation requests.

You Asked...
 Q Iboard pay raises. How will salary adjustments nowacross-the- Q Will part-timepart-time employees will using PEP? using
     have heard that with PEP there will be no more
                                                      be granted?  In the future,
                                                                                  employees be evaluated
                                                                                                          be evaluated
      Now that the Board of Trustees has adopted a pay-for-                  PEP, but not in this first year. The PEP principles of planning,
      performance system, it is anticipated that there will no longer        setting expectations, coaching and feedback are applicable to
      be across-the board pay adjustments. However, the Board of             managing the performance of all HCC employees, regardless
      Trustees controls these decisions. While it is anticipated that        of employment status.
      individuals with overall ratings of “professional performance”
      or “exemplary” will be eligible for salary increases, no
      performance increases are ever guaranteed.
                                                                        Q What if my and turn it does not complete my year-endI be
                                                                                                 in to HR by the due date? Will
                                                                             considered for a salary adjustment?
      Even though funding for performance awards is uncertain, a             Due to the link between PEP and the HCC pay-for-performance
      supervisor directly affects an employee’s eligibility for a pay        salary philosophy, it is critical that all supervisory personnel
      adjustment through the rating that he/she assigns in the final         complete evaluations by due dates, so that salary adjustments
      performance evaluation, the culmination of the performance             can be computed and implemented on time. Employees and
      management cycle.                                                      supervisors must work together to honor these dates.

                          Providing “up front” information to all HCC employees
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  Professional Development

 BULLETIN BOARD                                                                       January/February
        Courses offered through the Employee Learning and Organizational Development (ELOD) office

   New Employee Orientation                                                   PeopleSoft Training Schedule
3100 Main, 3rd Floor, HR Training Room 3A11. Orientation                 PeopleSoft 101: Basics of Finance
begins at 8 a.m. each day.                                                       1/23 Tuesday, 9:00 am-12:30 pm
     January 2 & 3, 2007       Tuesday & Wednesday                               2/8 Thursday, 1:00 pm-4:30 pm
     January 16 & 17, 2007     Tuesday & Wednesday
                                                                         PeopleSoft 101: Basics of Student Administration
     February 1 & 2, 2007      Thursday & Friday
                                                                                 1/11 Thursday, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
     February 20 & 21, 2007    Tuesday & Wednesday
                                                                                 2/27 Tuesday, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
  College Leadership Program                                             All PeopleSoft training is held in Room Bd12 at the
                                                                         System Administration Building, 3100 Main.
       CaLENdar                                                          Online registration for courses in the College Leadership
CLP Classes are open to supervisors, department chairs and               Program (CLP), the College Office Professionals Program (COPP),
CLP participants.                                                        and PeopleSoft can be found on the ELOD webpage under
January 11, Authentic Leadership, Part I                                 Programs at:
    Thursday, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, NE Northline                 
January 25 & 26, Mastering Performance Reviews (Core)
    Thurs-Fri, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, 3100 Main, Room 3A11                                   News
January 31, Authentic Leadership, Part II
    Wednesday, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, CEN Willie Lee Gay
February 6, Telling Isn’t Teaching:
    How to Conduct Effective On-the-Job Training                                         Welcome New Hires
    Tuesday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, CEN SJAC                                 Laurie Bolton                   Kim Ingram                      Michael Mitchell
February 8, Social Understanding in the Workplace                        Michelle Brockway               Oscar Issaachsen                Pamela Morin
    Thursday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, SW West Loop                            Rose Gardner                    Brandon Logan                   Hong Nguyen
February 14, Managing the diverse Workforce                              Karon Guillory                  Betty Martinez                  Candelario
    Wednesday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, NW Town & Country                     Lesley Holland                  Magda McCarthy                   Ramirez
February 22, Employee Motivation and Recognition
    Thursday, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 3100 Main, Room 3A11                            Congratulations to Recent
February 27, Leadership Styles
    Tuesday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, SE Eastside                                         COPP Graduates
  College Office Professionals                                               The College Office Professionals Program is delighted to
                                                                             announce its latest program graduates: Lila Lynn Garza
         PrOgram                                                             and Stephanie Macias. Congratulations, graduates, on your
COPP courses are open to all HCC employees, both full and                    successful completion of the classroom and on-the-job
part-time.                                                                   components of COPP! Special thanks go to our graduates’
January 2007                                                                 supervisors for supporting professional development and
     No Classes                                                              granting time away from the job to attend classes. We
February 1, Effective Communication                                          also recognize COPP mentors for sharing their expertise
     Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, SW West Loop                              and providing support and encouragement. Ms. Garza is
February 27, COPP Overview                                                   already serving as a COPP mentor.
     Tuesday, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, 3100 Main, Room 3A11

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