TH E B OOK OF HELAMAN A foreshadowing of by michaelbennett


									              TH E B OOK OF HELAMAN
                           A foreshadowing of the Americas

                                         Winter 2009

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
                TH E B OOK OF HELMAN
                           A foreshadowing of the Americas

                                         Winter 2009

Motivation and Background to this Work
I love the stories of the American Revolution. The rag-tag band of citizen soldiers who
through off tyranny. So when I saw the United States discard their liberty in favor of the
chains of socialism it saddened me. As I discussed my thoughts and feelings with my
brother-in-law Luke, he told me to read and study The Book of Helaman and compare it to
our day. This document records my response to his challenge.

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
Chapter 1
Background on what’s going on...

I. The year is 52 BC.

II.More here


 VERSE(S)                            O B S E RVAT I O N                      YEAR
                                                                            ( B.C.)
                    Serious differences began over judgement seat.

                    President Pahoran died. A special election was held
                    with the following candidates (all sons of Pahoran):


                    •Pahoran won the democratic election

                    •Pacumeni conceded victory to his brother

                    •Paanchi and his followers were extremely upset. Per-
        3-7         haps because they felt the election was unfair.

                    • Paanchi planned a rebellion. He planned to lead the
                    people after him by telling them what they wanted to       52
                    hear (entitlements, they had been wronged, they de-
                    served more).
         8          •Paanchi, tried and executed by the people.
                    •In what must have been a retaliatory act, Kishkumen
                    assassinates Pahoran.

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
 VERSE(S)                             O B S E RVAT I O N                        YEAR
                                                                               ( B.C.)
                    •After the murder, Kishkumen and his followers cove-
                    nant to tell no one. They covenant in God’s name. Are
                    they mocking God or do they believe the act in God’s
                    name. I believe they felt wronged by the election and
                    the subsequent execution of Paanchi and believe they
                    were religious zealots.
                    •The murderous followers of Paanchi did not run or
        12          flee. They walked among the people. They looked like
                    you and me.
                    •Its been on year. The Nephites are at war with the
                    •Because of the political infighting that had gone on for
                    so long, national defense is week. (Troop withdrawals?)
                    •The Lamanites spring a surprise attack against them.
        19          The Nephites cannot respond fast enough. They are
                    •Lamanites capture Zarahemla faster than anyone could
                    have imagined. Zarahemla was like their New York
        32          City. It was so large and mighty, and far from the bor-
                    ders of the land that it seemed impenetrable to the en-
        33          •Moronihah defeats the Lamanites.
        34          •The year ends.
I find a couple things relevant about chapter 1. The election was hotly contested and vio-
lence resulted from an unhappy resolution. They believed their nation too mighty to be at-
tacked. They did not see the attack coming.

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
Chapter 2
 VERSE(S)                        O B S E RVAT I O N
                                                                         ( B.C.)
                    They still don’t have a president. And of course,
                     they are arguing who should be the president.
                    Helaman, son of Helaman, son of Alma, son of
        2          Alma the High Priest in King Noah’s court is cho-
                             sen president by the people.
                   Kishkumen wants to kill Helaman. I deduce from
                   this that the wicked people are in the minority as
                    they lost two elections (Pahoran and Helaman).
                    Kishkumen is supported by his band of people.
                     One of this band is Gadianton. Gadianton is an
                    expert with words. Everything he says is pleasing
                    to the Natrual Man. He is cunning in assisnation
                     and stealth. Doubtful that such a man would be
                   viewed as a villain by others. He sounds reasonable
                           and did not have a criminal record.             50
                     Gadianton proposes a “Pay to Play” deal. If his
                    band will support him as President he will reward
        5           Kishkumen and the band are taken with Gadian-
                    ton. They like his flattering words and they fancy
                   themselves rulers and powerful if they can only get
                                   Gadianton elected.
                   Kishkumen attempts to kill Helaman but is killed
       6-12        first. Helaman sends guards to capture Gadianton
                    and his band, but cannot find them, for they es-
                               caped into the wilderness.
                    Mormon comments that the Gadianton responsi-
      13-14         ble for the overthrow of the people of Nephi, al-
                              most their entire destruction.

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
Chapter 3
 VERSE(S)                           O B S E RVAT I O N
                                                                                ( B.C.)
1                  No contention in the land. Odd. What happened to 49
                   Gadianton and his gang. Did they go into remission?
2                                                                      48, 47
                   Nope. They are laying their plans and recruiting.
3-12               A lot of contention in the land. A lot of people left   46
                   Zarahemla and went to the land northward.

                   It was not a short trip, it was far away from Zara-
                   hemla. Why do you think these people sought to dis-
                   associate themselves from Zarahemla. Were the peo-
                   ple who left wicked?

                   They find themselves in a land devoid of timber.
                   They build concrete houses and initiate trade to get
                   the supplies they need.
18                 The year ends.                                          45
21                 Helaman has two sons and names them Lehi and            44 or 43
23                 There is peace throughout the land, except the Gadi-
                   anton band. The robbers establish themselves in the
                   more populous areas. Why?

                   The government knew nothing of their presence.
24                 The Church realizes great success.

29                 Mormon comments on the dichotomy between the       ~40 or 41
                   Gadianton robbers growth and the Church’s. How
                   can both being growing in power and influence? How
                   can we be sure that we are not tricked or deceived
                   into joining the wrong one? Read verse 29 and find

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009
 VERSE(S)                          O B S E RVAT I O N
                                                                           ( B.C.)
34                 Pride enters the Church and the humble members are 41

37                 Helaman dies. Nephi, his eldest son righteously   41
                   reigns over the land.

The Book of Helaman, Revision 0, 18 January 2009

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