Youth Suicide Prevention Program BIBLIOGRAPHY Books to Share with

					Youth Suicide Prevention Program BIBLIOGRAPHY Books to Share with Small Children • Let’s Talk About Feelings: Ellie’s Day Susan Conlin and Susan Friedman • Sad Days, Glad Days, A Story About Depression DeWitt Hamilton • Feelings Aliki • Glad Monster, Sad Monster, A Book About Feelings Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda • How Do I Feel? Norma Simon Books about Childhood & Adolescent Depression • A Parent’s Guide for Suicidal & Depressed Teens Kate Williams • Childhood Depression Sourcebook Jeffrey Miller • Lonely, Sad & Angry: A Parent’s Guide to Depression in Children & Adolescents Barbara Ingersoll & Sam Goldstein • Understanding Your Teenager’s Depression: Issues, Insights & Practical Guidance for Parents Kathleen McCoy • How You Can Survive When They’re Depressed: Living & Coping With Depression Fallout Anne Sheffield • Helping Your Depressed Teenager: A Guide for Parents & Caregivers Gerald Oster & Sarah Montgomery • When Nothing Matters Anymore, A Survival Guide For Depressed Teens Bev Cobain • Help Me, I’m Sad, Recognizing, Treating, And Preventing Childhood And Adolescent Depression David Fassler and Lynne Dumas • It’s Nobody’s Fault, New Hope And Help For Difficult Children And Their Parents by Harold Koplewicz

General Mental Health • Helping Someone With Mental Illness Rosalyn Carter • When Someone You Love Has A Mental Illness, A Handbook For Family, Friends, And Caregivers Rebecca Woolis • Anxiety & Depression The Best Resources To Help You Cope Rich Wemhoff, Editor A Resources Pathway Guidebook • Always Accept Me For Who I Am, Instructions From Teenagers On Raising The Perfect Parent J.S. Salt • It’s Nobody’s Fault, New Hope And Help For Difficult Children And Their Parents Harold Koplewicz Books about Suicide and Suicide Prevention • Night Falls Fast, Understanding Suicide Kay Redfield Jamison • No One Saw My Pain, Why Teens Kill Themselves Andrew Slaby and Lili Garfinkel • Suicide The Forever Decision For those Thinking About Suicide, And For Those Who Know, Love, Or Counsel Them Paul Quinnett • Making Sense of Suicide: An In-Depth Look At Why People Kill Themselves David Lester • Youth Suicide: A Comprehensive Manual for Prevention and Intervention Barbara Hicks • Suicide Prevention in Schools Anton Leenars & Susanne Wenckstern • Assessment & Predication of Suicide Ronald Maris, Alan Berman, John Maltsherger & Robert Yufit (eds) • Suicide Guidelines for Assessment, Management & Treatment Bruce Bongar (ed) • Quick Response: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crisis Management for Principals, Counselors and Teachers Educational Service District 105, Yakima, WA • Reconnecting Youth: A Peer Group Approach to Building Life Skills Leona Eggert, et al

Books about Self-Mutilation • Self-Mutilation: Theory, Research & Treatment Barent Walsh & Paul Rosen Books about Surviving the Loss of a Loved One to Suicide • Singing Lessons Judy Collins • His Bright Light Danielle Steel • My Son, My Son…A Guide To Healing After A Suicide In The Family Iris Bolton • Living When A Young Friend Commits Suicide Or Even Starts Talking About It Earl Grollman & Max Malikow • Breaking the Silence Mariette Hartley • After Suicide John Hewett • Suicide: Survivors Adina Wrobleski (Available only by ordering from SA/VE 612-946-7998) • Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms With the Suicide of Her Gay Son Leroy Aarons Videos • Depression: On the Edge (#429) Produced by “In the Mix” 114 E. 32nd Street #903 New York, New York 10016 • Fatal Mistakes: Families Shattered By Suicide Produced by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 120 Wall Street, 22nd Floor New York, New York 10003 • Day for Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression Produced by DRADA (Depression & Related Affective Disorders Association) Meyer 3-181, 600 Wolfe Street Baltimore, Maryland 21287-7381

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