Ontario Health Insurance Plan

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					                                          Ontario Health Insurance Plan

                                               A resident of Ontario must have a
                                              health card to show that he or she is
                                             entitled to health care services paid for
                                                             by OHIP.

Ontario residents are eligible for provincially funded health coverage (OHIP). To
be eligible for Ontario health coverage you must:

       be a Canadian citizen or have immigration status as set out in Ontario's
       Health Insurance Act*, and
       make your permanent and principal home in Ontario, and
       be physically present in Ontario 153 days in any 12-month period.

*OHIP coverage normally becomes effective three (3) months after the date you
establish residency in Ontario. The Research Training Centre (RTC) will provide
a letter of employment that can be used to apply for OHIP.

The RTC will provide international trainees with an initial three (3) months of
Health Insurance, at no charge. Please contact Amy Moore
(amoore@mshri.on.ca) for details.
                                       Ontario Health Insurance Plan

OHIP Offices
777 Bay Street, Suite M212               Hours:
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2C8                Monday to Friday
                                         8:30 am to 5:00 pm

       For more information please visit the OHIP website: