Critical Thinking Critique Paper by Dhanasekhar_Damodara


									                             Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique 1

            Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique

                       Dhanasekhar Damodaram

Course: MGT/350 – Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making -UoP

                      Instructor: John R. Sessions

                          September 1, 2003
                                            Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique 2

                         Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique


           In the article, ‘Critical thinking crucial to global success’, Alwasilah (2002)

discusses in detail the need to convince Indonesian curriculum developers that language is a

tool for thinking. He also argues that language education should be redesigned to address the

critical thinking skills, like generating possibilities, analysis, comparison and contrast,

inference and interpretation, evaluation and metacognition. Throughout the argument he

maintains his views on the issue that Indonesia is facing today. He has applied emotion and

logic in delivering his argument.

                                  Application of Critical Thinking

           In this article, the author has brought out his concern about teaching Indonesian

language in Indonesia. He brings out the general and most common perception of Indonesian

people on this subject by quoting education minister statement, which describes Indonesian

language as boring subject. He has carried forward using the right level of emotion in the

article by quoting that the Indonesian subject taught in the school doesn’t provide any

required knowledge and skills to develop the students. By arguing that the language is a tool

for thinking and a tool of civilization, he brings the right emotion to convey the message that

professionally designed, language teaching will significantly improve students' intellectual


           While in some places the article does make assumption and commits fallacies by

generalizing that the subject teacher has no vision and the teaching method is monotonous.

However, he strengthens his argument immediately by quoting various logics like methods

and techniques of language teaching like theory versus practice, product versus process,

behaviorism versus intellectual development and perspective versus descriptive etc.
                                         Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique 3
        Throughout the article, the author maintains right language and tone and this helps

the readers to focus on the subject. The author has discussed this issue in detail and has used

reasoning and detailed analysis to reach the conclusion as to what need to be done to fix the

issue. Accordingly, he states that the school teachers and college professors should be made

aware of the importance of language proficiency and the need to emphasis practice of

language rather than theory. He wants them to be aware that the language is tool for

thinking. He concludes his argument with recommending using public speaking, debating,

role-playing, paper presenting, and essay writing. As these activities are expected to develop

critical thinking and to be open-minded and accept criticism.

                                     Concluding Thoughts

        In conclusion, the author has applied all the critical thinking processes in analyzing

the subject. He has clearly brought the need for language teaching to be aimed at meeting

global challenges. A well-written article, which has clearly brought out the key message, that

the basic to success in global competition is the mastery of critical thinking.
                                       Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique 4

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